A very tough experience overall

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I am 20 years old. I always had insecurities about...

I am 20 years old. I always had insecurities about my nose even though my nose wasn't that bad looking. People always thought I am a pretty girl, but my insecurity limited my personal life. So I went on and had rhinoplasty. However, I am very worried now. It is the second day after surgery. I look like a mutant, bruised and swelled. I also can't breathe at all, and one of my nostrils keep bleeding from the stitches. My breathing was perfectly fine before and now I feel like I can't breathe from one side. Even though it's too early to tell, I feel like it's true... I also feel guilty or ashamed, I went on and had surgery on my beautiful face and now I am in a very risky rode. My nose may get crooked, or asymettrical afterwards, or I may have major breathing problems etc. I didn't need all that. I feel ashamed because I took all those terrible risks just to fix my not-so-bad nose...

4th day

I can breathe better through one nostril this morning. However, the other one is completely down. I noticed that the other nostril looks larger than the one I can breathe in too.

A concern about today is how upturned my nose looks. It is not -too much- for most people, but for me since my upper lip and nose have a huge gap, it is too much! It has to go down... I hope it will.

Nose way too upturned...

4th day post-op, nose looks so upturned and I look like avatar. I hope I don't stay like this...

How I am right now

I feel quite down because of how upturned my nose is. I have seen people whose noses never went down, and I saw some whose have. So I don't know what to hope for... This process is teaching me a lot about life in general which is not something rhinoplasty does all the time haha. But I must say it made me very philosophical, and pushed my mind in a different direction. My focus, I'm assuming will be less appearance during and after my journey or recovery. I am a perfectionalist and it may harm me in this way, as you can see I took the biggest risk of surgery over the hopes of being prettier. But if the outcome is not perfect or any better, I shall think my perfectionalism over since it is harmful.

Waking up in the middle of the night

This morning I woke up and looked at the mirror, and saw a monster staring back at me. I can't live like this. Tip has to drop a lot... :(

Day 5... Michael Jackson #2!

I look fine if I tilt my head down a bit and look straight, but if I tilt my head up I look like a zombie! It actually makes me laugh right now because I have hopes that the tip will go down and I will look better... What do you guys think?

Day 6... Still looking bad

it's day 6, and I look terrible. I can see my nostrils, my nose looks too short for my overall face and I don't look pretty at all. I look like a monster. I thought that the tip would go down slightly a big by now, but it hasn't. I am terrified!

Still looking upturned and ugly...

I look nothing like myself. My nose looks like I taped it up, its terrible. I really am not sure how much the tip will drop or will it drop at all? The surgeon shouldn't have lifted it THIS much in the first place I think. I see many natural noses here and mainly they are natural because they aren't lifted so high in the first place... I am very disappointed so far and depressed.

Not happy at all...

I still think my tip didn't need this much lifting. I do look like a monster. This used to be my best angle, now it's my worst. My only hope is for tip to go down, but honestly how much of a difference can it even make on this ugly nose?

One day to cast removal...

Hey guys. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. You all are wonderful. I am still feeling down because I read somewhere that tip may drop only around 3 degrees, and the distance between lip-nose should be 90-100 to be considered "beautiful". (scienfitically proven). and mine used to be 90, and now it is 135. So I don't think my tip will drop 35 degrees... It may drop a little bit (like my surgeon said) that's all. I am depressed, and I just wanted to let the world know that if you don't hate your nose, do not get a nose job. My life is ruined, and its all because of a surgeon who didn't know what beauty meant and did very stupidly. (I just asked him to raise a little bit, and he said ok. I told him maybe raise less than the computer imaging shows, and he said "then the surgery is not worth it!". so he raised a bit more... wow)

So bottom line is, my life is ruined at a young age all because of this. I keep remembering the story of Job in the bible (even though i am not a believer) and thinking. If my tip doesn't go down 35 degrees, I will keep looking like a monster forever.

Some older memories...

It's painful to see that I won't look like me anymore. In the image simultations my doctor made, the lower part of my nose seemed the same. Not now after surgery, though! I feel like doctor made an overcorrection. I also feel tricked and ruined. Man, I sound negative! But hear my pain! :(

CAST OFF! Strange news.

Hey everyone. My god, what a morning. My mother and I went to the doctor's office a couple of hours ago, he got the cast off and it did hurt a little bit but no big deal. However, I don't know what happened, but soon after as we were talking standing up I began to feel terrible. I collapsed on the floor, hitting my head and my jaw. THANK GOD MY NOSE WASN'T HIT. I just don't know what to say... Can you imagine, if my head was a little tilted my nose would be hit, and I would be at the hospital having surgery now and god knows what would have happened. I feel very very scared and weird. This was such a terrible experience... Now my jaw is pretty badly hurt, so I'm icing it.

Second of all, the nose! Oh mon dieu, I must say I am an idiot. I should've listened to all of you!!! WITH THE CAST OFF, MY NOSE ISE A-MA-ZING. It is my old nose, just the imperfections corrected. Even though it is very swollen, it looks PERFECT. It is so natural and so good, my nostrils are exactly the same, everything is amazing. I am so so so happy and I love my surgeon so much! This week was shit, but from now on... I am just... thrilled. I am so glad I did this! It is true that it's stupid to judge a nose when the cast is on. The tip is PERFECT and the rest is magnificent. I will upload pictures soon. But now, I have to rest and get my health back (since I fell badly).


Cast off photos :)

Haha such a big difference to when the cast was on.. Lol!

Should i be worried!? 8 days post-op

My cast was off yesterday, but I am worried because the tip is definitely lower than how it was yesterday. I am worried that the tip will drop even more and be just like how it was before surgery... It is ALMOST there :(

Mixed feelings / 2 weeks post-op

I am overall happy with everything. However, I noticed that my bone is very very crooked (not sure if its possible). The crookedness starts from in the middle of my eyebrows and its almost like an "S". So this makes my sides look very different, and one side looks SO weird, like i am punched in the face. I like the front view but it seems like my tip has to shrink a bit more, its bigger than it used to be.

The crookedness is worrying me... I am not sure what to make of it.

Also, since I asked the doctor to not remove all of the hump, the hump from one side looks SO weird! Its like i am deformed?

Ahhh... idk.

Bump on nose?

Hey guys, I noticed a pea size bump right on the tip of my nose where the hump ends. it is slightly on the left side. What the heck is this? So scary!

So worried and upset.

I look nothing like myself from the front, my tip is wide and it looks horrible, i used to have the tiniest nice tip... Doctor had told me that the size of tip wouldn't change, but lies. It did. My nasal bone is so crooked too. I can see my nasal bone !! How horrible is that. And on top of that, I have THREE small bumps on my nose that don't seem to be going away. I did make a terrible mistake I feel like. I am so depressed, everytime i look in the mirror i see this ordinary girl, and i miss my old pretty face.


Day 18

Worst decision of my life. I am devestated. My face has changed. My front is terrible, my nasal bridge is way too thin and way too crooked. Before it was better. My tip is huge, it is not going down. All of the worst things I could possibly imagine came true. I want to take time back so bad. I went through all this (and still going through) for a horrible new face. life is not fair, i am only just beginning it, and it is just not fair.

You can see how ugly this nose made my whole face. Before was much much better, I had a tiny tip which droops slightly and a slight hump, and the bridge was twice as wider which was still considered 'narrow'. Now the light shines right on my tip since my upper part is so thin.

All I wanted was a better nose......

Before the mistake...

I just wanted the hump to be slightly gone, not even fully. and i wanted tip to be less droopy. i didn't know that this involved a more bulbous tip and very thin bridge. he told me that i wont change much and nobody would notice. lies.


Today I cried quite a lot, which is probably not great for my nose. But I am depressed. Before I didn't go through anything traumatizing and this strong, (except for boy situations but they always pass quick lol) so now i think this is going to change me quite a lot as a person. My nose is still looking the same. But I need to have hope.
Thank you all for your support, and please help me get through this tough time... It really helps, and I need it...

I dont know

My bridge needs to get wider. I am not sure if this is possible since even with swelling it was super thin. Is it possible for my bridge to get wider at this point??

Terribly miserable

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Pain is not going away

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My tip dropped just as much as it was pre-op, the only exception to my nose is that my bridge is thinner and hump is reduced. so my nose looks worse than before because tip is droopy and bridge is super thin :(

Updates... 1/2 months post-op

Hi everyone. So i'm not happy with my results because my nose looks crooked than ever, my bridge is very thin and my tip is droopy.

Rhinoplasty is not something to be joked about, it is very serious and you need to discuss everything with your surgeon beforehand and guess how you'll look like.

this has been the toughest time i went through in my life, and i dont think there'll be anything thatll beat it. i would do anything to take time back and discuss more with my surgeon.

as a result, i am depressed and my days are passing with pain and regret.

I will get a revision, probably, a couple of years from now though. I will have to learn to live with this nose for a long time. It's too painful to think of... i can't put it to words.

Hey people!

This review is very funny to me! I can't believe I went through all this pain (and still going through it) but I think it's smart to now think of a solution. I will probably have a revision done (if I can get the courage and patience). The tip is droopy from the sides and since the bridge is thin it makes my nose look long, i think. I hated the droopiness of my nose before more than the hump and that part made me have insecurities. and it is still now fixed IMO. As time goes on tip appears to drop more. I am happy in that my surgery is barely noticable by others, i dont think anyone will even realize (even the closest people) that I had surgery done! Which is always a good thing. but the bad part is, that i was under general anestesia, and so much stress was experienced for not satisfaction... that kills me! And whats also bad is that I have to deal with my nose changing from day to day for a year when I don't like what I'm seeing. If I was happy with the results, I'd be happy to wake up everyday or look in the mirror. but it feels like for a year i'll be terrified to look at myself...
I will get the revision hopefully when it's the right time. I just hope that my tip doesn't drop even more, because if it does just a TINY bit it'll be just like my old tip!


why aren't my reviews being updated on the page?


Hey everyone! So I'm doing much better in accepting my new nose. I am just unhappy about something which is the tip. It seems to be droopy and fat. I actually don't mind the droopy bit but the fat bit is putting all the attention to the tip. I'll add pictures soon and hopefully see your comments on what's up and how it can be improved. x

Tip problems.

Hey guys, not sure why the tip is like this but it is bothering me quite a lot! I don't know what to do. Do you think this can easily be fixed? Why is it droopy like this? Did anyone experience something similar? aaah!

2 months post-op... Droopy!

My nose looks as droopy as it was pre-op... I thought the droopiness would be fixed which was my main problem. It keeps dropping more each day I feel like. I don't know if the lifting is appopriate for revision or not, since i am just not liking the tip part and how it is like a diamond shape. The surgeon did lift it and it didnt resolve the diamond shape, it just looks like my nose and upper lip are longer distance. but the tip is the same. you see what i mean? so What is necessary for MY tip problem to be solved?


I realize that my tip changed in a way I didn't want. It is raised, but the droopiness is exactly the same. I only wanted the droopy part to be reduced i liked the position of my tip. Now I look hideous and not unique at all. i will need another tip surgery to make the droopiness go away and have a smoother look without changing much...


So here I am. Today I felt more depressed than ever, even though I am on anti-depressants... The tip of my nose is droopy like before, my nose is more twisted than ever, and my nasal hump is very badly placed during surgery. I think I'll need an augmentation revision + tip revision.

I think I have what is called a septal cartilage deviation. I didn't have septum deviation before surgery, but appearantly it can occur during surgery. Remember how I was sad when my cast came off, and my nose was super twisted? Everyone said it was swelling, but it was not. My nasal bone and septum cartilage is twisted. it makes my both profiles look VERY different, and also my front view not so nice. My god, I hate unfairness done to me. It is just so unfair! I look nothing like surgeon's simultation!

What can I do now?

Hey guys. My tip is just like how it was before surgery now. I HATE IT!!! It looks so.. 'meaty'. My face is really tiny and that tip is just too much! That part was exactly what i hated pre-op.... any suggestions on what to do? nobody seems to know how that part can be reduced. i dont think my problem could be fixed with just lifting.

PLEASE HELP! :( I am so so upset. I am not fishing for compliments, because my problem is obvious. My tip is just the freaking same and i went through all this to look the same?! It breaks my heart.

anyways, enough with the ranting. solution? meaty gone: how? :(

Quite worried...

all I think about is my nose- well because who wouldn't? It is so unbalanced. The tip is so WEIRD... I dont even know or understand how it can be fixed anymore. I just don't get it. each day it becomes worse and worse. Any ideas of what can be done to this tip?

Revision, wait for me!

hi guys! So now I'm 4 months post op almost, and I decided that I'm definitely going to get revision this summer. I want bridge augmentation and tip reduction with tip lifting slightly... I also want to get rid of that small bump on my bridge.

In order for my bridge to look 'healthy, i def need augmentation. it just looks like i have a HUGE tip now and no bridge (even tho u cant notice in the photos that much). I feel like now I am more photogenic, but in person I still dont feel comfortable enough. I feel like not much has changed and certain things could've been much much better!

I hope ya'll support me... love , S

My rhinoplasty seems like a joke.

It's been 6 months and I've never been once happy... My nose becomes more droopy every month and it almost looks like how it did before. Since the bridge is super thin, the tip stands out making it more droopy and huge than it is. My pre-op nose was better, more strong on the bridge and more straight. I will get a revision this summer to lift the tip more, correct the thinness and crookedness of bridge and make it more in harmony with other parts. Above that, I need to get that small thin ugly unicorn hump shaved. theres also a hard pea-sized substance which is visible from one side, on my tip. i need to get that fixed too.

This was a tough, tough, tough journey guys. Did it ruin my life? In a way, yes! I have to admit!

I am so sad.

Guys, I am devestated. I will have revision but for now I cry every day like a baby, it hurts so much... I am so upset with the world and my doctor, i wont trust anyone every again. nothing that was planned happened and he still denies it and says it is good and blames me.

My tip is almost the same as before, my bridge is extremely crooked and thin, and my tip is huge for my bridge. I was so pretty before, now i look horrible. i can't sleep, i cant eat...


I want a revision for both my bridge and tip. I did a simulation myself. I want to know what you guys think!!
I widened the bridge a bit, making it more symetrical as well, and i shortened the tip.
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