Four Days out from Surgery and I'm Euphoric!

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Had surgery four days ago. Best decision I have...

Had surgery four days ago. Best decision I have ever made. I had a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation.  Honestly, the implants have taken a back seat to my tummy tuck.  I'm so glad that I got them done together- I only had to go under anesthesia once and am only away from my children once.

I am 5'2'', was 116 lbs.  I was barely an A.  I chose 350 silicone implants and so far, I feel that they are the perfect size for me.  Still a little swollen, but I would say that I am going to be a full b-small c once I am officially measured.  I chose under the muscle and implanted at the bottom of the breast.

The pain is very minimal, I have been taking percocets every three hours as directed by my dr. and I would say that at the moment, my worst pain is a sore throat from the intebation (sp?) tube from the anesthesia.  Took a shower today and felt good.  The band that I have across the top of my chest is not uncomfortable at all.  It's doing its job by keeping the implants down and in place.

As someone who has never had breasts and who needed two sets of padding sewn into her wedding dress, this is the easiest decision I have ever made. My biggest piece of advice is to find the RIGHT doctor for you. I went on three consultations before deciding on my dr. The first seemed uninterested in me, the second had NO bedside manner and the third was the right fit for me.  Sweet, concerned and genuinely interested in all of my concerns and fears.  He operates out of his office in a surgical suite- I felt that this was a huge advantage.  I was the only patient so I got all of the attention and I stayed one night (due to the tummy tuck) with a 24 hour nurse by my side at all times.

Can't wait to thumb through a victoria secret swimsuit catalog real soon!

Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Excellent bedside manner, phenomenal skill and utmost concern for my wellbeing.

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