3 Days Post-OP, Can't Stop Crying After Mini-lift (I'm 27) - Germany, DE

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This will become a long text since I can't stop my...

This will become a long text since I can't stop my feelings and my tears:

I am a 27 years old female. I had acne for more than 10 years which was successfully healed by Accutane this year. In the last years, I also had many weight-losses: I gained 20 pounds, then shed off 30 pounds, then gained a few pounds, shed it off.... so the outcome was that I had red acne scars on my cheeks and marionette lines near my chin and overall loose skin on my jaw. Overall, my jaw looked prominent and pudgy because of that.
A laser treatment wasn't ideal because I was afraid of the laser treating my whole face and the skin would still be loose. Injections wouldn't give good results since my cheekbones are already defined and my cheeks near the eyes look full enough. I didn't want to have even more volume on my jaw.

So I visited a plastic surgeon who recommended a mini-lift. He pulled my cheeks up using his hands, and I really liked what I saw! The red spots, big pores and loose skin disappeared, so my face had more a heart shape which I loved! A rounder face would be ok, too, but I really didn't want to get a square shape. So I decided to undergo a mini-lift at age 27. The doctor had good references, big experience, the clinic looked good, the mini-lift-pictures were astonishing, so I decided that everything would be ok.

The procedure was on Friday, and now is Monday. And I have been crying since that Friday.

Why? At first, the night before the doctor asked me if I could provide some pictures of how I would like to have the outcome. What? I didn't know that! I thought everything was clear! But I showed him a picture in a magazine that looked like the expected outcome. I also expected that a mini-lift would slim the face a little bit, and the cheeks! Because skin is cut, not added. This was my naive expectation.

I wanted a local anaesthesia combined with sedation. It was said that I would sleep under sedation, of course. But the day of the procedure, they said "Some patients sleep" - what? Why some only? And of course, I didn't sleep at all. I was fully awake during the procedure, I even talked to the doctor and the nurses who talked about their private things while cutting me. The local anaesthetic did really hurt, but what the hell, I endured it. But all the time I had a strange feeling that I didn't do enough to get the best results.

After the surgery which lasted 2 hours, they showed my appearance in a mirror: It was shocking!! I had a very thin chin now and wider cheeks than ever! They looked almost double the size I used to have (and I always had very full cheeks). Then I got this bandage all around my face.The procedure was so exhausting that I immediately slept in the recovery room.

After I woke up, I had this feeling that everything went wrong. Of course, I just went through the procedure, but some people know when there's something wrong regarding their body. I always know my blood pressure before checking which is always irritating for the nurses. So I knew that something went wrong and I cried.
The next day the bandage was removed and since I already expected the worst, I was crying unstoppably. The doctor said the wounds looked very good and I looked good, too. This was the day I had wanted to leave the clinic, but I was so full of tears I almost passed out, so I decided to stay one more day. I couldn't and still cannot feel my ears, I am only feeling tightness and some sharp pain which is endurable. When I finally looked into the mirror, all my nightmares became true: I looked like a square! My cheeks are so wide even my glasses didn't really fit anymore. My chin is small, and then there is this wide, big square thing that's supposed to be my face. And yes, of course, I cried... Doctor and nurses said it was normal and that I looked normal and that I paid the doctor to have a tighter face. Well - I didn't know I would look so ugly! I used to be pretty, there was just this saggy and acne-skin. And now the skin is tight, but I look like a monster. You cannot even see my ears from frontal perspective. And from the side, my ears look really big and a bit cut, too. They look like Buddha's ears.

They said it's the swelling: This can't be because the skin moves normally when I touch it. So this means that the doctor has just put up the skin up to my cheeks and made them even fuller! They were already full and now they are even bigger because of the skin and because of my now slim chin!

Now it's Monday, I'm and home still crying. My mother has just seen me and said: "I can't look at you, you look like a square!" I feel so sad. I regret it so much. I cannot even clean my wounds properly because everytime I look into the mirror I cry and I can't see anything through the tears. I look absolutely horrible. Never in my darkest nightmares I thought this could have been possible. My jaw hurts, the tightness is unbelievabe. I don't see any pores or acne scars anymore, but that's it. I had thought that a mini-lift would just improve my acne-skin, the sagginess of the marionette lines and slim my face a little bit since mini-lift pictures always suggested that the face would look slimmer.

Instead, I look like an ugly square Buddha with large ears. I don't know what to do, I can't live like that. I regret everything and I feel like a loser.

Face still fat and almost bursting...

Today it is post-OP day 6. Please keep in mind that this is all my personal experience and I will not be censoring my feelings, instead, I will write everything down. In no way I intend to diffame the doctor, that is why I do not give out names. And English is not my mother tongue.

I am still looking like a balloon that disguised as a square. The horizontal length of my face is the same as the vertical one! My face is ridiciously fat and I really hope that your suggestions are true, that this is swelling only. My sisters believe it is a swelling, they say that my cheeks look like they could burst every moment. I would like to add photos, but I cannot even endure looking into the mirror.

I also fear that the skin was tightened, but not aestethically pleasing regarding the harmony of my face since I always had wide cheekbones and fat cheeks (the surgeon had actually thought that I had fillers in there...). Could that be possible as well? That my face is looking shorter since the length has been tightened? I think that the doctor could have told me that because it looks nowhere as slim as my face did when he showed the outcome using his hands. My eyes look smaller because of that and more deep set. I have big eyes, but even these eyes look lost in that big, fat moon that is my face.

Of course, doctors are human. I like him and he did a great job concerning the wounds. There is a thin "bloody line" in front of my ears, that's it. No problems concerning hairline. I can see that they will become almost invisible scars which is a good thing, of course. I had almost no bleeding and the part where my acne scars were is clean now, and the pores appear a lot smaller.

Today I started to get a feeling into the upper parts of my ears which are tickling all the time, by the way. I fear I cannot wash my face properly because even touching the outer cheeks makes them feel like they would burst. I feel sad because I cannot laugh, it is hurting. Before, I had never lived a day in my life in which I had not laughed out loud. Chewing hurts as well, so I just eat 2 litres of ice cream every day.
By the way, since Friday I have lost 9 pounds. But not in the face. My shoulders look so boney now, why do I not lose fat in my face? So is this another sign that it is only a swelling? I really hope so. It looks like someone played a prank and resized the horizontal length of my face using Photoshop!

I feel that I have not made proper research. I had thought: "Hey, let's lift up your face a bit and then go home prettier". I had thought it would be no big deal because so many people are getting plastic surgery, even older people who might face issues concerning wound healing. And I had no surgery ever, not even teeth or so.
Maybe I am a drama queen, but I will never be getting surgery again if not strongly needed. All the years I had thought about slimming my big nose down because it is really the opposite of a pretty nose, but I will live with it. Currently, this ugly nose is surrounded by a big and ugly face, too (which will hopefully be getting better). I personally regret it as I was pretty before, I just had some very few flaws like everyone has.

Some photos from my iPod....

Some remaining photos from my iPod. Still crying.

Had an appointment with my doctor today

At first, thank you Realself-members for commenting and for comforting me! This really helps. And I hope these texts are helpful for some others. I kind of feel like a baby who needs to be pampered, lol. But this can be possible, too. The feeling of being helpless and that everything is over. But I can also say that this improved a lot!

I have not cried the last two days ;) And my face looks a bit slimmer, so hopefully, the square will soften. My earlobes and my jaw are still numb and I cannot chew properly, so I am still losing weight. Smiling still hurts, but I believe at this point you should not make any exaggerated facial expressions or eat the biggest cheeseburger available.

Today there was an appointment with my doctor. He said he is very satisfied and I am still swollen which will come down in the next 1-2 weeks. What a relief! Next week there will be another appointment.

Since the work of my brain cells is not hindered by tears anymore, I am starting to like the results. I still look square-ish, but it improved. My skin condition looks good and the incisions are fantastic. This means the doctor is totally skillful, because this year I was on Accutane, and I am only 2 months-post-Accutane. If you do not know what Accutane is: It is a treatment that "kills" acne, and there is also an impact on wound healing, so many doctors recommend not to undergo any surgery for at least 6 months.

My doctor knew everything about it, and since there were absolutely no signs of bad wound repair (my dog was helpful with it because he likes bloody scratching... I never got any scars, not even on Accutane), I wanted the surgery. If you also took these pills, you should probably wait 6 months if you experienced worse wound healing.

Bye bye!

Saggy again

Thank your for all your lovely or/and concerned messages! I am really appreciating your helpfulness.

My face looks saggy again. It is completely crazy. You can see it on the picture. I am 27 and had work done only 2 years ago and no one sees an improvement. I am so sad. There is still swelling on the outer parts of my cheeks which are still numb as my earlobes.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my surgeon again. But he said that the did the maximum lifting. I am sorry, but I do not believe that! How can the lifting be maximal if I got my jowls back again?! The mid-face is still tight, but the rest?! Horrible.
He told me that in one year I could opt for a laser lift if requested. Ah. I wanted to avoid the laser in my life because of my sensitive skin and Accutane treatment.
In 2 weeks there will be another appointment.
And he also said that after the surgery I had said that they pulled me too tight. Yeah. That was because of the swelling, I looked tight, ok!

I am so sad. What should I do now? I will be waiting until the swelling is fully down, but I fear my face will look worse then. The rest maybe looks tight because of the swelling, but if it disappears, it could look saggy again.
I did pay for tightening the face, especially my jowls. And I fear that it was not enough, by far! I had not even talked with him about the costs of a revision since I had never thought anything could not satisfy me. Aah. What should I do now?
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