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I was given a date of October 5 for DIEP surgery...

I was given a date of October 5 for DIEP surgery at the end of July which was perfect cuz neither my husband or I would be losing a lot of time off from our jobs cuz of the holidays & we were both off for them. I also found child care for my severely autistic son. 3 weeks ago I haven't heard anything from the dr in terms of any type of pre op. I called Mary Ann in the billing department and she kept ducking my phone calls. I then called Chang's secretary Kim on 9/15. I told her what happened with Mary Ann & stressed to her the importance of keeping my surgery on the 5th. She said she'd get back to me on Monday. I called her on Monday & the 1st words out of her mouth was that the surgery was cancelled. I really thought it had to do with the insurance cuz nothing was done at this point. I reiterated why the surgery needed to happen on 10/5. She said she'd speak to the dr & get back to me. Later that day, this woman named Randi, also in the billing dept called me & said she would get the ball rolling in regards to the insurance. I told her why it was important to have the surgery on the day it was scheduled. I also told her I wanted to file a complaint against Mary Ann & spoke to the executive director about her incompetence. I stressed to him as well about keeping the date the same. The next day, both Randi & Kim call me & the first words out there mouth (with a nasty nasty attitude) was that I was told a few times the surgery was cancelled cuz the dr couldn't do it. I said I was never told that & that I thought it was an insurance issue. Things escalated from there & I said something about not caring about the doctor's time & this Randi woman says my time doesn't matter cuz I haven't had the surgery yet. I told her to stop & realize what she just said to me. She said well u said the dr's time doesn't matter.... At that point I was done, I can't trust these people to manage my care. I even called the executive director back & he couldn't be bothered with me. I emailed the doctor & nothing. I don't want this happening to anyone else...
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