425cc Mentor MP+ | 34YO AA | 5'1" n 118lbs | C: 34B WB: 34DD | Freehold, NJ

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Hello! I see some Drs give their patients pain...

Hello! I see some Drs give their patients pain meds before their BA surgery and the reviews from womrn have been positive: reduced amount of pain upon waking from surgery vs no pre-surgery pain meds, decreased need to vomit after waking and a smoother/less traumatic/painful recovery in the first 24-48 hours. My pain tolerance is a bit on the low side and I want to be as proactive as possible to mitigate the level of pain I may experience.

I would like to know what these pain meds are, in case I end up with a surgeon who doesnt routinely provide the option to take pain meds before surgery.

I recently started researching for my BA that I hope to have Spring 2016. Thank you in advance!

Posted In Wrong Forum

Posted in the wrong area - sorry!!!

Hello Everyone!

After stalking this website for the past month or so, I am ready to start my own testimonial blog :)

I am a 34 year old Black woman, I weigh between 122lbs-127lbs, I am 5' 1" and currently wear a 34B. My measurements are 34" x 29" x 40". I have been this bra size since I was 15 years old and I am over it. Like some women, I was a late bloomer when it came to being comfortable with my sexuality and dressing sexy. Despite being petite my MO was baggy sweats and long "Little House on the Prairie" sun dresses - basically nothing fitted outside of gym clothes for cheerleader practice. Now that I have comfortably come into my own, I am ready to have breasts that reflect how I see myself instead of the pubescent image the mirror reflects back to me.

I plan on getting my augmentation done in the 1st quarter of 2016. My dress arrives in February 2016 (after a long 10 months of stalking my SYTTD pics) and my wedding is July 2017, so I want to be at least 9 months post-op in January 2017; new boobies will have settled, I will have adjusted to them, I will have an established work out routine and hopefully be in shape/ready for fittings.

I have done so much research on this website and have learned so much from the ladies on here. I am very grateful to all those women who wrote their testimonials/reviews but most grateful for those who post pics with their updates. I vow to be one of those who post pics because I understand how helpful they can be!

My 34B Boobs

500cc Rice Sizer aka 2.5 cups

So I bought some $.99 knee highs, 3 soft mold sports bras in 3 sizes (S, M & L) $5/each and a large bag of generic rice from WalMart.

1. Just buy a sports bra in the current size you wear, don't worry about buying larger sizes - it wont matter for the test and the band will most likely not support the sizers due to the band not being snug against your skin.

2. I made RSs in two different sizes: 2 cups = apprx 400ccs & 2.5 cups = approx 500ccs

3. The pics of me in the small (my normal size) $5 sports bra are with the 500cc sizers in them and that's the size/look I am going for.

Consultations Booked :) Eek! I'm nervous

Hi ladies :)

So excited - got the go ahead to call and get the consultations scheduled :) These are a gift, so had to wait until they were financially ready before I called even though I have known this was coming for a few months now.

I have three consultations scheduled in the upcoming month and a half:

1. Dr. Robert Herbstman
2. Dr. Michael Gartner
3. Dr. Joshua Greenwald

I am interested in hearing any feedback you may have about your experience with any of these Dr.'s.

So far my research on all three has been through and not a blemish outside of very few personal testimonials of dissatisfaction with a procedure, which have been about non-BA procedures almost 100% of the time. Based on research I do have a personal favorite that I am leaning toward but what they say about judging a book on its cover.

I am starting to get nervous, anxious about this. I want what some may consider large implants 550cc-600cc (with further research) and I cannot afford to get this redone in the next 5 years. I have spent countless hours researching BA pros and cons, pictures of implant before and afters, license/board standing checks, ambulatory certification certificates/standings, malpractice law suits, etc. I now Google phrases and words and it autofills or the results have already been clicked on. I'm like a dog with a bone, lol :) Lastly I have spent the last few weeks focused on size and results and I know that I want full, high, with a fold breasts.

Attached are my wish pics :) Thank you to all the RS women out here inspiring women like myself and being so transparent!!!

Wishing those of you post a speed recovery, those with upcoming surgeries - much success!, and to those of us still in the works - continued patience and our belief that our research will lead us to the Right One!


P.S. No one has commented on my posts and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. Please let me know. I have tried requesting they delete my first post that was incorrectly posted, but I have not heard back. Maybe that is it? Ladies please know I will be apart of the community by supporting others and hopefully receive support and feedback in return :) Thanks!

Time is flying....

I hope to get surgery done by mid February at the latest and despite waiting for years for this, wishing and hoping, I am starting to get nervous/anxious. It's the sizing most of all I am concerned about. I want them big enough the first time and my Mom is concerned about the size I want is too big, 500-550ccs. I am sure once I try sizers on, speak to the Dr.'s I will be more confident with my selection - fingers crossed.

Despite my initial post, the pain surprisingly at this moment I am not really worried about because I do know from other surgical experiences, all things can be accomplished with good pain meds and sleep :)

Consult Update:
Dr. Robert Herbstman

So I received their USPS mailed information packet this week.

1. Unfortunately my name was spelled wrong despite them having a record of it via email and me spelling it over the phone.
2. The 2nd page that states "breast enlargement procedure description", was a blank page minus those words and their address at the bottom. No description.

The rest of the packet was helpful and contained the following:
a. Overview of practice and what to expect
b. Breakdown of certifications/what they mean
c. Procedures the Dr performs
d. Registration form
e. Health history
f. HIPPA info
g. Contact info page
h. Financial policy
i. No show policy
j. Referred by/found us how
k. Directions to both offices

Until next time :)

Dr. Joshua Greenwald Consult Review 3/5

So they ask you to arrive 10 mins early and I did that. They are located on the 4th floor at the very end of the hallway. The reception area was beautiful and well appointed. They even have a private, very clean bathroom in the reception area. One of the women behind the desk was kind enough to grab me a cup of water before we headed out. When I called to make the appointment, I did ask them how long to expect to be there and was told 30 mins with the Dr and about 15 mins with the financial adviser.

I was warmly greeted by Kim. She, Barbara and the ladies at the front desk were so warm and friendly. Kim was kind enough to stop by when we were speaking to Barbara to reiterate how great the Dr.'s work is and relay that he is a conservative perfectionist, meaning he will not go huge on implants and what he is willing to do, will be his best work.

Dr. Greenwald Himself:
He came in immediately and introduced himself. He had on a very nice, well tailored suit. He immediately noted how "tiny" I am and proceeded to go into his "facts you should know" spiel.
He kind of came across as a car salesman in the sense of having to repeat the same information I am sure he has said 1000s of times. He came across stoic but not icy. He isnt too warm, just enough to be come across as slightly casual in how he converses with you. What I found most frustrating was him contradicting himself by telling me ccs are up to me but then telling me the max he would go. That was frustrating and left me defeated. I felt even trying to get him to entertain larger 450-500 would be a global waste of my time and his. I think from doing 1000+ BA's he has kind of a "been there, done that" attitude and if I had serious issues, he might have taken more time/consideration. I felt like a Type A case meaning from his viewpoint, my BA would be a no brainer, slam dunk, in and out.

During our consult, he spoke about the following items:
1. he does sub muscular placement
2. will do saline or silicone
3. he does areola or crease implantation
4. ensure I knew what capsular contractor is and the best way to prevent it. he uses a tube to prevent infection (as well as injecting the pocket with the good stuff)
5. he will not provide any drugs outside of what is initially prescribed (he said after day 5 you can move to an OTC pain med)
6. he would not give me any references to speak to ( he feels the patients allowing the pics to be shared as examples is suffice) but if I choose to reach out to a RS member he worked on, that would be on me. as far as his a staff referral, he mentioned the Financial adviser (Barbara did not have a BA with Dr. G tho - I asked her)
7. he does not feel Cosmet surgery is necessary
8. he works with Mentor or Naturelle and keeps 8 implants of each size on hand. so no issue with changing size day of (for me up to 400cc)
9. implants should not be switched out at some predetermined date ( ie 5, 10 or 15 years).
10. he does use a surgical bra post op but no I could not see it or try it on (asked bc I have sensitive skin and who wants to figure that out when you cant move)
11. Stitches - under crease are dissovable but aereloa will need removal
12. Does not believe in Vitamedica or any of those type of pre-surgical vit regiments
13. Bottoming out - he said happened to him 1x and if it happens, it happens (no commentary on preventive measures)
14. does believe in scar cream (will provide) and silicone sheets

I wish he would have allowed me to ask him the questions bc some that were of concern to me he skipped over:

o Who will I speak to with any questions or concerns?
? Turnaround time for answers? Can be highly stressful recovery.
o How many appointments are included in the cost?
o What is the typical schedule for post-op appointments? How many are needed/required?
o Who are the post ops with?
? If you delegate it to someone else on your staff, why?
? If not, do you do drive by visits? Meaning your staff member does the work (removing bandages, applying medicine, etc.) and then you just come in to oversee progress and leave within 5 mins or so?
? Will I see you personally for each and every visit? How much time on average for the post ops will you be spending with me?
• Measurement of chest?
• Virtual outcome pics available?
o Do you think they are reliable and accurate?
• If so, do you have examples of virtual compared to post 6 months or more result pics?
• Will you ‘dimensionaly size' me to determine the maximum size implant that my anatomy will tolerate without complications?

Then he asked me what bra size I am and what bra size I want to be. When I told him DD he was like that is too big and I wont do that. He said a moderate C or small D is what he prefers. After seeing my boobs, the max he said he would go for me is 400ccs and that might change to smaller once he puts the sizers in during surgery. At first, he said it is up to me on size as I am the one who will have them. Then based on what I said I wanted size wise, he started showing me pics he selected of women with results he thought were similar. Out of 15 B&A pics, only about 2 had the size I wanted. He said those women were around 350-375ccs. The sizing aspect (lasted 2 mins at best) consisted of the Dr. holding a 350cc tear dropped shaped sizer against my naked right breast and asking me what I thought. No mirror to look at, no bra to put it into, no shirt to put on. Just look down at it and let me know. I told him I was unsure because I am only looking down at it and its laying on top of my boob. He did say I am a good candidate for MP+ or HP, just depended on how fake I want to look. Obviously HP being the fakest look. He said most women come to him and want the natural look and I told him right away I am looking for 50/50 natural/augmented. Upon request, I was able to hold a silicone implant for the first time to see how it feels (very soft).

I came here specifically with the intention of seeing it (its across the hall) and the Dr said there is a video on the website to see it and they are doing surgery in there. If I recall correctly, there are 4 operating tables and 12 recovery beds. For all that, I could have visited the Manhattan office and gotten the same consult to avoid all that toll and gas.

All in all I probably spent about 20 mins with him and about 10 mins with finance. I felt rushed and left the appointment disappointed and a bit discouraged. His work is beautiful and speaks for itself. IMHO, if you are interested in a more natural, reserved look with a Dr who is a perfectionist - he may be the one for you!

Supply Shopping & Not Feeling Hopeful...

So been keeping busy inbetween consultations by getting supplies. I think I have everything I need minus a zip up bra for those post op boobs :)

Since my 1st consult, I have been feeling down and worrying my wish boobs are not going to happen. I am currently weighing less then I normally would (work has been super busy) and I feel my decreased weight is going to give the impression to Dr.'s that my body wont look good with larger boobs. I am the type when I get stressed or really busy, meals fall to the way side.

I have always said there is a very large woman waiting to bust out of me and that I work soely I can afford to eat :) I really LOVE FOOD!!!! lol

My Mom and fiance are both being encouraging and telling me not to worry, I will get what I want. Its only been one consult so far. Just feeling defeated...

Frustrated with timing...

Consult for today was cancelled as Dr. was called into an ER. I know that cant be helped and if I was the ER patient, I would want my Dr to show up for me :)

I have a bunch of shit going on right now with looking for a new job, saving for a wedding, planning/attending my bacherlorette party in a couple of months and trying to get this done. Because I live in the Tri-State I just wasted money on tolls and gas to drive into work so I can drive to northern NJ for no reason.

The appointments with the Dr.'s I have reached out to are far and few inbetween which is a good sign but frustrating to me when I have timeline I am trying to work with. I am increasingly feeling like getting my surgery done in Feb 2016 is not going to happen unless I go to a hack job Dr. who is very much available (I know of one whose office keeps calling me).

My Post-Op Boobie Supplies :)

1. Over sized bed pillow 20" x 130" - Will be sleeping in our single person recliner for the first few days or so. This pillow is for when I transfer back into the bed. I am a tummy and side sleeper so I need this to help embrace me on the sides to keep me on my back or provide cushion if I lean over a wee bit :)
2. 2 Long long sleeved button down flannel night shirts
3. Plastic navel ring replacement
4. Bathing wipes- I know, way too many but couldn't find a small pack locally or worth the price online - bulk was cheaper. So will add to our post Zombie Apocalypse stash ;)
5. Dulcolax - Will be taking, don't want to be stuffed up.
6. Arnica Cold Gel - I bruise easy, will be using!
7. Mepitac Silicone tape - has great reviews on Amazon compared to other popular tapes
8. (3) 6" x 7" Ice Packs - Was going to use frozen peas but I recall the last time I had to do that when I had a airbag burn and I ended up with mushy bags of peas :( The texture is a bit off putting and doesn't freeze right again. So will be having the Fiance buy a couple bags of corn just in case - more is better :)
9. Bio Oil 6.7oz - For my stretch marks. I have some on my booty and thighs, so I know what to expect.
10. Vitamin E-Enhance - Also includes organic rice barn, organic avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, organic lavender oil, organic palmarosa essential oil; for my incisions
11. Champion High Support Sports Bras - Small $9 & M $9
12. Nippies Skin - (color: Dark) My PS told me he doesn't give surgical bras (YIPPIE!!!) so I got these for when I have to be in public while the girls ride high for a bit, lol One thing I know about the folks who market colors (nude or dark) they are never what they say they are. Women who have skin more ebony then mine, please see my pic above for reference :)
13. Hibiclens Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser
14. 2 Piece Button Down Flannel PJ Set - Having surgery in the winter so wanted to arrive in something warm and easy to change into afterward.

Debating whether to get Vitamedica. First PS I spoke to was so dismissive of it has me pausing. Any ladies have any word on whether or not you feel certain vitamin regiments or specific vits helped you more than others?

My Itty Bitty Titty Committee Membership Disqualification Countdown Begins - YAASSSS!

I am very excited and a little nervous now that my surgery has been booked :)

I plan to do an in depth review on my PS soon but here is a quick recap. I just want to say that it was a 180* difference from my first consult. He immediately had an open and friendly demeanor, noticed I was a bit cautious/reserved and made a few jokes to put me at ease and had me laughing easily. He was thorough in his explanation of what to expect, what he provides and was completely open to my questions. I barely had any questions because he was so informative. I really enjoyed conversing with him and got that feeling I like to get from my doctors/surgeons; open, honest, safe, trustworthy. I did sizing in front of a full length mirror and asked for his assistant to not tell me the ccs so I would not be bias. I unknowingly fell for 475ccs :) WOOHOO!!!! They looked amazing in the tight sports bra and fitted tank top they gave me to try on with the sizers! But.... my PS stated that I will most likely end up with 400ccs. He doesn't think he will be able to get more in there but he will try with the surgery sizers to see what I can really accommodate. We agreed upon moderate profile plus, though I am wondering if he can/will give me HPs to get to those wish numbers. He stated I will have the side boob I desire, no problem.

I have already completed all my pre-op requirements and will be filling my Rx tomorrow. I think I have everything I need, so I am keeping busy by looking at all the 400cc, 450cc and 475cc pics I can of women with similar starting stats so I can try to envision my outcome and accept that being safe (400cc) is more important then boob greed (475cc) - LOL

9 Days To Go

I am getting more excited as each day passes:)

So yesterday PS said no to Vitamedica regiment, says causing more bleeding. Cautioned me against chaging to HP (I do love the side boobage of MP+) Also it's a no go with 500ccs (wont fit) tho PS will try for 475ccs :( makes me think that 400cc is very likey the max I will end up with, unfortunately :(

Trying to stay grateful and optimistic on these results. So far I have seen only one 400cc MP+ after pics that look like my wish boobs. And I have researched the hell out of some B&A pics, lol

Saying bye to my beautiful 34B bras :(

I worked really hard in the past two years to step my bra game up. I was buying inexpensive bras and wearing them well past their expiration date. So I did a major haul at a VS semiannual sale and got so many pretty colors and designs :) I even set up my bra drawer like they do at VS, lol

Now I will donate my 34Bs in a couple weeks because I don't know anyone my bra size to gift them too. Some still have tags :( Oy!

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Before I put a pic of the shipping box (not very helpful) so adding the write up insert and actual pic of it (needs 24 hours to fully fluff) since I unboxed it a couple hours ago :)

Danskin High Performance Sports Bras

While I like the two zip sport bras I got couple weeks ago, I am not sure they will be supportive and if the band was sitting low enough (my incesion will be in the crease).

So many women give props to the Danskin line, I went on the hunt. I was only able to find a 36C & 36D (no 34s) but I made to try them on before purchase and they fit snug in the band without being overly tight. Love that the bottom of th zipper has extra fabric around it so it's never against your skin and it's hidden away :)

They had some very colorful options but none in my size, so my only choice was basic black with neon trim.

In the pic I am wearing the 36D and its the one I hope to fill out the most! Would love to return the 36C but we shall see.

Woke Up Giddy & Excited :)

So I woke up today excited! I felt like a kid on Christmas despite surgery being 2 more days away lol If I could can these emotions for this time on Fri thru next week, that would be awesome cause I am sure I am going to need it. I can't express how excited I am.

Yesterday I went to Hallmark to get V Day cards for Mom and Fiancé and while looking at the gift section came across a 'Ring For Boobies' bell :D Omg I HAD to buy it. Brought it home and fiancé cracked up and said he had actually thought about getting me a bell - love him. He mentioned yesterday the closer we get to surgery, the worse I describe my current boobs; non-existent, can't even see them, what boobs, small ant hills, etc. LMAO! We are having fun with this ;)

So I will be off from Thursday-Wednesday, 7 days. Mom and fiancé will be taking care of me, fortunately. Mom taking first shift Thurs-Mon and fiancé Tues. Granted there will be crossover support as both are off on Thurs, Sat, Sun and Mon. Depending on how I feel, my MIL may come over on Wed. I hope to be able to return to work on Thurs as planned.

I know my biggest struggle will be staying put and not doing anything for 3 weeks :-/ Had ER surgery couple years ago that required 4-6 weeks bed rest and on day 3 post surgery I was caught sweeping the floors and was verbally reprimanded by my fiancé and MIL. It's annoying when the patient won't listen aka me.

Ring Fir Boobies Bell

$14 at Hallmark - LOL

1 More DAY!!!

Not sure why the countdown says today is the day :(


Day 1 Post Op

Hey ladies. Right is really uncomfortable, so will be short. Ended up with 425cc moderate plus :) Excellent surgical staff (Heather, Primary Nurse - Theresa - 2nd Nurse & Donna? - Anesthesiologist and of course my warm bedside manner PS Dr. Michael Gartner), facility was great. Been up most of past 24 hours due to pain med regiment (every 3-4 hours), did get very nauseous with hot and cold sweats when taking antibiotics and oxy too close together. 24hr ace bandage came off at 2am - right was screaming and shooting pain down arm, not fun at all. Mom has been taking pics, will update with those later.

All my Feb 11th sisters - will we get through this together :) Hope you are all OK!

Day 1 Pics

Few more Day 1 Post Op Pics

The bloat is real ladies :) Thanks to my Mom for taking all these pics for me.

Surgery Summary

So I slept about 2hrs the night of surgery. Was up around 3:30am and did some last minute preparations and laid around watching the news. Mom came by at 5am, braided my hair for me. Finally we left at 6:40am and got to the office at 7:30am. Chilled out in the car until 8am (scheduled arrival time) and then went in. Greeted by my primary nurse Heather. She had me change and put my stuff in a locker. Said bye to my 34B bra for the last time :) Took my weight and height (down to 118lbs) then led me in to do final paperwork, pee test and put my IV in. I am a bit of a needle phob but Heather and I had such a great connection, it all went seamlessly. She gave me my first round of antibiotics through the IV and it did make me a little light buzzed for a few mins. Before the IV though Dr Gartner came in, went over all we discussed at the consult. He then marked me up and took his before pics. Asked if I had any questions, just asked for the most he could do. He reassured me he would and that he had all the sizes on hand, so it wouldn't be any issues with putting the max in there once he figured it out with the sizes. The anesthesiologist was running a few mins late but when she came she was so gracious and friendly. Heather said she is the best one they have come in. They had me walk to the surgery room (9:05am, scheduled 9am) and lay down. Bed was nice and heated. I felt the leg compressions go on and next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery bed. I woke smiling and a little chatty. The ladies kept saying how sweet I was :) I thanked them many times for all they did for me. They brought my Mom and fiancè back for a few moments to say Hi. They brought me some gorgeous pink roses :) They had to shoo them out so they could bring in the next patient which required a cloth divider, the kind you see in hospitals from the ceiling they pull around. I could hear the young lady next to me being prepped and poor thing was so nervous. I told her through the curtain to not worry and how awesome everyone is. I hope that helped her. Anyway my recovery nurse Theresa, told me she would be with me the entire time and to take my time recovering. If I wanted to sleep more I could but I didn't want to. She gave me nice sips of some refreshing apple juice and allowed me to sit up as laying down gave me lots of pressure. I was in no pain, just felt tight and pressure. In about 15 mins I felt ready to go, so Theresa told my fiance to drive his truck around while she got me dressed. She liked my soft flannel button down PJs and they were so easy to get on post op, thankfully. She wheeled me out and helped me get in the truck. I made sure to bring a long body pillow with me to hold to my chest during the ride home, about an hour. That went by in a flash with no pain. About 8pm Dr Gartner personally called to check on me, so wonderful.
So as far as my PS, his facility and staff are concerned - just amazing and would choose them again without any hesitation!!! :-D

Tonight's Dinner

I am very fortunate to have a fiance who is a talented and loving Chef. Woke up from a nap about 20 mins ago to this in my lap. Love him so much!

Post Op Day 2 Pics

6 Days Post Op

Hello Real Self Ladies,

OVERALL: I feel so much better today. I was able to take a shower by myself for the first time since surgery. This has felt like such a victory! I am also now able to pull my panties on and wipe myself.
Before today I could not flex enough to do those things. I also think weening myself off the Oxy is helping my energy levels and to feel better overall. I am still easily tired from doing simple things. So I am not returning to work tomorrow as planned but waiting until next Mon. My family has been so supportive and making sure I dont do anything I shouldnt.

PAIN: Recognizing pain vs pressure is a bit of balance at first. Yesterday I started feeling just pressure/tightness vs actual pain. So I went from Oxy every few hours to taking it once before bed last night and taking none throughout the day today. My PS office called yesterday and told me that I wanted to transition to taking Tylenol Extra Strength I could. So far dont need to :)

SLEEP: First time since surgery I slept for 6+ hour straight last night :) Before yesterday, I was beholden to my every 4 hours to take the Oxy alarms. The Oxy helped make me feel sleepy so in between doses, I mainly slept which is great for healing. I really didnt have any energy to do anything other then sleep. My U shaped pregnancy body pillow has been a LIFE SAVER! I have no idea what I would have done without it. I have been sleeping every night in our single person recliner and it has kept me elevated when needed and prevented me from putting pressure on my sides when I sleep. I did use a couple throw pillows to prop up my back when I wasnt sleeping. After my solo shower today, I knocked out for 4 hours. You would have thought I had run a marathon how tired I was. I am able to recliner father without feeling pain, so will try to get back into the bed tonight with fiance's help - our bed is high, the kind you climb into so will be using a step stool as well and propped up pillows.

EATING/DRINKING: Didn't have much of an appetite the first few days. Soup and oatmeal held me down with some grapes in between. Yesterday I had a BLT and chips (yum!). Hope to eat a real meal tonight now that my appetite is back. Making sure to stay hydrated with lots of water. For the few times I have been nauseous ginger ale and crackers have been my solace. Fiance is stopping by the store tonight so getting some more fruits and veggies in soon.

BOOBS: They are slowing coming away from my collar bone :) I am able to very softly push in on the top of my implants. They are still pretty numb at the bottom but slowing regaining feeling. I am able to keep my arms to my sides now as before it was painful to feel that pressure. I dont feel they are far out on the sides by any means I just think any type of pressure was really uncomfortable. I put my Arnica gel on my bruises once a day. I put the Bio Oil (smells so good!) on twice a day and really make sure to rub it in so it is absorbed. So far, no stretch marks but we shall see :) I have started to get those well known zingers - those are not fun :( The pain is so sharp and sudden, it really catches you off guard. Sometimes its for a moment, other times it has lasted a few minutes and I have cursed a few times, lol #SOB My nipples yesterday were super sensitive/tender almost painful. Today they dont feel bad but I guess as they gain sensation, anything rubbing against them doesn't feel good. So trying to be mindful of my PJs staying in place and not creating to much friction. I will post some pics later today or tomorrow of my progress. I had planned on doing it everyday but I have been too tired to participate in that.

How are you ladies doing?

1st Post Op Apppintment - Mixed Bag :-/

Saw Dr Garntner last night for my first post op. For some reason I thought it was on Friday, not Thursday. Anyway he said I am still really swollen. I thought it was just the implants, not swelling :( Not that I am in love with the volume or look. I refuse to fall into that trap; I see some women fall in love with early results and then are later disappointed once they settle.
I feel almost 100% back to myself minus the fact I get winded standing for too long or being too active. He said I need to work on taking 15-20 deep breaths every hour when I am awake to ensure I am getting enough air. He said it can be attributed to the swelling and pressure on my chest.
Then he removed the medical tape from my incisions. I must admit the day before when I added my Arnica gel I felt a little sting under my left breast near the medical tape. Well that side didn't seal seamlessly. I have some exposed wound on that side :( The right one sealed so much better and only has a tiny spot of exposed wound. I am really disappointed as I wanted seamless looking incisions I have seen on other Dr. Gartner patients. It's going to look crazy on the right :(
Luckily the pre-op antibacterial wash I bought is medical grade and can be used to clean wounds. So this AM I washed the incisions, cut up some sterile gauze, put on some Neosporin Xtra Strength gel to the wounds and secured the gauze with waterproof/flex medical tape.
Last night before bed, I started worrying about hematomas from his concern with my swelling. I know irrational :( I tried adjusting myself with my right arm in bed and got a sharp ass pain. So then I thought my right boob was swelling up because it ached for at least 20 mins and I was trying to ice them down. So I jumped out of bed to check mirror and of course the both looked the same. His concern about the swelling is making me a lil paranoid.
He also said that I will most likely need to wear the dreaded band when I come back for my next appt. He said I don't have a lot of skin between my crease and chest so they will need help to settle downward.
So I have to go back next week instead of in two weeks due to the swelling. He didn't seem overly concerned about the swelling or the incisions. He was most concerned about the breathing.
I really enjoy my interactions with Dr. Gartner and he left me feeling like all is OK. I appreciate his need for me to come in sooner. He makes me feel like he cares, you know?
All in all the appointment took about 5-8 mins and was with HIM, not someone else on his staff :)

Increased Brusing?!?

Reached out today via email to let PS know I have noticed increased bruising on my left boob. Both Mom & Fiancè think its OK but I want to be safe then sorry. It hasn't enlarged my boob nor causes any pain, its actually numb where the bruises are. So I don't think hematoma but I am no expert. Just worrisome.... :(
Any other ladies notice this around 10 days post op?

Right incision is bleeding...

Woke up-to dried blood on my bandage. Took off and incision is slowly bleeding. Scared and nervous :( Waiting to hear back from PS office. They asked I send in pics, did. He is in with patient right now...

Bruising/Blood Pooling Pica

Adding these so I can monitor if it is getting better over the next week.

Reading is scary on this site and I have read things that have said some PS say if you don't drain the blood, greater risk for CC and infection due to leaking. Should not have read up on this before going to be but my Mom asked I research and see what I find about it on here :(

I am making sure to clean my hands with my medical grade antibacterial cleanser before handling my incisions bandages.


Damn phone, here are rest of pics I took tonight.

How do you think it looks ladies? :/

I will say it looks worse then when I first came home but as my PS stated this is due to gravity bringing it all down and pooling together.

22 Days Post Op Update

Hey RS Ladies,

Sorry for being MIA!

As I mentioned before, I went back to work 22nd-26th and it was too soon, too much. Unfortunately I was not in a position to not return as it was my last week there and I needed to get stuff ready for my replacement. After the bleed through on the 24th, I stayed home from work and let my boss know what happened (not that I had BA surgery tho). So the last two days I did very little with his full support. I did have a good bye send off with my co-workers that Friday which was great but being known as a huger was hard, cause everyone wanted one and I had to make sure no one squeezed me too hard or too close. Admittedly by the end of the night I was sore and had to take an oxy. That was also the last day that I had old blood leakage. I didnt leak all day until I went to bed around 10pm and it leaked a lot, to the point it soaked through the bandage and through my night shirt, even got on my top sheet as I was laying on my back. It wasn't a lot of blood I just think it came out very quickly.

Since the 27th I have done my best to just lay up and rest. My Mom had her housekeeper come to my home on Wed to deep clean my home as gift to me since I was obsessing on how dirty it is and wanting to clean up. Fiance has been really good about cooking and taking care of our two large dogs. I feel so much better this week and more like my old self. I was able to go and get my hair and my nails done :) My mobility is great! I am finally able to stand up straight when walking (instead of hunched over toward my belly) and even started laying on my side a bit when sleeping. I still sleep with my U pregnancy pillow and it helps support my sides. I can also put my hands on top of my head but haven't been able to flex my arms enough to successfully shave all the hair under my arms #longsleevelife lol

Now that all the swelling has gone down, I started to feel like they are looking pretty small. So I stopped off at VS this week just to see where I was falling into bra wise. Happy to say that 34/36D lined, no push up demi was fitting so nicely! I almost melted in the dressing room, they felt so soft and comfy. It was such a great feeling to pass up the B cups and have a larger size cup in my hand for the first time every!!! I tried 34/36C and the cup was too tight, not comfy :) The lady at VS told me that I might be a full C once I drop and fluff but I pray that is not the case. All this money and recovery to go up one bra size was/is NOT the goal :( Mind you she didn't size me as I wasn't comfy with her to looking at me with my medical gauze and tape on. She just made the comment based on what I told her.

Today I had my 3rd post op appointment with Dr. Gartner. He said everything looks great :) My scars are healing up nicely and bruising is subsiding. The numbness and sensitivity I feel could go on for sometime he said due to the amount of stretch my skin and nerves are enduring but nothing abnormal or to be worried about. He showed me a few messages he wants me to do as I am still riding a bit high - he reminded me again that he put the most he could in there, hence the high riding :) He wants me to concentrate on the downward messages vs the others and I need to do them at least 3x a day, for 5 mins for the next year and after that 1x day after that. He would like for me to continue to go braless. If I want to exercise I can but I need to make sure to have a sports bra on. If I need to wear a bra for work or something, to only do so for a few hours at the most. I have these fitted camis with a built in, no lining boob shelf I got from Ann Taylor that I have been using when I am out and they have been working great under shirts. The inner shelf band thankfully rides low and not right under my crease where the scars are. I will also use them in conjunction with my nipple covers once I start my new job on Monday. Lastly, I got THE BAND and he showed me how to wear it low in the back and high on top of the boobs in the front. I need to wear it 24/7 to help push them down and get this crease going. Due to how high it sits, I will be wearing lots of sweaters/turtlenecks at work - thankful its still cold here (so glad I got my surgery in the winter vs spring/summer). I am also all clear to start wearing my silicone strips, he recommends and believes in them. So when I got home I put them on right away. He said I can also alternate with scar gel/cream like Mederma or put it on and then put the strips on top. First time out, I just put the strips on. I already have Mederma in the house and have used it for a eyebrow wax scar and it has been working great, so will be using on the incisions too. I go back to see him in a month :) Before I left, I made sure to grab an extra strap just so I can alternate and hand wash the other one when dirty.

The boobs are feeling softer and are more mobile. By no means can I jump up and down but when I manipulate them with my hands they move pretty well. I know with time they are just going to get softer and more jiggly :)

Attached are some progress pics from this week: VS 34/36D bra pics, silicone strips on the boobs, lying on my side and me in/out of my blue night shirt :)

Happy healing ladies! Hope my 2/11/16 gals are doing well :)

The Itchy Band

So I had to go a whole 24hrs this week without the band bc it was itchy like crazy and my poor boobies were so tender to the touch of the bottom and sides. I am at my first week at a new job and constantly scratching my chest, as discreetly as I could, has been embarrassing and frustrating.

So last night I decided to go to the band by using the extra one I got from Dr. Gardner's office. So far, no itchies which makes me wonder: is the other band just dirty or does it become irritating the longer you use it because it starts breaking down (elasticity )?

Any ladies with a similar experience?
Amy ladies wash their band? If so, how often? Hand wash or machine?

I has always planned on hand washing mine in Woolite over the weekend but curious to know if this will make the band useless or not.

Since I have 4 more weeks of band time, I think I need to stop by and get 4 more bands and swap them out each week. I have sensitive skin and had a feeling something like this might happen.

Confession: I wore my Danskin sports bra all day at work yesterday and loved it :) Today I wearing my strap plus my sports bra which is helping that weird and tight feeling I get inbetween my boobs where the skin is kinda lifted as it stretches the bottom of my pockets. Does anyone else wear both? If so, is the strap over or under your bra?

Wearing it now I am today, I must admit I like that I have downward and sideways compression! My cleavage gap is still wide and that was to be expexted; not all cleavage is brought closer with implants and Dr. Gartner made sure I understood the natural slope he was working with, not against. I am sure Dr. Gartner would not approve if he knew I was in a compression sports bra w/ the strap but it's just for today ;)

Anyone else rebelling out there? How are you ladies doing

Drop It Like It's Hot :) - 5 Weeks Post Op

Morning RS Ladies :)

It's been another interesting week of recovery...

The Band: Turns out I am allergic to whatever it is made out of. No amount of washing doubling up on undershirts was going to change. I initially I thought it was just overtime it became more itchy so the solution would be to wear a new one each week. PA office said they are $14 each if I wanted extra but suggested I try switching to an ace bandage first. Problem solved :) As I mentioned in my early posts I have very sensitive skin and I kinda knew in the back of my head it was an allergy thing but I really didn't want to give up bc I need my girls to drop. Silly me never even considered and ace bandage. Fiancè believes there is latex in it and that's what made me itch like crazy.

Boobs & Post Op Appt #4?: So this past weekend I started noticing on my left side that I could feel the implant at the bottom of my boob, above the incision. On Sun I helped my Mom carry a few things, nothing substantial heavy, in and out of her home. At the end of today I was kinda hunched over and boobies felt a bit sore so I decided to ice them down for a bit. That night after watching TWD on AMC, my left boob starts hurting. So I try rubbing it, massaging it and it's only getting worse. Next thing I know, my implant feels like that woman in Aliens when the alien ita trying to emerge from her tummy - feels like the implant is doing somersaults in my boob. HOLY SHIT THIAS HURTS LIKE A MF'ER!!!! I swore it was trying to rotate in the small pocket I used to call my B cup boobs. It felt like it was lifting on one side and all I was trying to so it was massage OT back down into place. I was shaking with pain and trying to hold my boob still in my hands. This goes on and off for about an hour - I need to go to bed for work on Mon. I get in, fiancè is already knocked out and I am trying to get comfy and nothing is working :'( I start Googling with my right hand and of course come across all kinda of possible symptoms which keeps me up. I finally fall out around 12am to awake to my fiancè getting ready around 3:30am. Pain starts up again and fiancè is like please take something. So he gives me some Extra Strength Tylenol. I go back to holding my boob and back on Google. Around 5am it starts kicking in but I am not sleepy so I just keep researching until it's time for work. Happens again Mon night, so fiancè gives a half dose of his muscle relaxer bc Tylenol wouldn't cut it and I am EXHAUSTED with 4 hours of sleep. So I notice that the coolness in our bedroom is causing me to shiver making the alien boob pain worse. So I turned on my mattress pad to warm up. That helps. Then the muscle relaxer kicks in and knocks me out. Perfect! So Tues morning I reach out to Dr. Gartner's office to make an appointment bc I am nervous this keeps happening. Got an appt next morning on Wed. I also take stock in my actions and realize what has changed is I am carrying a new large handbag to work each day compared to the past month I have been carrying a very small handbag, limiting the weight aka amount of crap inside. Out of habit I carry my handbag on the left, so on Tues I switched to the right. Tues night, now the right boob starts with the pain. Light bulb goes off - it's my handbag! So pop another half of muscle relaxer, preheat the bed, massage a lil and go to sleep.

At the appointment the next morning I run into Heather, my fabulous primary nurse during surgery and give her a big old hug. Felt like running into an old friend and I am not easily attached to folks after one time of meeting :D anyway, I see Dr. Gartner and tell him what has been going on and how I think my handbag is the culprit. I did weigh it that morning and it was a little over 7lbs :/ He thinks it's MUSCLE SPASMS and I totally agree. My muscle are being worked for the first time since surgery and it's to be expected. He said I can take an OTC to help and to keep up with my massages. He did say that the girls look good and they are starting to drop. He asked that I thought so far and I told him I think they look great. My left one has to catch up a bit but he reminded me that my left boob was already a little higher then my right, so it will always look a bit higher when I compare them and it's normal to feel the bag in the left as I had less breast tissue in that one. If I want them to stay where they are he said, I can wear a bra but if I want more of a full bottom in my boobs to keep banding - I'm gonna keep banding :) Next appointment is in two mo the where I will be 3 months post op. I will likely go see him before that bc I don't plan to band that that whole time and once the girls look like they have filled the bottm completely, I want him to co-sign to me stopping the banding :)

So all is good over here. Have on ace bandage now and its super comfy. I do wear the 36D sports bra to sleep in to provide comfort and support and will be getting my sleep bra soon :)

Until next week, happy healing ladies :)

Measurement Fun & NightLift Order :)

So my fiance is ready to get my sleep bras from NightLift, especially now that I am wearing a sports bra to bed now. I really do like my Danskin 36D bra but as my boobies have begun to fill out the bottom, I was unsure if it was a good fit. Last night I tried back on the Danskin 36C sports bra I have been holding onto (purchased pre-op cause I wasn't sure of the size) and it felt too tight. So today I measured my boobs (a few times to be sure) and came up with:

31" BAND +
38" BUST =

32DDD aka 34DD aka 30F

***HOLY MOLEY*** !!!WOWZERS!!! #WellDamn :-D

Ok now that I got that out of my system, LOL, I am pleasantly surprised but know things can and most likely will change. Nonetheless, I went ahead and ordered two 34DD as 32DDD is out of stock until April. Per their website, it can take up to 7 days for them to ship the bras and another 7 days to receive them. Per the website, you have 30 days from the first day of shipping to return them. So really you have about 21-24 days to test them out and you do have to pay for insured shipping when returning the bras in order to get a full refund. Fingers crossed this sizing works out, for now :)

Lastly, just wanted to share that I went out with brunch with two of my friends and they both said that my boobies looked "big" and "large" for my frame/body. This is the first time they have seen them in person. I was wearing the cami from my last post under a long sleeve flannel button down. It wasn't until they took a pic of me that I saw what they saw - WOW the girls look how I had hoped they would. Its so crazy that when they are on you all day every day, you don't really see them how others do :)

Lastly, I figured out this week that I have one thumb width for cleavage :) Another awesome and totally unsuspected surprise as they tell you the implants don't/won't give you cleavage. Before BA my boobs had highway of space between them :-/ LOL

All I can say is today was a good day :-D

Happy healing ladies :) Going to go check out your profiles now, hope everyone is doing well!

Nightlife Bra Review | 34DD

They have a very nice website that is easy to navigate. Able to choose credit card/debt card or Paypal for payment methods.

DELIVERY: Arrived in 5 days. I am impressed! Believe they had free express shipping.

PACKAGING: Came in a well sealed cardboard box that makes you wonder how the bras are situated in there. Then when you open it up, there is an interior white box that has pink tissue paper wrapped around the bras. The bras are packed in a nice grade packing plastic, not the cheap and loud crinkly kind and able to cut open with scissors.

BRA: I was initially taken a back when I saw the size of the cups. I kept thinking, "this isn't going to fit." It is beautiful and very sexy. It feels like you have on some type of edgy lingerie bra :) The closure area is nice, easy to close/open, wide and has 3 positions to fit; I started with the farthest and left it there. My boobs immediately felt supported and I felt it holding in at my crease/incision area. The reinforcement stitching at the bottom of the cup was very strong. When sitting up, I felt that the boob area had a little room on the side of the cup. I was very impressed that I had no room or gaping at the top of the cup. That used to be my life and this is my first real type of "bra", so I am so happy about that! The double straps took me a second to understand how to get them up in which order, but straight out of the packaging the where holding up well.

SLEEPING: So when I laid down, I felt the sides of the cup where I felt that bit of room fill up, makes sense. I felt supported when on my back and also when laying on my side. I didn't feel the armpit area filling up as before when I slept with no bra. When I figured out that I could hook the straps together, I felt even more support but almost too much when standing (didn't sleep with them strapped together though). I also noticed the straps where not tight when laying down on my back, it felt as if the cup was doing all the work with no issues. When on my side, I felt my boobs cocooned :) I spent about 16 hours in it as I was a bum today and just stayed in bed re-watching Game of Thrones, lol

OVERALL: Both fiance and I enjoy the way it looks! It's just really sexy :D I think I want to try a 32DDD to see if there is a bit more room as my boobies feel a bit wide with side boob, which I love of course :), and need cushion. They look just as great in person as they do online and I feel like so far it feels worth the price $98/each. This bra is made with quality workmanship and is comfortable to wear. Feels so much better then sleeping in my too small sports bra. I am very happy to make the change. I plan to intermix them about every 3-4 days per their instruction to regularly give them a break. Going to hand wash with Woolite and hang dry as instructed. Also says to never fold the cups within themselves, so will store them as I did my 34B collection ;) lol

I do recommend thus far :) I am looking forward to more supportive nights!!! Great investment.

NightLift Bra 34DD Review Above

Just adding so if anyone is searching, it comes up since the other title has an 'e' on the end :[

I <3 Boobies :)

Evening RS Beauties,

Its been 51 days since my surgery and I am loving them more and more every day. The get softer and softer as time passes, just like I read so many other women say - lol : - D I am so excited to be hitting the 2 month mark soon and seeing how they continue to drop n fluff. My right seems to be fluffing quicker than my left but I am working on it with massages. So much more fullness towards the bottom of my boob!!! They do feel sore often (I walk a lot to and from work + I'm bit of a speed walker + I walk hard when I am pounding the pavement = boobs bounce a bit for long periods of time) and I just massage them or ice them as often as I can. I feel like I touch my boobs so much now to massage them and keep my pockets loose/open. They have become so jiggly and when I do jiggle them, I feel less and less stiffness/resistance under the muscle. My scars are doing great as well. I keep changing my tape every 2-3 days and apply Mederma before applying new tape.

Went to Wally World today and got some Hanes Get Cozy Racerback Pullover Bras for about $8/each. Got about 10 of them in different colors and patterns. Tried on a Medium and it fit perfectly :) When you initially open it up it looks way to small but the soft spandex accommodates quite well without feeling tight. The color assortment was great which is why I got so many. My boobs feel so comfy and softly held. They will be my everyday lounge bra due to being un-wired. Still doing my best to braless as much as possible per PS request. I am still have a few days over a month until my next check-in - the 3 month mark, so want to do all I can to maintain healthy results.

The size perception still gets me at times. I normally feel like they are small but larger then what I had. Not boob greed per se but just they don't feel as big as they look in pics to me. The downside of wearing them all day I guess, lol I do like the way I look in certain things I haven't worn since surgery and I can't wait to see how my summer dresses are going to look.

I will say I did feel big today while at WW. I saw some cute patterned bikinis and thought, let's see what size I can get into. So I got about 6 different tops in L and went to the dressing room... not a single one fit and each had padding in them. Pre BA, I could have picked up a Small w/o even needing to try it on and it would have fit perfect. It was so weird trying to get my boobs to fit the cups, the padding felt so weird and ill placed. By top #3 I was like this is helpless and not working. I got to #4 and gave up. Fiance says that obviously I had a hard time, I need to go to a place with a different variety and quality of bikinis to figure out the kind of top I need. Le sigh, he is right. I have my Bacherlorette coming up next month and new swimsuits are on the need list. All my tops are too small with either wire cups, padding or not enough coverage. Knowing that finding swim tops and bras can be difficult for larger sized boobs, I am keeping my fingers crossed ;) Careful what one asks for...

Wishing you continued healing and positive results :) One day at a time!


P.S. Signed up for Adore Me VIP membership this week and got the pink bralette set Quinn in M top and S cheeky panty. Both fit PERFECTLY! I had to treat myself to one thing after hitting the 45 day mark :) Feels so soft and is super cute, right out the box. Fiance approved ;-) Looking forward to more purchases.

CONSULT REVIEW: Dr. Michael Gartner - Paramus, NJ (My BA Surgeon)

This office is located right off of Rt 17 and in a small business office complex which appears to be comprised of private Dr offices. My Mom & I arrived on time and we were warmly greeted by one of the front desk receptionist, Paula. I had worked with Paula on scheduling a time to have a consultation via email and on the phone. Paula was professional and pleasant in all of our exchanges. The reception area is on the 2nd floor of Dr. Gartner's private medical office. The first floor contains the onsite surgical suite. On the 2nd floor is a beautiful waiting area with neo-classic decor. It was warm and welcoming. They have a nice self serve coffee and water station and a very nice single person bathroom. We only needed to wait a few moments before we were brought back to one of the consultation rooms. The consultation rooms all have a consultant medical chair, a guest chair, full length mirror, a nicely folded, very soft and plush robes and the normal, atypical trappings of a medical room. Everything was clean, spotless really and it smelled nice in there. My Mom was quite comfy in the guest chair.

Vicki is the coordinator for Dr. Gartner and she is great to work with. Friendly, personable and helpful. She came into the room shortly after my Q&A session with Dr. Gartner. After Dr. Gartner assessed what I looked like at a size 34B, she was the one to help me choose which size implants I wanted. So after we concluded the consultation, they took us to Vicki's office to discuss pricing and any financial questions. We had a few mins to consult and I told my Mom he was the one and we agreed to get it scheduled asap considering I had resigned from my job and thus would be starting a new job soon, plus I had my Bacherlorette trip coming up in the Spring. So when Vicki came in and provided me options for the type of surgery I wanted for sure, implants, etc, she went on to explain the price, reasonable expectations for post op results and experiences, how my experience would be with Dr. Gartner, the surgical suite and the staff, we were like OK, lets book it ASAP :-D Vicki being the miracle worker she is, was able to schedule the surgery in the next 15 days, Feb 11th AND it would be the first surgery of the morning, 9am with a 8am arrival time for prep. YES! (first pumping moment in my head, LOL) I read about having to starve all day for some RS ladies and I didn't want to go into this hangry ;) We had discussed that a pre-medical examination with my PC was needed at least two weeks before surgery, so I made sure to make an appointment right away when I left the consult. Vicki printed up all the paperwork I needed for prepping myself mentally and educationally about anything and all things BA and what to expect from Dr. Gartner, his methods, his staff and his recommendations on pre and post surgery care - super helpful and yes I read it all at home. We moved out the reception area to get call and have our payment authorized ($8k is not an every day purchase - OK?!?!I) signed all the consent forms and handed them back to Paula in the front. Then we got all the receipts and said our goodbyes to the ladies.

Q & A: 5/5
He allowed me to read my questions to him and was at ease with the amount and my research. He also told me many things before I could ask him, so the Q&A was shorter then anticipated, which demonstrate his thoroughness. He was forthcoming and was great at answering questions directly, no hedging. His answers felt honest. I was really comfortable with his knowledge and BA technique. Knowing that he does the funnel method (reducing capsular contractor) and does provide pre-surgical and in surgery (inside the pockets) pain medication was so reassuring. The meds, as you can see from my first post ever, was very important to me. When I reviewed my questions at home later that day, I was hard pressed to find a question he didn't address in some form or fashion and I had A LOT of questions.

Amazing! He is just so pleasant to work with. From the time he first came into the room, he was warm and welcoming. I was almost immediately at ease but after my 1st consult, I was nervous that I would be dismissed again and that he wouldn't take a genuine interest in my wishes. After a few moments of speaking, he made a small joke about how I seemed a little tense and that got me laughing and put me at east. It was great moment, small to some but it meant a lot to me. He was informative that didn't sound sales pitchy or like he had a "spiel" he has said a million times over. He took his time explaining everything, always asking if we had any questions. He allowed for a back and forth dialogue and we never felt belittled when he answered questions we had related to his experience and results. He stood behind his work and didn't come across as cocky or arrogant, just matter a fact in a humble manner. He was very much at ease and did not seem rushed or to be clock checking. It felt very conversational and comfortable; we chuckled throughout the consult and I kept a smile on my face. He offered at the end of the consult, before we told Vicki post-consult we wanted to proceed with Dr. Garter, to answer any further questions or concerns I might come up with afterward. I thought that was great customer service. He didn't just offer Vicki or Paula and that was a cherry on top for me.

There really wasn't a discussion of looking at pictures that I recall. I asked if I could try them on, after Dr. Garnter mentioned it was an option, Vicki was like sure, let me get them. When she came back in, Dr Gartner excused himself and we got started. She handed me a fitted sports bra to put the sizers in and I was able to put my fitted shirt on over it. There was a great full length mirror for you to see yourself head to toe. The lighting in the room is very natural and well place, so you don't get that illusion feel some cheap mirrors give off. I kindly asked Vicki not to tell me the size of sizers as she handed them to me, I wanted to be surprised and not pre-judgmental which I knew I would be, lol Not sure at what number she started but I wasn't impressed. Tried on a second set and it was larger but still not it. She handed me a third set and I was like "Yyyyyyyyaaaasssssssssssssss!!!!" The girls were look so nice and full, large and just like WHOA - in a good way. To me it wasn't too much and even my Mom was like yeah those are big but they do look good and like the wish pics you have shown us. So I asked Vicki to please tell me the size and it was 475cc! I couldn't believe it based on what I thought I wanted, 525-575ccs - LOL I was like, SOLD! Vicki also allowed us to take pics which was great! Vicki said let's get Dr. Gartner back in here and see what he says. I was told by Dr. Gartner after he examined me and before he had left the room, that 400ccs is about what size he thinks he can go. I had small breasts and not a lot of tissue with a slight bit of asymmetry with my nipples and size; my right was fuller than my left boob and one was slightly lower than the other. He told me he thought that I might be able to get to where I want in my wish pics with that number. Admittedly, I was quite skeptical at first. When he told me that 400ccs was the max I could go, he did in a manner that helped me understand why he got to that number and how safety was of the up most importance. With his thoroughness and kind demeanor, I was able to accept that my body has limitations and all I could do was HOPE for him to get more ccs in, when the time came. We agreed upon 400ccs at the very least and he would get in there as much as he safely could, knowing that 475ccs are my wish size :)

I couldn't believe it, it was surreal that I was going to get the surgery in the time frame I wanted and needed. It was like, WOW! this is really happening and I feel so good about this Dr. I have not an ounce of doubt. I felt like I got everything I wanted in a consult, what I had imagined it would be like: informative, highly skilled and caring PS, attentive/kind staff, clean and technically advanced office and surgical center and a price we could live with ;) Time wise we spent about 40-45 mins in the consult, 10 mins in the post-consult, 15 mins finalizing paperwork and payment. We were comfortable the whole time and it did not seem long at all.

I gladly RECOMMEND Dr. Gartner's office and Dr. Gartner for a breast augmentation consultation!

2 Months Post Update - The Tale of Two Soft Pillows :)

Hey RS Ladies,

Happy Spring :) Depending on where you are, it may have had its ups and downs already :) Cie la vie :)

I recently learned about boob cleavage SWEAT and had a bad breakout :( Right now using cream from dermatologist to help with dark marks along with my newly acquired preemptive lotion, Fresh Body Fresh Breast. FBFB is supposed to work like a liquid baby powder. It dries up quickly and thus far for me, without any white marks that others commented on. So far only wore it twice (I keep forgetting to put it on, creature of habit) and it worked one out of two I think. Both days I had become sweaty at some point and when I reached down into my cleavage one day I felt wetness, the other time not. So the verdict is still out on that. I did increase the amount the second time, when it worked, from a dime size amount to a little over a quarter sized amount. I'm hopeful and have my fingers crossed.
I can lay on them and almost stretch 100% at the same time. Feels so good to wake up on my tummy! The girls get softer and softer everyday :) It feels weird when I push them up during the massages b/c they are so soft now. Before it felt like pinching the implant, now it's hard to find the implant - more like just pushing up soft breast tissue. Its surreal at times. Still look small to me but really took a look today (pics attached with pink comfy) and they seem to have dropped more and are rounding out nicely.
OH - I FOUND BATHING SUITS!!! Yeah :) Went to mall yesterday with my Mom (she is my bestie) and we found some, I got 7 mix and match top and bottoms. Swimsuit size wise at this one where we had success was size L bikini top :) We first went to Forever 21 and the L was the biggest size they had. 6 different bikini tops with no padding, just lining, didn't fit at all :( Frustrating. But all is well that ends well. I did manage to pick up some rompers from F21 for the upcoming trip, super cute and inexpensive. Fiance enjoyed the fashion show when I got home ;) He used to not like strapless tops on me (though I wore them anyway) and now he likes the way it looks, specifically the way the fabric drapes over my boobs instead of making them disappear, which they did before surgery :)
I went to go get sized professionally yesterday since I was just a day shy of 2 months and I am curious as can be :) The great thing is they carry as small as 28" and up to 'H' cup, I believe. So I asked try on some 32DDD demi cup bras and she picked up about 5 different bras. A few were full coverage, so I passed on those but I did have two to choose from. The first one was a peach color and it fit & felt great. Very pretty. Then there was a black one that way too tight. I asked her about it and she said they do tend to run small and would get the next size up. She did that and that one was still too tight. She didn't want to go anther size up as she felt the band would be too loose. So that brand was a no, I forgot to ask which it was. So back to the peach bra. She adjusted the straps for me as well as putting the band on the 2nd to end (there are 5 settings). I took a good look in the mirror and was very happy at what I saw, finally a bra that TRULY fit - this is what its like. In between my breasts the bra actually lays flat, so far nothing I have outside of my lingerie bralette, do that. Great feeling. It was wired, so the support was definitely there. The cups felt wide enough and all encompassing. The top of the cups lay flat against my breasts. No body fat pinching anywhere, front and back. So very pleased. It is the Passionista 5701 bra in peach (they call it nude ;-\ tho ). The woman helping me has been doing this for decades and really knew her stuff, it wasn't like going to VS at all. I asked her to size me and she said she agrees with 32DDD (the Passionista I had on) however I could also fit a or 32F/FF or 30G depending on the brand...
I am quickly learning and accepting that I will need to shop outside my tried and true VS to get the sizes I really need. I just hope to find fun and stylish bras, though I heave heard that can be a challenge with larger boobies :) I will definitely be going back to this boutique to get my wedding dress bra, they specialize in bridal lingerie and a bride was there during my visit getting her bra, as well as an occasionally bra purchase here and there. It was a great experience and not just b/c of the sizing results either, lol
TMI just for a sec - sex is back to fun times ;-). Holding myself up, moving them around and movement in general no longer feeling taxing, sore. Fiance gets to really enjoy them now. My left nip can still be more sensitive than my right but its not to the point its painful anymore, thank goodness. My nipples have also gone flat again, which I think has to with the the implants settling and no longer bugling outward. I have learned ;) that I do have an increase of feeling returning to the area below my nipples to my crease; its not a 100% but its getting better and returning slowly.
Scars are looking better and better. I started using my Vitamin E Enhance Oil this week after my evening showers. I use about two drops per scar, the bottle comes with a tear dropper for dispensing (genius!) which I believe is to prevent over usage, and rub it in for about a min each side. The 1 fluid oz sized bottle isn't cheap so rationing makes sense. It smells like lemon tea to me, familiar and comforting. Its a super thick oil and goes on silky. Then I let them air out and dry up a bit, so I can adhere my silicone strips. Then in the AM I put Maderma (also a tear drop amount per side or else it flakes up) on my scars and re-adhere my strips. They are still sore and sensitive; another reason I am glad I can remain wired cup free for now. They are also feeling smoother under the skin, less ridges along the seams.
NIGHTLIFT UPDATE: I will be returning them to get exchange for the right size. I will try for a DDD but if not see if they have or F/FF or heaven forbid a G :-0 I really like this sleep bra and the support it provides which is why I am not going for a refund.

Well that's it for me. Will be checking out your updates. Hope recovery's are going well and special boobie bumps to my 2/11/16 ladies!!! We are getting there =:) #2MonthPostOp

90+ Days :-D

Hey RS Ladies,

Been MIA for a bit due to work stuff but checking in for my 90+ day update.

Saw Dr. Gartner last week for my post 90 day check up in his South Jersey office. We spent about 5 mins together. I was grinning ear to ear the whole time. I was so excited to show him my progress. He seemed genuinely pleased. His reaction to them was like "Nailed it again!" lol He asked if I had any concerns or issues and I would rate them on scale 1-5 thus far. I laughingly told him that wasn't a fair question considering I came in wanting more ccs yet I got more then I thought I would from 425ccs :) I gave them a 5 of course! He said to keep massaging 3x a day and to come back in 90 days for 6 month check up.

Right at 90 days I made sure to take some progress pics and those are attached. However since then I feel like my boobs have dropped a little bit more, in a good way. I asked the fiance about it this week and he too agrees. He is so happy with them - like a kid in a candy store with an unlimited gift card LMBO ;)

I recently came back from a week in Mexico for my bachelorette and bikinis were awesome! All the frustration was worth it. The tops I found worked out perfectly. I didn't get to wear all of them but received compliments on each one :) My girls who have not really seen them were all very impressed and said they looked perfect on me. They said they aren't too big and they look so natural!

They sit so pretty in my sport bras, wireless bralettes (never owned any before BA and know I have 10) and my new underwire bras. I am even interested in trying a push up bra or two for special occasion outfits, after always being anti-pushup before BA. These boobs can open up a whole new world I tell ya. I am almost always in a sports bra or bralette now, so weird. It's like I am more comfy in one than without one, though I do let the girls hang and breathe on occasion. I am faithful in wearing my NightLift bra to bed at night. They have been through a couple washes and they are holding up well. I make sure to air dry them and wash on the gentle cycle with lingerie powder. My boobs still get sore sometimes after sleeping on my tummy or from just sitting around. I used to massage them more and I think they got used it, so I try to be mindful of keeping it up. I recently fell off with my scar treatments but I am back at it again as I don't want to be kicking myself in a year from now for not taking care of it. Most days they feel heavy in my bras or bralettes, a fullness type of heavy. Not uncomfortable or back hurting by any means. My boob envy has waned as they continue to drop and fluff. The side boob is still crazy, they get sore sometimes from me resting my side arm on them. Have to be mindful sometimes to move my arms away from my sides. Nonetheless, they feel nice and squishy. They sit right at the perfect height for my chest. They look great both in and out of a bras :)

I feel like I finally have the figure I always wanted but didn't believe I would have, the classic Coke bottle shape :) I feel so womanly and it shows in how I carry myself now. I feel more desirable to my fiance and now look forward to lingerie. I used to hate the way I looked on the top, felt like a kid trying to dress sexy. Now... now I see sexy looking back at me :)

How are you doing in your BA process? I hope all is well and hope to see your updates soon!


Bra Addiction Is REAL: AdoreMe B1G1 Sale, VS Semi Annual Sale Haul & Mental Shrinkage ;)

Happy Belated 4th of July RS Lovelies,

Summer is officially here and along with each summer comes my favorite sale since I was a senior in HS - Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale :) They do one in the summer and winter but the summer sale is by far my favorite of the two. I think in the summer sale, the colors are more fun and vibrant which speaks to me.

Since I was cleared to wear bras, I have done bra shopping at other places to tied me over (WalMart, AdoreMe, SimplyBe) as I waited for this sale. Plus, having been a 34B (should have been 32B but that wasn't an option) for as long as I can remember, I wasn't sure what the 32DDD options would be at VS. During my first VS sale visit, I did try on the sister size of 34D but I don't like the way those fit for some reason. What does work for me at VS for sister sizing is 36D (strapped to first hook/tightest hook) 32DD or 34DDD. I gotta say, VS has really stepped up their 32" band options as well as the DDD cups.

So, I went into a regular VS about 2-3 weeks into the sale and got 4 bras for $20 each and a garter holder for $5. I got 3 VS T-Shirt Padded Perfect bras in 32DDD - AMAZING! This bra feels so good on, against your skin, it's comfy, you feel supported, the padding is light and gives you a symmetrical/seamless look (not a push up) - I cannot say enough great things about this bra. I wore it to bed a few times its so comfy :)

Nonetheless, I limited myself to just 4 bras at that price point because I knew the prices would reduce the longer I waited.

So I decided to hit up an OUTLET VS about a week before the sale ended on a Thursday, about an hour after they opened. Surprisingly it was PACKED for a Thursday morning. Thankfully I decided to go alone, as I tend to do, b/c it takes me about a good 2 hours to get in and out during the semi-annual sale. I was able to get a shopping bag (some women had 5 bags to themselves full of VS items) and dive right in. All bras were $9.99! I had to find a manager to show me the 32DDD pile as there were not enough bras in that size to give them a labeled bin. They were stacked in between bins and I got about 8 bras in my size (there were about 15 bras total in 32DDD). Then I headed to the panty bins... at $1.99/panty - I WENT IN!!! Had to get another bag after the panty raid, LOL :) So then I started looking at sister size bras and was pleased to find so many different bra colors and styles then what I already picked up in 32DDD. One of the sales associates encouraged me to try on the sister sizes I was picking up as there are no returns at this outlet. So I did and was very happy with almost all the selections I made.

Once it was all said and done, about 2.5 hours after I arrived (the line to pay was at least 30 mins plus they had a line outside of the store for people to be allowed in to shop) I walked out with 55 new panties and 31 new bras! With the 4 I bought a couple weeks before, that brought my total bra haul to 35 NEW VS bras :) WOOHOO!!!!

Some may remember from my earlier post, I was pretty bummed I had to give away all my 34B VS bras that I had accumulated. I had enough to fill one drawer that was set-up so nicely and color coordinated, even a few still new with tags. Now... I have TWO drawers just for my bras, as you see in the pics, set-up the same way :) As they expression goes, I am happier then a pig in sh*t - LOL!!! I could not believe the haul I walked away with. I am SO excited and happy to go in my drawer to pick a bra now!!! What can I say, I LOVE my bras and panties.

About a week before the whole VS sale, AdoreMe had a buy one, get one free sale and I had a few credits on account. So I was able to get 6 matching bra and panty sets :) Since I don't normally buy matching bra and panty sets, I have a small drawer for them to be kept together, so I don't forget or misplace a piece. These I treat more like lingerie compared to the a la carte system I use for my VS and other misc bra and panties. Due to it being a sale, not all the bras were available in 32DD, so I did some sister sizing of 36D & 32DD. The 32DD was a bit too small, so wont make that mistake again and the 36D fit ok. Best for me to stick to 32DDD when I can at AdoreMe. I will say that all the pieces are made well and look just as beautiful in person as they do online :)


For the day to day, I am still very pleased and happy with my boobs! Some days they seem to shrink to me and other days they look perfect. When I see myself in bras with clothes, I am like WOW - these look great :) Then when I am naked, looking in a mirror I think to myself they look so small and natural. I think that is the feedback I get the most - they look so natural, no one would know you got them done. I mean that speaks volumes on how skilled Dr. Gartner is but I can't help but want a bit more a fake look to them - I didn't go in wanting natural. Then other days, I am like I must be crazy b/c I can't imagine having to buy larger bras and trying fit into certain items without needing a seamstress/tailor. My Mom, says are you crazy? Where would you put more boobage? Fiance says, babe they are large enough - any bigger and you are just looking for attention. LE SIGH! I don't know if I will ever get over this tug and pull of wanting larger boobs. Financially its not even a consideration nor am I seriously considering going back under the knife. End of the day, they are just thoughts - nothing I am even close to acting on :)

Overall though, they are beautiful, I feel like I grew them myself and I have not ONE regret!

All my best RS Ladies :)


Fraternal Twins Checking In - 5 Months Post-Op

Hey RS Ladies,

I had asymmetrical breast pre-surgery: different sizes (thus fullness) by a tablespoon or so, different heights of boobs and boob creases and asymmetrical nipples (right is a bit skewed vs left being more straight on/ahead). It's something I notice when looking in a mirror head on or in most bras (one boob looks a little higher/fuller). During my pre-surgery research I learned that is very common and something that wouldn't be fixed by simply adding implants. I spoke to Dr Gartner about this (he was able to spot them on his own w/o my prompting) and said they were slight differences and nothing to be concerned about or for me to feel a need to "fix" them :) I absolutely agreed and was relieved he felt that way.

Sidebar: I use quotes above because to me the ideal boobs are the boobs you want or have. Ultimately, what is IDEAL is up to each individual woman, not necessarily what is advertised/marketed :)

With that said, I wanted to share some pics that reveal these common "abnormalities" :) #imperfectISperfect

All my best,

Before & After Comparison Pics

Here are some comparison pics :) Happy to see the changes side by side.
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

I had a consultation in January 2016 at the Paramus location and had my breast augmentation surgery February 2016. From the consultation to the pre-op prep, to the actual surgery, to the recovery, Dr. Gartner, and his staff exceed my expectations. Dr. Gartner's work does speak for itself but once you have a chance to meet him, you will see why he is so highly rated and recommended. His bedside manner is calm, reassuring and comforting. You can be totally honest about what you are thinking and feeling without having to worry about judgment or an incredulous reaction. He answered all of the questions I had (I had pages of questions at the consult) before and after surgery with kindness and detailed responses. I felt comfortable with Dr. Gartner immediately and knew right away that he was the one for my BA surgery. Working with his staff at the front desk, to his Assistant Vicki, to Heather (my AMAZING primary nurse the day of surgery) and Theresa (my 2nd nurse day of surgery - SO SWEET!!!) - they are all awesome! Dr. Gartner has cultivated a great team :) During your BA consult, they allow you to try on the implants with a sports bra and a tank so you can see what you could look like post op; a plus in my book. Ultimately, Dr. Gartner chose the size of my implants based on my desired end result AS WELL AS what was realistic for my body to handle. It took some faith on my part, I wanted a size larger then I had room for, and I am SO glad I trusted his judgment :) I am absolutely, 100% THRILLED with my results; I went from a 32/34B to a 32DDD with 425cc Mentor MemoryGel MP+ under the muscle through the breast crease. My breasts look and feel SO real! The more time passes, the less I feel like I have implants and more like my breasts are 100% real :) I am amazed at how real they look! Ladies, you get what you pay for and you cannot go wrong choosing a double board certified plastic surgeon with THEE BEST bedside manner, who aims to give you beautiful, realistic results that you will be happy with for years to come. Don't second guess yourself, you've obviously done the research - go book your consult (& surgery too!) with Dr. Michael C. Gartner!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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