Soon to Be Gongora Girl!!!! Finally :D Mexico, MX

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Hey guys! I don't know how to start this off but...

Hey guys!

I don't know how to start this off but my title makes what I'm writing about pretty clear. My entire life although i am pretty young ( 20 ) I've been extremely thin waist down. Its gotten to the point where i tried to gain weight ( 20 pounds ) for bbl and it still wasn't enough. I've been researching about implants since i was 17... i know crazy right? but i guess that just shows that i have done a crazy amount of research lol. 3 years later I've finally saved enough and will be getting my butt done by dr gongora in august 2016! if anyone else has had any experiences with butt augmentation, the do's the don'ts feel free to comment!


For those of you have gotten this procedure done, what do you recommend bringing along? I'm extremely nervous I have not told anyone I'm doing this I'll be flying there Alone. I might stay a extra few nights at a hotel close by if my drains do not come out in the week, which I hardly doubt they will.

Here is the moment of truth...

Okay so this is probably the hardest and most nerve wracking part of this entire journey.. Lol my BEFORES. I'm aware of everything that is wrong with my bottom so please be nice :( lol I will also add some wish pics!!! Xoxo

I'm having bad gut feeling closer to my surgery.

The closer I'm getting to my surgery I am having really bad feeling and am getting extremely nervous. I'm actually not even 100 percent sure if I want to go with dr gongora anymore.. Has anyone heard of dr Johny Franco in Texas? He's expensive but his work is incredible...i actually
Might switch to him as I feel more

A new issue

Apparently dr gongora hardly does lipo on the abs area?!

So close

I'm three weeks away from my surgery but new concerns have come up. Apparently cohesive gel implants can rupture? How many have gotten these done? Does dr gongora do semi solid? If you know please answer!

Recent pics of weight gain. 3 weeks away from surgery

Dream bod lol used an app to edit

For those that have butt implants please answer how visible are your implants?

How visible are butt implants? Can you see them bending over sitting down? The last thing I want is that.. I might just get fat graft with whatever fat I have... Im so nervous

It's time!!! At Rosarito

Guys I'm here! I've been at the clinic for a few hours not it is very nice and clean. Extremely beautiful place and all the nurses are very kind and helpful! Dr gongora is in surgery I'm waiting to speak with him since mine will be tomorrow morning.. I really hope all goes well and I have an easy recovery. ill let you guys know once I have met him and how everything went :)

So nervous and excited!!

Met gongora last night they woke me up now and gave me some green body wash! Washing my body and changing into the rob thingy you wear before surgery. Wish me luck I hope I get that big booty I've always dreamt of heaving haha

finally got a butt

I had 350 cc silimed cohesive gel implants. Now that I woke today although are beautiful they still are quiete small in my liking I waned bigger butt :( let's see what doc says

My butt is stiff

My butt is getting pretty stiff and in such an unattractive boxy shape also looks very small.. How long until it drops?

I'm in love!

Today is my third day post op and I got to see my body in the mirror!! I can't believe it. He made my waist so small and hips so large with only 350cc implant! He is truly a butt God and I'm so happy I went to him. Pictures do not do my body justice.. They told me ny waist will still get Smaller And booty still needs to drop and get bigger (fluff) Ahhh I hope I continue to recover well because so far I'm obsessed

Here are some pics

Pictures from day 2

Pictures from 2day post op. Remember guys I didn't get lipo on my abs to avoid any issues but my belly still looks super tiny! And I have a big round booty that's just gonna get bigger Looks way better specially in real life I am sooo impressed

Post op

Swelling has reduced significantly

Implants Are flatter from the bottom

Okay so today I put on clothes my implants look so stupid and flat from the bottom but more wider and bigger uptop.. How long will this last :(

Day 5

OMG I can shower today!! Lol and get myself ready the amount of exciting just to shower is crazy haha. But really I've been dying to do this. So far everything is great my butt is still a bit high and flat at the bottoms but I'm hoping everything will fall into place soon and I have a fast recovery :) if anyone has any questions pleasee free to ask! I lay on my tummy doing nothing all day anyway lol.




If you need to stay for a few more days after until your drains come out please DO NOT stay at the publieto inn or whatever! It's fucking disgusting and I'm screwed cause I already payed for my 10 day stay. It smells horrible and the people do not listen to anything you say. Also it's almost 100 bucks a night and it looks like a cheap 50 dollar hotel! Stay away from this place don't make the mistake I did!!! Idk how I'm gonna sleep it smells so bad fuck my life

So far so good

So far it has been pretty good. Doctor gongora asked me to come back to the clinic for the day so I'm happy I don't have to stay at that hotel. I hope he just isn't expecting me to pay for the night because I was never told to do so by the nurses... It's 400 usd a night here at the clinic and that is fucking insane. Lol other then that my butt is healing I just really hope my drains come out soon so I can go home!

1 week

Hey it's been almost one week now. Just took these after my shower. It doesn't look as big in pics as it does in person and my waist isn't getting any justice lol but over all I feel good today a lot better, still at the doctors clinic he's going to come check on me soon.. Incisions and everything are good drains are good I think with procedures like this you just really need to take it as slow as possible and that's what I have been doing. Glad my butt is kind of falling into place still really tight and high to judge final result but it's rounding out more and more!! Yay


Guys I feel like I can see my butt implants.. Or maybe there are just too high and haven't fallen into place? How long before you can judge that, I'm nervous it looks great but when I lean forward I feel like I can see something. I don't know if it's me being paranoid or what but all the nurses said they have no idea what the hell IM talking about lol

1 week pics

It's starting to look more natural

Not as big as I wanted it to be but still WAY bigger then Before.. It looks small in pictures but it's way more curvy in person and round! My hips are huge and my waist is super tiny :) over all happy I just hope the boxy affect goes away soon lol

11 days!

Drains come out today and I'm heading home :) yay! He's a quick update on my body!

Finally home

I made it home! Plane ride was hell. Nurses dropped me off at 2 pm knowing by flight leaves at 11 pm they said they can't go any later... It was insane I was so exhausted and in pain all day at the aiport and the ride home was super over whelming. I could've guaranteed I ripped my incision open but luckily thank god everything is fine. Not a single thing wrong besides the fact that my entire body hurts lol. I'm so glad to be home and in my own bed it's the best feeling!!! I got my garment that I have to wear for two months which I'm not looking forward too.. It's so unflattering And uncomfortable :( those that are looking to get this procedure dobe please know that this is no joke! The recovery time is insane :(


I have a question for those who have been told to wear a garment. Although my doctor said to wear it for two months day and night I find that absolutely impossible especially with work. I work in retail so I'm usually there for 4-5 hours a day and am told to wear a dress. Since I have to wrap a foam around under my belly then put my garment on top to avoiding burning the skin it looks extremely boxy and artificial. My question is for those who wear them, have you ever not worn it? Will there be Any problems? Many doctors don't even give garments to be worn. I've read a lot about the results being pretty similar it just takes longer if the garment isn't worn religiously? For anyone that has experienced anything please get back to me! I can't live in this thing it's suffocating the life out of me lol

Kinda getting depressed.

Today marks my two weeks. I feel great I can move around and do basically everything. Bend over etc. But my butt still sits high... I was trying on clothes and it looks so odd. In bikinis it looks amazing but in clothing it looks fake and high. Will it drop and fluff more In a few weeks? I'm so scared I haven't even told my partner and he's coming back next month on the 12th. On top of that it still feels pretty hard the softness is my own butt. When will it get softer and when will it look more full and fluff? Someone please let me know.

A bit over two weeks.

Today I had to take my garment off to wash it because it gets so dirty around the private areas.. Because the hole is so tiny :( anywho I wasn't complaining I finally got a good few hours break. I feel pretty good since I didn't have to sit in that stupid garment for a few hours I thought I'd clean my self up get ready and walk down the block to get a few items from the drug store. Now that I'm back home I was gone for an hour, man do I feel sore. It's not bad I think it's good to walk around it probably helps with the recovery but over all I'm so exhausted all I want to do is lay down lol my butt dropped a tad bit and looks much more natural! It's weird how much of a difference even a day or two makes during recovery! I got so much attention In my midi dress it was a bit over whelming and made me feel awkward! Lol I'm still getting use to this bump, although i think it's small it flatters my figure wonderfully :) happy girl today


Sorry it's really hard to take a picture of you're crack yourself lol but that's the incision it's only one which I'm happy about :)


New pictures.. You can't see the implant at all.. I mean maybe if you stare reaaaaalllll hard when I bend all the way over touching the floor but that'll never happen haha.. My hips have gone down significantly and I'm already wanting round two! But I knew it was mostly swelling to begin with, when I lipo my front half I will use that on my hips and bum :)


Hey guys I went to use the bathroom and got the garment dirty again!!!! This is tmi but literally peed on it. I don't know what the f I'm doing wrong now I have to take it off and wash it allllll over. The hole at the bottom is sooo small :( I can't even do number 2 without having to pull it all the way back its so uncomfortable: doesn't anyone recommend any other garment that I can purchase? I hate this one lmao

I'll take the opportunity of my garment getting dirty..

Since my stupid garment got DIRTY AGAINN and is in the wash, I thought I'd show you guys how my butt looks like in thin jogger pants.. Video doesn't do justice but Atleast you'll have an idea! It's rounding out nicely :)

Almost 3 weeks!

So far great. Butt is rounding out nicely; that little indent you see is actually from the garment.. Very please so far. In 3 months I'm going to a doctor to get lipo on my full front and transferring that to my hips along with breast implants. Kind of frustrating that I payed 9500 but couldn't get lipo on my belly, but oh well rather be safe then sorry. He took all the fat out of my back and flanks.. I mean he went AGGRESSIVE! It kinda feels like a burning sensation sometimes when I touch it.. Other then that all is well hope fully my back doesn't burn.. That'll be horrifying. I take breaks usually but try my best to keep my garment on. It helped a lot with the swelling. If I'm going to run to the market I usually don't wear it so it'll be off for 1 hour or so. Not the greatest thing, but since I have to wrap foam around my body then garment on top.. It looks VERY weird with clothes lol and the last thing I want is people asking questions!

3 weeks

My body at 3 weeks. Still a long way to go but so far so good!

3 weeks

My butt At 3 weeks so far so happy :) it's just getting better. Recovery isn't really that bad, I swear my garment when I can ( most of the time ) and take breaks.

1 Month post op

Starting to feel really depressed again. Certain angles I feel like you can see the implant.. I can actually feel it now that the swelling has gone. Doctor said it's too early and it's only been a month but I just feel horrible. Nothing looks good my ass looks so fake in everything. So depressed right now I wish I never did this. I hope it drops into Normal position and it's just healing. If this is my final result I'm not sure what I'll do I spent all my money on a fucked up ass

One month

Considering removal

Considering removing my implants. Only looks semi natural naked extremely fake under everything else

Looks like a effing diaper in everything

I need this fake look to go away soon :( I can't wear anything without feeling depressed

Thoughts so far

Butt implants make look real and nice in photography but unless you have a fat ass and thicker legs to begin with.. STAY AWAY! They will never look natural! Don't let celebs or Instagram models fool you guys. Pictures do not do justice. I will be going to a doctor in the near future ( February ish ) to either get more fat added or just do bbl and take them out. Think twice before you do this is my thought right now maybe in a few months it will look more natural? Also when I bend over all the way I can see where my implants are sitting it's pretty gross.. What i mean by all the way if I stuck my butt up and my head down ( doggy position ) sorry to be tmi. But if it's casually bending over etc you can't. I'll keep you all
Posted on the two month mark


Almost 7 weeks

I think I will be happy when I get more fat grafted around my implants :)

Almost two months

Butt in dresses and tights

Be the judge for yourselves.

Major cellulite starting to happen on the sides. What can I do to fix this?

Moment of truth

With all being said at the end of the day, my body has been transformed into better. What I mean by that is, it's a lot better then what I had before, and I feel like if I work out my
Legs, they will Match my bottom... Lol it's only been two months so I'm assuming the more time goes by the softer and more natural it will look. These are my thoughts today lol, don't be suprised if I'm crying and wanting them removed tomorrow... This surgery is truly a roller Coaster with your emotions.!

Having a bad day again

One persons opinion on my butt looking fake has thrown my self confidence under the bus again. Same thing, " that is not how a real butt is suppose to look like ", " the shape of your butt looks horrible ", " you ruined your body "..... It's going to be a long night tonight :'( here's a video of my butt. Can anyone please tell me how I can grow my legs bigger? I have tried everyrhing nothing works

Different undies

I'm wearing calvins to show how my butt
Looks... Still sitting high hope it drops soon

1 month vs two month

1 month vs two months.. First month is thong second one is shorts


Implant pop out less now falling into place since one month. Can't wait for upcoming months to see how natural it looks.

Almost 3 month mark ( 1 week away )

Butt is a lot more softer and natural feeling but sometimes it is hard to the touch. Butt has dropped a lot more and looks natural then before only issue is when I sit and push my legs together my implants pop to the top and also my butt is a bit empty from the bottoms but hopefully the more they drop it'll fill out or the doctor said I can come back and for 2500 usd other changes can be made like adding more far to bottom to make me happier ????

I started waist training right now my ratio is 39 bust 25 waist and 42 ass I would like my waist to go to Atleast 23 and my ass come to a 43-44. Also can't wait to start working out my quads and grow them bigger.


This is me now I'm self tanning in some ugly old bikini lol



Out of surgery vs now

Butt right out of surgery vs now

So depressed

I think these implants may be the worst decision of my life! My butt looks so fake in tight dresses and completely empty from bottom and high on top cause of how bad the doctor injected the fat. It even dropped lots but the only way it'll look good is with more fat or just take the implants out and do bbl I spent all my money on this I don't know what to do anymore :(

My pics are black and white and my wish pic is from Instagram

If you see my pic vs the Instagram picture you can see how I want my butt to look vs what it looks like! My butt is very high how can I make it drop? I like the cuff affect at the bottom but my butt all volume is on top and looks so fucking fake :(

Removing implants

Decided that I'll be removing my implants next month and just doing more bbl . Butt implants look way too fake and obvious in real life

Sitting down disaster

It looks horrendous in many angles. When I brang it up to the nurse coordinator or what ever she said " well it is implants it
Isn't going to look 100 percent real in every angle " . Guess there's
Not much I can do anymore

Projection all at top

In this pic you guys can see all the projection is at the top cause of the implant placement. I think at 6 month mark I might try to use some fat and fix the shape off my butt and fill out the bottom before completely giving up and taking these out. What do you guys think? Cause of all the Projection being at the top my butt looks so fucked up and weird in clothes especially tight clothes. I don't care about the size it isn't too too big, but what do you guys think? Try this or just change the implants/ remove for good? I don't want my 15 k Canadian going to waste that's all.

What my butt looks like

What my butt looks like it's the black and white photo. You guys can see the shape is awful. And what I want is in Color. Any recommendations on what can be done?


Many were inboxing wanting to know what it looks like. It's pretty clean and small almost disappeared now.. One line which is great

Rumour spread in my work

So because my butt looks so fake and gross/wide women spread rumours to all the men in the mall that my ass is fake and it's literally ruining my
Life this stuff doesn't look real what so ever

4 months

This is my butt at 4 months. I hate the shape sooooo much! It isn't round it is like a square which is empty from the bottom.. In clothes it looks even worse. I wish you could see how fake it is in realty! Pics don't do justice but anyways this is a video to show how it moves. Pretty soft and jiggly cannot feel the implants at all unless I'm
Bending over and poking my ass


Reality of how bad these

I'm losing my mind

Okay guys I'm losing my mind. I'm so scared to take these implants out because I don't know how much damage it'll
Do to my butt shape after having something so
Large in for so long. A doctor said he can use my fat to fix the shape at the bottom without my butt getting any larger. What would you guys do if you were in my situation I don't know what to do I am going crazy :( I just want to be happy with my body

is there anything I can do?

Hey guys. Is there anything I can possibly do to make these butt implants drop fast? I mean they can't stay high forever it's gravity at the end of the day? What has helped you all in the past to make your butt implants drop? Please let me know I want to be able to love my body and feek confident but it's so high up that it looks fucked up!

He responded

Doctor gongora has told me he can take my implants out for free ( the coordinator Jessica told me he said that ) and that offer stands for the next six months. I asked if he was able to do bbl after taking them out so my butt does not look saggy and disgusting and she said he will not do anything other then that. I don't know what to do. Honestly I cannot handle having a saggy gross but at the age of 20. I feel like I completely ruined myself. I am suppose to feel like I'm at my best at this age/ stage of my life but I feel like a botched piece of trash :( Fuckkkkk my life!!!!! Sorry for all the cursing but I really don't give a shit at this point

Butt implants are not for me

Removing next week. Got an email from his coordinator Jessica he is willing to give me an option of free of charge removal which I'm very greatful for but he will not do anything else because he thinks I am not going to be satisfied with his work. Here are some picturee of my deformed butt. I'm 90 percent sure anyone would be worried and unhappy. He's a good surgeon Idk what went wrong for me but do your research guys! Not everyone will get the Same results. 17k later ( Canadian ) I've learnt my fucking lesson :) will update my butt after removal now

Removal is Thursday December 22.

Hello friends I am so happy to say that this will be the last few days with this square shopped horrendous bottom. I am very thankful for the doctors clean work and perfect incision but this is not for me. He is an amazing surgeon but this is not the look I am going for. I want something more round and natural. His place and everything was amazing i could not see a trace of the implant outline but it is so high and since its a placed sideways it gave my body shape a more square appearance then round and voluptuous like I was going for. Getting butt implants was probably the worst mistake of my life and wondering what state I am going to be left with is overwhelming. Not only am I concerned about the fact that I have a million stretch marks all over my butt and hips but also worried about how saggy I am going to look. I must definetly get bbl in the future. Anyone know how to remove the lipo scars? Let me know! Ladies and gentlemen please do your research. Butt implants may look all fancy and great in pictures but real life is a different story. I think I can say that with confidence 20 grand down the drain later :) this is my square shaped butt now I will update Thursday after removal! Lots of love

Implants removed

Hey guys so Doctor gongora ended up removing my implants the day I flew in which is today... I am so glad he was super nice to me and said he understands. In a few months he said we can do bbl to fix the shape but I already have a doctor in Columbia names Luis that I want to do it for me along with breast implants. Right now I can't see much I'm wrapped up butt my butt I can feel the depression and hole on each side :(

And they're OUTTT!!!

I hope lipo will give me a big but natural round booty in a few months :)

Such a long journey lol and so much money wasted but my end is still a lot better then where I started

Hey guys this is probably going to be the last post I post for this review. I have come to the realization that I am one of those lucky girls that harvest fat very well.. That being said my butt is exactly how I wanted it now that I removed the implants lol.. It's kinda deflated but the shape is exactly how I always wanted it and it over all looks WAYYYY better then it ever did. All the fat transferred to my butt during my butt implant surgery lasted. Although a lot has been wasted and it really took a huge toll on me I am glad I went through this. I learned a lot and hopefully some of you have a better understanding of how implants really work because i now finally do. What works for me may not work for you but this is my story. This is how my body reacted to it and how it looked on me. I am very pleased with my butt now that my implants are out and I will definetly have to get some fat transfers to areas that's why I am a little chubby I am trying to gain weight for it.. Still a bit swollen on my lower back but for the most part I know what my ass is gonna look like.. It will probably just get a lot tighter and less " saggy " although thank god there is not much sagging!!!! Any who merry Christmas to you all I hope you all get the bodies you dream of and I really hope this helped some of you beautiful ladies! And remember do your research girls and guys :) surgeries aren't always what they seem! Xoxoxox lots of love

Swelling gone done butt now

I am trying to gain weight for bbl That I will be doing In a few months. Although my butt is big I just feel like I can feel the depression of implant so I'm gonna get fat added. Can someone tell me good doctors for bbl? But reasonably priced I'm interesting in going to Columbia

How can I gain weight!!

Looking for tips and tricks to gain fat? Good fat not in an unhealthy manner. I'll be getting BBL and breast implants at the end of April

I'm so big

I'm 155 biggest I have ever been I feel so obese but I am starting to feel like bbl is scary :( I don't know what to do I need to fix the small trauma in My ass UGGGGH and I need to save 5k more by the end of April cause Canada us money difference is insane :(

Help me!

I have a month left before my surgery but I keep losing weight! How can I keep weight on? And gain more?


How do you guys get rid of scars? The holes in my back from lipo during my implants and the drain look fucking horrendous! Will a tattoo cover this?

I'm such an idiot.. someone give me advice!!!

My surgery is booked for lipo is Saturday. I am in Colombia now getting ready. I am not a smoker so I never thought twice but have been to the occasional hookah bar.. in the last week! I am worried because a) I paid so much money to come here so it'll suck if I can't have surgery but b) there is no way in hell I am going to risk my life for a big bum. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I guess I didn't think of it as " smoking " although it is the same thing.. I've only done it like 5 times my entire life. Please let me know your experiences and thoughts. I will be sharing everything with my doctor in the AM when I see him

Fibrosis from gongora in lower back

Very ugly looking... can't tell much in pics but hopefully you can see a little

Before lipo with dr Reynaldo llamas.

This is my before

Too swollen to posted my after lipo just of now yet but this is my before. Surgery went amazing thank god..can't wait to see my results after few days of massages. No surgical enhancements. No lipo no breast implants nothing!! All me lol

Why is it taking so long?

My videos won't upload.. is anyone else going through this issue?

Before and after Lipo in Colombia

Okay so I'm a week post op. This is my before and then my afters, after my first massage. My butt is really wide and high and looks crazy but I'm still swollen and it'll go down.. it looks normal in the picture but I have really thin legs so it looks a little fake. Too early though, over all very happy with my shape I cannot wait until it drops a little and is more together with my body and squishy.

Lord knows how much I hate this garment

Lol pictures of me in the garment.. makes my ass look so messed from the back, I have to wear this for 3 months ????????

Swelling depression

For those that have had BBL before, when have you noticed that drop? My butt has all the projection right under my back at the top of my butt and at the top of my hips.. it looks horrible and clown ish.. when do I start looking normal? I cannot seem to wear anything :( I am not 2 weeks post op.

Pics of 2 week post op

All projection at top of butt and hips. Looks ok ish naked, but under clothes it looks very bad.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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