Glad That my Fear Didn't Get in the Way of my Dream!

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On 3/10/09 I had breast augmentation and a full...

On 3/10/09 I had breast augmentation and a full tummy tuck, with repair to an umbilical hernia.  I was petrified about the pain that I would endure after my surgery, that I almost didn't go through with it.  But I was so sick of having to hide my "muffin top".  I was always skinny and in shape and my two pregnancies totally stretched out my stomach, beyond self-repair.  I looked as if I was three months pregnant, even though I weighed 113 lbs.

I woke up from surgery feeling excellent.  There was no initial pain and the bindings were not too constricting.  Over the next 24 hours, I stayed in my dr.s office, with a nurse who montitored my blood pressure, heart beat and i had constant stimulation of my calves to avoid blood clots.  I was given percocets and xanax as often as needed to keep me comfortable.

On day two, getting out of the bed was tough, but once I did it, I knew that the worst was behind me.  Every day I feel better, I walk a little taller.  Today I showered and felt amazing.  I have one drain, which is totally manageable.  I thought it would be horrible to have one, but it's really no big deal.  My nurse told me to clip the drain to a long necklace while I showered so that I wouldn't need help and it totally worked!  What a great tip.

The best part of my recovery has been that my kids are staying with my parents for four days- if this is possible for you, it is an amazing gift. I'm so excited for them to come home tomorrow and plan on telling them that I hurt my back, and nothing else.  I'm still taking pain meds every 3 hours- I don't wait to feel pain, I'm staying ahead of it.  My worst pain right now is honestly a sore throat from being intebated for the anesthesia.  Totally tolerable stuff.

Anyone who is considering this surgery- do it! Just make sure you have the right doctor for you!  My dr. gave me a low, very neat incision and took extra special care of my belly button.  I know that within the upcoming weeks I will finally have the confidence in my body that i've been missing and will gain the energy that I need to be a full time Mom again.

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