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I went to Dr. Knoll for a consultation for a tummy...

I went to Dr. Knoll for a consultation for a tummy tuck and liposuction of the upper butt. I really enjoyed Dr. Knoll and she explained everything very well. She was very informative and up to date on all the new procedures. After having kids really close together and one of the pregnancies being multiples my body has taken a harsh beating. I never thought I would be one to want plastic surgery and really didnt understand why someone would want work done. Now I completely understand. I was worried about people being able to see my scar and she reassured me it would be in my bikini area. She also made me feel confident in the fact that no matter how much more I worked out there was no getting rid of the extra skin that just hangs. I am also happy she will give me a nice internal corset and tighten up my abs:) I also want liposuction of my upper butt area. For some reason all my fat from my butt area moved up. Now I have no butt and fat above my butt. Lovely I know. My other main concern was my pubic area. Dr. Knoll also addressed this and laughed and said "I hate when surgeons dont fix that. They give women nice flat tummies and then they have a bulge." I was so happy to hear her say this. I am so excited I am looking forward to having my surgery and starting a new beginning!


I am so excited for my surgery I cant wait. I have a ways out but I think about it all the time. I decided to start working with a personal trainer a few times a week so she can help me get closer to my goal weight before I go in for the surgery. I have been working so hard to make this tummy tuck have the best results possible. Dr. Knoll's staff has bee absolutely wonderful and understanding. I go for my pre-op appointment in January. I promise to post photos!
Frankfurt Plastic Surgeon

I absolute loved meeting Dr. Knoll. She is very informative and up to date on whats new. She is very professional and friendly. I am excited to have work done by her. I have heard so many amazing things about her.

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