7 weeks PO Update & Pics

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Body Type: - 40 Years old - 5' 2" - 145 lbs...

Body Type:
- 40 Years old
- 5' 2"
- 145 lbs and still loosing weight (working out and eating right)
- 36 A - REALLY small/tiny B
- Each breast width: 13 cm

Planned Procedure (forgive me if I don't know all the acronyms)
- TT
- Abdominoplasty with LipoSelection (vaser)
- LipoSelection (flanks, hip, above butt and under armpits)
- BA / Silicone (400cc/HP) through areola

- On-Q pain pump for TT

I had originally wanted 350-400cc SALINE standard profile in 2009. Now I've changed to 400cc High Profile Cohesive SILICONE. I changed to HP due to my small chest frame and my PS recommended HP to minimize the fullness that would extend to the outer rib cage; therefore choosing HP to maintain the width but also keeping the fullness.

A little about me:

I'm 40, a wife and mother of 3 kids (20, 18, 8), and I work full-time from home (thank goodness).

I originally planned my "mommy makeover" in 2009. However due to other an unexpected surgery for my DH, it was postponed, then eventually cancelled... until now.

I've gained weight (again) however I've been going to the gym with my DH at least 4-5 times a week since August and trying to eat "healthy". I still get to eat a small amount of cheat snacks, but everything in moderation.

Weight lose:
08/13/12 - 5 lbs

SO.. my DH decided after a deep, long conversation...

SO.. my DH decided after a deep, long conversation that I want to get my tubes tied. Having three wonderful kids is enough for me and IF i ever feel as though I want another child..I'll opt for adoption. Anyhow with my Mommy Makeover surgery, it doesn't make sense to put myself physically and mentally for this surgery and find out i'm pregnant after surgery.

I spoke with my PS, OBGYN and Physician. They all said it was a good idea and I'm planning this within the next week. I am going through a complete pre-op physical now to make sure i'm as healthy as a goat...LOL. This is also a pre-op for my BOG surgery in November. The good thing is the incision from the Tubal Ligation will be completely removed when I get my TT.

I've never had any type of surgery so this mini out-patient surgery that will last about an hour will be my test waking up from anesthesia.

Wish me luck! I'll keep everyone posted.

So I've been in great debate with myself and with...

So I've been in great debate with myself and with those who's diaries I read in regards to post-op medications. I'm doing the MM and orginally planned for the pain pump for both TT and BA. Then I opted not to get it for my BA and only for MM; however now I'm hearing that BA is worse than TT and MAY it's better to bet both again.

Who out there has used a pain pump for TT, BA or Both and what are your thoughts?

So my DH and I went around town to test out an...

So my DH and I went around town to test out an electronic recliner with a lift. Those things are pretty cool and seems to be worth while to rent, so that is check off my "to do" list.

Even though I'm still over 43 days away from my scheduled MM, i'm still freaking out the physical process my body will endure. However I do look forward to summer next year... call me super excited (for the few minutes I think about the positive outcome)

I have a scheduled tubal ligation sometime within the next week and a half. I'm not even sweating that....but I'll be down for a few days away from the gym so I need to make sure I eat right.

Thank you to the ladies on this site who provide all the support, information and their personal experience with their MM. Without that I think I'd pass out from a nervous breakdown.

I know everyone's recovery is very different;...

I know everyone's recovery is very different; however i'm curious as to how long before all the mom's out there were able to ween off their recliner or up-right sleeping positions and move onto their bed?

Please advise!!

So I've been reaching a few of the ladies who have...

So I've been reaching a few of the ladies who have had TT had also taken either individual supplement vitamins or pre-packed ones. SO in searching online, I found "Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Supplements & Vitamins Kit (Pre & Post-Op Formulas)" I've read the reviews and it sounds pretty good; however the cost is about $60 for the package. Thinking about getting this but wanted to see if anyone else here on the forum has tried it.

Has anyone out there tried this specific brand? Let me know!

I had tubal ligation & ablation exactly 2 weeks...

I had tubal ligation & ablation exactly 2 weeks ago. Recovery wasn't as bad as I thought (then again it's nothing compared to the TT); however took my pain meds and of course got constipation, which caused bloating...so that was FUN. Since the tubal was laperscopic, they put two tiny holes. One on the lower lip of my belly button and the second to the right of the belly button. Since I have loose skin on my belly, the stitch is irritated. Other than that, it was a breeze..LOL.

I started on my cardio again since I'm trying really hard to lose as much weight before the big day.

I've paid the anesthesiologist and will pay off PS at pre-op.

I'm trying not to stress myself out with the terrible mind games and some difficult recovery stories. I try to remind myself that everyone is different and I should pray for easy recovery.

That's it for now... until then! Happy healing to all who are recovering!!

Wow, less that 14 days left and I had my pre-op...

Wow, less that 14 days left and I had my pre-op today and PAID in full....WOW!

So it's been a while since I've been on here, this is what I've done so far:

1. Purchase a Multi-Vitamin specifically for plastic surgery. What's the difference you ask, this multi-vitamin does not have vitamin E. Which is why most PS recommends to stop taking multi-vitamins due to that reason. I bought it for $66.00 but I think it's worth it. The only thing I bought separately was the arnica montane. I read the review and it was pretty good so rather than buying several bottles, I bought this set. Plus I had my PS approve it too.

Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Supplements & Vitamins Kit (Pre & Post-Op Formulas) @ makemeheal.com


2. Recliner with electric lift has been confirmed and paid off.

3. Hubby also purchased a shower head with s separate handle with a handle so when I'm sitting on the chair I can use that on myself or he will (if needed)

I'm not nervous YET, it's been so busy that I haven't had time to really let it hit me. Maybe I'll freak out the night before.

My PS also confirmed I will only have ONE DG.. YAY!!! I've been seeing everyone with two, so I'm glad to hear one is the norm.

Can't believe I'm 8 days away... I'm still...

Can't believe I'm 8 days away... I'm still worried, but I know it's all a mind game. I just want to get it done and over with, then onto the healing. Spoke to my daughter about my TT and why i'm having it done. She's very supportive as little as she is and said she would also take care of me when she gets home from school. However I still don't know how to explain about my boobs...LOL. I guess I"ll have to take it day by day.

TTY all soon.

So the past few days between work and kids, I...

So the past few days between work and kids, I guess I've been "quietly" stressing. Usually my neck or back would start up...well this time I really over did it. I have a really back kink on my neck and it radiates down my back. I'm exactly one week away from my surgery date and I guess i'm stressing a bit. Well I took a valium which was supplied to me by my PS and since I've never taken one before I didn't know if I would react differently to it. It definitely helped me sleep for a few hours and glad to know I'm not allergic to it..LOL

Anyways, I hope this goes away soon, otherwise I may need to go to my chiropractor for an adjustment.

Thank you ladies who have posted their recovery photos and experiences! Talk to you all soon!

Trying to keep myself busy, but OMG, it's less...

Trying to keep myself busy, but OMG, it's less than 48 hours away! I have my calm moments and my HOLY CRAP can I do this moment. Bought my pjs, long tank tops to go under my CG, recliner, bought my soft foods, yougart, protein shakes, jello gelatin, geek ice cream, light crackers... and all the other toiletries I'll be needing "bedside". I wishing all the ladies having their MM tomorrow well wishes and happy healing...until tomorrow night!!!!!!!!

Well tomorrow's my days, I was scheduled for 11AM;...

Well tomorrow's my days, I was scheduled for 11AM; however TA-DAH.......I received a call this evening that my surgery got moved to 8AM....THEN the reality of my surgery kicked in. Well if I don't post again before my surgery, happy healing to the ladies who's recently had their MM! Otherwise, depending on how I am tomorrow evening I may or may not be able to post a, update.

Thanks to the wonderful support system here online, you ladies ROCK!

Well tomorrow's my days, I was scheduled for 11AM;...

Well tomorrow's my days, I was scheduled for 11AM; however TA-DAH.......I received a call this evening that my surgery got moved to 8AM....THEN the reality of my surgery kicked in. Well if I don't post again before my surgery, happy healing to the ladies who's recently had their MM! Otherwise, depending on how I am tomorrow evening I may or may not be able to post a, update.

Thanks to the wonderful support system here online, you ladies ROCK!

Well tomorrow's my days, I was scheduled for 11AM;...

Well tomorrow's my days, I was scheduled for 11AM; however TA-DAH.......I received a call this evening that my surgery got moved to 8AM....THEN the reality of my surgery kicked in. Well if I don't post again before my surgery, happy healing to the ladies who's recently had their MM! Otherwise, depending on how I am tomorrow evening I may or may not be able to post a, update.

Thanks to the wonderful support system here online, you ladies ROCK!

Hi ladies. I survived. Mostly pain from lipio...

Hi ladies. I survived. Mostly pain from lipio and mm repair...but my c
recliner with life is a godsent...wwll so is hubby. Taking meds everyone 4 hours but i think valium is my bff. I have on q pain pump so im felling more chest and abs pressure . Ill post again soon but no photo yet..i have post op friday

It 11:30pm and finally able to get up on my own...

It 11:30pm and finally able to get up on my own and use the bathroom. This pain i really have is from lipo on my lower back. I've also been told my incision is low but i havent seen it. Ive slowed down on med..taking mostly valium to help with the tightness. Sleep has been about three hours at a time. Drain has been a light read and its been really low too. So maybe my friday i can get it removed also with my pain pump.

I'm able to get up on my own to use the bathroom....

I'm able to get up on my own to use the bathroom. I still have a bit of a pain on my back do to the lipo.

my I'm sorry to my my post ops they should be able to take it off but will see.

I haven't seen myself yet so I'll make sure to have my husband take photos of me as the doctor checks me.

Hi ladies, I'm the husband of Apalilamom Here is...

Hi ladies, I'm the husband of Apalilamom
Here is my perspective on her Mommy Makeover:

She had placed: SiliconeGel Allergen "Natrelle" style20 - 400cc High Profile implants.

Vaser "Smart-Lipo" done on her flanks, rear upper hips, and upper lats (or rear part of her armpit area)

Full tummy tuck, low to her pelvis as possible (almost from hip to hip), and ab muscle repair.

One nausea patch placed behind her ear

She had one Q-Pain pump for her tummy only.

Surgery on a Tuesday morning 8am, done my 1pm. I was explained she has one compression bra, one stomach compression garment. one drain from her tummy tuck attached by a clip to her compression garment.

She was given hydrocodene for the pain and Valium for the spasms and to help sleep.
She was released at 2pm and we were home 20 minutes later.

Post op at home First 4 days:
Electric Lift "recliner" chair was a great rental investment (rent-a-center $35 a week) she lives in that thing and helps her get up with ease.
Multi vitamin (especially one with Extra vitamin C and Bromelain) twice daily.
Hydrocodene: two every 4-6 hours (even if needed in the middle of the night)
Valium : every 7-8 hours
Arnica30c pellets: 5 pellets every 6-7 (for bruising)
Fleet stimulant laxative: 3 pills once a day for 3 days

Tuesday (day of surgery) her tummy tuck drain was collecting 25cc's or more every 2 hours for the first 6 hours. Wednesday (25cc every 6 hours) Thursday and Friday (25cc every 8-10 hours, and it was simi-clear liquid by then)

Her only complaint was her Lipo and lipo only. But she was constantly medicated, so who knows what else might have been hurting.

She ate crackers, pieces of breakfast bars, and lots of jello. She drank shakes, water, and ginger-ale.
She had a hard time walking to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet, but pee'd 6 hours after she got home from surgery for the first time, the second night at midnight she got up on her own to use the bathroom (or 34 hours after surgery) and had her first bowel movement Thursday, very early in the morning.

Friday (3 days after surgery) she had a post op. I medicated her with hydrocodene 1 hour before we went so she'd have no pain when Q-pump was removed.

Got a quick peek at all the work done, her doctor is an true artist! She had lots of black-n-blue marks from Lipo. The doctor OK'ed her to shower and open compression garments periodically so skin can breath alittle. She took her Valium and left the Doctors, went home and slept.

Took her first shower Friday evening, had to sit her down in the shower and wash her, but we got the job done. I took some pictures of her mommy makeover right after, and she actually ate some regular food, not much, but ate.

Its late now,so she took her meds and now asleep.
I probably left out some things, but hope this info helps.

Well it's been 9 days post ops and the majority of...

Well it's been 9 days post ops and the majority of the photos have been done by my hubby. Today has been the first day I have been able to shower on my own. DSo just to go back a few days:

Had my second post-oplast Wednesday and had my drain removed. BTW, I didn't feel a thing...then again hubbu gave me a valium to help me relax sbout the "thought" of the possible pain.

I had a dificult night Wednesday evening, I could not get comfortable what so ever on my recliner so I tried the bed....that was a bad idea. However hubby have me hlf a valium and finally fell asleep. The best it all ,u inspiring 17 year old chef decided to let me rest ashe prepared the fixing's and turkey for dinner; while my hubby cleaned behind him. I cried quietly and thanks god for this particular thanksgiving day.

I sook some photos today after the shower I know I'm still bloasted and soar from the lipo, but hubby is keeping me stable and only allowing me for walks and a little strecthing.

I'll have more update in a few, I promised my daughter to take her to find some cowgirl boots. This will be the first time I'll be out of the house except for my doctor visit.

Wish me luck!

I have to give all you ladies out there who...

I have to give all you ladies out there who physically went back to work with 2 weeks. I'm very fortunate to be able to work from home, but I it's both mentally and PHYSICALLY tiring (and painful). My back can only handle so much of the computer work at the desk OR the recliner. My mind starts to turn to moosh after 5 hours of conference calls. However I have thought about take a valium and see how I project out to the team during my discussions...LOL

On the side note, I'm finally getting some feeling back on the torso, I still have glue around my stitches and trying to wash those gently with antibacterial soap so I can prep it for the silicone strips this coming Wednesday. I'm not sure if everyone else is experiencing this, but I'm feeling sharp quick pains at the incisions. I believe nerves are finally healing and i'm feeling the nerves kick in from time to time.

I've also decided not to try on any of my clothes yet, I know I'm swollen and didn't want to disappoint myself; however I did try on of my MANY for fitting yoga pants and wow, what a difference!

I'll try and take a few more photos this evening, depending on how I'm feeling, but than you ladies for all your comforting words and encouragements.

Happy Healing!!!

Hello ladies and Happy Saturday. So just to go...

Hello ladies and Happy Saturday. So just to go over a few things from the last time I've posted (or hubby posted)

- My incision is healing extremely well, had my 2 weeks post-op with Dr. Smart last Wednesday, it was great and healing well. He removed a few stitches which was a little irritating, but I managed to just close my eyes and breatheeeeeeeee though it. He "showed" me how to massage my breasts, but MAN that was painful! But I have to do it. I've realized massaging my breast in the (HOT) shower helped minimize the pain.
- I've been "released" to start wearing spanx. As much as I'd like to switch over, I still like my "binky" (binder). I guess when I feel ready, I'll make that move. I do wear it at night, it feels comfortable...for now.
- I'm trying to walk around as often as possible; however like all the other women on this forum, you start to hunch over and swell after 30 or so minutes.
- I'm starting to feel my nerves shoot around the incision areas and MAN does that give you a shock! (figure of speech)
- I have yet to try some of my "old" clothes, I've been swelling up, not much, but enough to not want to try on any clothes. I will soon enough. I've been wearing my yoga pants when I go out and I feel those are much more comfortable for me at this time.
- I promise to post some photos within the next few days.

Happy Healing everyone!!

So it's 1am and i can't get comfortable in bed. ...

So it's 1am and i can't get comfortable in bed. So i decided to not sleep with my binder or support bra on. So far so good, but i took a valium 3 hours ago to help with the shooting pains from my TT. I hope this will help me...anyone had this problem or when they first slept without any binders or support bras?

Night ladies!

Hi Ladies. My rented recliner was picked...

Hi Ladies. My rented recliner was picked yesterday; however i've been trying to transition to my bed a few days prior. I'm having a really hard time and can't seem to get comfortable. I'm usually "ok" as my 8 year old daughter tucks me into be around 8PM after a long day of work or 9PM because I was watching a goof flick on the tv. I fall asleep; but by 4-5AM, I am totally sore and uncomfortable. I hate mornings lately, my entire body feels TIGHT and SORE. By this time, I done with sleeping, I'm just trying to get a little comfortable before the alarm goes off. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do?

On the side note, I'm healing great, boobs are tender from all the massaging, but it's definitely getting softer. I'm finally using my silicone strip for my tt incision AND i purchase maderma stretch mark lotion...hope thats helpful by summer. It's not a main concern of mine, but it would be nice if it weren't so dark after the surgery.

OH OH and I L-O-V-E my new bb! I'll take a photo of it today, but you couldn't even see the incisions...I love it!

I'm walking straight for the most part, but as I've stated before, after a long day of walking, I start to hunch over. I haven't bought my spanx yet, hubby said we'll stop by this afternoon to look at a few. I weighed myself at 135, but on the bad swollen days I can reach up to 140...UGH!!!! I know.. patience, patience and patience.

I hope everyone else is doing great, happy healing to all!!

Well i'm 3.5 weeks post-op...noticing my lipo'd...

Well i'm 3.5 weeks post-op...noticing my lipo'd areas are still sensitive and sore. Anyone else. Have this problem? What do y'all so for this?

I finally gave in and asked hubby to take me to...

I finally gave in and asked hubby to take me to Dillards to search for a "comfortable spanx in replacement of my CG. Yeah well, once I was in the lingerie area I found THE MOST helpful sale woman in the world. I was straight forward with her about my surgery and she walked me through several types of Spanx and non-SPanx types of garments.


I was originally looking for the high waisted Spanx but gosh darn my TUSH! I could not get it over my rump, don't get me wrong, I love my rump, but it took more than 10 minutes to TRY to get into one. By that time, both hubby and sales woman was in the dressing room with me, my husband asked, "what happens when you need to use the bathroom?" HOLY COW, ladies who bought those tight fitting Spanx, gotta hand it to you, I steered away from them; however I did buy Spanx, but it was called a "Slimplicity® Open-Bust Camisole" Those fitted perfectly and covered my mid section nicely. Bought in both nude and black :)

The camisole was easier to get into than the standard pull ups, plus in case of emergency of needing to use the restroom, it easily pulls ups. I've also slept it in last night and let me tell yeah, it was great! I was able to sleep on my side for a few hours too...it was nice.

I posted a pic of it above, but for those who wants the support without the frustration of getting into a spanx, the camisole is it and well worth the $$.

Aside from that, how's everyone and I wish everyone happy healing and an awesome Happy Friday!!!!

------- 3 weeks 4 days PO (25 days) ------- (I...

------- 3 weeks 4 days PO (25 days) ------- (I think..LOL)

ok Ladies, here it comes.....the emotional roller coaster. Not sure because i've been cooped up in the house or can't stand up straight for longer than 3-4 hours, or the sensitive lipo and the swelling..... Need I say more? Not feeling sexy... I see it... but I just don't feel it! So I cried myself to a nap today..... I know it's get better, I know it'll all be old news in a few weeks, but WOW, I hate not being able to do normal things with my kids, especially with hubby ;) Tis the season to shop and wrap the gifts and participate in all the school holiday functions decorate the house, but my stamina is just at a low. I know, ... Oh I know....

That's it for now, just venting and hoping tomorrow will be better.

Take it easy ladies and "HAPPY" healing!!

I am very lucky to work remotely from home;...

I am very lucky to work remotely from home; however having to sit for long periods of time, my back aches, and my abs aches, more like stiffens. So I stand in from of my computer and type for as long as I can..LOL. I'm sure I look funny in front of hubby, but it's the only option I think I have right now.

Does anyone get that too?

I'm healing well and as much as I tell y'all that I'll take a photo, I feel so swelled up my belly button is going to "pop" off. Trying to stay positive mentally and await for each recovering day.

Hi ladies! I'm feeling so much better each day,...

Hi ladies! I'm feeling so much better each day, can't believe how much my body and MIND have changed since Day 1. Hubby will take photos tonight, unfortunately it's been so busy and I've been so busy, by the time I remind myself to take photos, I'm so swollen at the end of the night.

I'm at 135 on a good day and hang at 138 on the bad days "swell hell". I'm standing straight, but I have my days when I start to slouch and walk like an old lady, but I know those days are almost at an end.

My next PS check up is Jan 7th and hope I get released to do some minimal gym activity. I'm ready to make more changes to my body for summer 2013!!!

I hope the ladies who recently had their MM to rest....rest...rest... you'll have your ups and down, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

Happy Holidays ladies and Happy Healing!!

Hello Ladies and Happy New Year! Just some few...

Hello Ladies and Happy New Year!

Just some few items to summarize, it's been a while since I've last updated. It was a busy December month!

7 weeks PO
- I'm standing completely straight
- Swelling is still apparent in the evening especially when it's a busy day
- I still wear my CG from my PS in the evening/bed time
- I haven't "officially" been released to work out, but I've started some light dancing (with my daughter) on the xbox kinect (dance2)
- Lipo'd areas (side and front) are more sensitive rather than sore, but healing and feeling a difference (for the better) every day
- I get a little stiff in the morning and still "roll" out of bed due to lipo and MR, but that too is getting better each day
- When I swell up I notice more swelling on my left side of my tummy
- Belly button is simply cute, I love how it healed, you can't see the incision (will try and post a close up next time)
- TT incision is really perfectly, since I am filipino, my scar is darker. But i'll inquire with the PS on my follow-up for recommendations. The incision is very low and perfect for low rise jeans
- I'm using the silicone strip that is washable, supposed to wear 24+ hours at a time. It's great but I wonder if the disposable strips are better? (you need to wash and let sry before reapplying)
- There's still some numbness below and a little above the belly button
- My stretch marks are still there, but it's not a bog concern, it covers nicely
- Breast are so much softer each day, I believe they have dropped nicely; however nipples are super sensitive..LOL
- My breast size was from a 36A/b to a 34 DD OR 36C (400 cc Natrelle silicone)
- Still can't completely reach above my head without feeling the tightness of the abs, so I still use my step stool.. :)
- I've been completely off meds at 4 weeks and transitioned to advil when needed and normally on a really busy on my feet day
- I haven't gained any weight but lost a few pounds, HOWEVER when I swell I can bumped up to an additional 2 lbs.
- I can fit into a size 6 losely, but I haven't hit the gym yet so my personal goal is one size less by my April birthday
- I've noticed I can't still for very long, I have to stand up and stretch my body. I tend to feel stiff after a few hours on the computer
- My confidence has boosted up higher on the richter scale..LOL, I love my hubby

Overall I'm beyond happy with my results, no issues and excellent incisions.

Thank you to all the beautiful and supportive ladies online for your positive feedback. It truly helped me when I most needed the support of someone who understood how I was feeling throughout the mommy makeover process.
Frisco Plastic Surgeon

Choosing my Plastic Surgeon: My husband and I live in North Dallas. We have researched several really great plastic surgeons locally and found about 3 of them. I chose mine based on his interactions with me during BOTH consultations in 2009 and again 2012. I didn't feel rushed or as if I was there prior and knew all the answers. He made me feel comfortable by answering all my questions and especially my husbands questions too. He made sure I felt good about our meeting and not confused or worried from medications, procedures, and that I'm freaking out..LOL, he giggled but also comforted me. Aside all of that, he's very experienced and he's a perfectionist. I've seen all of this photos and spoke with a few if this patients too and they all love him in both professional experience and bedside manner.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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