46 Yrs Old, 5'4-118 Pounds, 2 Kids, Breasts Smaller After BF Both Times, Now 34 A

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My consultation was 8/10/16 and surgery is...

My consultation was 8/10/16 and surgery is scheduled for 11/15. I was very nervous about size but after 2 sizing visits we chose 397/421 cc natrelle silicone, under muscle (right boob smaller than left since forever). I'm still a little worried they'll be too big but I'm going with my gut. I am "barely" an A cup now and am hoping for C cup result. I'm really worried/anxious about post op pain and nausea but my PS has prescribed a lot of pain/nausea medication. I feel like I have pretty high pain tolerance but zero tolerance for nausea. I love all the reviews on RS and has really helped me a lot. Would love any feedback/advice on post surgery pain management. I will be getting Dilaudid and then Celebrex and Flexoril.

Surrgery complete!! 11/15/16

Well surgery is over!! It went better than I expected. The nurses got me prepped and IV started. Then I was walked to the operating room (surgery suite at PS office. I awoke with pain right beast more the left. It was hard to speak but they understood and gave me a pain pill. This worked wonders and I left with my husband to go home. I had forgotten a pillow to put between you seatbel and boobs. I used my hubbies jacket instead. I recommend a blanket or pillow. The pain the rest of the day was about a 6 (that's taking meds) but tolerable. If you've ever breast fed you'll understand what being engorged feels like and that's how I feel but x10. It's so hard to say how big I'll be right now because they so swollen. I've slept off and on with pillows propped up. I can tell my back is going to start hurting after a few nights sleeping like this. I will say over all things went great. My implants are super high right now but they don't look too bad. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff :)

Day 1 post op!!

Well the first night was a little rough. Woke up around 1:30 am with increased pressure in both sides. I took a Dilaudid and it did ease up a little. I've been able to move around on my own but definitely can't lift more than a few pounds. I've also started noticing gurgling noises on both sides. I'm wondering if this will go away? I've had zero nausea, which I attribute to the scopalomine patch. As far as appearance they are very high and a bit squarish but I expect that to improve in the next few weeks. Overall I think I'm doing quite well and my husbamd says I'm doing better than expected. I will try to post some pics soon!!

Day 3!

So yesterday was probably the worst day but mainly because I tried to do too much. I put in a load of laundry and put some dishes away. My advice to any ladies with upcoming BA is to NOT try and do any housework the first week. Ice packs are my best friend..really relieves the tight, swollen feeling. I got the get kind from Amazon and they are great to mold around your boobs and I actually get a lot of relief by icing under my armpits where there is a lot of brushing and swelling (my incision are in the folds not armpit). I will be so happy when implants finally drop and they begin to look normal. I'm a little worried about the numbness in both boobs/nipples and wondering if sensation will return?

Day 4

Today I am feeling better and have decided to not lay around or nap. I did take a dilaudid last night because of increased pain and I was able to sleep a bit better. Still woke up around 4 am with lots of discomfort. Sleeping in practically upright position is horrible. I usually end up sliding down during the night and awake with so much pressure. This usually subsides after getting up and moving around I'm so worried that I should've chose bigger implants. They definitely look bigger but I just have that "wow factor". My husband says he thinks they look great and proportionate for my size. He might just be trying to make me feel good lol! The sloshing has decreased quite a bit and swelling under arm pits is improved. I have a lot of bruising on the sides and some between my breasts. Overall I'm doing well and can not wait to buy new bras!!
Dr. Jean Loftus

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