36 y/o, 5'8", 46 kgs, post-op, 275cc silicone smooth round moderate+, 10th Sept - Victoria, AU

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Just identifying the look I want to inform...

just identifying the look I want to inform upcoming consult with surgeon. Currently 12A going to a full B. Trying to avoid "fried eggs"/"half coconut" look with minimal gap between breasts. Establishing whether submammary or subglandular placement would be better and what size implants to go for. wishing photos!

Decisions made - all systems go

Update time!

So I had my first consult with my PS and honestly it was such a pleasure.

I think everyone feels a bit nervous before their first consult... you have all these ideas of what it will be like swimming around in your head along with the questions you're trying to remember to ask your PS. So, for me, to walk into a really lovely peaceful environment and to be greeted by amazingly considerate and friendly staff was a great feeling.

Anyway, let's cut to the good stuff! Trying on the sizers was awesome. I mean, you finally get an idea of what you will look like with your new boobs which is great. Then there is the 3D imaging that shows you what your boobs will look like. I had heard about this magic machine, but I thought what it would do was generate a kind of virtual reality version of your chest, which it did not! Turns out it is hyper realistic so everything from the freckles on my chest to the exact colour of my skin was there so it looked 100% like me... only, with boobs! I literally exclaimed to the nurse and my PS "OMG! I look hot!!". lol. I'm sure they get that all the time... maybe ;P

So decisions were made. We are going to use 275cc smooth round silicone implants which will be subglandular and the incision will be in the inframammary fold. I don't know definitely what profile (will ask next week at my second consult) but I think it will be moderate.

I don't mind telling you that I downright grilled my PS on why he believes subglandular placement is a better option than sub-pectoral, and his argument a) makes perfect sense and b) sits comfortably in my mind. If anyone wants to hear the ins-and-outs of that discussion let me know and I'll go into more detail.

I also had a fairly lengthy discussion with him about silicone vs saline, textured vs not, form stable (gummy bear) vs round and the benefits of the Keller Funnel in lessening the likelihood of capsular contraction. He also spent plenty of time chatting to me about possible complications.

I was then able to look many many examples of his work, and I must say, that allayed any concerns I might have been harbouring about subglandular placement.

Next steps are: second consult next Wednesday and confirm, lock and load implant size (I'll probably try on the sizer again just to have another look). That's it! My surgery date is two weeks after that.

I want to mention one more thing. I feel fantastic about this decision. There is no part of my mind questioning it and I have total trust in my PS. I make a point of saying this because I have been reading about some women not feeling sure about either their doctor, or whether or not they are making the right decisions about the size & style of the implant etc etc. I think if anyone is feeling in ANY WAY AT ALL like something is amiss - step back and take a breath. There is no deadline on it! Giving yourself extra time to think and see a different PS if that's what you want to do is SOOOO totally fine. If you are worried before you've even started it's going to be mentally torturous. Wait until it feels like absolutely and categorically what you want to do. Just sayin' :)

Questions etc, let me know.

Oh and ps. will upload a before pic when I get on from my doc which will be followed by a post opp pic ASAP.

Thanks for reading,


getting greedy & calling time out on research

Hi all,

I think I have started to drive myself crazy! It's a funny thing that seems to happen (at least it is certainly what's happened to me!) that once you've booked your surgery date in it's basically all you can think about. I guess it goes to show how much it really means to you when you've made the decision to do this awesome thing for yourself. BUT I have got to say, there is a massive pitfall in this continuously thinking about your boobs in the weeks leading up to surgery.

In my head there is a constant loop of thought "am I going big enough? I don't want to regret being really conservative because I'm shelling out all this money, for something I really want, and who knows when or if I'll be able to do it again... so maybe I should aim higher and just go bigger?" (repeat repeat repeat). Then there is the "shit, is subglandular truly my best option?" (my surgeon insists it is and he's a great PS). (but that thought also goes on repeat, then repeat, then repeat some more. AND THEN there is the "holy crap I keep seeing boob augmentation disasters online and I don't want my boobs to have those issues" (referring to the usual complications all have a possibility of happening to us, capsular contraction, visible rippling, visible implant yada yada yada, repeat, repeat, repeat). Then there's the opposite thing where you see all these great boobs and just pray to god (or whoever) that you will have a success story like that. It's doing my head in!!

So what I'm wondering is, has anyone else fallen down the rabbit hole the same way I have?

I think I have to cut myself off from research for a while - the more I do the more confused I get - and that's a bummer because I left my last consult with my PS absolutely certain of what I was doing down to the fine details.

I mean, I have been researching this for like 10 years! What more do I expect to discover!?!?!

So, I'm going to try to only follow the journeys in this forum (because it feels great to have some comradery) and stop looking at other before & afters (not on this site).

I am also going to ask try on bigger sizers at my second consult next week, and see what my doc has to say about how natural my boobs would look and/or whether it's realistic for me to even consider going larger (hi, itsy bitsy current boobies over here).

Anyone else been through this or going through this toing and froing/obsessing over their surgery which can't come soon enough?! Please share - as I said - I feel like I'm losing my marbles!!

Thanks for reading,



So yesterday, I took a couple of pics to upload as my before shots. But honestly, when I looked at the pics I was felt so embarrassed I wanted the earth to swallow me up. I know seeing my tiny boobs is no big deal on this site, but I realised that because I've been embarrassed about my boobs for as long as I can remember, I have basically been living in a state of denial that they even exist. It's been so long since I've even looked at them properly I was shocked to see the condition they're in at this stage of my life.

Anyhoo, I will definitely try to get some befores up, but it might only be when I have a 3D image or sizers or something to demonstrate what they will look like just so that I don't feel as mortified about the thought of other people seeing my boobs.

Did anyone else feel like this?

Thanks for reading,


Second consult moved forward to tomorrow

YAY! Second consult happening tomorrow. Thrilled to bits and have also asked the head nurse at my PS to keep an eye out for any surgery slots that might open up before my scheduled date of the 15th September. You never know your luck in a big city, but I do realise that 15th of Sept is not exactly a long time in the broad scheme of things... just feels like it.

Any tips for second consults chickas? I have my usual list of questions but apart from confirming the size I definitely want to go with, I'm not entirely sure what the second consult consists of. I know I get some paperwork from the hospital to fill out but that seems to be it (as well as paying the fees for surgery and the actual implants).


Thank you :)


So excited! Surgery date moved forward, locked & loaded

Had my second consult today which went really well. The biggest news that came out of it is that my surgery date has been moved forward to the 10th of September. Hooray! The sooner the better I say.

The other really useful and important bit of news I got was the confirmation that I will be a C cup post op and thereafter (obvs). This was music to my ears. Thrilled to bits about that.

Also bought my sexy, sexy post op bras... well, those hot little numbers are really something huh??! LOL. Literally the least sexy underwear you could ever imagine but does the job right?

So I'm starting to feel like it's all happening... paying for my PS surgery fees, the implants & the anesthetist today and that's it. Nothing left to do but sort out my post op supplies and show up on the 10th at 7am.

Since my date is even sooner now, I am going to be really friggin brave and upload a before shot, as well as a couple of shots with the sizers in. Big step for shy little me over here.

Here's cheers to boobs :)


horrible boob nightmare

OK, I had my first boob dream/nightmare. I dreamt that my incisions split open and the implant was hanging out the bottom of my boobs and I was walking around town topless and my family was just like "omg, what has happened to you" and I was like "it's ok, it will be ok" but I had these hideous gaping wounds with flesh and implant hanging out. It was awful. Perhaps I'm more worried about complications than I recognise OR is this (again) just one of those things that happens to everyone? I can't get the very graphic image of this boob-tastrophy out of my head. It was so vivid. argh!

OK so pre-op bra shopping... thoughts?

So here's the thing... I only have my post-surgery bras and not one other thing that will fit me as of Thursday next week. What has everyone done in the way of bra shopping pre-op? Sports bras seem to be a popular option... should I at least grab a couple that might fit post surgery? My surgeon was very definite in saying my results will be a C cup... like he said it with absolute certainty and I guess he would know right? Based on that and the fact that I wouldn't buy anything expensive until I've been properly fitted, and that I am going to be in a bra day and night for what feels like forever... am I kind of safe to look at something comfortable in a C?

Thanks in advance... any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)


mucking around with sizers

so I can get some idea of prospective bra size. Looking like a C.

24 hours!

Well, I don't quite know what to say! 24 hour countdown is on!

I am finally organised - post surgery supplies all sorted, house cleaner than like, ever, massive grocery shop done, surgeon's fees and hospital fees all paid, post-op bras sorted... the only thing left to do is confirm my arrival time at the hospital later today and then show up!

It's freakin fantastic to be able to say that... god knows it has not been easy getting to this point... the never ending rollercoaster has gotten the better of me on more than one occasion! On that, I still have a niggling feeling that I am not going big enough... but I need to get over that because I can't accommodate any bigger and my surgeon simply won't do it. But yet, I see so many of you fabulous women starting with the same tiny boobs as me and going from an A to a D and looking amazing, it's hard not to get boob greed.

So plan for today? Stay calm! Worrying at this point is totally unproductive so I will be working very hard on staying in a cruisy mental state.

In celebration of the fact that I am saying goodbye to my tiny tiny boobs in 24 hours time I have taken some before pics in various bras so that I can compare the same bras post-op. Can't wait to be able to do that!

Good luck to anyone having their op today or in the next couple of days... sing out if that's you and I'm not already following you... it's so helpful to go through this together rather than by yourself.
And a very special thanks to the very special women I have been talking to the whole way through this - you guys are amazing and I am grateful for all of your support you fabulous creatures!

Cheers to boobtasticness!
:) xB.

last minute panic!

Well, that was bound to happen hey?!
The hospital rang to ensure I would have a substantial amount of money on hand that is payable upon admission (7am tomorrow), and I was like "Whaaaaat? Didn't I already pay for that?!?! Or have I gone mad and not factored an expense of over $2k into my budget?!" Yikes. But I hadn't paid for it already and I did have it in my budget so just a temporary brain fry there.
Then the day stay ward rang and asked me to kindly remove all jewellery and nail polish before I come in. Sure thing, except for the bit about jewellery and nail polish ;P.
I explained that my nail polish is gel and therefore doesn't come off, to which the lady said "well then, your anaesthetist may not be willing to proceed with your surgery". That freaked me out so I rang the anaesthetists rooms and the girl at the desk said if they can see your toenails then it's ok. Phew.

So back to the jewellery - I have five ear piercings that don't come out. They are all in cartilage and screwed on so as never to come out. They would have to be cut off. I managed to convince her they could be taped and that wouldn't get in the way of my surgery.
Honestly, I've had a general with these nails and these earrings before and it was not this big of a deal!
Flippin crackerjacks! stress fest. FUN!!! (not.)

T-minus four hours... ready for takeoff

Well, I'm wide awake at 3am and it's the morning of my surgery. I don't feel particularly anxious but it also feels a bit unreal right now. I'm sure the reality of the situation will hit me when I get to the hospital at 7am.
Big shout out to anyone else having their op today and to all of you wonderful women in the realself community for being so supportive on this journey.
I'm hoping to be able to snap a couple of post-op pics today (I won't be all bandaged up apparently, will just wakeup wearing my surgical bra).
Positively dying to wake up and look at my chest and see boobs!! Will post photos ASAP.
Here goes nothing!
:) xxB.

Just left recovery and into my own room

Pretty drugged up guys so I won't say to much just now... But here's a photo a few hours post op. :)

Three hours post op pics

Couple more pics post op, day of surgery

Profile shots.

The first day & night - pain factor

Man, the first day/night is rough hey?! In hospital yesterday, I was asleep for the better part of the day and fell asleep again when I got home before I went to bed (twice). Then I went to bed early because I couldn't stay awake (probably went to bed about 9.30pm) and I have been awake every 2 hours since.
Why? Pain. I have been taking oxycodone as well as paracetamol and ibuprofen (as per pain protocol my doc gave me) but I have still woken up in a pretty decent amount of pain every hour and a half all the live long night. It's 3.30am here now and TBH I'm giving up on sleep.
Yesterday straight after waking up in recovery I had very sharp shooting pains mostly in my right boob, but my left soon caught up. By last night though, that had pretty much reduced to just general pains and twitches and aching in my boobs. What I wasn't prepared for was feeling like my sternum had been broken and so had my ribs. Obviously they weren't but that's the most painful bit right now.
I feel like I have been punched, hard, in the chest... not just on my boobs but all around them. My sternum is totally the worst bit.
I would give anything (not really, because I wouldn't give up my new boobs!) to take my surgical bra off... the pressure of having my boobs squeezed together is pretty intense and even though this bra is the right size, it hurts all over.
My muscles - specifically my pecs & muscles between my rib cage (and under my arms?!) feel like they have been torn to shreds.
I know the first day/night is the worst, so I'm hoping this all settles down substantially today but egads, ouchies!
Probably adding discomfort to the situation is the whole sleeping upright thing for the first couple of nights. It's hard.
I am more than happy to go through all this for the sake of my new boobies, but noone was kidding when they said "well, this hurts" hey?!
Yours in awake-because-of-painfulness, B. xox

What a difference a night and a bra change makes!

Ok even though my night was a bit hellish with waking up in pain every 2 hours, at 3.30am I changed my bra because my post surgery bra was frickin killing me and giving me all kinds of new bruises (pretty sure it's too small). So it's day one, and I have to say I am amazed by the difference in my boobs already. They are sitting more naturally and don't have lines on them from the surgical bra which helps. Here's some day 1 pics. :)

post op day 1

in all honesty, I have never felt so good about my body and it's day one. I could kiss my PS!

Day two - tank, braless!

I have been wanting to wear a tank with no bra for an eternity. I'm not trying to be saucy, but I'm a bit in awe at my boobs - I still don't really recognise that they're mine... it's like looking at someone else's chest! Here goes nothing though....

About VS

Hey all,

Just wondering if someone can tell me how small the sizes run at VS? We don't have VS in Aus (well we do but they only sell makeup and perfume... for real, I know it sounds preposterous!) so I'm keen to order a couple of pretty VS bras online. I understand they run about a cup smaller than other labels, can anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance,

first post-op appointment & bra nirvana

Hey all!
I feel like I haven't updated in an eon and like I've been missing out on so much stuff that's been going on on RealSelf! Looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing.
In the meantime.... I had my first post-op appointment with my surgeon today which went well. PS was thrilled with the results (as am I). I had little clips in my incisions which were removed along with the heavier gauze that was over the incisions. I was a little bit surprised how bruised up the area was.
I guess I've seen so many perfect looking scars (undoubtedly on ladies much further along than I am - I'm still only four days post) that I think I was expecting a neat little barely visible scar - not quite there yet!
But what was truly magical to hear was that I can wear bras other than the surgical numbers... and I feel like I have found a great recovery bra (obviously underwire free) with a decent amount of support but not as restricting as the surgical bras (Loveable wire & padding free if anyone is wondering).
Other than that... not much to report... boobs still expected to drop a little further and look a little more natural. Little bit sore, but managing with panadol (unless I wake up on my side in which case HOLY HELL is it painful).
Thinking of you guys,

Niggly, pesky things like pain


I feel like I have been holding that in since I woke up in some kind of next-level pain lying on my side this morning. So perhaps it was the rough start to the day that's kinda tipping me over the edge this evening, or maybe five solid days of pain is just a lot to handle. I honestly don't know.

As far as I am aware, I'm not a terrible wuss when it comes to pain, and I'm not interested in making it sound worse than it is when I know full well it could be worse.

That said, I'm just about ready to tear my hair out. I can't get any relief from what I can only describe as a kind of tearing, searing pain that feels like it is behind my implants... Which in turn seems to be causing muscle spasms in my chest and my upper arms ache like nobody's business (and yes I have overs which makes me feel tremendously guilty for talking about pain when my muscles have not been dissected, but I'm banking on someone else out there having been through this.... anyone??).

I had really hoped to be past the worst of it yesterday, and maybe it's just that waking up on my side really was terrible for my new boobs and hopefully tomorrow it does feel substantially better, but right now, it's got the better of me.

Again - sorry to whinge - I know it could be worse.

Thanks for listening ladies,

5 days post-op and another comfy bra

Day 5 post op... thought I'd see how things are looking! I think I've made another discovery on a comfy bra... and it was cheap as chips from Target. It's the full coverage black bra, have been sleeping in this tonight and it's the best I've found to sleep in so far. :) xoB.

pre-op and post-op day 5 comparison

It's easy to forget where you've come from! Here's a before and after (at 5 days post).

Day 7 post-op

Well, I made it through the first week!

I am so pleased to report that the pain of day 4 has really reduced to "discomfort" over the past couple of days. My boobs are obviously still sore, but going back to sleeping propped up a couple of nights ago made a huge difference as well as time.

I can also see changes in my boobs over the last couple of days... they've dropped more and softened some, and while that may not be highly visible to you guys, I can see it and certainly feel it. This morning the bra I've been sleeping in for three nights feels basically too small.

It's not all sunshine and lollipops just yet though! I have a seriously numb left boob. I would say it's about 75% numb, whereas I have almost full sensation in the right breast. Both nipples are hypersensitive. Does anyone else have any numbness that hasn't resolved in the first week? Should I be worried it's going to stay that way at this stage?

Overall, I think they look pretty natural most of the time (maybe?) but if I contort myself into different positions it seems to me pretty obvious there are implants in there. Hopefully things continue to improve.

I haven't changed my dressings on the incisions yet (I will after I have a shower today) but it feels like things might be a bit gnarly under there. You might also notice in the pics that I have what appears to be a light cut under one breast... which I have to say I was a bit disturbed by when I first saw it. It is literally as though someone started to make the first incision and then decided it was in the wrong place so stopped. WEIRD. It will fade to nothing and I'm not worried about it, but how bizarre.

Thank you guys so much for putting up with my whinging the past couple of days... and thanks for the support and advice. It has been so helpful and so kind and I genuinely appreciate it.


my scars. seriously, Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!??? ok so one is reasonable. And one looks like Edward Scissorhands made the incision (or two as the case may be, seriously - see the cut under my actual incision? Pretty sure that's not meant to be there) and Victor Frankenstein stitched it up (maybe after he consulted Mr. Hyde). I am at this point pretty concerned about it. I don't want to have to have a scar revision FFS. So behold the monster that is the scar under my left boob.
Is this is anyway normal? I can only presume not since only one of them looks this way.

So that's what it's like!!!

...to simply throw on a tank & jeans with a comfy bra and just feel good. That is totally life changing man. Why I didn't do this years ago makes no sense to me now. I know my results are modest and not what everyone wants, but for me, this is perfect. They just started feeling like mine :) xoB.

The ripple effect / scar update

Damn ripples.
So yes, I have some. I am very thin and evidently, so is my skin/total absence of breast tissue. So that sucks. So I saw my surgeon today and he explained to me that as my skin (and breast pocket) stretches it will allow the implant to "flatten out" (it's hard to describe, my PS showed me with an actual implant) as it is currently being squeezed tight in there. When everything relaxes, there will be less rippling (I'm told).
The other thing I have read is that when the capsule has formed around the implant it lessens the visibility of ripples. Let's hope so.
Re: my scar... my doctor is not at all worried about it... he is very much of the view that it isn't going to look anything like what it does now and seriously wants me to calm the hell down.
I would love to not be worried about any of this, I really would. Obviously these are the things you pray won't happen to you or anyone else for that matter.
It's been a long day, I'm just kind of processing all of this for now. I'm seeing my PS again in a week. I guess what I'm saying is ultimately, I don't know what I'm going to do about it all at this point.
On a brighter note - this Bonds bra I bought today is seriously comfy. I would have loved to have bought a pretty pretty bra today but I've ordered a couple online and while I'm on the underwire ban and compulsory 24/7 bra wearing I can't justify it before I get sized... I only have to wait another week but it feels like an eon.
The journey goes on...

Good news!

Man, the past few days were harrowing. Between discomfort, a weird looking incision site and dents and ripples, I thought my head might explode. But in an excellent turn of events I happened to be seeing my GP yesterday so I waisted no time and took my top off as soon as I waked into her room!
She had a look at my scar and she was like "that is going to be completely fine... nothing to be worried about." which as you probably know, is what my PS had also said.
Showed her my dent & rippling and she was extremely reassuring, saying "you just can't be worried about these things yet - you are at the beginning of recovery and you have to give it time."
For context, my GP and I have a really great relationship and she is always completely honest with me and I know if she thought anything was looking weird she'd've said "better go back to your PS... that looks a little strange" straight up.
Bless her and her cotton socks (and you guys for being so supportive over the past few days) because there was just something about how unconcerned my PS was that made me think "is he having a good look at this really?' or "is he just being flippant?" But no. It appears there really isn't anything I should be worried about at this stage.
Quick update pain wise while I'm at it - yesterday I thought "omg, this is so much better" until about 4pm in the afternoon when I went downhill fast. I think I pushed myself too hard yesterday because I was feeling good so I ended up in a spot of bother by the end of the day. Good reminder to keep taking it easy still. Just the usual stiff/sore combo this morning.
So here's me doing a little happy dance over my non-padded bra situation after I left the GP :)

Mondor's Cords

Is there anyone else out there who feels like they are getting the full gamut of possible complications/side effects along with their new boobs or is it just me? I feel like I could write a book on it at this point!!

So in the spirit of sharing because you never know who it might help, here is my latest discovery.

Yesterday I had the delightful experience of discovering I have developed Mondor's Cords. To save y'all from googling, Mondor's Cords are basically inflamed and swollen veins (usually under the breast or arm in BA patients) which makes the veins appear rigid and become painful. It's somewhat common with BAs and resolves by itself but it also brings the delight of a different kind of pain along with it.

So veins are obviously big long things and when/if you get Mondor's you get essentially a shooting pain down the length of the vein. So for me, that means it's like a decent sized electric current zipping down my chest and down into my stomach. They hurt when I lift my arms up high but often strike randomly as well.

Is there ANYONE else dealing with this pain in the ass of a side effect? If yes, how long did it take to resolve for you?

Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...

They are hard tricky to photograph but I have tried. They are the weird ass vertical lines in this amazingly unflattering photo.

xo. B.

Two week mark, YAY! Got sized, bought a pretty bra, scar update, turning the pain corner

Soooo 10D!!! I never, ever thought I would say that in my life. TBH - they don't look like a D of any kind to me - but, that's the verdict! So I couldn't help myself... I bought a really pretty bra that I can't actually wear for however long, but I had to do it... I just couldn't resist. I also bought two really functional, simple bras that have removable underwire and light modesty lining. They fit me properly (HOORAY!) and they are actually much nicer in person than how they have photographed (they have mesh details you can't see).

Speaking of how things photograph... my scars are definitely looking much much better. I actually wholly believe they will end up as good as any other scars now, it's just going to take my problem child (lefty) longer to get there than it should. As for the weird ass blueness around the scar on lefty - I have no idea what that is. It looks like bruising (?) but why would bruising suddenly appear around the scar? It's not a shadow or weird lighting thing either - I took that photo like 15 times in different light from different angles and it is what it is. And I'd just got out of the shower so I don't think it's colour that's rubbed off a singlet or bra or something. Again, not worried about it but how bizarre.

I am so pleased to report that days 13 & 14 really have been a turning point for me pain wise. Still sore but so much better. Considering how much days 7-10 sucked balls, I really wasn't sure I was going to get around the dang corner everyone talks about, but now here I am having finally turned round it. THANK GOD. To anyone who is struggling in days 7-10 I can only say I know what it's like, but just when you think it's never going to get better and you're ready to curl up into the foetal position and cry, it gets better. Hang the heck in there.

Oh and my Mondor's Chords are assholes. It's messed up. People get them to varying degrees and for me, they are very painful in a really weird electric shock way. Had a very frickin hard time washing my hair today as they zapped their way down to my belly button.

But, it's still an improvement overall so I'm happy.

Thanks for reading :)


Any Given Saturday. (AKA: this morning hurt like a biatch, showers rule & could this bra be the one?)

Hello ladies, happy weekend :)

So it's day 16 for me today and after a few really good days I really did not expect oversleeping this morning to give me so much grief boob-pain wise. Son of a biatch... I was so so stiff and sore I thought I might spontaneously have a cry. Didn't though. Did my best to massage it out but couldn't do anything about the sternum pain when it returned out of frickin nowhere this morning. Then I got in the shower. Best. Thing. Ever.

I only make mention of all this because I honestly hope that when someone out there stumbles across this one day thinking "it's day 16, surely I shouldn't be in pain" that it helps to know that someone else felt the same way.

My search for comfortable recovery bras continued today and I got sized while I was at Myers, which had the exact same outcome as my sizing at Bras N Things the other day - 10D. So I picked up this Ambra BodySoft wirefree... and so far so good! I think it's going straight to number one on my list of best wirefrees.... Which, in case anyone is wondering/looking for something similar also includes the Bonds cotton triangle bra (at $10-ish it's amazingly good value & a solid performer), the Bras N Things contour bra (removable underwire) and the Loveable Nikki bra (all in my photos already).

That's it for today lovelies... hope you are all doing well out there.


Three Weeks Post-Op (Bra bazaar, deceptive boobs, scar/sternum update and other stories)

Hello gorgeous girls!

THREE WEEKS! WOOOOT! I do not mind telling you I am feeling pretty darn good.

So had my three week post-op appointment which went fabulously. It was really the first time I have been able to sit down with my PS and really talk about my results thus far (I felt a bit rushed at my two other post-op appointments). First and foremost - cleared for cardio, cleared for swimming, cleared for underwire, cleared for official sizing and basically, anything that doesn't hurt to do is fine to do... woooohooo!!

Also I raised some questions and got some answers:

Q1. Why oh why does my sternum still hurt along with the cleavage side of one of my boobs?
Answer: Nerve regeneration. Where there is numbness, there is corresponding pain. In my case, it is most certainly not a weird tingly sensation rather, it feels a lot like a pulled muscle or pressing on a really bad bruise just inside my boob. Unfortunately, the timeframe on this is anywhere from 6 weeks to 6-12 months, which is a PITA but also, good to know.

Q2. Gnarly scars... can I start treating them with something? Also, they aren't sitting properly in the crease yet, they seem too high... why?
Answer: Have faith. My PS assured me that my scars are going to be barely visible when all's said and done, and there is no need to treat them - they will just gradually disappear. Give it time and chill out basically. My doc thinks most scar treatments are bollocks, with the possible exception of the silicone stick on patches that you can't use while incision sites are taped (so that's out). Oh and there will be a bit more dropping over the next few months so he assures me the scars will be in the crease.

Q3. Mondors... why me?!?!!?
Answer: Because I'm a skinny minny. Apparently it's not that I have somehow managed to be so unusually saddled with every possible complication, rather that because I'm a string bean you can see every tiny thing that is happening. So mostly, these kinds of things go unnoticed because you simply can't see them if you have ANY amount of fat/tissue between your skin and bones. I have neither fat nor tissue. Which is why you can actually see one of my mondor's cords all the way down my stomach if I am stretching up - which is pretty weird. Still nothing to worry about so on we go.

Q4: Dent & ripples, WTF? Also what about fat grafting?
Answer: Firstly, I think my dent may be moving on or at least is settling down. Again this is a skin & bones problem, but also, about rippling on my right boob: more time required to let the pocket stretch to accommodate the implant so it can spread out, basically. As far as fat grafting goes, it's not commonly practiced in Australia. There are a number of possible complications ranging from the fat cells simply carking it to being linked with an increased chance of cancer. And the fat would have to come from the only place my PS can find any - incidentally also often the only place athletes have any - between my thighs. While that probably sounds great to some people, to me that's just creating an even bigger gap between my thighs which trust me, would not look good. So yeah, just going to wait, relax, enjoy the next few months and see how everything settles.

Q5. What next and can I please have my before & after photos?
Answer: Up next as far as watershed events go is my three month post-op appointment, at which time things will be pretty close to where they are staying. My PS had a bit of a giggle at me wanting my before & after pics after only three weeks. He laughed and said I could have them if I really wanted them like NOW or I could have them when he usually hands them over - at the three month post-op appointment. So ok, I can get down with that.

In other news, apparently my boobs are deceptive!!! LOL. Shady buggers! It's actually the second time I've been told that. I am apparently surprisingly narrow around the ribs (I don't know why it's surprising, possibly because of my height) and my boobs are surprisingly a D cup (I think that's surprising because they are proportionate to my body so they don't look like big boobs or boobs you would immediately think "D cup"). So official verdict is in, a true 10D and still trying to wrap my head around that! Makes me smile though. Cheeky deceptive boobs :)

Suffice to say, had a bit of a splurge at a bit of a fancy bra shop! Could have gone really nuts but didn't. Well, I went pretty nuts but ran out of time so I'll go back next week ;). At this rate, not joking, I need a little mini wardrobe for my bras. That's what happens when you've never been able to wear pretty bras before!! You go a bit bra crazy! Well I did.

Am I forgetting something? Probably! Any questions, please do ask 'em!

Peace love and joy people, peace love and joy. And... boobs. :)


Definitely pulled a boob...

Yup... too much, too soon man.

I was feeling so good yesterday and after being cleared by my doc to do anything that doesn't hurt, I did a whole bunch of stuff and consequently, am going to have to bench myself for at least 24 hours... so frustrating.

I didn't do anything that in normal life would be considered too strenuous, but I think moving some pot plants around outside was the straw that broke the camel's back. Between doing that, a little bit of walking (perhaps too briskly) and just going about the day with a general "business as usual" attitude I have managed to do myself a mischief.

Woke up feeling the old achiness/stiffness again, tenderness on the boobs and the damn sensation I can honestly only describe as having pulled a boob because it absolutely feels like a strained muscle, only in the boob. Plus, my pecs feel like I have done 1 million push ups. It's quite a surreal kind of discomfort. It's frustrating because it's not even particularly painful, more uncomfortable, annoying and I guess a bit unpleasant. Whereas yesterday - my boobs felt great all day and it was so nice to just enjoy them with almost no pain.

A word to the wise - stay chill and don't run out the door doing everything you can because you are technically allowed to. Go slow. A monkey could've predicted this happening and really, I knew better but did it anyway. But you know, it's a bit like trying to convince a puppy to sit and wait when all they want to do is run around in gleeful delight squealing with excitement.

Oh well. Another rest day it is. Blerrrg.


Bikini weather!

Well this is new! I look great in a bikini! What a trip! I have always hated wearing bathers and this is spinning me out. If only my ass hadn't turn into a baby elephant's with all this doing nothing. Really need to do some serious work in that area. I wish I could tan up but having had multiple spots removed it's impossible to justify with my fair fair skin. Oh well, I'll take what I can get and super happy that this includes boobs at this point!! Wooooooohoooo! Summer is coming. Eat that Jon Snow!! ;)

One Month!!! (scars, bras, Mondor's, pain milestones, numbness & ridiculous nipples)

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all doing fabulously.

So I finally made it to one month post-op. THANK GOD. For me, it's been a long ass month... I know it flies by for many women but evidently my recovery is more tortoise than hare... oh well! Slow and steady it is. That said, the month has definitely finished on a high.

I found week three was the biggest turning point pain wise - I was feeling little more than occasional slight discomfort which was amazing. However, as many of you already know I went full throttle at life in that week because I was feeling so much (like a bazillion times) better and managed to cause myself a bit of grief just by doing too much too soon. Oopsie.

So for anyone struggling through week two (like I was) I would say hang the hell in there, it really is phenomenal how much can change at three weeks. It was a much discussed corner that I honestly didn't know whether or not I would get around. But joy of joys I totally did. Oh and seriously, don't be a goose like I was and try to go back to absolutely everything just because you are pain free for the first time in weeks - you just end up bringing the pain straight back and there goes your blissful pain free period.

I wish I could say that week four has been totally pain free but alas! No cigar. It has been mostly pretty good... the pain in my sternum has gone (touch wood) as has the pain on the cleavage side of my boobs (touch wood some more).

Most of the pain I am still having is typical-but-still-really-intense morning boob which is being exacerbated by the fact that I have given up on trying to sleep on my back and am just sleeping however I want (which means on my sides but not stomach). I can't wait to be rid of morning boob... so over it. And I still get the occasional zinger. I reckon that if I went back to being strict about sleeping on my back I'd probably be pain free... but there's just no teaching some people!!!

My Mondor's are giving me waaaay less grief. Mostly they don't hurt at all. They still zap from time to time and are very visible & palpable but they are so much better than when they first popped up I can hardly believe it.

The other thing is my nipples are driving me around the bend and are still frickin saluting the sun and hypersensitive. Would love to know when that's going to bugger off.

I am so happy to say that I am getting some feeling back in my formally 75% numb left boob. It isn't a pleasant feeling, it's kinda painful but previously I couldn't feel anything at all. For example, if I ran my fingernails gently over the area I literally could not feel it in any way, shape or form. Now when I do the same thing I can feel it. YAY! It hurts but that's a good thing because it means the nerves are regenerating.

My scars are looking so much better - I was so worried about how mangled they looked in week one (particularly the right scar) but they really do look pretty normal now. I did not believe that was going to happen but somehow it has.

I am totally hopeless... I just can't help myself! So I needed just basic t-shirt bras (in contrast to the lacy numbers I have stocked up on) and joy upon joy what a fabulous development that has been. Although it's quite difficult to find t-shirt bras that aren't padded I came home with some total winners (thanks to the good people of David Jones who totally rock in the bra department). My top picks (all pictured in my photos) are:
1. Calvin Klein Naked Touch t-shirt bra (best of the bunch, love it, think Calvin Klein is going to be my go to moving forward; $89.95 at DJs)
2. the Simone Perele Andora 3D Contour bra (kind of the least fancy bra in the Simone Perele range but still really pretty; $94.95 at DJs)
3. Bonds Tee bra (solid performer in the lower price range; $39.95 at DJs)
A quick aside... no changes size wise, I am still a true 10D and am finding the 12C just isn't big enough in the cup even though it's obviously the sister size to the 10D.

I think that's it! Any questions let me know.

Thanks for reading and also, being totally awesome.

:) xoB.

oooh the NightLift bra - a sleeping on your sides solution!!!!

Hola chickas,

I have just discovered (thanks to another lovely RealSelf user) the NightLift bra which has been designed by a plastic surgeon specifically to support your boobs while sleeping, whether on your side or back. I have read a couple of really good reviews about it on RS, and am thinking it might be exactly what I need.

It is available online here: https://www.nightlift.com/ and costs approx. $98 USD.

I thought it might be of interest... and am wondering if anyone else has bought one of these bras and what your experience with it has been like?

Very keen to hear any thoughts on this.

:) xoB.

My new achilles heel... There's no escaping gravity.

Hi beautiful ladies of RS (and thank you Placebo circa 2000 for the title inspo),

Question: does anyone else feel like your boobs weigh a tonne and going braless is actually increasingly uncomfortable?

I feel like my boobs are being pulled downward in a way that would make Newton rise from his grave and say "I told you so! Gravity... it's coming to getcha!"

I fully expected to be running around braless for the rest of my days post-op and now I find I can't bear the feeling of my boobs being yanked towards the earth. What feels even worse is accidentally bending over while braless (e.g. when I got out of the shower this morning).

This sensation seems to be getting worse as my muscles, tissues & skin stretch to accommodate the implants.

Oy vay. Just me??


they do this now!!

Hi gorgeouses!

Ok so I am not really all about showing off cleavage, but this came as a total shock to me when I was mucking around in bathers yesterday (it was 35 degrees here; 95F). So... it seems I can now smoosh my boobs all the way together and look what happens! It totally looks like someone else's body to me I must say, you know with never having had any boobs before!! Also including a pic of my front yard because it was such a gorgeous day and the water was amazing.

Hope everyone is doing well out there.

:) xoB.

6 weeks baby!!!

OMG. I am so happy to report that there is nothing to report!!!

After the first four weeks of recovery crawling along, the past two have totally flown. Everything really seemed to start turning around for me at three and four weeks p/o, and as of now - things are pretty great.

I have very little pain (unless I wake up after a long sleep on my side), Mondors have totally settled down, scars are looking reasonable (can't get pics to load for some reason), boobs are squishy and nipples aren't as hypersensitive (way more tolerable at least). My boobs don't look any different at this stage as far as I can tell (compared with the four-five week mark).

All of that being said, I feel like I have reached this point by staying away from exercise, which sucks. But, after a couple of mishaps and pulled-boob situations in week four I haven't braved it to go back just yet. I'm really hoping that this week I can do some light exercise without causing a flare up.

The numbness persists, as does the occasional associated nerve regeneration pain and random achiness but it's nothing like the pain of the first few weeks.

And that's it!! How totally boring!! I love it.

Hope you are all feeling fabulous out there and if you're not just yet - don't worry... six weeks is going to blow your mind :) Any questions, gimme a shout :)


Exercise at week 6

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick one - so I did about an hours worth of exercise today... 30 minutes on the SUP (stand up paddleboard) and 30 minutes brisk walk/light jog. Maintained moderate speed on the SUP, loads of squats; pecs got a decent work out as did arms/back & core. And that was all completely fine. No problems.

AND THEN... I went for a walk/jog. Usually, I would run at a decent pace for about 50 minutes. Instead I went at snail's pace alternating walking and jogging but not like actual interval training. I was wearing a Nike Pro Classic sports bra and it was rubbish. My boobs didn't move heaps (still too much for my liking), but that's because they were crushed hard into my chest. At first I was like "well, this might be ok." Boy was I wrong. So after ten minutes I had to stop jogging because they were aching a lot. Walked for a while (fast) then jogged again then stretched and realised my boobs were really hurting, so gave up on the whole shebang.

Got inside, took the wretched bra off and BOOM. Zingers like I haven't felt since about week three shooting through my boobs from every possible angle. It SUCKED. Eventually the zingers settled down (apart from being back any time I bent over) and my boobs just went back to aching. They feel somewhat ok now (8 hours later) but achy. I can't believe it. So frustrated. Really really really frustrated... bordering on angry!

So I dunno. I think low impact anything is probably fine about this stage but as far as I can tell, anything up-and-down-ish is just out of the question. *sigh*. I need to run man and I need it bad.


I found it! The ultimate sports bra - Nike Pro Hero

Hellooooo ladies!!

OMG I can't believe it. I found it. The One. This bra is a total game changer.

So firstly, I went to a Nike store to find this bra... as far as I can tell there isn't a general sports store or other retailer in the country that actually stocks the higher performance Nike sports bras. They've all got the Pro Classic and that is it (which for reference is just a stock standard squash-em-to-death sports top).

I tried on both the Nike Pro Rival and the Nike Pro Hero. They were both great, but the Hero was the greatest. These babies do not move an inch in this bad boy.

The main differences between the Pro Rival and the Pro Hero are:
- Pro Rival has a racerback, Pro Hero has a traditional hook and eye with padded straps for extra support.
- Pro Rival is a booster bra, Pro Hero is not.
- Pro Hero has better coverage and has reinforced support on the sides of the cup as well as at the top of the cup to truly stop the bounce.
- Pro Hero has adjustable straps, Pro Rival does not.

While I would have prefered a racerback, the added support (and absence of booster padding) with the Pro Hero made it the winner. Also it's much easier to get in and out of... none of that contorting as you try to get the band over your boobs before you can get it under your boobs business.

It is a downright joy to wear. It doesn't squash your boobs to death, it supports them exactly the way they should be supported and is super comfy. It is wire free for anyone wondering and made from a kind of light scuba material. Also, the Nike bras run true to size, so I was my usual size 10/32D... meaning I would happily order online in the future. Oh and it was $80 AUD... well worth the investment.

Have included a couple of pics - sorry you can't quite see the details properly because it's black.


Bring on the exercise! woooooot!!

xoxoxoB. :)

Run Report (week 7 p/o)

Finally!! Yesterday, I went for a run/walk and my boobs felt totally fine at the time and for the rest of the day! WOOOHOOOO!!! I had a minor amount of discomfort at one point but I was able to ignore it and it went away.

This was my third attempt at exercise and I attribute the success to two things: the phenomenally good Nike Hero sports bra and being in the seventh week of recovery. I can't say it was one or the other that made all the difference but combined it was a sweet sweet victory.

For reference, my previous attempts were in weeks 5 and 6 and neither went well.

Gotta say though... after seven weeks of no exercise I am in absolutely terrible shape. I was not kidding about having lost my ass and it having turned into a baggy saggy baby elephant's bum. My glutes have vanished and I have lost so much muscle overall it's ridiculous. For me this becomes particularly problematic with my hip flexors and calves which give me grief with my hips, knees and shins. So it's going to be a slow frickin journey to fitness. So much work to do. So frustrating.

Anyway, it's such good news overall that the only thing to do is get cracking with leg work and embrace the fact that I can flippin well run! A-mazing.

Happy healing vibes!

:) xoB.

NightLift - finally arrived!

Hi ladies,

Well, it's here.... and I think I like it! The cups are lovely and soft yet my boobs are not moving in this bra - even lying on my side. The double strap situation feels a bit weird, but I'm hoping I get used to it. I must say though (as Gabby pointed out yesterday-ish) it rides high at the back. We'll see.

I don't mind telling you though that four weeks ago, I wouldn't have given two hoots about the straps feeling slightly strange or the fact that it's sitting high on my back, ALL I would have cared about is stopping the side-slide and from what I can tell, this bra delivers on its promise. I wish I had this bra a month ago - two months ago really. Anyway... it's here now so I'll just be grateful for that.


NightLift photos

Trying again... photos of NightLift didn't upload before.

Two and a bit months (exercise, squishiness, pain levels, numbness, sleeping ’n stuff, dropping, incisions)

Hello you fabulous creatures!

Firstly, I am sorry for the belated update. I have spent the past week trying to put my finger on what's going on because at this point changes are really subtle. I would say not much has changed since about week seven really.

So, this makes me happy! I have been able to run every second day for two weeks now and at a higher intensity. I still find that if I do two days in a row my boobs get a bit achy, but it doesn’t last long and is totally manageable. But, I am very cautious about pushing things too hard just because I want to completely avoid any going backwards at this point. I still can’t speak highly enough of the Nike Pro Hero sports bra - it is my bestest friend!

This is the most exciting bit of news. I just realised yesterday how much softer my boobs are than a couple of weeks ago. I can totally squish them every which way with no discomfort at all and they feel way way more natural. I think that’s what’s making them feel a whole lot more like they are mine and not like foreign objects so much anymore. I didn’t really know if/when that was going to happen at all but hooray! It has.

***Pain levels & numbness***
The only pain I am having seems to be related to nerve regeneration. The nerves relating to my incredibly numb left boob seem to be having a bit of a wig out every few days. That’s causing a really general kind of pain (feels like bruising that’s a bit achy) on the cleavage side of lefty. It’s nothing major but even though I know it’s a good thing because it means feeling is coming back it’s a bit annoying.

***Sleeping n stuff - NightLift***
I don’t feel like I need to wear the NightLift every single night anymore. That’s really cool because a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t really do without it. Much of the time I am able to wear just a stretchy genie style bra overnight. I am persevering with that because I really do want to get to a point where I can sleep in a bralette and maybe one day, nothing at all!

The boob side-slide feels nothing like it used to (being that it used to feel downright ghastly) so I’m pretty happy to be nearly completely over that issue. I still can’t really put into words how horrible that feeling was for the first 6 weeks.

I find that if I sleep without the NightLift for a few days in a row or if have been sleeping heavily on one side for a long time (almost on my tummy really) it seems to aggravate lefty, but going back to the NightLift for a night fixes that quick sticks.

Oh and hallelujah no more morning boob!! WOOOT! Onwards and upwards!!

The past few weeks I have felt like my boobs haven’t been changing at all as far as dropping goes, but turns out that’s not quite true… it’s just a really slow and subtle process at this stage. I have noticed that my incision scars are getting closer to sitting in the crease which is how I can tell there has been some further dropping action. It also makes me realise there is still a little way to go because my PS is certain that the scars will be completely in the crease by the time my boobs have fully dropped.

***Incisions & scar therapy***
Speaking of incisions… I think my scars are really coming along nicely. They haven’t faded very much yet but they have flattened out completely and have started to fade a little bit. My incisions haven’t caused me any pain throughout this process and I am grateful for that.

I started using silicone sheeting a week or so ago (it’s the only kind of scar therapy my PS supports even though I feel like the BioOil really has helped from day one). It’s hard to know how much the improvements are a direct result of the scar therapy or if it’s just time passing that is making them seem less pronounced… either way, I’m happy with the progress on that front.

***Other stuff***
My Mondor’s are completely gone… YAY! Also, the hypersensitive nipples situation has improved outta sight. They don’t feel entirely back to normal yet, just a tiny bit tender. Looking forward to total normality.

On the topic of normality, I do feel like I really am getting back to feeling completely normal… there are times when I fully forget about my boobs which is a great sign that they are feeling pretty normal now. I don’t notice the weight of them as much as I used to and being braless for very short periods of time doesn’t really bother me anymore. I feel like this side of things has been a long time coming in my slower than snails pace recovery.

Oh yeah, and I have attached updated scar pics and totally gratuitous bending over cleavage shot for fun! I like that they just fall forward without trying at all now (and it doesn’t hurt at all to do that now either). Planning to give myself the gift of a beautiful new bra after my three months p/o appointment… feel like I’m having new-bra-withdrawals atm because it feels like ages since I bought one! So time for a treat soon ;)

Am I forgetting anything?! Probably! Give me a shout with any questions and happy healing angels.

:) xoB.

Wellll... it's nearly three months so early boobieversary present for me :)

Whoopsie! Bought a couple of bras today... I couldn't help it! I didn't go to the fancy pants bra boutique I like and I didn't buy anything particularly expensive, so I'm still saving something for my actual three month boobieversary (I can justify this about 20 different ways but I'll just stick with this for now!). I felt like something pretty what can I say...

Pics attached... the red bra is Heidi Klum Intimates balconette bra in a 10/32D and the pink one is Kayser Viva contour bra also in 10/32D. Happy days!

Sending everyone happy happy joy joy vibes today :)



Hello lovelies!

Just thought I'd mention a new phenomenon I am experiencing that must be related to nerve regeneration... my left nipple has been oddly itchy for the past week and now my right is joining in on the fun (it's sooo not fun). It is a very strange kind of itchiness. Like, it's itchy as hell but it kind of hurts to scratch it. I haven't been (and wouldn't be) scratching them directly but I tend to kind of gently scratch them through my clothes. It's a little bit crazy making.

Sometimes the itchiness spreads to some of the numb areas of my left boob which definitely feels very unpleasant to scratch in anyway. The only thing I can sort of relate it to (and it's not quite the right analogy) but it feels a bit like chickenpox (from my experience having had chickenpox as an adult)... itchy but hurts to scratch the itch.

It's no big deal and obviously it will settle down and go away but just thought I'd put it out there incase anyone else goes through this at week 11 or has already been through it. I remember some ladies saying they were quite itchy really early on in their recoveries, but I definitely haven't had this until now.

Oh I should also mention that the itchiness has replaced the hypersensitive nipples (thank god that's over). So clearly I have a whole bunch of nerve regeneration going on which I know is overall a good thing.

But, this is yet another whacky side effect to add to the mix in my recovery!!!! I honestly just giggle about it all at this point... it's like if there is any crazy sh*t that can happen post-op I have definitely gone through it! Could just about write a book about it now! It's nuts.

Anyhoo - hope everyone is doing good out there today and thanks for listening to another random story from me!

:) xoB.

Whassup at three months (Nipplegate 2015, numbness, not so scarry, the ripple effect, exercise etc)

hello gorgeous girls!

So I have made it to the three month mark! After the first two months of snail paced recovery and various setbacks, the last month has really flown by with not a lot to report!

I had my three month p/o appointment yesterday and to be completely honest... seeing my formal pre and post op photos left me a wee bit disappointed and with a serious dose of boob greed.

Rationally, I know that my new boobs are the right size for my body. I also know that I wanted a really natural result and that is definitely what I have. Overall I guess I would say I'm confused. The other thing is, when I am looking at p/o pics I'm not just looking at my boobs but at my whole body which I am being pretty critical of atm for some reason. Uggghh IDK what is going on with me. I'm sure I'll get over it.

Anyway.... moving right along - here's the low down.

Errrmegeerd. The nipple recovery process should have its own flippin review. Mine have been completely ridiculous. Saluting the sun for weeks, hypersensitive, insanely itchy and now just plain sore. It really does fry your brain. I'm so thankful they aren't hypersensitive or itchy anymore but I don't love that they are so tender. But flippin hell, I guess this too shall pass.

Definitely getting full sensation back in both boobs. At this stage, lightly running my fingernails over the not-so-numb-now areas (which includes 75% of lefty) hurts. That's ok with me though because it means proper nerve regeneration and I now feel really confident that I won't have any long term numbness which is great.

Scars are looking good! Making slow but steady process and looking forward to a whole lotta fading. One new development though: lumpy bits. Along the line of my right scar I can feel what can only be described as little lumpy bumpy things. My PS says it's another normal part of healing and not to worry about it, so I won't, but it does feel weird. Oh and sorry for the terrible photos - the bra I slept in last night had been bunched up leaving weird marks on my boobs.

I can't get the ripples to photograph. That doesn't mean they aren't there though. It sucks. It leaves me feeling like I will never really be able to wear a plunging neckline because they are toward the cleavage side of both boobs. I'm just going to have to learn to live with that. Unexpected, but it was always highly likely with so little breast tissue and skinny frame.

Back to doing all normal physical activities like running every day and have finally gone back to yoga. Getting back to yoga is a bigger deal than it might sound. I am doing Vinyasa yoga which is fast paced and is strength and fitness based, so your boobs are going every which way including upside down! It also works all the muscles of the upper body and I am so pleased to report that none of it causes me any pain whatsoever. Awesomeness.

Does anyone feel comfortable at all lying on your tummy? I do not. It doesn't hurt at all but it's bloody uncomfortable. It feels like laying on rocks and having them press into my ribs. Would love to lose that sensation because I really miss sleeping on my tummy and massages!

Naturally, I bought a new bra to celebrate the three month milestone! It is so so pretty. It's a Simone Perele Délice 32/10D for anyone wondering.

I am pretty much positive I am forgetting something, so any questions, please fire away!

Cheers to boobiversaries angels!


The yoga gear that put a stop to boob greed & bonus botox

Hi ladies,

I wanted to thank you all for being so supportive and so so kind while I was having my major boob greed crisis. Thanks to you guys (and some new yoga gear) I think I have managed to get over it (at least for now). I am feeling so much better I can't even put it into words.

So I put my yoga gear on today and was like "omg, seriously these boobs are plenty big enough on my scrawny body!". A picture says a thousand words so you guys decide :)

Oh also, I have had Botox done in the past couple of weeks and while I will post a separate review in the injectables category, I thought I'd included a couple of before and afters here because it might be of interest to some. Full details will be over on the new review that I am yet to create though.

Again, thank you so much for your support angels... you got me through a rough couple of days and I am just so grateful. xoxo

:) B.

Wish pic versus my result - with special thanks to NewDr.VathFan2015 & SeaToSkyBeauty

So during my boob greed crisis (and it did feel like a crisis, I was on the brink of a meltdown I think), I was completely blown away by the fact that two of my fabulous RS friends had said that my actual boobs looked like my ultimate wish pic boobs (NewDr.VathFan2015 & SeaToSkyBeauty... but you guys know who you are!).

I can't even tell you how unbelievable it sounded to me - the idea that my actual boobs looked anything like my wish pic boobs was so completely foreign to me it would never had occurred to me to even think it. The notion was completely baffling to me! Just goes to show how hard we are on ourselves yet again.

So to test the theory I put a little comparison pic together and lo and behold, ladies, you really have a good point!! I recognise that my wish pic boobs are slightly bigger than mine and consequently closer together (and overall more flawless) but when I look at this comparison I am pretty thrilled to see that there are some similarities.

Super special thank you Dr.VathFan and STS for pointing this out - you are magnificent people. And again, thanks to everyone for such amazing support - you are positively angelic and I can't thank you enough.

xoB. :)

So sorry if I don't reply - not getting notifications

hey ladies,

Just quickly, for some reason I am not getting any notifications from RS so my apologies if I haven't replied to you guys... will try and get it straightened out.


Comms back up (hopefully notifications fixed and no more problems)

thanks for putting up with what must have seemed like I was ignoring you ladies.... so sorry about that. I think I've sorted the problem with my notifications so fingers crossed for no more troubles on that front. Happy Friday!! :) xo

Bonus Round #2! Filler in lips for vertical lip lines & added volume

Hi gorgeous girls,

Just a quick note in case anyone is interested... I had 1ml of Juvederm Volbella injected into my upper lip (a tiny touch of it was also injected to my lower lip) today and I am soooo thrilled to bits with the results. My separate review of Volbella will be published in the next 24 hours, but in a nutshell:

I had previously tried Botox to eliminate my lip lines with absolutely no success, so I finally decided to dip my toes into the filler pool, so to speak. The first couple of injections were a little painful, but as Volbella has a local anaesthetic in it it is smooth sailing by about injection number four.

For anyone new to the filler game (like me), Volbella is one of Juvederm's softer fillers, so my lips do not feel at all hard, lumpy or weird. It's also designed for conservative results; there is very little chance of ending up with a trout pout with this product.

Oh, haven't yet taken a pic of my lips when not pursed, but they look really nice, just a little fuller. And for me to be saying something on my own body looks good... well... you guys must know me well enough by now to know I find that quite challenging sometimes! I will take a pic when I am not completely exhausted and can be bothered to put a bit of lippy on!

Once again, I am a very happy camper! Any questions at all, please do ask away.

Peace and love angels,

:) xoB.

Juvederm Volbella - relaxed lips comparison shot, one day post treatment

So ladies... I'm sorry I didn't take a better before shot that focused on my lips at rest before I had this treatment, but here's something of a comparison shot so I hope it sort of conveys the result.

So the lower photo is one day after injecting 1ml of Juvederm Volbella predominantly into the upper lip. You can see the two bruises underneath my lower lip where I had a small amount injected into it as well. As you can see, I did not bother to put any makeup on so this is pretty raw - go easy on me! I realise it's not the most flattering photo on earth. Lips, it turns out, are not easy to photograph well!

Anyhoosies, hope this helps anyone who is interested in fillers.

Geelong Plastic Surgeon

From the minute I first made phone contact with Dr Callan's rooms, I have been extremely impressed by the entire staffs commitment to making sure my experience is a positive one. During the first consult, Dr Callan (and one of his brilliant nurses, Liz) took me through the whole process, covering everything from explaining his preferred methodology and the risks associated with the procedure, to 3D imaging of what I can expect my breasts to look like and the fun part - trying on sizers! He was professional, informative and immensely helpful. The rooms are lovely and honestly, start to finish it was a pleasure to be there. Since my BA I have received excellent follow up care, Peter came to see how I was doing before I left the hospital, one of his fabulous nurses rang me the following day to see how I was and Peter rang me himself on the Saturday after my surgery which I greatly appreciated. Liz and Peter were both fabulous to see at my post-op appointment and I was reminded that I was totally in the right hands. My results are great so far (in spite of some lingering pain) and at 5 days post-op I feel fully supported by Peter & his staff who all continue to be a total delight to deal with.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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