Age 33, 3 Kids. Always Had Small Breast 32 C but never filled out bra going to 34D 375cc hp Mentor Implants - Glasgow, GB

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Been using the site for nearly a year to research,...

Been using the site for nearly a year to research, found it really helpful. Only thing not alot of people from the UK. I live in Scotland booked with Dr Ben Chew through Nuffield hospital in Glasgow. He has great reviews and was really a nice guy when myself and my husband went for the consultation. Usually conversation, medical history, what size would I like to go. He took some measurements tried on some implants in a really attractive bra lol ???? decided 375cc would fit my size/shape I'm quite petite 5f 2 around 120 pounds and like to keep in shape. All booked for 18 November 2016 as this suited both mine and my husband work schedule. So looking forward to having more shape, all the rest of the woman in my family have good size breast mine have always been small. Will up date closer to the time, with information on the pre op. He did advise 34D size sort bras for recovery.

Surgery date

So got my surgery date for December 2nd so excited can't actually believe I'm really going to have boobs ????. I will up date more later once I know more information on my pre-op. X

Received contract and dates

So received my contract today, it's official date set for Friday 2nd December pre-op 21 November. I'm so excited/nervous at the same time. Totally obsessed with boob pics though lol ????


3 weeks today and I'll have my new boobs. I'm so excited

Date change

New date Friday 11th November, pre-op 3 November due to change of my surgeons schedule.

Pre op done 5 days till surgery

So had my pre-op Thursday. Blood taking, weight,height, urine if everything comes back clear we will be good to go friday 11th November. Also got measured for surgical stockings. Starting to get nervous and wondering if im making the right decision.

Day 1 after my surgery last night at 7 oclock

So it all done. Can't believe how quickly it went. Quick sore and tight just now so I'll up date more over the next few days.x


Op went great. Dr Ben chew and the other doctors and nurses at nuffield where fantastic. Got home the following day pain has been kept at bay with just paracetamol and ibuprofen as I'm allergic to codine. It's day 2 post op feeling alot better and swelling had went down slightly. There still sitting really high. Stomach is quite swollen but it's just a normal side effect of the surgery. Will update with more progress pics tomorrow. Managed to shower today we the help of my husband with made me feel a whole lot better.

Day 4 post op

So feeling great only took paracetamol twice yesterday and once today. Moving alot better,was able to go out for a walk which felt good but got pretty tried quickly. A few sharp burning pains now and then. Got quite a sore back from sitting so much, usually on my feet all day at work . They feel abit softer, still high.

1 week post op

Not too much to report. Feeling back to normal can move my arms as before op. Got my follow up appointment on monday so will report what happens then.x

Post of 10 days

Had follow up appointment today, got the dressings off scars look fantastic. Dr advise nurse to put sterI strips on for another week. Dr chew was really happy with things so far. He said about another 4 weeks until. Theyve fully dropped.
I'm so happy with the results so far.

16 days post op

Still quite firm and high, hoping they drop soon I'm very impatient lol

18 day post op

Not much to update. They have definitely softened abit and drop slightly. Practically no discomfort at all. Sleeping much better.

4 weeks post op

They have became alot softer and they have more movement. No pain, I had quite abit of skin sensitivity on both breast I think due to the skin being stretch but that's has past.

Nearly 10 weeks post op

Absolutely love them there so soft, squishy.x
No pain, back to normal work, gym etc
Left one has drop slightly lower but Dr chew said they wouldn't drop at the same time see him again on the 16th January for a follow up. So pleased

Last appointment with Dr chew

That's me discharged from my surgeon, he actually said wow when he seen them. I'm over to moon with the result.x

4 months after op

4 1/2 months post op

Dr Ben Chew

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