Breast Lift with Implants - Fresno, CA

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I am getting surgery in a little less than 2...

I am getting surgery in a little less than 2 months and am very nervous/excited. I have had perky full C breasts my whole life but after breast feeding two children, they have gone South! After having kids I went from a large C to a small D. 1 breast is also lower and larger than the other so I am very anxious to have this done to also make them hopefully symmetrical. I don't want to go overly big--just want to bring them back up to be perky and full. I will update you along my journey!

Before Pictures

1 week left until pre-op appt.!

Well I am down to 1 week until pre-op and 1 month until surgery. Getting more nervous...

Post-op done, surgery ahead!

Today I had my post-op appt. and all went well. I got my lab slip and prescriptions. I am going with 390 ccs on my right side and 360 ccs on my left. Being that my surgery is 6 days before Christmas, I hope I will be ok and healed enough to celebrate the holidays. 22 days to go...

1 Week Away From My Long Awaited Surgery!

Hello! Well, I have exactly 1 week left to go and am so excited/very scared. I just wish it was over 1 month ago already but know I have to go through the healing process just like everyone else does. I am also a little worried thinking they will be overly big and bigger than I want. I trust Dr. Chin though and explained my wants and concerns so I just need to trust him in his delivery. I have my prescriptions filled, blood work done, button down shirts purchased (cute plaid flannel ones from Old Navy--extra large for comfort and ease), and two front zip-up sports bras from Sears (cheapest ones I found). Well, now it is just the waiting game! I'm sure it will fly by due to a busy week trying to get everything ready for Christmas coming up in less than 2 weeks now and not being able to do much of anything after surgery. I have all of my presents already bought and wrapped (just hidden) :) so I guess I am good to go!

Until next Thursday...

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Well tomorrow is the big day and I feel like these last few months have just flown by and it is already time. Boy, I hope recovery is the same way. Please send prayers my way for a speedy recovery and positive outcome. Oh, and for the nerves...cause I have a LOT of them! Finishing up my packing and have to keep reminding myself, no food or water in the middle of the night or tomorrow morning! I will try to post tomorrow when I am out of surgery and situated at home comfortably (I guess as comfortable as possible).

Well it's all over with!

Yay!! Hi everyone--finally it's over after all that waiting. I wasn't doing so hot when I arrived at home because I wasn't taking enough med (my mom read the bottle wrong--bless her heart) but now after takin what I should it completely took most of the "dying" pain I was in away. I made sure I had crackers and didn't take on an empty stomach but did have one little incident where I had to throw up. So far I have been drinking water, eating saltines, as did have 1 Fage yogurt. I can't really move side to side at all to get what I need but my mom is really the greatest and is available for me and extremely accomadating. Before surgery the Dr., assistant, nurse and anesthesiologist were SO nice and helped calm me down before going in. I can't see what I look like just yet or exactly how many cc's they filled my 360 and 390's to. I'll find out tomorrow at my post op. One VERY important bit of advise: take deep large breaths after surgery (even tho it is painful) because I wasn't and my lips turned dark blue. I was very concerned and the Dr. said he could tell over the phone that I wasn't breathing like I should and was speaking like I was taking shallow breaths (which I was). So a few minutes after I did what the Dr. said, the blue slowly started to disappear--feeew! Ok I will update after my post-op tomorrow and maybe get to see them?!

4:05 am

Yes it is 4:05 am and I am waking up because my pain is getting a little worse. I keep a really helpful chart i made where I write down the type of medication, the frequency allowed, and the times taken so I know when last ones I took and when I am due for the next (because I forget and could easily get confused with that). It says I'm not able to take any Percocet until 6:30 am :( but I am due for Valium so I just took 1 of those hoping it will hold me over a couple hours. I am able to get around a little better than yesterday. The hardest part I find is getting in and out of bed since I can't use my upper body and arms to help. 6 hours away from Post op. I'll try and post some pics!

Final Size

I forgot to update on the final size. When Dr. was marking me up right before surgery we went over sizes again and I had chosen 360 for larger breast and 390 for smaller. When I looked through my paperwork earlier this evening it showed implant size used for both left and right breast to be 390 and filled to 420 on each breast. I know one breast is def. smaller than the other so am wondering why they were each the same size implant and filled to the same capacity. I completely trust Dr. Chin and will update you on what he says about that.

Post Surgery: Day 1

Well I had my post op appt. today and got to see how they looked! I'm very happy! My right one does seem a little bit higher and swollen (especially on the nipple). The assistants said it was totally normal and that they look great for having surgery the day before. I was feeling a bit good since I had taken med. right before and ended up going to the store with her to get dry shampoo since they said I can't shower until Sunday and we also got a little bite to eat. Might not have been such a good idea to run around because I felt something wet and was bleeding through my shirt. I checked it and it was just a little dot of blood that was coming out. When I applied gauze, it stopped thankfully. I called the Dr. about the bleeding and if I could use ice packs. He said I just had surgery and a little bleeding was normal but he said no ice at all :( . Ok here are some picks I just took, day 1 after surgery.

Additional info.

I forgot to add that Dr. Chin gave me his personal cell number and said I could call him anytime with any questions. Sooo nice!!!

4:16 am (again) Post op--day 2

Well I'm up again at this odd hour due to pain meds wearing off and bathroom break. Question: any suggestions on what to use to help diminish scarring?? I want to get on top of that ASAP to help reduce the scars as much as possible. I have been taking 500 mg Vitamin (twice daily) and bought Bio-oil (they said I can't start using yet)--any other suggestions? Thanks. Also--in another review I read not to weigh yourself well I couldn't resist and am up 7 lbs! :( is that just due to the swelling and implant weight?


I meant Vitamin C

Dr. Chin

Day 2 10:15 am

Well I was told I can take that wrap off today and switch to a comfortable sports bra. Was
Having some pain when I woke up this morning--couldn't even sit up in bed :( but now feeling much better, I can walk around now which they said is good and I'm eating my Blueberry Greek Yogurt---yummmm!

Front day 2

Day 2 left breast

Day 2 right breast

Super Tired

Sorry, ever time I attempt to update my current status, my eyes keep shutting and I find myself waking up with my phone in my hand. I will update later when I am more awake! Going to take the sleep while I can.

Yay--finally able to shower!

Man it felt so good to shower today! I also was told I had to wear the compression stockings for an entire week! Since my Dr. gave me his personal email, I texted him and asked if I was able to take them off 3 days early and he said yes as long as I am up walking around a lot. Was so glad--not a big fan of those things! As of today I am up 7 lbs since day of surgery and have drinking a gang of water and only eating Greek yogurt, 100% juice, tuna, and salad for the most part. I am so discouraged about that, but very happy with my results. I do hear a sort of "sloshing" sound in each breast--the Dr. said I would hear noises. I wonder if that is what he meant and if it will stop?

Additional info.

I forgot to update how I am feeling...silly me! I am feeling WONDERFUL today!! I only took 2 pain pills total today also. So glad I am over that hump!

Post-Op Day 5: Feeling Great!

Today was my first day back at work and other than my back hurting quite a bit and being very sleepy, I didn't notice any severe pain with my breasts--just soreness and short range of motion. Tomorrow is Christmas--yay!! I am glad I will be feeling well enough to have a fun and memorable holiday. I wasn't sure at first how close I would be cutting it to Christmas and if I would still be bed-ridden or not. Well Merry Christmas to all fellow members and have a wonderful time with family/friends tomorrow.

Post-Op Day 7

Well Christmas went well yesterday and those (pretty much everyone except for my mom and sister) had no idea and could not tell anything different about me--which made me very happy to know they didn't look bigger than what I had before, just picked up (which is what the padded bra use to do for me). I may have overdone it with the kids, gift opening, and helping with the clean up and dishes because this morning I was a sore and painful mess, but I am a trooper and did make it into work today and am here now, lol. I keep hearing people use the terms "drop and fluff." Well I know what drop means, but what is fluffing? What ever it is--I want it, sounds nice. :) Please someone describe. Another request: when am I sup. to start the massaging? I have another post-op appt. tomorrow where they remove my stitches (maybe they will explain then?) or shall I start now?

Side Views

Sorry--haven't been adding side pic photos. Here you go.

Steri-strips removed

I finally got my steri-strips removed today and will be able to start scar therapy in 1 week. The little bandaid was from a little blister I got that they said was common from tightening of skin. Follow up again in 2 weeks with Doc.

Post op day 8

Right one still riding higher and is more swollen than the left. Dr. staff said they will even out.

Post op day 8

1 more pic

Happy New Year's Eve!

Today I am 12 days post-op and couldn't be happier considering what I looked like before. I have been looking forward to this since I had my second child and can't believe I am already over the surgery hump (I had wanted since my boobs were not what they use to be) and healing more and more every day. I am anxious to start scar therapy on Fri. (when my doctor recommended) and have the BioOil ready to go! Happy 2014!

Oh yea...

And I got a spray tan, lol. Not sure if that was "ok'd" by my doctor yet...but it makes everything look so much better. lol

One More Update!

I had mentioned my size of implant to be 390 ccs for both and filled to 420 ccs but I also found out that the Dr. removed 19 grams (same as ccs) on one breast and 20 grams (ccs) from the other during surgery as well.

Exactly 2 weeks post-op

Here are some photos of the incisions and how they are healing.

2 weeks post-op

3 Weeks Post-Op

I am healing well, still get muscle spasms and soreness which is completely understandable due to only having surgery 3 weeks ago. My right breast still hasn't dropped as much as the left and is higher at this point. I have my follow up with Dr. tomorrow. Still hear loud sounds coming from them (trapped air and fluid surrounding the implants that should eventually go away--will ask tomorrow). Finally got a bra. Measured 34 DDD at Victoria Secret (even tho they always measure a little larger than anywhere else). :) I am still using BioOil twice a day and think that really helps with the healing and appearance of the scars.

4 Weeks and 1 Day Post Op

Healing well. The scars are getting smaller and smaller every day. My right breast is still slightly higher. I had an appt. today at Dr. and they recommended massaging my right breast now until it drops like the left. I have the occasional stitch come through the skin that my Dr. trims for me on my weekly appts. after today they said they don't want to see me back for 6 weeks now unless I have another stitch come out then I can call and they will trim for me. The only real soreness is usually when I wake up in the mornings I notice a little tenderness. Overall, I am very happy with the results. I took this advice from not her fellow RealSelf member, don't expect perfection--just improvement from what you had before. I took her advice--yes one nipple is more circular than the other and one breast slightly higher (hopefully temporarily) but I am extremely happy with the results.

5 weeks 3 days post op

Well it has been 5 weeks and 3 days since my surgery and I have been a little worried about my right breast and the thought that I might have capsular contracture since it is very hard compared to the soft left and still higher and a little painful. I had never heard of this before now and really hope they are just dropping at different rates. I was given Accolate by my Dr. a week ago in case CC was a possibility and have been aggressively massaging just the right and wearing the band again but just over my right breast hoping that the implant just needs to drop. I don't know if it is the medicine, massaging, pressure of the band, or just my imagination, but it seems like the right is getting a little softer and dropping a little more than it had. I am still taking the medicine to help with scar tissue in case of it being CC and have a follow up with my Dr. in 5 weeks. I will update you...hoping everything is ok.

Getting Better

My right breat is finally lowering and softening, thank goodness! I was getting a little worried but don't thing I have CC.

Side to Side Comparison

Here is my "before picture" and my 2-month post op picture. Boy what a difference! Yes it was a lot of money but totally worth it!

2 1/2 Months Post-Op

10 weeks 3 days post op

13 weeks post op

14 Weeks Post Op

Fresno Plastic Surgeon

I picked Dr. Chin because he was rated the best plastic surgeon for several years in a row in the city where I live. Another reason is on all of the other Dr.'s websites I viewed (while looking for a plastic surgeon) I was not at all pleased with their before and after photos, but with Dr. Chin, all of his before and after photos are amazing!! Yes he might be a little pricier than most, but I am going to sacrifice a little to hopefully get an outcome I am very happy with.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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