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So I've tried Lexington PS.... And now I finally...

So I've tried Lexington PS.... And now I finally decided to go with Dr. Boutte at Premiere Dermatology! Ms Crystal Johnson is polite and professional. After months of deliberation with myself I scheduled for May 23rd!!! Excited!!
I'm having SmartLipo on my upper lower abs and love handles!!
Ps I am traveling from NYC anyone know if I can bring the pain meds with me on the flight?
Post op pix!

Nerves kicking in

… ok so, I just received my medication list- and my pre-op instructions, and reading them have made me nervous. From where it states, "no washing with soap that contain moisturizers," "to wearing a bra that you won't mind getting messy during surgery". I have to remind myself and hopefully others that , THIS IS SURGERY THERE WILL BE BLOOD. lol *sighs* I am officially 2 weeks away, so next week is my last week of having my mimosas, snapple peach IceT, and any other restricted beverages… here goes!

A week before Surg!!

Today officially makes a week before my surgery. And I feel my menstrual cycle creeping up on me. You know, the swollen boobs and "mood swings" lol. I never wanted my period to come NOW than ever before lol.

Because I can't take any pain pills, only Tylenol, which never works for cramps. Besides that I had to take Benedryl this morning because I was sneezing and my eyes were itchy like crazy. It's allergy season here in nyc. I hope this doesn't effect my surgery in anyway.
Well tomorrow I will officially start cleansing my body with the Hibilences wash, as stated for preop hope this goes well!.... Good Night ????????????

Well here goes!

I got the smart Lipo done! Upper and lower abs, love handles and Dr. Boutté said I needed my bra roll so I got that as well. Will I be charge for it. I don't think so.

Anyway first step was photos then they took me upstairs I chAnge into warm socks and surgical gear. I was also given pill to help with my sedation.
I told the nurse I had to be and she's like ok you're about to get a catheter. I said WHAT!! I've never seen then do this online and no one talks about it on realself. But I did it and it wasn't bad.

They marked my area and prepared me for work the nurses laid me on my stomach first. And I was in and out of sleep. I told her I felt a few pricks where she was removing fat from my back and I remember seeing dr. Boutte she actually bend down to see my face and talk to me. Lol.

That's it. I was gone after that I woke up in the hotel room. My friend told me I was leaking all over the place Nd that the nurses said I fought the medicine from working to keep from sleeping. But it didn't kick in. Until it was time to work on my stomach. I have no recollection of. Anyway once I get up in the am I will try to take a pic of me in my garment. All I know is that it's a size small lol and I am leaking out like crazy.

Pain& Recovery 3 days Post

I am 3-days Post op, learning to deal with the discomfort of swelling, itchiness, bruising and sever soreness. I am very dependent on my best friend Because I could not do this on my own. Serious today I just wanted to lay down. I just took my meds so now I can walk normal, and tighten my binder if needed.

I am experiencing numbness and tingling around my waist. The incisions sites are itchy and the bruises are too. Other then that I am using the bruise cream, and I am taking the Clinical Support Meds package and wearing my waist shaper all day. Staying compressed. It's bearable as long as I am on my pain meds. Here's my pics

5 days post op

Hey ppl! In still very swollen and numb. Especially in my naughty-bits region. Ughhhh it's so annoying and I'm really itchy around the incisions ports especially on my back. Anyone suggest anything for that. And my lower stomach is VERY NUMB but I think it stopped draining.


Does anybody have a heavy feeling once they remove their compression garments. I feel very weak and feel like gravity is pulling my body down. Is this normal for like six days post Op. I can't deal with this swelling and numbness and I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm taking all of my meds and I am running low of pain meds. Also I don't feel comfortable unless I'm wearing a compression garment. I feel like my skin is just going to be loose and jiggly or something I don't know. Does anybody have any suggestions

3 weeks post op update

I had some weak moments. Couldn't move, bend down, sleep right. I broke down cried about needing help and all that. I must say I am finally getting back to feeling like myself! It's still hard getting in and out the car but I can bend down, wipe my ass lol, and get in and out my shapewear without assistance. It's been tough recovery. I am still numb and itching like crazy. Idk what to do. But my incisions are healing well and no more bruising. Except for this weird burn I have by my bra roll. I think during surgery they may have burned me but that's healing. (Weird I know) my skin is starting to feel tight again and I am still staying compressed. Over all I'm satisfied at the results.

Pleased with my silhouette

However I am experiencing hardness, swelling, and a few lumps. They seem to move with each compression. There were a few days I did not compress. But I am stopping that now. But certain outfits can't be worn with the compression garment. Anyways I have lots of discoloration, is this attributed to the healing process, I hope so, because I am experiencing lots of itching. Also I wanna say post op Dr. Boutté and her team are unreachable. That is all.

2 month update.

I got feeling back entirely. I got fade cream prescribed from Dr. Boutte and I'm feeling great. Alil sensitivity but I'm okay. Today is the first day I wore low rise capris and a crop top. I want my belly button repierced but I'll wait on it. My waist in a size 28 exactly. I've been dieting and eating right. I lost 20lbs since my surgery. Still hard spots but I am trying to stay compressed. Overall I am satisfied, I look good and i am thankful for the hands that helped me achieve this. I am still healing... getting better each day!


Does anyone have any recommendations for a waist trainer/ compression garments? As you can tell from my last post I am still lumpy and it's due to fluids.... I would like to compress but I think I am too small for the old garments. If you have any suggestions be drop it below. Thank you! :)

I wasn't able to meet her before my surgery. However during my surgery she arrived and was assisting she was very nice and also spoke to me about the procedure. I am still healing 3 months post op. But it's getting better.

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