29 Years Old, 2 Boys, Anxious for Breast Augmentation - Gilbert, AZ

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Hi, I'm currently a 34a hoping to get 400ccs which...

Hi, I'm currently a 34a hoping to get 400ccs which hopefully gives me a full c small d. I'm a mother of 2 boys ages 7 and 4 :). I had my consultation yesterday and I'm happy with my dr. I've wanted breast implants since I was 17 and finally decided to go ahead with it. I think it's about time for me to do something that was just for me/hubby. I scheduled my surgery for July 8th. I really wanted to get it done before my kids go back to school. I have great support while they're on break. I'm excited and counting down the days for my surgery. Hopefully it goes by fast specially since I have a short trip to Vegas planned for the 24th. Feel free to ask me questions. I hope my experience helps someone just like other girls experiences on here have helped me. I'll try to post pictures at a different time.


I forgot to mention that about a year ago I checked my breast for lumps and I found a lump on my right breast. I went in to my Ob (I love my ob; he helped me have my kids after 2 miscarriages) and they felt it to. They sent me to get a mammogram and an ultrasound. They found I had another lump on my left breast (I've never been able to feel that lump) so I got both lumps biopsied and they told me They were Fibroadenoma. I told my dr about this and he was so nice about it and explained to me how those lumps are sitting on my breast.

One of the concerns I had before going in to the dr was if in the future I wanted to get hose lumps removed if it affected my implants and he explained to me very patiently that it didn't. I forgot to mention but I took to my consultation the results of my biopsies and also the results of some genetic testing I had done.

Anyways I'm 4 days away from my pre op appointment and I am so excited! But first my husband and I are taking a quick trip to Vegas this weekend... It's our first trip without kids ????. My mom came in from out of town to babysit.


I had my pre op appointment on Monday and it went great... I did realize that I forgot to tell my dr that I have dextroscoliosis; of course my dr new that just by looking at my breast. We're definitely going to need to do different sizes on both breast and maybe different placements. I am just excited to soon be able to fill out a bra. Now I just need to get preped for the big day on the 8th.

6 days away!!

I am 6 days away from my surgery date and I am so excited. I believe I have everything I need for my surgery except a sports bra I can wear after I've had the surgery for going out. I want to take advantage of the sports authority going out of business and buy myself a couple sports bras that zip in the front but I have no idea what size to get... I plan on getting 400ccs implants but I don't know if that'll bring me to a large or extra large I'm currently a size medium in sports bras. Any tips will help. Thanks!

2 more days!

I am so excited just 2 more days for my surgery!! I am so ready... I cleaned my house yesterday and I'm going to lightly clean it tomorrow so I can come home to a clean house. I don't really have much to say now other then I'm Ready. I will have more to say after surgery.

Big day!

Today is the big day!! I am getting everything ready for when I come home.. I can't believe this day is finally here. I'm so excited!!
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