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I'm a 30 year old Mama, 5'4 107lbs, after breast...

I'm a 30 year old Mama, 5'4 107lbs, after breast feeding my two kids I felt less confident with myself. I have one Fiberadenoma an one enlarged Lymph Gland in my left breast that have been bothering me. I have been wanting to get a BA for the last 10 years and am finally going to take the plunge on July 15th!

Get so nervous only 6 days, still cant decided on size!

I'm getting so nervous! I can't decided on what size I want, 250cc or 300cc. I keep looking at photos of girls with the same height and weight as me, but all the results look so different. I actually went in for a second sizing but my DR was out that day. The office coordinator tried her best to help me make sense of the Mp vs Hp and told me to trust in my DR and saved my photos for him to look at. I'm so worried about being to big, I know everyone says you will wish you went bigger, but I'm worried about the weight and sleeping on my stomach in the future. I like to live an active lifestyle! Hope I can figure this out only 6 days!!!!! Here are some Before pics.

Wish Boobs

Here is the look I like, something smaller but fits the frame nice.

Getting things ready!

Today I'm starting to get things ready for my surgery. My doctor gave me a list of things to get and I have decided to prepare my family and self for after. My husband just has no idea on how to cook or do laundry, literally!

- Soft bra.( Preferably one that latches in the front, I just can't find one, I'v been everywhere.)
- Antibacterial type of Soap.( I guess your suppose to use this before you go in.)
- Jello, Saltines and other Bland Foods.( Meds can give you nausea.)
- Bendy Straws
- Extra Pillows ( This is for sleeping on my back for 6 weeks, yikes!)
- My Prescriptions.
- Stocking up on things around my house, toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, cosmetics, and laundry supplies.
- Freezer Meals and Quick Meals. ( My Hubby never learned to cook)

Some things I was advised to avoid before hand.

-Drinking ( This was hard it was my friends Birthdays and I was so tempted to order a Beer at Dinner!)
-Smoking ( No Prob, don't smoke)
-Taking Herbal Medications

2 more sleeps

I ordered a bra online from amazon that hooks in the front and if finally came in today! During my 2nd sizing appointment I left photos for my Doctor to look at. I got a call from my Doctors office staff yesterday saying they were going over my case and ordered multiple sizes for me. I feel much more comfortable knowing my Doctor is researching my case and really wants to give me the look I want. They are bringing all the sizes to the surgery center. It makes me less worried knowing that I have the option to go bigger or smaller the day of my surgery and my doctor wont leave a certain number in if the outcome dose not look like my wish boobs. Still super excited and nervous at the same time!

To Exparel or not to Exparel!?

So I have until 2L00 today to decided if I want to use the drug Exparel. It is suppose to numb your chest for up to 72 hours. My doctor doesn't do pain pumps, but I think it is suppose to be similar and more effective. He is un biased , doesn't try to push it. It will be a $350 extra cost! Anyone else use it????

Today's the day!

My Surgery's at 1:30, I was so worried about not eating and my blood sugar dropping. I have insulin problems. I set my alarm for 2am and had some water and crackers. I am actually not Hungary at all now. Just excited and still worried about going to big! Will post before and afters If I can today. ??

Made it!

I'm so sore. Arms are killing me. But I made it!

Oh I forgot to add

Oh I forgot to add , I got awesome witch socks. LoL

Reliable adult!

It's 12:50am, I can't stress enough to make sure you have a reliable adult with you after. My husband has been wonderful. He has to make sure I get my meds, take me to the bathroom and lift me on and off the bed. I can't sit up, or lift a tiny decorative pillow. I have had zero appetite. But apparently I woke up from Surgery asking for pizza. The surgery went well my Dr. had to put different sizes in 275cc and 300cc mp after everything. Think it's from my lump changing the left size of my breast. I fully trusted him and he made me feel at easy before going in. My nurses were AMAZING.

My doctor called at around 8:30 to make sure I was ok and give me any suggestion to help with pain. I starting Icing (well frozen veggies) LOL I actually woke up covered in melted spinach juice. Pain is getting better with the meds.When meds ware off my life sucks. I hate taking pills but Meds are really your friend! What hurts the most is my back. Rolling blankets to try and get support seems to help.

If you have any questions please ask. ????????

Day 3

So the first couple days were a bit ruff, but my meds really help! Today I feel better walked around a bit ate some normal food. My arms hurt to lift, but I'm doing much better today! Just loopy :). I get to unwrap them tomorrow and peek. Get some baby wipes to wash your arm pits and goods because I'm not aloud to shower yet. I feel a bit small because I have ace bandages sucking me in and haven't peeked. I will post good pics tomorrow !! But anyone worried about being put out to sleep it was nothing to worry about!

Day 4 bands off!

Yeah day 4 bands off. Finally get to wear the soft bra. Here are some before and afters.

Boobie blues

The first couple days things were good I had a sitter for my 2 and 8 year old. Well things have been so so hard now. I wish I had more help with my kids. Thinking I should have waited till my youngest was 4. I'm trying to relax and heal. But I really have to do a lot as a mom. My husband was good the first couple days, but is over it. Now boobie blues are hitting too , thinking I should have gone a bit bigger and waited till by kids were older.

Almost a week.

My boobs feel good other than when I wake up in the morning I have a really sharp pain like somebody has freshly sliced me open on my right side. Nipples are a bit sensitive and swollen( purplish). Still hurts to pick things up. My boobs seem to be dropping. Here's an updated pic. Don't mind bruises and swollen nipples, one side dropped more. (6 weeks can't come sooner! )
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