25 Y/o, 5ft 6, 68kgs, No Kids, 350cc Overs, Dream Coming True! - Geelong, AU

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Hey! Everyone's reviews have been so extremely...

Hey! Everyone's reviews have been so extremely helpful to me that I couldn't help but pay it forward and hopefully help others on their journey! So today marks 100 days until my surgery date! 28th of July! At the start of the year I booked in for consultations with three different surgeons. After going to just the first with Dr Peter Callan, I knew he was the one. There would be no point in spending $400+ having consultations with two other doctors knowing that I had already found the one I wanted to go with. I saw Peter on January 19th. He must of had multiple other consultations on the go as he was ducking in and out, however even through all of that he was still very thorough explaining everything to me. I took my mum as she was really interested and had some of her friends have procedures done by him and knew he was great at what he did. She had all of the knowledge on the history of breast cancer in my family so Peter wanted me to promise him that I would get MRIs as soon as I turned 30 so I was always on top of it. After all of the photos, 3D images and whatnot I looked at my mum and we both knew he was the one, so I booked in my surgery date, 350cc moderate profile. I could have definitely chosen a date sooner, however I work full time in retail and had spoken to my manager and we discussed when would be the best time for me to take a decent chunk off work. I do a lot of lifting above my head so Peter suggested 3 weeks off work, but my manager said I may as well have all of August off. I have quite a lot of sick leave built up so I'll be able to use all of that and have piece of mind. So since January I got myself a second job as well as working full time. So at the moment I'm working just over 50 hours a week, with a "Titty Tin" and putting as much money in there as possible. I am also probably at my "heaviest" and have not been training as much as I use to a few years ago. So I'd like to be able to get to my fittest and healthiest over these 100 days. I am about to start Emily Skye's phase 1, I suppose you could call it 4 week challenge just to put me back on track. And working so much I need to plan as well. So the 15th of July is my final appointment before surgery, checking and making sure the size is still fine and getting my bills in order! I'll update again further down the track! Yay!

Before Photos!

So I thought I'd try and find a few before pictures. Somehow any photos of my chest involved me mainly being in bathers.
Almost every bra I've ever owned was a "2 cup sizes up" kind of bra. But even with a heap of padding, they would end up falling underneath and I would have to keep heaving them up to get a bit of cleavage. I've always had broad shoulders so there's always been a lot of "space".
Even since the start of the year I've probably put on a couple of kilograms and it's amazing the difference my breasts look from then to now.
Getting back into training so bye bye boobies!

More Photos

Ahh the rest of my pictures didn't upload.
So here they are. Amazing what putting on a couple of kilograms can do.

75 Days to go!

Thought I'd do a little update. Not much to update other than the excitement building! Time has absolutely flown. When I booked in my date it was 191 days. Amazing how quickly this year is going. I definitely thought it would drag.
Every now and then I put in my rice sizers just to make sure it's still the size I'm happy with. Always love them. And seeing the difference from before putting them in and after.

Wondering what clothes everyone wore after their surgery and the days a weeks prior? What was comfy and easy?

50 days to go

Not sure if anyone has seen my review. But hopefully it can help someone else like everyone has helped me. So 50 days to go today. Time has absolutely flown! Sick at home today, two days off work will hopefully get me right again. Kind of glad I got sick now as it's winter down here in Australia. Then hopefully I won't be sick closer to survey. Get it over and done with. Not sure what sounds better, 50 days, 7 weeks or next month!! Argh so exciting!! On the odd occasion I start freaking out whether I've made the right decision to go through with this. Mainly due to money I think. But hey, I'm determined to save as much as possible until I need to start paying everything. 15th of July is when everything needs to be paid for Peter's fees. The hospital will contact me to pay their fees shortly I would say. I have a week of at the end of June to sort out the loan and find out how much exactly I'll need to take out, hopefully not too much. I'll also sort out my post op bras and get all of those organised too. Tiny little bit of extra weight I'm holding on to is definitely annoying me as it's made my boobs bigger than usual, but of course I don't want to have to put on weight to have a little more boobage! Thought I'd post a few wish pics as well. There's probably quite a few from other girls on here as well. I've screenshot that many over the last year!

25 Days to go!

So it's down to 25 days to go! Seeing all of you girls posting now that it's July with everyone's updates and their surgeries! Getting me so excited. So surprised at how quickly the time has flown.
15 more days of work to go as well. With my next consult being on July 15 to make sure the size is right and to fix up my bill.
I went and got my post op bra, just a cotton on to wear home from surgery. I'll go back a few days after to get the compression bra as the lady wasn't too sure which size I would need, she wrote down 14E!!! Which is equivalent to 36DDD!!! Starting at 12B/34B adding 350cc. Mum and I looked at each other in complete and total shock!
I'm sure the rest of the freak outs will start soon!

13 Days to go!

So had my pre op appointment today and also had my first "booby nightmare/dream" last night too haha! Thankfully wasn't that bad.
Pretty much just made sure the size we tried on way back in January was still right and of course it was.
As I've said, going with the 350cc. I've paid my fees to Peter and got the invoice for the anaesthesiologist. Got my paperwork for the hospital to fill out and hand in.
Last few bits and pieces to tie up, then it's ready set go!!

Ready Set Go!

Last photo of the boobies! Measurements at about 35inches over bust.
And I'm off to the hospital. Got some pretty fancy looking stockings to wear.
Mums with me and everything is going smoothly. Admission was at 7am. Currently 7:30an sitting on the bed waiting to be taken. The nurse said Peter had one quick surgery before me and I should be ready to be taken at about 8-8:15am. Will try to post when I'm done.
Ready set GO!!!

All Done!!

Hey ladies!
I'm all done.
Woke up in recovery at about 11ish. Feeling pretty good. Tiniest amount of pressure but not too much. About the same as wearing a sports bra with a bra underneath I'd say.
Got to have a quick peek before wheeling me off to my room. Perfect timing to watch Ellen and then The Bachelor Australia's first episode rerun that I missed last night woo!
They are relatively tight to touch. Peter came in almost straight away after I got to my room. And we put on my pretty white bra.
Nurses came in quite a bit to take my blood pressure. From what I know I'm only on Panadol (Paracetamol). Thy gave me some at 7am to help me once I wake up. Then again at about 2ish. Feeling really good. Don't need anything stronger.
Got myself some sandwiches which were really yum. Probably because I was starving after fasting from midnight last night.
Peter came in after his last surgery to check on everything. All looks great. Got his mobile number in case I need him and my post op appointment is on Monday.

One Day Post Op

Didn't get too much sleep last night.
Had Endone before bed and during the night. Must of helped. From about 5am until almost 8ish I was on and off sleeping with the weirdest tickles everywhere. Up my nose, my butt cheeks, my shins, almost everywhere but my boobs! Annoyed the hell out of me. Couldn't deal with those travel cushions so rolled up a soft blanket which helped.
The nurse from Peter's Office called me at 9am just to check on me, see how my pain was and remind me no driving and stay upright.
Ended up going to my aunties with my mum to have a change of scenery. Was just having panadol throughout the day. By the end of the night I was about an hour overdue for panadol and I knew I needed it.
Have just had panadol, endone and just a Valium to help me sleep just for tonight.

First few photos of the boobies are from last night and have taken a few tonight as well. I feel like they are probably more swollen today. Excuse the maaaaassive stomach as well. Who can be bothered sucking that in right now! My awesome sleeping arrangement is there too. With my little buddies always near by.

Two Days Post Op

Day two was interesting. Although had an awesome sleep thank goodness.
Not too much pain, once again just discomfort. Had to go and get my beautiful compression bra which is a little bit rough around the edges so is a little scratchy underneath and at the bottom. I've ended up putting a patch on it much like what is on top of my clips/incision just so there isn't direct contact with the skin. Unfortunate seeing as though this is what I'll be wearing most of the time.

Was quite emotional today. Nothing to do with the boobs was just easily frustrated annoyed and upset. There was nothing I wanted to watch on tv, nothing in this world that I wanted to eat. So mum took me outside to get some fresh air, which helped. Cooped up inside with heaters on wasn't helping my situation. But it was nice to just breath in some nice cold air (with jumpers and a blanket around me of course).
It's pretty unpleasant here in Australia at the moment. Especially in Victoria. It can be sunny one moment then 2 seconds later the most ferocious winds and rain you've ever seen. Thankfully I went outside when it was still. Right now as I'm in bed the wind is crazy. But hey, tomorrow is meant to be really nice!! Then rain for a week straight.
Got my medical certificate with work sorted out today, so I'll get paid woo!!
Got mum on to Scandal so I've started back at the start watching that with her. She's back to work on Monday but I'll be home with my 4 gorgeous doggies who have been very gentle with me.

Excuse these photos, mums not too great at getting the right angle and way too many down lights means crappy lighting. Hopefully find some better lighting or do it in the day time tomorrow :) Gotta get my nice waist back too!

Happy Healing everyone xx

Three Days Post Op

Ok today has been interesting.
I've just started getting quite itchy at my incision site. I'm getting the clips taken out tomorrow morning and I can't wait!!!
They've started getting a bit annoying, mainly because the compression bra moves a little and sits on them.
They've gotten a little softer on the underside. Still a little stiff on the top. I'll ask about massage tomorrow and putting any creams on.
It definitely must have messed around with my hormones a little. Still having ups and downs for no reason. Or the fact I'm back at home with mum for the last few days has given me a little anxiety as well maybe. We have a good relationship and she supports me, she just stresses me out a lot. Thankfully my sister is here as well and she has helped me out.

Going to have my first shower tonight. Peter said I was allowed to shower and just pat myself dry and use a hair dryer to help. But I really just couldn't be bothered yet. I've gotta try and get some of this pen off me! So let's see how that goes as well and thankfully I'll get them redressed tomorrow if they start coming off because of the shower.

Photos are from this morning.

Four Days Post Op

Was up early today for an 8:45am appointment to get my clips out. Considering I've been having half a Valium just to help me with this sleeping upright thing and previously waking up at 10ish, waking up at 7:30am was very hard. Sleeping is the best for healing right ;)

The clips didn't hurt at all to take out. I was advised to have a panadol before hand just incase, but there was no pain. Probably because I'm still a little numb everywhere. The clips looked like staples but with a bend in the middle, possibly 6 on each side. I wish I had gotten a picture of them in.
Peter was very happy with my progress, no issues. Asked me if sensation was coming back, and it is slightly, and it certain sections. Just feels really strange. Kind of like I don't remember what it's like to have full sensation all over.
I do hope the relax a little and I've got a little more space in between.
So I go back for my next check up in two and a half weeks, (three weeks after op).

Was pretty tired today, after waking up early, then going with my Aunty who took me to the appointment back to her house. She was looking after my cousins 2 year old. Who is a darling, but my god, it tired me just watching her. Went home and had about an hour nap until I was woken by some crazy as rain!

Spent the rest of the night on the couch. Other than a quick trip to the grocery store with mum so I can make myself a nice treat tomorrow :D

Incisions are looking pretty good I think. Although that permanent marking isn't coming off any time soon! Surprised at the little amount of bruising. I tend to bruise easily. Hopefully no more to come.
The underside picture is definitely not flattering, makes them look enormous!! Then a picture of my four dogs looking after me at the end.

Five Days Post Op

Today I just sat at home in the couch all day with the dogs.
Righty is a tiny bit softer than the left.
Underneath lefty I've got the feeling of a stitch like you would have under your ribs after running. Hopefully that passes soon.

Had a nice shower and actually got my whole body wet and the tape held up really well. Dried pretty quickly.
Funny thing as I was getting into the shower, the shower door doesn't open properly. It's one of those bifold kind of ones and it gets stuck often so we don't open it fully and I knocked my nipple on it. Completely miss judged and forgot that my boobs were bigger haha!!

Not too much progress today. Got some morning pictures and night pictures. Also funny that taking the picture yourself with different arms makes each boob look different.


Day 5
Also posting a video so we can see the progress down the track!

Six Days Post Op

Today I've started getting a little more feeling on the skin. It was always there just really faint. A lot of tingles and the skin is a little pinkish, just more blood flow which is good. They are definitely feeling a little softer on top.
I have had this odd feeling under my breasts more so just on the ribs. Just a bit down from the incisions. I thought for a second I might have bruised ribs but maybe it's just a delayed muscle bruise from surgery from having to pull up my boob to put the implant in. I've put a picture up pointing to where it's sore. Like I said in one of my previous posts it feels like a stitch after you've been running.

Anyone else had this feeling?

1 Week Post Op

So one week has passed!
Amazing how quick it's been but at the same time feels like forever ago.
Started looking up these tingle sensations and seems to be pretty normal and common thing. Something to do with the nerves, some say massage some say leave it. I'll do a little of both haha. They're just so tender. The compression bra hurts a little to wear, well anything does really. Brushing up against them or breathing the clothes moving kind of stings.
If I didn't have this trouble I think everything would be perfect. Bit of a bummer but hopefully goes away soon.
Not too much else to post. I'll keep taking photos and post them if I have any progress.

17 Days Post Op

9 days post op video
17 days post op
Hey ladies,

Thought I'd wait a little longer between posts so I could show a difference.
They've been pretty good, no pain other than the sensitivity.
I see Peter at the end of the week for my 3 week post op check up. Just going to ask him about the sensitivity, when I'd be able to get back to working out and when I can sleep on my side.
Went to one of my jobs today and worked for 3 hours, just a short shift to see how I went. Definitely not as quick as I'd like to be. But was a good indicator of how much I can and can't do.
They are getting softer for sure!! Feeling like my own kind of. Well I'm not looking down at them and thinking "I've got implants".
Couldn't be happier! Well if I wasn't so sensitive I'd be happier. But if my mind has been taken off it I'm fine. As soon as I'm tired and it's about 7pm, I'm over the day and they're a little sore.
Nipples are definitely sore in the shower with the water running over them.

4 Weeks Post Op

Hey Ladies!!

Exactly four weeks post op and I couldn't be happier.
Everything has gone so smoothly, my hypersensitivity has gone down sooo much, just a tiny bit tingly on the odd occasion but other than that perfect. I had my three week check up last week and Peter was very happy. Gave me the all clear to slowly go back to the gym but not too much on the upper body. I'll head back to the gym in about two weeks though because I put my gym membership on hold. May as well wait and save a bit of money too!
I've tried on a few bras and just bought the one for down the track. In Australian sizes I work out to be a 12DD, almost an E in some bras but could be a D in some as well. Looks like I'll always have to try them on now to make sure.
Tried on a few of my sisters bathers tops as we use to be the same size. NOT ANYMORE!! Definitely will have to buy new bathers as well once summer comes around. Triangles are not a good look, bandeau might be the way to go.
I'd been staying at my mums since the op and have just come back home today. Back to work tomorrow at my full time job, so that will be interesting to see how that goes.
Hope everyone is doing well xx

Almost 3 Months

Hey everyone,
I'm almost at the 3 month mark and have my 3 month check up at the end of this week.
They are feeling amazing, very soft and feel like they have been there all my life.
Couldn't sing the praises of Peter any more.
Every now and then is a little uncomfortable sleeping in my side. I feel like I could probably get a more supportive crop top to sleep in.
No one has really noticed which was what I was going for as I'd always worn massive push-up bras before.
Every now and then I get a little twang but I can't really expect them to be 100% perfect in under 3 months. But at the stage they are at I'm so happy.
Scars are doing really well. I'm supposed to keep the tape on for the full 12 weeks, so I don't have to keep putting it on by the end of the week. Woo!
It will be bathers season soon so can't wait to buy a few more sets. Triangles are no longer a good look. Makes them look way too fake and in your face.
The photo makes them look lopsided but they aren't at all. Pretty straight and even.
Geelong Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing! Very professional and comforting. Described all of the risks that were involved in depth. As I am young and have a history of Breast Cancer in my family he wanted me to promise him that I would be thorough in my checks after the procedure. Very caring and I knew he was the right doctor from the start. Now after having the surgery I couldn't speak of him highly enough. His staff are amazing, calling me everyday before my first post op visit. No issues or problems at all!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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