30 Yr Old, No Kids, Explant, Lipo, Fat Transfer to Breasts

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In just a couple of weeks I will be undergoing the...

In just a couple of weeks I will be undergoing the following procedures:

Explant (sientra classic-textured implants 450cc/400cc)
Liposuction of the lower/upper abdomen and flanks
Fat transfer to breasts

The reason for the procedure is that I really dislike and have been somewhat embarrassed by my breast implants. They are very rounded, which is what I was trying to avoid by picking sientra classic-textured implants. I was told they would help me achieve a more natural, low profile look. My results look like your average silicone, rounded breast implants. I have gained about 25 lbs. after the first procedure, and am going to use that fat to keep some of the volume in my breasts.

I am documenting my journey throughout the whole process. This website has helped so much from all the shared stories and thoughts of women. I would like to give back to the community by sharing mine :)

Wish pics

This is the look I want to achieve. I have broad shoulders like Jessica, so I always thought large implants look awkward with my build. I like the fullness and subtly of her breasts. She can make them look sexy when she wants or downplay them.

Measurements/Body type

Before 1st surgery:

150 lbs.
Athletic build
30" waist


175 lbs.
Athletic build/with bigger belly/thighs
34 in. waist

I weight train about 4-5 times a week. I know once I have surgery next week I'll be out of commission. The doctor says I should be able to walk around fine by second week, and return to normal activity by the 3rd. He warned me of swelling if I push myself too hard. I'm coming up to the end of my college semester, so I've only had enough time to visit the gym 2-3 times a week for the past 3 weeks.

The liposuction will give me a jumpstart into reclaiming my old body. I know after surgery, I will still need to workout and eat healthy to maintain or improve my shape.

Before and after pics of 1st BA

I used to be more confident with smaller breasts. I had no idea how "in your face" my breasts were going to turn out. I cringe every time I see a pic with me and these implants. YAY!!! can't wait until next week.

3 day pre-op countdown

I'm flying to Arizona tomorrow where I'll be getting the surgery. By the time I arrive it will be late, so I wanted to post now. I've been so busy these past three weeks, and I can't believe I'll be flying out tomorrow!!! Ahhh!! I'm so excited! It hasn't hit yet, that the surgery is in 3 more days! So crazy. Any suggestions on prep items after a lipo? I'm staying in a hotel so I have to go out and buy anything I might need around the room.

More pics pre-lipo/breast explant

This is my current body after weight gain.

Side view

Night Before and Pre-op visit

I must say that I have been impressed by Dr. Olson's staff since the moment I called the Advanced Plastic Surgery clinic and spoke with Candace, the receptionist. She was very competent, kind, and efficient as the acting liaison between Dr. Olson and I. Before I flew out here, I spoke to Dr. Olson over the phone and he was very thorough with explaining the procedure. I also spoke to Patty, who helped me with processing the payment and securing the appointment. She was also very helpful and kind.

Today, I got to meet Candace, Dr. Olson, and Brittany, his medical assistance. I was treated very warmly and had positive vibes during my pre-op appointment. I was feeling a little anxious and I left feeling calm and confident about going into surgery tomorrow.

The Other Side...

So I made it out of surgery just fine. I'm still amazed by the warm personalities of Dr. Olson's team. I felt very taken care of.

The anesthesia hasn't worn off yet. My bandages soaked up pretty quickly and I re-bandaged them with maxi pads and gauze. I know everything has to heal, but I'm REALLY happy with what I've seen so far. I feel so good without those implants on my chest any more! I'm getting ready to pass out. I can barely keep my eyes open from the lack of sleep and medication running through my system....????????

New boobs

I was expecting so much worse when I looked at my breast. They look good already and way more natural! I will probably lose a cup or so once healed, but in fine with that.

5 day post op pics

I am really pleased with my results so far! The doctor said he didn't want to take too much during lipo because I have dense fat and it could cause rippling. I finally stopped leaking out my incisions today. I handwashed my compression garment today and am letting it dry. I was able to walk around for a couple of hours and I barely feel any pain. Just a little sore when I laugh. Completely off pain meds.

More pics

Incision site


Except for my breast size, I'm feeling closer to my old body. I just need to be patient. I read from many blogs that the breast size decreases after the 6 week mark. I'm hoping to drop a whole cup size then another, once I drop some weight. I'm feeling a little low today, because I feel that people can be so judgmental about plastic surgery. There's all of these stigmas that come with it, but I guess we're all judged for something no matter what. Does anybody else feel that way? It's just disappointing and sad sometimes.

Quick update

I'm still wearing a soft bra. I haven't gone out to buy any new bras since my breast will probably shrink in a month. It seems like from the majority of posts I've read, that a cup is lost by the 6th week.

I started massaging my stomach with an electronic massager about 4 days ago. That is the only time I feel any pain, but it is bearable. I am back to weight lifting and using the elliptical machine. I lowered my usual weight by about 30% but increased reps. I haven't started to run yet because it feels a bit weird to feel the scar tissue tug lol. Still happy with results :) will post pics by 6 wk mark with measurements


Hello! Here are some pics at my 1 month-ish mark. I am still waiting to get fitted for a bra size in about 2 more weeks. I kept a lot of volume with working out, but I can definitely feel that my sports bras are fitting a lot looser. I'm actually surprised at how much fat has stayed despite exercise 5 days a week. At first I was afraid of losing too much but now that this time has passed with rigorous exercise, I'm thinking I'm going to be ok in the boob department. At least for my standards anyway. Once I slim up some more, I think my boobs will be at my desired size.

As for the lipo, incisions are healing up nicely and I'm able to exercise every muscle group including abs. Still lumpy in some areas but I know that will go away in time. Still keeping up with electronic massage regimen.

The electronic massager I use

I've been using this for about 10-15 min a night on lipo'd areas. It was a little painful at first, but barely bothers me now. I originally bought it to get rid of knots in my muscles and thought to try it on lumpy areas. It definitely helped break up scar tissue underneath my skin.
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New measurements

So now that it has been 6 weeks, I went to get measured at Victoria's Secret. I measured at a 38D. Some of the bras were too big in band but when I tried a 36D it was too small lol. Ugh idk what is going on so I just bought some bralettes to suffice until I lose more weight. A week after my surgery I fit a 36 DD so I lost about a cup total. Not bad and I retained more than expected with 450/400cc fill. I'm happy with my size because I will lose more as I continue to lose weight. I rather have too much that I will shrink with working out than having too little and not wanting to lose the weight to preserve the girls.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

If I could rate Dr. Olson and his team any higher than a 5-star, I would. My experience has been great from when I first contacted his receptionist, Candace. She and the financial officer/scheduler, Patty, were both knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous. I am an out-of-town patient, but they were quick to make any accommodations to make sure all planning and payment went smoothly. When I finally met everyone at Advanced Plastic Surgery, I was thoroughly impressed. The clinic has a clean and professional appearance with warm personalities. Brittany, the medical assistant, was very competent and thorough with getting me situated prior to surgery. I had a some anxiety due to a negative past experience, but after talking with her and Dr. Olson, I knew I was in good hands. What distinguishes Dr. Olson from previous surgeons I've consulted with, is that you can really tell he is passionate about what he does. He has a very friendly, yet professional demeanor that puts the patient at ease. He is confident about what he does, and it shows in his work. He gave me exactly what I had hoped for and then some. He has exceeded my expectations and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else in the future.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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