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I am currently a 36a and will be getting...

I am currently a 36a and will be getting 500-550cc's in December. My PS said he would like to go with silicone moderate plus but I would like the HP's. Is there a huge difference? I definitely want projection but side boob would be nice. Any and all recommendations are appreciated. I'm so glad I found this site

Blood work?

Do you do your blood work at your pre op appointment? Or after? Help :)
Just wondering so I know if I need to request another day off for work.

Surgery date moved up!!

My pre open is next week and I'm thinking I want to go with 475cc''s instead of 550... we're any of you close to my size now (36a) what did you go with and after you d&f what did you end up with??? All advice wouldo be helpful :)

3 and a half days!!!!!

I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. I can't believe I will have blobs in less than 4 days :0
I illed my meds got my front close bras bought some scar strips and colace. Is there anything I that I'm missing?

It's almost time

This is it ladies today's the day. On my way to much surgery appointment, I'm so nervous. Thought I'd post some pics of me before :)

Finally made it to the other side.

Just wanted to let you ladies know that I finally have boobs. Yay. The best part of my surgery experience was the staff. I had two of the greatest anesthesiologists they were very sweet and made me feel extremely comfortable. When I woke up I was telling them about the dream I had lol apparently it was about my dogs. Anyway I get my bandages off tomorrow, I was told not to peek. So I'm following the rules :(
My PS decided on 520cc's HP through the areola he did however order many different sizes and sizers to make sure he was choosing the best size for my frame.
I had a great experience and highly recommend Dr. Chin.
There really is no pain it's mostly pressure but I have been taking my pain pills and other prescriptions as instructed. Thats all for tonight hopefully I can take some pictures tomorrow :)

Post op appointment

They said everything looks good. They took my band off and told me no bras until monday. :(

Pain in left side of breast

I'm on day 4 now and since day 2 I've been having pain on the left side of my breast. Is that normal? It feels better if I hold it

When will the bloating stop

I look like I gained 15lbs in the las 5 days. When will it start to go down. I quit taking my pain meds all I have left is one day left of antibiotics. I can't wait to feel normal again. I've attached some day 5 pics :)

Day 6

I stopped all pain meds but I'm still taking my muscle relaxer. Finally had a bowel movement thank goodness that was the worst feeling ever. As for my incision I'm so glad we went with periaeriolar. They look great so far. I've attached some pics :)

Boobie blues

I don't know what is wrong with me but I'm unhappy. Did I go to big? Is it the bloating? Is it because I feel so useless because I can't do anything with my arms??? Uggg I hope this feeling goes away soon. :(

Day 7

Day 1 and day 7

Day 9

I had my week post op appointment yesterday and they still won't let me wear any kind of bra for another week. But they sent me home with two lovely painful straps to push the implants down. Yay :(
I'm still bloated and am taking my pain meds again since the straps are so painful.
I can't wait to work out again, I feel so soft every where :/

Day 12

To all of my periaeriolar incision ladies, is it normal to have numbness in the nipped and below the breast still? They seem to be dropping but not without the help of the bands from he'll lol. BTW I have noticed I'm eating alot more then I used to. I'm not sure if it's because I'm stuck in the house all day or what.
Me and my other half went to Costco yesterday and I made it halfway into the store pushing the cart and I almost started crying. I know it was the band so I unstrapped it for the remainder of the trip. Thanks hopefulld for the idea. Anyway I attached a picture of yesterday and after my shower tonight. They look a million times better.

Photos didn't upload

:) better

Day 20

I haven't been on here much, I've been in a weird funk lately. My boobs are still swollen and I'm uncomfortable, I had my two week follow up appointment last Wednesday and she said everything looks great. I wish I was used to them already and they would soften up and drop a little. How long did it take everyone else to feel like their new breasts actually belonged there? I attached some pictures of day 15. I'll take some more tonight

Day 23

Day 23 and I'm new boobies are still stiff. Uggg

Didn't upload day 23

Asymmetry @4 weeks post op

Anyone still have the asymmetry at 4 weeks? I'm really worried that they will stay like this...

Any Crossfit ladies?

So I had my five weeks post op visit yesterday and she cleared me to start working out again next Monday. Have any of you gone back to crossfit? Were you ok doing push ups? Have you seen any changes in your new additions?

6 weeks 1 day

Hey ladies. I was hoping to report that my boobs have finally caught up to one another but apparently that's not going to happen. Uggg I really wanted to go back to crossfit but it looks like I'll be taking another 2 weeks off :( pics attached

8 weeks tomorrow

HI ladies. Tomorrow is eight weeks post op. My right boob is still playing games with me she refuses to catch up to her sister. I've been really lazy since surgery it's been hard to get back into working out :( I can't say Its because I don't want to goto the gym because I have everything at home so I'll just chalk it up to I just don't have the motivation. I've lost weight since but I know it wa's all muscle because all of my definition is gone. Anyway thought if post my eight week pics early.

Full body...

Don't mind the ugly bra. I don't want to buy anymore until they drop. Also don't judge my soft body I'll eventually tone up again.


10 weeks


11 weeks

Good morning ladies. My right has finally dropped into place now if only it would fluff out too. I've attached my 11 week photos. I do want to share how I think I got it to drop. I started practicing yoga again :) I think all the chest stretches loosened my muscles because after just 3 classes I saw a huge difference. Hope that helps.

11 week pictures

Ugggg this website is driving me nuts. 11 weeks

1 day short of 3 months

Hey ladies hope all is well, I'm a couple days away from 3 months post op. My boobs have come along way :) now I'm just waiting for some fluffing to happen.

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