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I am scheduled for surgery on 3/21/16. Had lap...

I am scheduled for surgery on 3/21/16. Had lap band surgery 9 years ago. Skin is not as tight as I would like. My breasts have ALWAYS been an issue for me. After my consultation with Dr. Davoudi, we decided that a mommy makeover would be best. Breast reduction, abdominoplasty, lipo of flanks and back. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

13 days left

As of today, I have 13 days until my surgery date. I start my liquid diet on Monday. Am a little concerned about no wine for a week pre op and up to 3 weeks post op :). Don't judge me..LOL..after a long day at work, moscato and I are friends!! :)) I have been going over my list of things that I will need post op to ensure that every thing is in place. I did decide to go ahead and pay the extra money for the Exparel injection. I want as little pain as possible and if this is suppose to help lessen the severe pain then SIGN ME UP!!! :). A little nervous but excited too. Its been GREAT to see the posts of those who have already had their surgery earlier this month.


Well, got a text from my mom telling me to check her Amazon account because she has ordered me some items for surgery. I go into her account and see that she has ordered me a wedge contour bed set to use instead of a recliner as well as an Air Relax Air Compression leg massager for blood and lymphatic circulation. My husband asked today what I still had left to buy for surgery or for my preop diet because he is off today and wanted to get the last of my things taken care of on his day off!!! I am so blessed to have my primary support system on board!!!! My dad and my husband will be taking me to surgery and my Mom (who is a nurse practitioner and works nights) will meet us at my house after surgery and will take over my care for the first week following surgery. And did I mention that my dad is a respiratory therapist. AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surgery date is getting closer and closer. I am scheduled to go back to my surgeon's office tomorrow for a hemoglobin recheck as my levels were a little low at 10.4. My surgeon's office is not too concerned but wanted to ensure that it was not an error with the lab. So to all of those who have transitioned to the flat side and those of us still waiting with anticipation I say, We Got This!!!!!

Weekend before surgery

Well...surgery is on Monday. Dr. Davoudi's office called today. Gave me last minute instructions. Told me to stop my iron and multivitamin until after surgery. Reminded me to bring my lovenox with me to the hospital Monday morning. 3 more days guys!!!!! #excited#nervous

FINALLY some updated pics!!!

I am 7 weeks post op. I am in a size 10 now (down from a 16). My breasts are a 36 D down from a 40 DDD. Today was a bit of swell hell but still decided to sit by the pool. For the first time since I was 13 years old, I was in a bikini.
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Dr. Davoudi won me over at "hello". I can't WAIT to see the end results.

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