25 Years Old, No Kids, 370cc Anatomical Breast Implants

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Hi everyone! After reading so much reviews on...

Hi everyone!

After reading so much reviews on this useful website, I feel like it's my turn to start one!
First of all, I apologize for my english, I'm French :)

So I'm 25, and I'll have my 2nd breast augmentation in less than a month now! I'm so excited concidering that I've been really desapointed with the first one I did 5 years ago.
I went from a little Acup to... a full Acup!! I felt really bad because I lost money for clearly nothing!
But now I'm determined to achieve my goal! A full C cup with a new surgeon who seems to understand my needs way better than the last one!
Fingers Crossed!

My first surgery – February 2011

A friend of mine gave me the name of the surgeon who did some reconstructive operations on her mother. She told me that this doctor was really understanding and professional, so I decided to meet her, as she was also doing plastic surgery.
During the consultation, I told her my will to get a “real breast”, the one that I’ve always wanted. I clearly encourage people to love themselves the way they are, but for some reason, I’ve always been feeling uncomfortable with this part of my body.
When I looked at me, the only thing I could see was the frame of little girl, not a women. But again, it’s just the way I feel about myself.
So, when I told her that I wanted a full C, she looked at my breast, which was 30/32AA, and said that it won’t be possible for me to end up with this size because my skin is not elastic enough, so she won’t be able to put a huge amount inside it.
I was a bit sad (clearly more than a bit). But she told me that we could go to a full B. As I didn’t have anything, she said that it would be better to use teardrop implants, placed behind the muscles. I trusted her, and accepted her proposition.
When I woke up after the surgery, I directly looked down to see the result… There was a huge bandage on my breast, but I started thinking that it looked small and hoped that it was just the effect of compression due to the dressing.
When she came in my room to change the bandage, I saw my breast. I was disappointed. From my view, there was no projection. I asked her to take a picture for me to see it squarely. It was very swollen, and I hope that when it will take place, I’ll keep at least this volume, but better “distributed”.
I’ve been crying every day. It wasn’t what I wanted. And I felt like I did all this for nothing else than losing the money that took me so long to save.

I think the implants she put in my breast are one of the smallest!
The references are:
Allergan MM-410185: 185g, width: 10.cm5, Height: 9.6cm, Projection: 3.8cm

Now it’s been five years and half since this operation, and I’m still motivated to get MY breast! Changes are coming soon ?

Wish Boobs!!

I was looking for some pictures to add, showing what I like... but it's seems that my taste are a bit different from I thought it was!
I've always wanted to get a 32C (which is 85C in FR). But the breasts that I find the most atractive now are in fact bigger than this size!
Still, I'm for a natural look. The only thing is that I'm not sure I could feel confortable having so much fullness considering that I'm not that tall (5'4, 120lb or 165cm, 54kg).
Taking the 370cc won't give this size. I think it'll bigger than what I wanted at first, but still harmonious with my body!

I was happy today cause my boss agreed on my days off! I'm gonna take 2 weeks to recover from the surgery. I really want it to go well! That's why I'm already using organic rose oil to make my breast skin more "flexible" and also thinking of a list of homeopathic products to help prepare my body for healing!

More wish boobs :)

It's supposed to be 350cc anatomical implants.

Hi there!!

Now that I have less than 10 days until surgery, it’s becoming very hard to wait!
I’m still concerned about the size and my body acceptance after the surgery (nothing really changed for me the first time but now there wil be a big difference!), but I had good advices from a girl who’s been through this and I feel a lot better about my choice ^^

During the 2nd appointment I had with my surgeon (a month ago), he showed me a 3D simulation based on pictures of my chest he took the first time I saw him. As I wanted a very natural look, he agreed on using teardrop implants again. We decided together which width and height would better fit me, and then looked in the catalog (Sebbin) to find the implants with similar characteristics.

There were two:
325cc Low Profile Width: 12.5cm, Height: 11.5cm Projection: 4.5cm
370cc Moderate Profile Width: 12.5cm Height: 11.5cm Projection: 5.2cm

He adjusted the picture with the exact dimensions, and at first when I saw the 370cc implants, I was a bit scared while imagining my body with this! I thought it was huge! Still look natural, but too big for me! He told me that it will look great on me, it’s only my actual implants (flats pancakes) multiplied by 2!
Then he showed me the 325cc implants, and while downsizing I was thinking “wait…. You’re going too small now!” . I wasn’t sure that I could achieve my goal with this size. And clearly I don’t want to be disappointed again! But either way, by going too large or too small! If I could have chosen 350cc implants with the same width and height, it would have been perfect!

He saw that I was doubting a lot, so he decided that he’ll order both sizes (325/370cc) and told me that on the surgery date, I could tell him my final choice!
After a long reflection, and few discussions, I ended with the decision of taking the bigger implants.

Among the reasons:
- Girls usually regret not having gone with larger implants
- The difference between 350cc and 370cc is not that big, just few teaspoons ^^
- I’m more and more attracted by larger breasts than my initial wish boobs
- I prefer moderate profile rather than low profile, as I’m going with anatomical implants that have by definition more volume at the bottom, I don’t want my nipples to end by being too high!
- The actual projection of my implants is supposed to be 3.8cm, and going to 4.5cm doesn’t represent a big difference. So I feel more confident about the change that I need with 5.2cm of projection.

I really hope I do all this for the best!!

New boobs in 2 days!!!

I'm so bored of waiting!!
i know that 2 days are nothing considering how long I've been waiting since my frist surgery, but I feel like the time is running so slowly!!
I still have to buy my post op treatment, prepare the documents for the admission at the clinic, and also some stuff for the night I'll spend there.

I bought 2 bras, one that my surgeon asked me to, it's a medical bra (Zbra). The other one is a sport bra that should maintain my breast as good as the medical bra if I trust the reviews on it. Hence, while cleaning one, I'll have another. I just hope I choose the right size!

I'm still taking my homeopathy, hoping that it will help me healing faster.
My surgery is scheduled at 2 p.m. I can't eat anything before that unless it's really early in the morning (at least 7.30 a.m.).

I'm super excited!

Today was THE DAY !

Hello sweeties!
I've been really excited these days and I finally got my breast augmentation today :)
It has been so long until I have my bedroom and then be called for the surgery! Because I've been waiting such a long time for the admission, my doctor took someone else instead of me at my scheduled time!

But anyway, I have my boobs now :)
I choose the biggest size, 370cc, anatomical implants, moderate profil, projection 5.2, width 12.5, height 11.5

I can't see the result now as I have a huge bandage. I don't feel any pain which is incredible!
I have drains on both sides, but only the left one is rejecting something
For the moment everything is perfect, I woke up 30min after surgery, feeling really well.
Hope I'll be OK tomorrow and the next days :)

First night : Done!

There's nothing special to say! I slept very well, no pain! I'm so happy!!!
I haven't eaten anything since 00.30 am yesterday (I chose to sleep in the morning instead of waking up early to take a breakfast before the surgery lol), I was starving yesterday afternoon while waiting for my breast to be done, and then felt fine and no more hungry. Still I'm not really hungry, but the breakfast will surely be appreciated, especially my coffee!!!

Back at home and still feeling well :)

My first night at home was good. i slept almost 10 hours!
It was a bit painful to get out of the bed, but then I was ok!
I took a shower, and changed the sticking bandage on my nipples.
Nothing special to add. I'm feeling great, the medicine makes me sleepy :)

Day 3 - Post Op

Today i've realized that one of my breat is bigger than the other. It's swollen on top and external side.
There is also a tiny hematoma where was the drain.
My sternum is quite sore when I touch it.
The other breast is ok! Still under anesthesic but ok!

I'm not using medicine anymore, just antibiotic for 3 other days and homeopathy.
I'm starting to get bored doing anything else than watching TV!
Can't wait to see the final result but I know it will be long until they settle, especially because it takes more time for anatomical implants!

Day 4 - Post Op

Day 13 - Post Op

Hi !

Hope everyone here is doing well :)
It's been few days now that I havent written anything. I'm still feeling good.
Last Friday, the surgeon removed the strips on my scars.
On Sunday, I was a bit afraid cause the extremity of one of my scars was red, hurtful and "something" came out of it...
I sent an email and pictures to my doctor who replied that everything was ok, it's part of the healing process, nothing to worry about.
Monday evening, I realised that I had now two small holes at this extremity. I was worried about the way my scar would heal... So on Tuesday I bought steristrips to attempt closing the wound.
I think tomorrow it will go off by itseilf and I'll see how this extremity looks like.

I drove on Monday. I have an old car so turning the wheels wasn't that easy as well as changing speeds (manual car).
I walked a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I realised that after maybe an hour or less, I felt a pressure in my breasts. It was sore and felt worse at every new steps. Only sitting for a long moment made the pain go away.

Apart from this, I'm good! I can move my arm a lot more, not feeling any pain (unless I walk too much lol).

The shape of my breasts haven't changed that much in 13 days.
The right one is still under anesthesic in the internal area.

The healing process is quite long... And I think the person who's the most impacted is probably my boyfriend!!
France Plastic Surgeon

I had a good feeling when I met him. I felt confident from the beginning. He listened to me, answered all my questions, and gave me his opinion on what we could do. He's very professionnal. No need to spend an hour in his office cause everything was clear.

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