Second Round of Accutane, Hope This Rids My Acne for Good! - Garden City, NY

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I had acne on my face, chest and back since I was...

I had acne on my face, chest and back since I was 12, and after two years of antibiotics and topicals I was looking at Accutane as a last resort. After 6 months on a 30mg dose of Roaccutane, my skin was perfect. I got the occasional pimple from my period but for the next three years I had all the confidence in the world. When I started college at 18 I started to get acne again. I chalked it up to stress and thought it would go away in time. Now I'm 20 and ready to go back on accutane because I'm looking how I did when I was 14. It's frustrating to have to go through the process all over again, but my new dermatologist explained that my acne came back because I was so young and on a low dose the first time around.
I'm a week into taking 40mg of Absorica everyday and I felt the side affects by the third day, skin is dry and lips are peeling. I found the side effects exciting because at least I'm seeing a change in my skin, when I went on Aczone a year ago my skin didn't react whatsoever. My Derm says she'll increase my dosage to 70mg further down the line, her daughter went on accutane and her acne didn't come back so I'm confident in her prescribing me such an aggressive treatment. Hopefully in 4 months I'll be back to having clear skin like I dodn all through high school!

10 Days In...

Is it too early to say I'm already at the "worse before better" stage? I'm breaking out all over my chin, which is not a place I usually get blemishes. It's a mix of deep nodules and little white heads. Just wish I could push the fast forward button, but any change is good change I suppose.

21 Days In

My skin has been doing some crazy things this last week. A few days ago I noticed the blackheads on my nose (of which I have plenty) were much bigger and gross-looking than normal. It freaked me out to see it but since then it seems they're just falling out of my face - it seems the accutane is making my body push the blackhead plugs out and leaving perfectly refined pores! About 1/3 of my nose is now wonderfully smooth, and I'm excited for the other 2/3 to follow!
My back is looking more or less the same, nothing new to show there. Still getting deep zits in odd places, two showed up on my neck last night. But I'll take what improvement I can get!

Day 31

Definitely feeling good now that the first hurdle is over. Only 3 months of medication to go!
For this next 30 days my derm is upping my dose to 70mg/day. It's nearly double what I took last month so I'm expecting more dryness (if that's possible) as well as some joint pain and headaches. But it's only 4 weeks, I can totally deal with it.
My skin is absolutely better than before starting. My pores are tight and wherever I don't have breakouts the skin is less red and so very smooth. I don't even mind the few blemishes I do have because the rest of my face looks normal! My confidence is growing everyday.
One pleasant side effect of the Accutane is my scalp has pretty much stopped producing oil. I only wash my hair once a week now, and that's mostly because I want to condition it. This is great because my hair was really oily before starting!
I'm so pleased and can't wait for the next few months!

Day 40-ish

I'm 10 days into the 70mg/day and progress continues to come. I broke out along my chin pretty badly but I'm thinking its because of my birth control affecting my menstural cycle. I got the under the skin implant (Nexplanon) in December and have only had one period since. This is the week I normally would get my period, and though I don't actually shed my uterine lining (bleed) I still go through some of the hormonal stuff. So I'm not too worried about that.
I saw my boyfriend for the first time since going on Accutane this weekend (we're long distance) and he remarked how despite my blemishes my pores are smaller and my complexion has improved and he can see a big difference. It was really lovely to hear that and get some positive feedback from one of the only people who's ever seen me without makeup.

Quick back update

My back looks so so wonderful and I didn't even realize how much it's changed until I made this picture comparison. It looks so great and I can't wait for my face to catch up!

Almost done with my third month!

Sorry for the lull in updates. Between moving, taking a vacation out of the country, and starting a new job, this got pushed to the back burner.
My skin is really moving along, I'm even comfortable going out without foundation on my better days! Still hating the dryness and the fact that I can't wear lipstick because it becomes caked and dry very fast. Anyone have recommendations? Thanks!
Lynette Allen

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