19, 5'7 105lbs, Silicone Implants - Gilbert, AZ

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The staff was very welcoming and made me feel...

The staff was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable immediately. I was given a video to watch about the process before I saw Dr Olson. He was friendly and did not make me feel pressured or nervous at all, and my appointment lasted about an hour. I was given a chance to ask all the questions I had, and now I can't wait for the actually surgery!

Pre Op

I had my pre op appointment last week (one week after consultation, two weeks before my surgery). And my surgery was moved up an hour and half earlier.

It was very quick, but thorough. We took more before photos, I tried on sizers again, and we went more into detail about what will take place during my surgery since my breasts are slightly different sizes and sit at different heights.
I decided I liked 450cc silicone, but since my right is smaller he's going to bring one 475 to try just incase.

I was given my pre op, day of, and immediate post op instructions. Foods to avoid, medications to avoid, basic warnings, and a list of things I should buy.
I was also given my prescriptions so I could fill them ahead of time and not have to worry the day of surgery.

The countdown continues: one week left! By this time next Friday, I'll be coming out of surgery!

My stats

A little about me
Pre op- small 32 C (30's fit better, but hard to find)
I have long legs, larger butt, short torso, and boobs are unnoticeable (for now!)

I'll be getting 450/475 cc silicone Unders on September 16th.


I had my surgery yesterday!
The staff was very helpful and made sure to walk me through everything they were doing and what was going to happen.
The general anesthesia was the best nap of my life.

I checked in at the surgery center, had my vitals taken & a pregnancy test (don't pee before you get there!)& then began to meet my staff. My caregiver was allowed in with me at that point.

The nurse made me verbally confirm details of who I was and my surgery, and then sent the anesthiologist in. After, Doctor Olson came by and marked me up and explained that he was going to try to do two 450s and if they weren't even, I'd get one 475.
About 10 minutes later I was walked into the surgical room, laid down and was out almost instantly. I woke up with no pain and was wheeled out to my car when I felt ready.

About 3 hours later I received a call from Doctor Olson himself, checking up on me.

Since then I've been able to eat, take my pills on time rest a lot, and I can't wait to see the results on Monday at my post op!

Post Op

So far it's been a breeze. I was on painkillers & muscle relaxers for about a day and a half and then no longer needed them.
I did have regular bowel movements the next day, but nausea from the general anesthesia hit me about two days later.

I'm wearing a compression band until atleast Friday, which will be my one week and I'll be sending him photos of my progress because I live 2.5 hours away and the commute is tough for such quick appointments.

I love them so much so far!

POD5 -

Little changes every day. Still have little bubbles/swelling between my breasts. That area is breaking out slightly too.
But I am regaining feeling in them and they are softening up already, which makes me so happy.

Reminder: 450L, 475 R high profile silicone unders
Lowered crease on the left to make them appear more even as well
5'8 103 lbs now

2.5 weeks

They're uneven still, with one sitting higher than the other.
But they're softening up, and all swelling and bubbles are gone.

Trying on old stuff

I tried on some old bikinis & bras to see what would still fit. A little small but I kinda like it! ????

One month

It's been one month!
I've had some issues with one of my incisions that's been trying to push out a stitch since the first week, but it's finally healing. Slowly but surely.

They're softening up, finally have a little bounce to them.

I had zingers (sharp pains while healing) for about a week & a half, they seem to have stopped now.


Well I had my 5 week check up, and was told I don't need to return until one year unless I have problems. He said they've dropped well, they're fluffing now and my incisions look good.

I don't fit at Victoria's Secret, I'm measuring in at 32DDD or E everywhere else. But yet I decided to be a dead VS angel for Halloween! $5 Walmart bra, some glue, and some rhinestones.
(Bra doesn't fit, but it covers my nipples& it's only for a few hours!)

Costume photos

Bra shopping

I gave in, Victoria's Secret had their 50% off.
I tried on the only bras I could find in 32DDD which is what they measured me at (originally she said D and i laughed as it didn't even cover nipple!)
They aren't perfect but for $15 each it was nice to have a couple cute & cheap bras instead of just sports bras.


Also, I have an Instagram account dedicated to my surgery & recovery, if anyone is interested in seeing that. Mostly the same photos as here, just updated more frequently


Hi ladies,
Recently some random miss decided my page was where she needed to voice her story & scare my viewers & give unsolicited advice. She's told me I should delete my comments, on my page, that is about my recovery, because it reflects poorly on hers.

With any surgery there are risks. If you do not research before spending thousands of dollars, that is your own fault. I do believe everyone should be educated on the risks before they make this decision.

But the risks are minimal, they are rare. You'll hear more about the bad than the good results, as with anything in life. People complain more than they compliment!

However MY page about MY recovery of MY surgery, is not the place for this. Unless I have encountered an issue, it is not my place to tell you about it.
If you have a concern you can private message me, but I will not be posting about any issues I haven't dealt with personally.
If you'd like to learn about the risks & problems that can occur, this is a wonderful website & you can easily find pages dedicated just to that.

Have a wonderful day, I'll be posting updated photos soon!

Drink water

So I recently discovered, if I don't drink enough water my implants get firmer.
It scared me at first, I thought maybe it was cc and I was so bummed. But then I noticed my veins were bright green & visible, which is usually the sign I need to drink water. So I chugged. And then the girls got soft again. So lesson learned, drink water!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Very friendly and comfortable! He was very thorough and covered most of my questions before I even asked them. I never felt rushed, and I knew instantly he was the one for me! He even called me from his phone after surgery to check on me. I'm in love with my results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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