36, Got Voluma in Temples and Cheeks - Gilbert, AZ

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Note: all my photos are the morning after...

Note: all my photos are the morning after injections. I don't have before photos cuz I hate selfies.
My botox injector, Sassy (RN) at Two Drops of Beauty (Gilbert AZ) performed this procedure to counteract the beginnings of jowls: when we age, we lose volume from the top of our face, which causes the bottom of our face to sag.
I had 1 syringe of voluma on each side.
I was REALLY worried about bruising and swelling, because I have thin, transparent, fair skin.
I'm happy to report recovery is minimal. I have a small bruise in the corner of my left eye that looks like smeared eyeliner, and a pea-sized dot (light blue bruise) on my right upper cheek. My left side swelled immediately, but nothing too noticeable (my BFF said she couldn't see anything). Sassy said i have a nerve in that temple, which caused the swelling and tenderness. My temples are both sore today, and it hurts a little to chew. I can feel small nodules where the filler is, but I'm confident they will soften over the next week.
I stayed home from work today just in case, but I probably could have gone in without anyone noticing the bruising or anything different. I mos def won't be going on any dates for few days though!
The injections were no more painful than Botox-- barely a poke, with a little pressure with each of about 8 injections. She used numbing cream, and I held ice packs over the areas for about 10 minutes before she started.
Also, the product itself has a numbing agent in it.
How do I look? Like i have defined cheek bones! My face looks less droopy and more youthful! It's not dramatic at all, but that's what I wanted. She injected it in a "C" shape from my temple curving down to my upper cheek bone, where I typically put make up highlighter.
One concern: I do think my under-eyes look more hollow now, juxtaposed with my fuller cheeks. Sassy recommended I get Belotero there (and in my nasolabial folds) next, which i'll have to save up for. This stuff is indeed addictive!
BTW, About three years ago I had Artefill injected in my mid-face (by a very brutal BS PS), which was traumatically painful and i looked like i had been bludgeoned for over a week. I loved the results though, and it was time to re-up. I think Voluma is MUCH better than Artefill, and I think a skilled RN is a better injector than a PS.

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Woke up with droopy, very hoodrd upper eyelids

I woke up feeling unusually tired and when I finally looked in the mirror, I saw that I had lots of yellow faded bruising everywhere that the injections were placed, and the worst part was very droopy puffy upper eyelids. Immediately i blamed botox, not voluma: I also got my routine Botox eyebrow lift at the same time as my Voluma, so I freaked out thinking that that was done incorrectly.
I paid sassy a visit this evening, and she agreed my hooding was extreme. I cried, because in 1 week i have to be in a very big wedding, and the next day i am going to hawaii with my new boyfriend: two special events i wanted to look amazing for.
I've had bad Botox injections that have caused similar hideous hooding, and I know that it lasts at least a month if not two or three. I was devastated.
BUT, my eyebrows themselves look great and lifted, and I still have lots of movement; thy're not frowny or straight like they were with previous bad injections.
Sassy was very comforting and worried. Since she didn't put any Botox in my forehead, it didn't make sense that my eyelids were drooping. Plus my eyebrows look great. She then noticed that when I looked down, she could tell that my entire eye area was swollen… And that the hooding was most likely swelling, probably not from the Botox after all, but from my body repairing itself from the voluma injections.
So I felt a bit better (difficult with heavy eyelids), and went to Sprouts for Arnica gel. I've put it on three times in the last few hours and it doesn't seem to be doing anything yet. I'm drinking lots of herbal tea and water. I'm going to ice my eyes like crazy and pray to the beauty gods that it goes away before I meet my boyfriend's family tomorrow!!!
I have a bunch of metal spoons in the freezer waiting their turns.
Maybe in the morning a miracle will have occured :)

Day 10 photo

Looking and feeling better!
Sassy, RN

She is awesome, sweet, very well-trained, and patient, with decades of nursing experience.

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