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I have been spending hours on this site every day...

I have been spending hours on this site every day for months as I am getting ready for my tt and lipo. So I guess it's time I posted something. My preop appt is tomorrow. And I'm really excited nervous. A little bit of background I am 5'2" and have bounced around from 135 when I got married to 232 before I got a lap band. The lap band was a huge mistake for me I ended up having to get it fixed twice and then finally had it removed. I started the hcg diet and I'm now down to 176 today. I want to lose 10 more pounds before my sx on 3/18 but I guess that's a little unrealistic. I'm not looking to wear a bikini or anything. I just don't want to deal with the itching and sweating under my apron of skin that hangs down about 3". I just want to look decent in clothes without having to camouflage this hanging belly with baggy shirts. I will post some before pics soon when I get up the nerve. I'm just looking for a lot of support. And this seems like a good place for it.

Pre op appt today!

I did my preop appointment today and everything checked out great so I'm good to go on the 18th. The picture is from last night.

Side view

Here is one more view from the side that I took a couple of weeks ago when I was at 186.

OMG I cheated on my diet and I feel so sick!

Ok so I've been so good for the last two months nothing but fruits veggies and lean meats that's how I've gone from 203 to 176 in the last 2 months. So I thought I could have a piece of pizza for dinner. BIG MISTAKE! I feel like I'm going to vomit. UGH....I'm not doing that again. Eating clean leaves you unsatisfied sometimes but you never feel bloated or nauseous after you eat. Ok so I fell off the wagon. Hopping right back on starting tomorrow. Excuse me I have to go vomit now.........

Crisis Averted

The surgery center left me a message today to inform me that my surgeon would not be available on March 18 and if I would like to reschedule for March 21. I was really scared because that would blow my cover story. I scheduled this surgery 5 months ago when I found out when my kids would be off on spring break. Then I asked for vacation "to be off with my boys during their break" So I called them back and spoke to the patient coordinator that I met with on Saturday. She told me that the doctor that performed her surgery was available that day and asked if I would rather stick with my original surgeon or stick with my original date. She had just had her tt 4 months ago and she showed me the results when I met with her on Saturday. She looked great and she told me today that this surgeon would be her #1 pick to do a tt anyway. So I'm switching surgeons at the last minute. So I can have my surgery on Friday March 18 and not return to work until March 28. I hope that's enough time to heal (and stand up straight).

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is my big day. Have to be there at 7 am so I'm less than 10 hours away. I took some final pictures.

I made it!

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. So I worked in my closet to clean it up a bit because I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything for a while. I weighed myself before I left 173.4. I got there and I was just fine until I got on the operating table and then I started to panic a little bit so I guess they put me out immediately because I don't remember anything after that. I woke up with the shakes and a very dry throat but no pain. My husband drove me home and I slept most of the day. I a little worried that I really haven't had any pain at all? I walked around the house a bit and felt a little sore like I did a bunch of sit ups so I went ahead and took the hydrocodone but I really don't think I needed it. Could it be the anesthesia is still working a bit? Maybe I will be in a lot more pain tomorrow after it wears off? Anyway even at the end of the day and pumped full of fluids. I'm down 2.4 lbs from this morning. Can't wait to see what the scale says tomorrow. I thought I would actually have picked up weight in fluids.

2nd day PO is more pain

I took hydrocodone last night and ended up being miserable. It made me extremely itchy so I didn't take it anymore and the pain kicked in. I went to the dr and he gave me some Percocet. Now it's better with the itching and I can keep the pain in control. I'm loving my results so far!

Before and after

How long until the tape comes off?

I am so anxious to see the incision and I can't wait for the tape to fall off. I know better than to pick at it. Can anyone tell me how long it was until theirs fell off? Or did the doctor take it off? I can't wait to get rid of these drains too. They told me at my appointment yesterday that as long as the drainage was less than 25cc in 24 hours that they would take it out on Tuesday at my follow up appointment.

3 days PO- It's a miracle!

I really did not expect to be really flat! This is so surreal I can't believe it. I went from my belly sitting out 5" over my lap when I sit to this! I couldn't be happier!

5 days PO -drains are gone!

I went in and had the drains removed today. Quite a bit more painful than I thought it would be. I didn't know it was so far in there. The nurse pulled 6-8" out from under the skin. I felt it sliding all the way out. Ugh!

10 days PO before and after

Today was my first day back at work. Wow tough day. People were asking me if I felt ok and I just told them I was tired. I wore some big clothes so that nobody would notice too much. A couple of people said I looked like I had lost some more weight. Which I have! Did my checkup with dr too. Everything looks good. This is the best decision I ever made. I'm loving the way I look. I never thought I could wear a bikini but I just might be able to pull it off this summer!
Dr. Kelly

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