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I did fraxal with the infamous doctor kilmer. Shes...

I did fraxal with the infamous doctor kilmer. Shes my dermatologist but i actually had a nurse do the procedure. It was very painful. The nurse said it was on a very high setting. I did forehead, nose, cheeks. I also did v beam around my nose. I think the key with stuff like this since i have tattoos is how you take care of it after they are done doing procedure on you. If you dont' take care of it right your going to get bad results. I seen people have ruined tattoos becasue they chose not to take care of it while it healed. My tattoos look like they were painted on me they are so clear and nice. But i spent the time to take care of them properly as they healed with the proper creams and all that. I did EXACTLY what tattoo artist told me. Not kidn of do it i did EXACTLY to a T.

With fraxel its been 3 days now. The first day i was red somewhat swollen. She said i would be worse the 2nd day and i could crack and bleed. But she said if i use white vinegar on my face with water and dap it with a cloth it will help with the healing and to put on healing cream and then my sun block lotion over the top every 1 to 2 hrs. So i did that. Next day i had less swelling. She was surprsied casue iw as on a high setting. I said no bleeding nothing just red. Now is the 3rd day im pinnk. But im noticing my scars are i would 80 to 90% improved. My face looks cleaner and smoother but still pink color. But all 3 days i bene putting on lotion and the healing cream every 1 to 2 hrs. Even when i sleep i get up in middle of night put on more lotion. What i don't want since my face is dry is to get to dry and crack. Once your skin cracks and bleeds you might get a scar. So im trying to keep my skin as moist as possible. You guys have to understand your face just got basically burnt. Also don't scratch your face. If you have to at least put your finger in a shirt and then do it with the shirt so your finger is not making direct contact with your face. i know this is very important on tattoos since its a open wound and very easily you can get infection.

So be very careful your face is a open wound after doing this you have to take care of it likes its if you most important thing in the world to you if you want it to come out nice. And to take care of it yes its hassell and nuisance. But its been 3 days now and im just slightly pink. I think tomorrow all be back out in public again. If you guys want to know the creams im using and stuff i can list it. But the big thing is the day you get it done make sure you put WHITE VINEGAR like a teaspoon in 2 cups of water mix it up put a cloth in it put taht on your face for 30 to 60 seconds for 10 minutes. do it every 1 to 2 hrs. Next day you wont be swollen. if you don't do it you will be swollen the more swollen your face is the more complications you can have. So thats my advice if you want this to come out right treat it like a tattoo. Its a open wound that you have to take care of and whatever the nurse or doctor tells you don't kind of do what they say. do exactly what they say. A worker there said i don't have to put white vinegar on my face. I said yes i do the nurse told me to. I told my nurse i did exactly what she said and so far everything is fine and my skin looks smooth and is just pink. I also think don't try to smile, dont raise your eyes brows dont' do anythng that causes stress to your face while its healing. And don't use a moisturizer that will cause acne. I use oil free sun block lotion made by neutrogena. Its like 12.00. But that stuff has always worked great for me without me breaking out. I can't tell if im satisfied yet cause im still healing but from what i seen on the pictures on here im healing 20 times faster then they are. And i was put on a very high setting. I do see spots where different tone skin but she did hit some spots more vigorously then others where my scarring was deeper. So im not panicing im just waiting to see. So far i think its going to come out great. I think tomorrow all be ready for the public in only 4 days. I actually could of gone out today but im giving it 4 days of proper treatment. And then after that its all about keeping your skin moist and trying to get it to heal as fast possible. So think about that taking care of it after yoru done with it.
My analogy was tattoos. I had one of the best artist tattoo me my tats came out great. My friend did it he didn't put right stuff on it it came out terrible and got infected. he tried to blame artist. I said no blame yourself my tattoos came out great. So i think again this is same situation. Take care of your skin and do exactly what the nurse or doctor tells you. If they say something will help but you don't have to do it better to be safe then sorry. Get the cream or whatever they tell you to get and use it. Don't be cheap and lazy about it this is your skin take care of it.

No wasn't worth it. All my scars that i had still...

no wasn't worth it. All my scars that i had still same depth. You can still see where fraxal was done on my face. Someone did say my skin looked better but i didn't get the results i thought i would get. Its not worth the money.
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