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I had this procedure before in the past, but it...

I had this procedure before in the past, but it had been over a year and decided it was time to freshen up. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Geronemus is the best at lasering, hands down so I decided to take the plunge... again. I must preface all of this with I am the biggest wimp when it comes to pain and discomfort and had very unpleasant experiences with other doctors before. Dr. Geronemus will not go overboard on alleviating the pain, but does what is necessary to make this as 'pleasant' of an experience as possible. My experience with other doctors is that they laser you and send you out the door. Not the same at his office---I received the torodol shot, prednisone for swelling mandatory valtrex for all patients and put the numbing cream on for the full hour.

The lasering itself was not uncomfortable, although you can feel heat. Went home with 2 more does of prednisone, valtrex, and iced. My face was pretty swollen, the pain was not bad though the first day. Day 2 and 3 were a bit worse as my face started to peel and it was a bit painful to smile, eat or stretch the facial skin in any way. Maybe it'll help me with dieting for a few days! ;) Today is day 4 and I still have raw areas, very tight skin and the skin is sensitive and a bit painful. No way to go out in public yet. Look forward to seeing the result after day 7....

A little over 6 weeks after surgery

Things have been going very well.

Swelling tends to move and do not be discouraged if your jawline doesn't seem as strong as what you expected. My jawline looked better at 7 days but swelling moves DOWNWARD so I still have some swelling under chin, on neck and in a few places.

My ears are still sensitive but not terrible. I was able to get my roots done yesterday! What a relief! NO problem with the chemicals just was careful that no one was rough on ears.

I am having some internal stitches that are coming to the surface on the scalp. This is called "spitting stitches" and is normal. I went to office and they cut them the other day and now I have a new one. Itchy, but nothing to worry about .

Again, do not be discouraged if your face doesn't look as chistled as you expect. I was told that is due to swelling and all will resolve.

That's my update!

New round of Fraxel Dual started March

I decided to return to Dr. Geronemus to address my skin since I have just recovered from a faceflift that I am very happy with. My skin is a bit ruddy, large pores, uneven complexion and capillaries.

Since I am of hispanic background, I have been told by almost every doctor that co2 is not an option. I am actually glad of that. For the fraxel dual they normally recommend (depending on your particular conditions) that you do a round of at least 3 about 4 weeks apart. After that just need to maintain every 8 months or so.

I am on my last round this May 30th , and this is day 2 of my last fraxel. My face is swollen, dry, peeling, somewhat raw and warm.

Dr. Germonemus is very conscientious and sticks to his procedures and protocol every time.
1) he takes photos from front, side and at an angle
2) you are given a valtrex whether or not you have had cold sores. Then you take prednezone to assist with the swelling
3) you are given a shot of toradol to help with the discomfort
4) They put numbing cream on your face for an hour.

I love that he sticks with what works and is not one of those doctors that only wants to get you in and out as soon as possible. Don't get me wrong, Dr. Geronemus is not a chatterbox ,hanging around for idle chit chat. He is busy , polite , professional, pleasant and has a great deal of pride in what he does. What else could you ask for but a man that is great at what he does and holds quite a great reputation for doing so.

That is why I wouldn't go to anyone else. I have been rushed out , joked with and had the same procedure done without any of the special care that was actually quite necessary and helpful to my recovery. Dr. Germonemus knows what he is doing .

Any way, here I am kind of burnt and we also decided to address the scars from my facelift that were behind my ears as well. I will post photos but the main thing is the swelling and I encourage sleeping sitting up for a few nights. Oh... and try not to consume obscene quantities of salt. If you do you will swell up like a zepplin, trust me. ;)

So far , so good. I am going to post some photos tomorrow. I must say that I would never go to anyone else for lasering. He's simply the best.

Photo update Day 2 and Day 3 photos

Not very attractive, if I do say so myself. Lots of swelling and very red skin.
Looking forward to the facial that Dr. Geronemus office includes with the lasering on Monday but not until my swelling goes down some more!
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Geronemus office is professional, completely up to date (they do research in lasering as well) with all the latest and greatest procedures and newest equipment.

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