32 Year Old Mother of 3 Gets 300/325cc Round Silicone, Memory Gel Implants - Gilbert, AZ

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My breasts took a serious toll following 3...

My breasts took a serious toll following 3 pregnancies, breast feeding, and weight loss. I've been wanting to have BA ever since the birth of my 2nd child 4 years ago but wanted to wait until I was all done having children. My youngest is now 2 years old. I'm in the best shape of my life, so I decided now was the perfect time to do it. I'm absolutely in love with my results, and it's only been 11 days since my surgery. Recovery has been great so far. I had the option to get a lift on my left breast because it sagged more than my left breast. I was not ready mentally for the scars, so my amazing doctor placed a larger implant on that side and a dual plane technique on that side as well. The symmetry is great, and I was very pleased on the outcome without getting the lift.

12 days post op

Feeling good today! The morning boob thing is slowly getting better and they are softening up quite a bit. In love with these things. I can't wait to be able to wear an underwire bra though because in clothes they look a bit wide.

2 weeks post op going to do some yin yoga!

It's so awesome being able to wear a non padded sports bra without looking completely flat. I'm going to the gym today to do some relaxation yoga. It's basically just relaxing and stretching. If anything uses arms I won't do it. I just can't stand not going to the gym when I'm used to being there 5 days a week. I'm a little worried I'm going to get some stares because my chest is noticeably larger!

Comparison photos

Dropped and fluffed maybe?


So I couldn't help myself and jumped the gun buying an underwire bra even though I can't wear it for another month. I just really wanted to see how things would look! I bought it a little snug because I'm sure there is still swelling. Can't wait to start wearing underwire again!


18 days post op! It's super hot here and really hard not to fully submerge, but here's a bikini shot!

19 days post op. Period boobs?

All of a sudden my boobs are killing me. I just got my period a couple days early. I've always had sore breasts a week before my period, but this is magnified. I can't wait for the pain to stop!

Other than that I feel good. I never thought it would happen, but I actually started having boob greed. I don't know if they are getting smaller or if I'm just getting used to them.

Feeling good!

Feeling significantly less sore today! I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow is 3 weeks, and I'm going to have a few less restrictions. I'm going to be able to do lower body exercises and swim in my pool. Slowly getting back to normal life. I can't wait to be able to carry my kids again!

Happy 4th of July!

I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still experiencing very sensitive nipples. Does anyone know how long that lasts?

Getting close to the one month mark!

Things are going well for the most part. The right boob feels like it is completely settled. My left one remains a little tight yet. When I raise my arms up the left boob feels tight at the top toward my armpit. I'm trying to do more massage on that one. It's much better than it was a couple weeks ago, but I'm wishing it was caught up to the right.

The morning boob thing has improved dramatically over the last couple of days. I no longer have pain in the breasts themselves. I do still have painful nipples, incisions, and ribs oddly enough.

I'm very happy with the size because I can play them up or down depending on what I wear which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I'm back at the gym doing light cardio and legs. It's hard not being able to do upper body workouts, but I'm listening to my doctor and following his instructions to the T so I don't cause any problems.

Happy one month!

Today is one month since my BA. I love love love them. I'm still sore which is kind of annoying. I'm really hoping that will go away soon. Is it unusual to still be sore one month post op?

No pain!

Crazy. I woke up this morning and I had no pain! I never thought I would see the day. My nipples are still sensitive, but other than that feeling good. I went to the gym today and tried to do a little more. I did legs and attempted some isolated arm exercises with 8lb weights. My arms are so much weaker than they were before surgery. Only 9 more days to the 6 week mark and I can finally get back at it hard and lift my kids again!

More pics

More pics and bra recommendation. I ordered 2 of these Hanes ultimate comfy support bras. They were 15 bucks a piece and fantastic. You feel like you are braless but supported and lifted.


One more pic because I love them! I could never wear an unloaded triangle top before. Eek!


So I measured myself and according to a couple sites I am a 32D. I ordered a couple of bras online and the 32D fit perfectly! I went in this not wanting to be bigger than a C, but I'm loving the size and kind of excited to be a D cup. Five more days till I can wear an underwire, so I'm going to tuck these new bras away in my drawer. I hope my size doesn't change. At my two week post op my doctor said I didn't have any swelling. We will see though.


Here's a photo with the new bra in a shirt. A good underwire really pumps them up.

New body type

So I've been a "pear" forever. It's so weird to be a different body type. Not sure what to call it, but I'm loving the proportion!

What a difference!

Here is a picture of me before and after in the same top ????

Almost 6 weeks!

I'm feeling better and better. I started sleeping on my side which is finally comfortable. They are starting to feel more like a part of me. I am able to feel the implant sometimes which kind of freaks me out. Something I will have to get used to. I am super excited for my 6 week appointment to see what the doctor has to say. Loving my results!

6 week appointment today!

Will update after I see the doctor, but here are some pics!


Things are good! The girls are feeling great. I'm back at the gym doing almost everything except for chest exercises. I am cleared to do them, but I am afraid to have some distortion when flexing which I have heard can happen.

My boobs are getting nice and soft and looking natural, as far as fake boobs go lol. They feel like they are a part of me for the most part. Sometimes I can feel the implant. I don't think that will change unless I gain weight, which I don't plan on doing. I have no rippling or anything, so I don't mind.

I feel so much more confident and sexy. I'm very happy with my decision! I don't feel like I should have gone bigger or smaller. I can make them look big or small depending on the bra and outfit which I love.

After my 6 week appointment my doctor felt that I didn't need to come in until the one year mark, unless I felt I needed to.

I'm happy!


So today I have witnessed my first rippling. Along the bottom at the crease of my smaller breast. I'm pretty sure it's normal but ick.
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Fantastic! Dr. Olson is a very talented, confident, and skilled plastic surgeon. His office and staff are amazing. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Olson and his staff immediately and knew I was in good hands. I was very nervous to have a cosmetic surgery, but after my initial consultation I felt confident about my decision and confident in Dr. Olson to perform the procedure. The results are better than I could have ever imagined. I'm very happy and would recommend Dr. Olson to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon in the area. Thank you!!!

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