24 Years Old - 5'8 - 125lbs - 1 Child. Natrelle Inspira Silicone 365cc High Profile Implants Under Muscle

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I began writing this review 1 day post-op, I've...

I began writing this review 1 day post-op, I've been using this website for advice and inspiration since deciding to embark on this journey 2 years ago. Pleased isn't the word! I am over the moon with my new girls already and wanted to give something back to this site in the hope it might help someone else.

I can honestly say I've never really been happy with my breast size. I've been slim built all my life and have never exceeded a dress size 10 or bra size 32A. My mum always told me she didn't develop her breasts until her 20s and after she had had me, so I was bargaining on my chest forming in my 20s and after my first child!!! I fell pregnant age 22... my boobs grew slightly larger during pregnancy due to a 3st weight gain however after giving birth and being unable to breastfeed they SHRUNK even further (I thought breasts were meant to enlarge after having a baby!). This led me to be even unhappier with my size and I began to properly research breast augmentation. I knew two ladies who had had breast augmentation (one had hers done private and the other through the NHS due to disability), they were so damn helpful and answered my endless questions plus let me have a right wee squidge of their breasts to see what they felt like! The girl who had had hers done private recommended Transform, specifically the Glasgow clinic. I live a couple of hours away from Glasgow, so this was the most convenient place for me to have surgery. I had 3 consultations with different surgeons as I wanted to see if they all recommended similar sizes etc, and in the end I went with Mr Chew as he was the one I clicked with most. I was mostly nervous about the GA, I've never had any operations before so didn't think I was going to like being put to sleep and then waking up in agony after. Much to my surprise I was completely PAIN FREE upon waking. I had no pain whatsoever apart from feeling as though an elephant had trampled on my chest. I can only describe it as tightness, if you've had children then the tightness of when your milk comes in. I only experienced pain if I moved too suddenly or tried to push myself up the bed, even then it wasn't so much pain but more a strange tight sensation and slightly achey chest muscles. I think I've been surprisingly lucky as I've always considered my pain threshold to be average if not a bit low! I definitely prepared myself for more pain than this. It has gotten slightly tighter now it's the day after surgery, and I'm beginning to feel much more bruised down my sides and towards my back/shoulder blades. I've not had any stinging at the incision sites so hopefully that will remain this way!

I spent a lot of time looking at types of bras to wear for recovery. Post-op bras/compression bras/sports bras/every other sort of bra! At first I was going to fork out £40 for a fancy compression post-BA bra, however I was advised by Transform to fork out nothing more than a couple of quid for a cheapy bra from Primark or Asda!!! In the end I went with a £25 high impact sports bra from M&S, and it's been perfect. Super comfy, front closing (an absolute must!), soft supporting material, literally perfect. I'm so glad I didn't splash out on unnecessary fancy bras when high street stores do just the job. I've been told to buy another just as a spare due to the fact it's recommended you wear a sports bra 24/7 for the first 6 weeks minimum.

I suppose I'd maybe like to add that I've been a sufferer of mental health problems since early teenage-hood. Mostly serious body image problems, anorexia, personality disorders and self harm, so I must admit I've probably never truly liked my body. This has probably been the biggest step I've ever taken in the form of body modification (I have quite a few tattoos/piercings), however I feel like this has been a huge step into me beginning to love the body I have. This is not going to be a never-ending journey now, I'm confident I will NOT want further cosmetic surgery. A few close friends have made comments around "what if" I get caught up in the cosmetic surgery addiction, and now I feel I can reiterate more firmly that this will not be the case. I'm happy to grow old gracefully, however after having my little girl and still being young I felt that having this surgery would build my confidence up so I can feel happier with myself and live out the rest of my yummy mummy years haha! I was lucky to have the support of my boyfriend, my best friend, and my mum (although she didn't understand much of the procedure and continually told me I better not be getting huge DDs like "Jordan")... So it was nice to feel like people could understand my feelings towards this surgery.

I'll continue to post photos as I move further on in recovery, like I said above I am only 1 day post-op! Hopefully I can give others in a similar situation an idea of what to expect. This has been so worth it already. Hoping that my end result will be bra size 32 C or D.

Photo time!

Patiently waiting pre-op after having all my pen marked on. Ben came to chat with me and made sure I was feeling ok. Kept me feeling relaxed and was chatting away about upcoming holidays and enquired if I had any questions etc. I was beginning to feel sick in the pit of my stomach due to nerves over the general anaesthetic. The anaesthetist had come down and done checks with me too, she was lovely and we talked about our kids and she seemed just so human it brought me back down to earth and off my cloud of nervousness. Heading down to theatre was a bit scary. I'm so used to doing it being on their side, as staff, it was horrible being wheeled down in a bed haha. I had no idea how it was going to feel getting put to sleep, or if they were going to put a mask of smelly gas on me etc. Turned out they put a mask of oxygen on me as they injected the anaesthetic and as I was lying there eagerly waiting to see what happened my face suddenly started tingling and felt like it was melting off hahaha... After that I remember nothing! All in all it wasn't a bad experience at all, you literally cannot fight it and will remember nothing after beginning to feel sleepy.

Waking up!

Woke up feeling absolutely wonderful haha. Had absolutely NO pain which was very unexpected. I had prepared myself to feel horrendous however all I could complain of was tightness on my chest as though someone was sitting on top of me. I had no nausea from the GA, no sickness, only a terrible shake/shiver which some people can suffer from. I've partied a fair bit in my younger days, and in all honesty it felt as though I had taken about 20 ecstasy tablets. My jaw was in-between swinging, clenching, sometimes appearing to detach itself from my face! And I could barely do a thing from my body shaking so much. That was not enjoyable and actually made me a little upset as it took me back to that time of my life where I spent too many days partying and making a fool of myself thinking I was cool. I asked the nurses if there was some sort of muscle relaxant I could have (which I couldn't) but they put an oxygen mask back on me and it was gone within SECONDS. That was a very strange and unpleasant experience, I don't like the feeling of being "high" or even drunk! If that is for you then you'll be flying high and loving life ha, but in my case - no thanks.

Anyway, so pain was fine, the heaviness is all I can explain. You definitely find out how often you use your chest muscles after having this type of surgery haha. Reaching your cup of tea is difficult, moving yourself up the best is a no go, scratching your back (common side effect of opiate pain relief is itchy skin), most of these tense your chest muscles and bring on a bit of an ache. The nurse came and checked my dressings and helped me put my sports bra on. I kept looking down expecting to see these giant lumps on my chest however it wasn't as horrific as I had imagined! They were very hard, very high up, and quite "normal" size looking. Having a feel was weird, they had injected some local anaesthetic as pain relief whilst I was still under so I was completely numb and it was like feeling someone else's chest. I'm hoping I don't get boob greed once the swelling goes down and potentially end up disappointed I didn't go bigger. It's so hard to imagine what this is going to look like though, and I really am happy so far so I'm praying they don't shrink too much once swelling goes away.

Post-op coffee and toast - a meal fit for a Queen. I could only manage about two bites of my toast before it started to make me feel sick, and I definitely don't recommend downing two cups of coffee straight after as that made me feel VERY sick and I then had to ask for an anti-emetic.

First night of sleep and the morning shower

So the first night trying to sleep wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Usually I am out like a light by 11pm/midnight as I take other medication which makes me sleepy. This wasn't so much the case here. I was still awake at around 1/2am just unable to sleep from feeling so tight. Still not in much pain, although I was asking to keep on top of all pain relief (ibuprofen plus paracetamol, and dihydrocodeine to take the edge of if the first didn't cover it all). No longer felt nauseous. Got right stuck into watching an episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody on channel 4 (such a good program). Eventually managed to fall asleep I think around 2 or 3am and slept just as well as I would have at home with my 2 year old daughter. I usually lie on my stomach, so I was apprehensive about managing to sleep on my back and slightly upright, however it wasn't as bad as I thought. My arms were the achiest as they had been lying in the same position the entire night. Breakfast was glorious. I actually managed to eat all my toast this time - STARVING. Pot of tea went down a treat and definitely perked me up enough to attempt a shower. I was told I could have showered the evening after my surgery however I still felt a little shaky so didn't want to risk it. I was expecting not to be able to wash my hair or body however I was perfectly able to as long I wasn't too vigorous in washing my hair, and leant forward a bit. That was a better shower than when I'd had my first shower after giving birth haha. Was nice to wash the pen off my chest and let the warm water run down my new but still numb boobs. Made me feel a hell of a lot better after having a wash. I had to ask the nurse to help me put my bra back on but what a sense of freedom it was having it off!!!!! Tried to get plenty photos however achey arms made it a bit hard.

2 days post-op. Just woken up on my second morning.

Pretty achey now. Just woke up at 11.30am which is pretty unheard of for me. Not the best sleep due to being very stiff and having to lie in the same position all night. Managed to sleep pretty flat on my back and didn't need to be propped up so much however I think this has made my back sore. Had to go straight downstairs and get my pain relief started for the day. Still not feeling any form of stinging pain like around the incision sites, it's just an ache, a muscular ache.

I have pretty high side pain which is unexpected! Like where someone would tickle your sides feels all bruised and sore, also leading onto my back where my shoulder blades are. I keep looking in the mirror at my sides thinking they should look black and blue as that's how bruised they feel but there's not a mark there! Wishing I had remembered to take arnica tablets in preparation for this. Going to go buy some today and start taking them for bruising. I'd recommend starting them 2 weeks prior to having surgery but if you are like me and forgetful, it may still help if you begin them now. Currently haven't taken photos today yet but I made some before/afters from photos so far which is kind of nice to compare. Can't wait to make more before and afters! I've been told to take LOTS of photos the first few weeks as you will not notice the progress go so slowly, so having lots to look back on and see how high up your implants once were is apparently helpful to seeing your progress. Cannot wait for the dropping and fluffing to begin. However that phrase always reminds me of cotton wool haha.

2 days post op, mission solo remove and replace sports bra!

I've needed help to remove my sports bra and put it back on so far, just managed to take it off to get a few wee photos and put it back on too. Pain relief has helped the superior morning ache and my friend who I'm staying with has just started cooking what smells like the BEST club sandwich ever, he's a chef. Damn excited for proper food, I've not wanted to eat much because of the tightness so here's to sandwiches!

Squeaky boobs!

The squeaking has begun! Remember when you were in school and boys used to make farting noises by putting a hand in their armpit and moving their arms quickly like a bird wing? That's what my boobs currently sound like. First noticed it last night and looked it up, apparently trapped air and fluid is common and goes away with the first few weeks/months. The skin on my chest feels like there's tiny air bubbles stuck in it too, it's the weirdest feeling!!! Almost like a crisp packet is underneath my skin and when I press down gently on it it rustles. Bizarre! No pain, still flying high on my pain relief so all is wonderful.

4 days post-op!

Feeling wonderful. Managed to drive today, no pain whatsoever only slightly worried that my airy fairy pain relief head couldn't fully concentrate on driving but I decided I was fine. My new bra arrived from Amazon and was a THOUSAND times better than the high impact sports bra from M&S. Can't recommend it enough! It's by Yianna- https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01F8GI570/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_qHTzxb
Much comfier, softer, looks better and has more adjustable straps than the markies one for almost half the extortion haha.

My dressings are getting a bit itchy now, I get that with most plasters if they're on for long enough. However I've literally got no other complaints. Considering I've never had surgery before and am unable to compare recovery, I'm shocked as to how great I feel. Mornings still suck, tried to sleep slightly more on my side/back last night but still woke up in pain and with back ache. Not sure if this is due to never sleeping on my back or from going all night with no pain killers?

6 days post-op!

Feeling pretty miserable today. Bloated, sore stomach, exhausted even though I'm sleeping so much, just pretty poop all round. Maybe taking ibuprofen every day has had an effect on my tummy, or I've eaten something that didn't agree me, or the dihydrocodeine has blocked me up nicely! Whatever it is I've dropped a laxative tablet so fingers crossed that sorts it out haha! Been taking photos every day in the hope I'd start seeing some changes in my breasts and can't help but feel a bit disheartened today. I know 6 days is too early for them to drop but I just feel huge, fat, ugly, disproportionate, bit like a freak show. Hopefully just going through a wee phase of low mood and will snap back to my normal self soon. Recovery still going fine otherwise. Managed to sleep slightly on my side last night as I couldn't take the back pain any longer! I've got a small patch of bruising under my right boob but from the looks of other reviews I've got it quite good in comparison. It's funny the amount you notice using your pectoral muscles when it slightly hurts to do so!!!

8 days post-op!

Dressings off!!!!!! One of the least please to experiences of my life to date. The sticky stuff that was left on my skin was horrendous and I had huge rectangular gunk marks under each boob, I tried EVERYTHING to get it off! Baby oil, nail varnish remover, baby wipes, olive oil, appeel (wound dressing remover gel specifically designed to remove the stick from dressings!), stood in the shower and tried to wash the gunk away with gentle soap - nothing worked! Eventually I had to get some wound tape and used it like wax strips to get this stuff off. So if anyone is left with sticky gunk on their skin after having adhesive dressings removed, wax it off with wound tape before trying anything else.

Moodwise, feeling a bit better. Still bloated and still have a slightly sore stomach. Tempted to go to the pharmacy today and ask about bulk-forming laxatives, apparently they are the first point of call haha and might help in a situation like this. Booby pain wise is getting slightly WORSE actually. I'm just so achey, first thing in the morning is horrible. They feel like they've been stretched and stuffed with jabby pinecones! Maybe it's because I've not had dihydrocodeine in two days, only paracetamol and so I'm feeling the pain I've probably had all along but was unable to feel previously due to the stronger meds. Bruising is minimal however feels like there's more than this. I'm going to remove the steristrips later in the shower to check the wounds and possibly recover them with fresh strips depending on how they are. It's nice to see them without the big plasters covering the bottom, so happy with them it's unbelievable. It's like they've been missing all along and should have been there the entire time! I think they've dropped slightly since surgery, and I think my nipple height difference is becoming less obvious now?!

12 days post-op!

Beginning to feel FABULOUS! Pain has gone completely (only minor twinges if I strain too much), I can poop now, I can drive fine, no more low mood, all is wonderful!!!!! I can definitely notice a difference now and see my boobs have dropped slightly. They do look as though I have a big gel push up bra on even when I don't... So I'm excited for when they become jiggly and more natural looking, however my new favourite thing currently is wearing a thin strappy vest and nothing else on top... Makes me feel like a real woman haha! My steristrips were removed the day after I took the dressings off. They weren't painful at all and it was so nice to just be free of dressings completely! The incisions have been slightly itchy just due to healing but tiny applications of sudocrem (aka magic cream that cures any ailment) has helped loads. I am in absolute shock as to how my surgeon did such an incredible job with my incision placement. He had warned me it might be a bit tricky to go around my tattoo however he has used one of the lines in the tattoo to place the incision and has then stitched it back up PRECISELY leaving the line of tattoo the exact size as it was in the beginning! I'm in awe. He said he would try to do this but I wasn't expecting such success to this extent. 10/10 and a thousand gold stars! It was so wonderful to get my digestive system back to normal too haha. I've never had to take opiates for pain relief but holy SHIT - literally. Being unable to shit is terrible!!! Laxatives did nothing, bowls of bran flakes did nothing, the only thing that helped was sacrificing the pain relief for some bathroom relief haha. I'm finally more able to sleep on my side now, praying I'll be able to sleep on my tummy again one day soon! I was on FaceTime to my mum the other morning lying on my side and noticed in my part of the screen a big black line on my body... Looked down at myself and there was no black line, it was CLEAVAGE!!!!!!! Couldn't believe my eyes, I've never had that before in my life, I am so damn excited for a proper drop and fluff so I can then soon find a bra to boost my cleavage when I'm standing up! This is by far the most confidence boosting thing I've ever done, so damn pleased with the results. Long may this continue <3

2 weeks post-op!

So I happened to try on a few bras today, spotted a sale in New Look and couldn't resist! The stock wasn't too good so could only grab one of each 34 C, D and DD... WELL. The C simply wasn't happening. The D fit snug, and the DD was perfect! I was shocked. These photos are with the 34DD. I know it's only the 2 week mark and I'm still very swollen especially on the upper pole... Has anyone had similar and ended up more than a cup size smaller from right after post-op to months down the line? I'm hoping to end up a D cup, but don't want to lay all my hope down. So impatient for dropping and fluffing so I look like a lady finally!
Mr Ben Chew

Such a pleasant and friendly surgeon, literally clicked with him from day 1. I wanted a surgeon who also worked for the NHS, and discovered that one of Ben's specialities is breast reconstruction for those who have suffered from breast cancer. I myself am a student nurse (almost qualified!) and so usually find that other medical professionals are able to discuss things with me using medical terminology. Ben made me feel more at ease by chatting away about his training over the years and asked about my own training. I wanted natural looking breasts for my shape and size and he was amazing at explaining how sizes were worked out with the pen measurements on my body. Cannot recommend him enough! My surgery was at BMI Rosshall Hospital in Glasgow and ALL of the staff there (from Catering to Nurses to Healthcare Assistants to Phlebotomy to Admin) were absolutely wonderful. Couldn't fault them. I was slightly nervous about attending a private hospital as I've only experienced NHS hospitals before. I am aware they have far more policies and restrictions and rules to adhere to, it made me wary incase private did not have the same standards to live up to as I feel they are under less scrutiny. This experience for me was pleasant, although I did find it a little strange for a hospital to look much less clinical compared to what I'm used to haha!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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