30 Yr Old 5'2" 107lbs, Nursed One Baby for 1 Year, Left Deflated. Going for D/DD - Franklin, TN

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I am 5'2" 107 lbs. I used to be a nice 32 D. Then...

I am 5'2" 107 lbs. I used to be a nice 32 D. Then I got pregnant and loved preggo boobs, nursed my baby for about a year then my breasts shriveled into tiny raisins. I'm barely an A cup, wear 32 B which is mainly just holding up my skin. They are super wrinkely looking and my old old stretch marks from puberty during middle school which faded ages ago are so apparent.
Cool Springs Plastic Surgery of Franklin had a special day where you could come try on sizes and learn about all the different types. I went with my mother, she told me about the event as she is a favorite client/patient of theirs. I was so excited I had my consultation that day and booked my surgery.
I am going with 450cc, high profile, silicone gel. Natrelle Inspira. These are round gel implants. Dr Moore recommended high profile due to my tiny frame. I'm hoping 450 cc won't be too big, I'd rather go too big than too small and want bigger! They predict I will be a D to DD, really just depending on the brand of bra.

After Breastfeeding/Before Sugery

Grannie boobs :(

The night before

I can hardly sleep! I'm so excited! I will wear a shirt that buttons up to easily take off when I'm home! I am to be at the surgery center at 6am! They said surgery will only last a couple hours and an hour in recovery. No eating after midnight, I ate a ton earlier. The only thing they said I could take in the morning is my usual Klonopin (clonazepam). I usually just take Adderall in the morning but I jokingly told the nurse I'm sure I don't need to be "focused" during surgery. She laughed and said no I need to be the opposite. I will take many after pics and post them asap!!


At hospital

Right after surgery

Happy happy

At home resting


Happy and swollen

I keep thinking they can't get anymore swollen but it sure feels like it. There was some drama at home thanksgiving night and I realized I cannot take care of my toddler and rest and recover. So my son is at my parents, my child's father left to go back to his house and I'm resting. Felt slightly pukey today.

After 1st Post Opp

Went to first post op appointment yesterday. They took stitches out and said everything looked normal, normal bruising and swelling. I woke up on my side for the first time the night before and that breast is still high and swollen (right breast). They now have told me to massage 3-5 times a day 20 reps each breast. I started today but it feels so strange I start shaking. I'm finding the massage to be very hard to do. It hurts, not too bad but my hands shake and maybe it's more anxiety and fear. :/


Side Boob!

Always wanted to have some side boob! Lol
6 weeks post op
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

He was very comforting and confident.

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