23 Yrs Old, No Kids, 5'8, 138lbs, 450cc HP mentor silicone under muscle, Very Active

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Hello ladies! I've been following this website for...

Hello ladies! I've been following this website for months to help with my decison. Everyones reviews have helped me know to what to expect and what not to freak out about. Of course I was very nervous but my wonderful doctor helped put me at ease. I ended up going with 450cc silicone mentor HP on the right and 500cc on the left (my left was my smaller boob) lol I am currently 3 days post op and feeling a hell of a lot better than the first day.

Day of

Day of... Day 1, Woke up in the recovery room in a lot more pain and pressure than I had anticipated! I was told my Dr. ended up putting 450cc HP silicone on my right which was my fuller breast and 500cc on my left. She said my left was still slightly smaller but since I never noticed the difference before I shouldn't be able to tell now.

As soon as I got home I took my meds and took a nap on our recliner.. When I woke up I was able to get up with the help of my fiancé and eat soup. They recommend a light diet so I wouldn't upset my stomach and throw up however the soup didn't cut it so I had a few bites of my fiancés pizza and was just fine lol.

When the time was right I took the muscle relaxers and fell back asleep on the recliner. Woke up at 2am in pain and wanting my bed so with the help of my fiancé I took a norco and went to bed. However I woke up a few hours later really uncomfortable from laying flat on my back.

Here's a pic of the night of...day 1 in the bra my dr gave me.

Day 2

I was still very swollen and sore. Was able to shower with the help of my fiancé lol it hurt to try and bend down to scrub my legs and back so that was all he helped with. However, I did feel a burning sensation from my right incision. I think it might have been because the water was too warm lol still taking the pain meds as prescribed.

Day 3

Hello ladies! First off, I'm only doing this to help out anyone else that is thinking about having a BA, as it has helped me, or is at the same stage I am.. Hope it helps and hope I figure out how to interact with someone that is at the same stage I am lol.

Day 3... Not in as much pain as day 1 that's for sure. So I tried taking Tylenol but woke up with shooting pain in my left breast so I took a norco and it went away. I'm very very very bloated, I look 4 months pregnant lol. The stool softeners have not helped so last night I drank half of a detox tea that usually cleans out my system the next day. Let's hope the half works and I can get something out!! Lol sorry forgot to take a picture today as I've just been netflix and chillin most of the day lol.

I did try and walk my dog that evening but I couldn't keep up.. I was walking really slow and when I tried to keep up my incisions started to hurt so I went right back home. Better luck tomorrow!!

Negativity I've gotten from people reguarding the price

When asked by family and friends how much I paid ($7050.00) they freak out and say omg you shoulda went to so and so they paid half of that. Uh no, stop right there. And those people that got it for under 5grand regret almost everything about them because they didn't do their research beforehand. I'm a strong believer in you get what you pay for. My doctor and her staff have been amazing and I completely trust them so ef off lol

Day 4

Little to no pain now...been able to get up on my own and shower on my own... And I finally had a bowel movement thank god lol

Something to help with bloating and bowel movements

Today I made detox water which contained of mint leaves, lemon, and cucumbers and Ive had 3 bowel movements. Woohoo! Also my stomach feels flater..can't wait until im cleared to get back in the gym! Boobies are little to no pain today! :)

Day 5

Feeling great, haven't had any boob greed or depression like I was warn about. I feel like my Dr. Helped me choose the perfect size for my body. Still can't tell my left boob is slightly smaller like she said lol. Can't wait for them to drop and fluff and of course go bra shopping to see what cup size I ended up with :)
Still sleeping on the recliner tho, don't like having to use my chest muscles to get out of bed that one time I tried. Heres some pics!

End of day 5

So I was a little more active today, went to the gym to train someone (I didnt workout), went to the mall, did some shopping, hung out with friends that had me dying laughing alot... I felt the laughing hurt my incisions... when I got home I checked them and my left one has some bruising maybe bleeding coming out from the side of the gauze...idk what to do? Is it normal? Did I open the incison? Should I call the on call doctor or just sleep on it and call in the morning?? Im so scared.

Day 6 post op.

Just when I was feeling fine boom in pain only on my left incision. Started last night and is constant thoughout the day today but I'm trying to do without the pain meds now...gunna continue to rest all day. Can't wait for my follow up appt with my doctor tomorrow morning...hoping for good news! But going to request another week off of work since there still is pain and I don't want to risk it with the line of work im in. Feeling a bit down today...

1 week, dressings removed

So yesterday, day 7, I seen my doctor had my dressings removed. She said everything is looking great and suggested I applied lotion or baby oil on my breast because they were so shiny from the skin stretching lol in about 5 days I can start applying scar cream on my incisions.
My left breast was getting sharp pains while at the drs and she said its the nerves healing and not to worry.
I requested an additional week off of work so so far I'm taking 2 weeks off :) don't want to risk it in the line of work I'm in.
Still find it difficult to sleep throughout the night because I can't get comfortable on my back.
Heres some pics on day 8! :)

End of day 9

At the end of day 9 my whole left side of my left breast was red, sensitive to the touch, numb, warm, felt like a rash. Just didnt feel right of course i freaked out and called the on call doctor they had me go in first thing the following morning and of course it was gone by then lol they said it was totally normal due to the fact that my left breast got the bigger implant...500cc so its dealing with more trauma lol heres some pics from that night I freaked out... it is now day 10 and the redness offically went away.

2 weeks post op.

Feeling depressed as one breast has dropped some and the other hasnt..the one that has got smaller and I don't like it. Having mixed feelings and wishing I went a little bigger today...hopefully this is just a phase and I end up loving them when they've both dropped.

Before pics

Not depressed anymore after looking at these!! Lol!! Anything is better than my natural -A cup lol thought it'd be funny share. Greatful for what I do have now and thankful for having such an amazing surgeon to help me choose a perfect size for my body type.

1 month post opp.!

Where did the time go!?!? Finally got cleared to work out without any restrictions!! And got the OK to go bra shopping and can wear wired bras. So of course I rushed to Victoria's Secrete and at first got measured at a 32 DDD! But did not like the band size it was wayy to uncofty and tight soo I ended up with 34 DD! Woohoo. They look amazing in bras when I dress up. I will try to find a pic.
The cons right now are they get really itchy at night!! And my left breast still gets a rash, my Dr. Said it was from the vitamin E oil I was putting on them but I've stopped applying it for a week and the rash still comes and goes.
I went out for a halloween drinking event my town host last night and boy did I get wasted (I hardly drink) I got soo many compliments from other female strangers, told one I just got them done a month ago and she asked to feel, fell in love and was amazed at how soft and real they felt lol however I woke up with straining pain under my right breast and its been bothering me all day, especially when I laugh! Hope I didn't hurt them when I was drunk, dancing...idk just hope its a phase and goes away soon!!
Time for pics! :)

In clothes lol

Just some pictured in clothes

Dr. Rilio is amazing. Her staff and her made me comfortable and answered all my questions at the consult. I had told them the look I wanted to achieve which is a natural full C or DD, nothing obvious to where people won't automaticly know I had a BA . They were very honest on giving their opinions when I tried on sizers. They said if I went with anything bigger than 500cc I would look top heavy and thats not what I wanted. So thats why I choose the 450cc HP mentor silicone! :)

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