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This will be my second consult, different doctor....

This will be my second consult, different doctor. First doctor wanted to charge $10.392. Luckily a friend of mine told me about Dr. Khalifeh. After researching him & seeing his internet special of $7,750. He seems to be a perfectionist & that really eases my nerves. If a doctor is willing to throw in lipo at no cost to you so that YOU look great, thats my kinda doctor.

Well my appointment went well, much better than I...

Well my appointment went well, much better than I thought. Only saying that because I was so worried I was going to get there & the advertised price was going to be higher than expected. So needless to say my stomach cramps & nightmares Sunday weren't necessary :) I had myself so worked up thinking that it was going to be out of my price range.
So I had my appointment today at 2:30 today, with a 11 yr old & a 11month old.... But they entertained themselves :) Dr. Khalifeh was very comforting & reassuring that I would be a great candidate for a regular tummy tuck, and that the price would include everything! That's right, $7,750 to have the stomach I've waited 11 years to have back!
One thing that worried me about the surgery itself was my Lupus. I currently take baby aspirin to prevent blood clots, granted I've never had one but I have an antibody with the Lupus that makes me have an increased risk. Other doctors wanted me to atop my blood thinners completely.... really scared the hell of of me! But Dr. Khalifeh brought up a medication that I coincidentally taken while I was pregnant called lovenox. Now knowing that he takes my high risk issue into great consideration, he gave me a safe alternative.
After viewing my always sucked in, horrible (& still painful) c-section scar, ugly, sagging chunk of fat & skin, he explained what & how he would do the surgery. Suggested some silicone patches to "fix" my old surgery scars on my rib, plus adding that they would help the new scar. :-) He then explained my recovery time & my limitations. Then gave me great news... I can go home the day of the surgery!!! I live over an hour and a half from his procedure location in Chevy Chase, so being able to cone home rather than staying in a hotel is a huge plus :) I'm sure it probably helped that a friend of mine is a nurse and agreed to come take care of me lol.
So now I just need to quit smoking & pick a date for surgery. Hopefully July... My mom is going to offer some help, so I need to go around everyones schedule to make sure the kidos are taken care of. Plus my son turns 1 in May & my daughter turns 11 in June, & I don't want to be healing during that time.
Words can't even describe how excited I am for this to happen!! I can't wait to buy jeans that don't go up to my ribs to suck in my belly. And that awful C-Section scar. I'm going to cry like a baby, happy tears of course, when the day finally comes.
Now to check out calendars, keep exercising & focus on no cigarettes!! That's the goal. YYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!

Had my Tummy Tuck March 23, 2015

Well I was finally able to have my surgery. Dr Khalifeh suggested some lipo on my flanks in addition to the TT. All in all the surgery went well, I felt safe and confident. Came home and had a great support system ready to go.
The surgery was SO much easier than my C Section! I was on blood thinners to prevent any blood clots. I had quit smoking. I WAS PREPARED BEYOND belief. Rented my recliner and had my chair side bag ready and my cabinets filled with everything I needed.
After sometime, I went back for my post op appointment and he said everything looked great. Several days later I was having some issues with the last of 2 drains. I went in again and found out I had cellulitis. He removed the last drain and things began progressively healing well again.
After about a month or so I went back and still had some stitches that hadn't made their way out yet. So he pulled a couple of them out. UGH that is when my issues began. The area that he pulled the stitches began to open. I emailed them several times with pictures and videos. FINALLY they agreed I needed to be seen.
At this appointment they numbed the areas, and took a small razor blade to force it to bleed and cut off the dead tissue. He wrote me a RX for some "silver" cream. I was told to come back in about a week to see how I had progressed. Unfortunately it was only getting worse but he was confident this was going to work.
At this point I was DONE! I was tired of the hour plus drive with no progress. So I told him I was going to get a second opinion at a local wound care center.
The following week I went to see the Wound Care Center at Meritus hospital. At 7 weeks post op, I was finally confident theses holes were going to be fixed. The Wound Care Center cleaned, took pictures, measured, scrapped off the dead tissue and gave me a new RX. I was instructed to stuff my holes with Puracol (Collagen) and cover it, only to be changed in 3-4 days.
I had to see them once a week, but I just finished up my 3rd visit and 2 of my problem areas are now closed. So right now I have 4 holes left. All are small except one which I can put Q-tips in.
Now that these holes are clearing up my focus has turned to another area... The All Important Belly Button. Maybe its me... but the so called "hood" on my belly button is way too big. The hole goes in then up about a half inch. Last night before my shower I was cleaning my belly button (too much skin touches and it sweats) and OMG it smells FOUL!
Now I feel stuck in the same boat I was before. I wanted the TT for 1 fix the muscles to avoid the muscle spasms 2 remove the C Section scar and hope to get rid of the pain there 3 remove the flap of skin that I couldn't seem to work off 4 HAVE A BELLY BUTTON... to have a belly button that didn't stay closed, didn't sweat and get infected.
I really do not want to have a revision! I had planned on going back to see him later for a breast augmentation. Now I think I may see someone else... some one closer to me.
Needless to say I am very happy to no longer have muscle spasms in my stomach or pain from the C Section scar but Im not happy with my exterior results. I hope to see the surgeon soon so maybe he will be considerate enough to fix the small issue with my belly button without a surgical procedure.

My wounds

As I spoke before, These are my wounds. I will continue to update my wound pictures here.

Feeling confident about my end result

Since my last review I have continued to see the Wound Care Center to keep pushing my healing along. After all of the weekly visits, I began to really regret my decision to have the surgery. I spoke with my husband about my next appointment with Dr. Khalifeh and made sure he knew my areas of concern so while we were with Dr Khalifeh; my husband would make sure I didn't forget anything.
Let me just say I have obviously had some issues healing.... but never in my wildest dream would I even dream of Dr. Khalifeh to say, "lets give it a couple months and if needed I will fix theses 3 areas of concern at no cost to you" WHAT?!?! I mean that's what I had hoped for but I kept telling myself not to get my hopes up. Now I am absolutely amazed and thankful for selecting Dr. K! I know that I will have the body I have desired for so many years. Dr. Khalifeh is only satisfied if I am satisfied, & I LOVE THAT!

Revision completed

I had a little revision to my belly button and some lipo to even things out due to the uneven stretched belly from big babies.
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon

I have been in the office once & spoken to the staff over the phone several times. One appointment for a consult with the Dr, NOT their nurse! Love that! Very different in the larger office in Chevy Chase. Seems he is stretched too thin. At least in the Frederick office (when it was open) he had plenty of time to spend with you. Now post op, he seems rushed. Edited June 13th 2015, Seems I may have come into the office on overly booked days or emergency appointments. My appointment today was much different. Early in the morning, spent a lot of time with me and was extremely helpful in answering questions. I think some days are better than others but its nice to know that if I need to see him when he is completely booked... he will find a way to see me, booked or not.

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