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Hello all! I have been researching lip lifts for...

Hello all!
I have been researching lip lifts for about 2 years now. By far real self has been the best resource, so I figured I should share my experience.
I probably researched to a fault.. Reading anything and everything I could find online. More like an obsession! ;) I had virtual consults, email consults, in person consults, and phone consults. Let me just say that prices vary from$ 1500 to 5000.
My choice was made less on price and more on trust and location.
I wanted to stay close to home for a more comfortable recovery and the dr who has done my breast augmentations.
That being said, I had my pre-op in May to set my June 17 appt. pics were taken procedure was described as well as recovery.
All in all it seemed fairly easy as I had researched so much I felt I was well informed.
I made the choice to only tell a few close friends and my husband. Not everyone is pro plastic surgery and it's definitely a personal choice. That being said, I plan to not leave the house for several days. :)

Surgery day: I arrived at my appt and was put in a room in office and prepped for surgery. Face was cleaned and sterile blue towels all around my head. Dr. M reviewed the procedure and measured and marked my face. I was not given any type of med to relax, but that was my choice as I wanted to drive myself home and have a fairly high pain tolerance.
Next up were the numbing shots... Yes they hurt but seriously it's just for a second. Quick ouch and it's done. A few of those and we were ready to go. Process took about 30 - 40 mins and other than the sensation of light tugging and pulling you feel nothing. The noises kinda sound funny but they are so close to your ears that you can hear it all. If that bothers you headphones could fix that issue.
Before I knew it I was being cleaned up and sent out the door.
After driving home I propped myself up in my bed and to my surprise the pain set in! I would say at about a 7-8. It was dull aching and sharp all at the same time. Miserable! I was told to take Advil by my doc, no pain meds were prescribed. Problem was he told me to stay on a liquid diet for 48 hours. I drank chicken broth and finally took 800mg of ibuprofen and that did the trick!! Thank goodness!!
I am currently 28 hours post and zero pain. I'm assuming the pain was the numbing meds wearing off!

When I first looked in the mirror I looked like a distorted bunny!!
Today, I feel like I have a nice cuspids bow and a shorter lip.
I've hard enough cosmetic surgery to know healing takes time and it's way too early to panic or judge. I need to rest and heal and follow drs orders.

I will keep you updated. Thank you for reading and especially to all of the others that have posted here. Your posts helped me and hopefully mine can help too!!


I forgot to add I'm 42 years old and had rhinoplasty and septoplasty 5 years ago. June 2009. After that my lip seemed so much longer. I loved my bump free nose, but hated my long lip! In pictures I looked toothless and had to manipulate my face to have teeth show. My approach to cosmetic surgery is more about being subtle and enhancing who you already are. I want my lip to be subtle but make my smile better. I've tried lip injections over the years which only made my lip look worse almost longer if that's possible. After all of my research I did not get the exact measurements of my lip and exact amount removed. I will get these on my follow up. I have known my dr for 15 years and he knew what I wanted. We marked and measured at my pre op and then again the day of surgery and I didn't write it down, however he did so I will update after my follow up tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

48 hours

Not much is new. Dr told me to stck toa soft/liquid diet. So that part is slightly bothersome, but weight loss is not a bad thing for me! Lol! Lips feel okay, stitches are irritating but they come out tomorrow 3 days. Seems quick but I'm not the dr. I will update once stitches are out and I can wear make up again! :)

Stitches out

Got the stitches out today. Very easy just the same funny sensation of being so close to your ears that you hear the snip of the scissors... No fun! Of course it's not without a little watery eyes, but hey it's what I wanted right?? Everything looks good and I got the clearance to wear makeup. I was reminded to cover with sunscreen and no makeup is best for healing. Follow up in 2 weeks! I measured at 20mm and 4.5mm removed. My smile still feels funny but so far so good! Like I said before it was surgery and healing takes time!

Still healing

Not much new! Still healing with awkward stiff lips. Seems worse in the morning. Lol ;) my scar is a bit raised on the right side.. Not sure why??? I will ask questions at my follow up.

Post op update!

Scar gets better each day. Still can't smile :) today I tried to rub my lips together after gloss was applied that didn't work out so well. Lips are just so stiff still and not really moveable.

Still healing! But happy so far!!

I'm 11 days post op! I've attached a pic with makeup and lipstick. Obviously I'm still healing, but I am good to go out and about and nobody really seems to notice. My lips still feel a bit stiff and weird. Honestly though a little better every single day. I'm very happy! So far so good!!! :)

1 year later!

I'm still happy! Just on a side note the price I listed was not accurate for new patients. Sorry for the confusion, but I am a frequent patient as I listed in my initial story and I chose this dr based on trust and location (20 miles from home). You can call his office for a consult and current price.
All movement has returned, no one ever asked me if I had surgery. Just the typical, did you cant your hair, lose weight, you look happy stuff! :)
A part of me wants to remove a little more skin, but I think we all look at pics and get lip envy! I'm going in for a year check up in a few weeks, so I will update you! Thanks for reading!
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Excellent Dr. Great bedside manner love him!!

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