31, Wants BBL 5'2 135 Lbs - Harlingen, TX

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Hello everyone . It is so nice come into aSite ...

Hello everyone . It is so nice come into aSite where we can talk about things in our bodies that we woud like to change. The process, it's scary. And I have seen such an amazing support system. I hope that once I make my final Decisions, I can get a lot of support, specially with things I will
Need to by. I have a fiery consult tomorrow. I'm
Nervous but I want to
Find out what the Dr. Can do for me and how much. The rest will fall into place. Any tips please they are welcomed. I will posting photos of my self and my wish bodies
To get feed back.thank to any future supporters of my journey to get that ASS :)

Consult today!

I had my consult today and I'm
Worse than I thought. I guess one side is different from the other and well since I'm not in my 20's anymore nothing is the same. I am still waiting in queues quote to see how much it will be. Not feeling too sexy today, but I'm hoping if I got thru withh BBL, that I will get good results. Dr, also said I might not have enough to really make a huge difference. I guess it would be better than what I have with better body contour. We shall see, wish me luck.

Little bit of coverage...still don't like my shape

I finally did it!

I finally decided to do it. I had my appt on a Tuesday May 16, 2017. I did blood work, saw the doctor and had my bbl that Saturday May 20, 2017. Holy crap it has been painful. Let's see how this turns out. I did go to a different doctor btw. Total cost was $6,500

The worse

This process has been so freaking painful. I was told under local anesthesia I would be back to normal fast. It has been 25 days and I'm still in pain...mainly around my waist. I was told at the first week to take Tylenol. My pain tolerance is not that high, I even felt pain while I was getting the procedure done. I was drugged up but remember crying to just leave me the way I was. The coordinator, was rude when I called to inquire about getting more pain meds, and said I was in pain because I need to walk. She said "go to the mall or something" I had already explained to her about my pain tolerance, she yelled at me too. Where's the compasion? I get I did this to look better but I don't need to be ridicule for feeling pain or be treated like crap after they took my money. I also asked about a doctors note and she said, "why haven't you gone to work" I said I'm in pain and she laughed. I said I haven't seen the doctor once since my procedure. I needed a doctors note since my job is very physically demanding. I got a hard time from her about that too.

I finally got in to see the doctor and she's great, she had no problem giving me a note for whatever time I needed for work.
I highly dislike the way I was treated by her coordinator though. I even had to get pain meds brought in from Mexico or get some from friends. I wish I would've gone to an actual plastic surgeons office and this medícal spa I went to.

So I hope this serves anyone out there considering undergoing surgery. Some propel might be better at handling pain, but I wasn't. I'm still dealing with so
Much disconfort and frustration for the way I was treated. The only pro, was that I don't have to wait a long time for the procedure and the doctor was nice. Still hate the experience.
Harlingen Plastic Surgeon

I have my very first consultation with her 8/9/16. I hear good thinks so I am sure she will be educating me on what she does or what she will do when I there. Wish me luck!

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