Tummy tuck w/ MR- Fort Worth, TX

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Hello! I an 5"4.5' (yes, i included a half of an...

Hello! I an 5"4.5' (yes, i included a half of an inch ;)). I am 43 years old with a set of twins (18 years) and usually weight 135-140. I have gained ~ 12 pounds in the last 14 months, likely due to some inactivity due to chronic low back pain, which seems to be on the mend, FX.

Like most women, I saw the need for a TT after the first child 21 years ago. A set of twins (8lbs 1oz & 6lbs 12oz) didnt help and left me with the sagging skin and disappointment with my figure, no matter what I ate or what I weighed.

I have a consult June 20th, which cant get here fast enough! I did only have to wait that long because I insisted on an afternoon appointment so I wouldn't miss work with a 2 hour drive to the appointment. I am scheduled with Kelly Kunkel in FT Worth TX. I have a co-worker whose wife had a "eye procedure" & BA with him and was very pleased. I do anticipate having the procedure with him as long as the consult goes well.

I appreciate all the posts on this site. I feel it had given me a realistic perspective on the potential outcome. as well as loads of info i would have never known!

My husband wasnt 100% for the procedure, but said if it was what I wanted then why not? Last night just before my shower I sucked in, turned to the side, and squished the fat rolls inward and hid them in my hands to show him what it might look like. He never had to say anything, the look on his face! and he just WOW! after the shower he managed to compose "thats sexy!" LOL! okay then, he's on board!
The pre pics are awful, as 99% of them up here, but figure someone will know that they are not alone in this female gelatinous post--preg world. Thanks again for sharing everyone!

Progress note

I think I have lost a few pounds this last 2 weeks! I don't dare get on the scale because it will likely give me reason to eat a snickers ice cream bar or something of the sort.
I think I have quit eating out of depression regarding my weight/figure because of this site and the wonderful TT sisters that have shown me the I have made progress, and my work outs are not all for naught. I see that under this flab, there is a desirable shape.


I was thinking about not having a new naval made and replacing it with a BB tattoo. Less to heal, and really the sensation at my naval is nasty, just feels weird and makes me wanna pee and barf at the same time.

does that change with a new one? And does anyone know if I can opt for no BB?

just curious.


Oh my what a day... my consult couldn't have gone better, but my trek down there and my silly-ness yesterday could have. Idk whats gotten into me. I've had low energy, stalled workouts & headaches, so figured I needed an iron boost. Maybe its kicked in, im n a nut. Maybe its nerves and excitement. Office staff and doc were all very tolerant of me, answered all my questions and were just great.


I officially scheduled time off work and my tt! I am dreading the MR, because work is a little physical. I have a few items to carry that weigh about 30 lbs... and my back is getting a little grumpy again. I have been cycling a little harder this last few weeks, hoping to lose a few pounds and strengthen up. Guess ill take a break and run a bit. I really hope the Dr decides that i don't need the MR, but am sure that with twins that is not going to happen. And ill probably like the results. good luck to everyone out there

quick update

Im down about 7 pounds which puts me ~133ish. Paid my anesthesia fee of $1020 yesterday. I still owe $2068 for the facility usage and one night stay ($700). I couldnt pay it yet because im not in the system just yet since its 8 weeks from today. The surgeons fee was $5150.
I want to tell work but feel that would be a mistake. Its a little personal. I am working on a practical list of items to get for recovery. I have had my gall bladder out so I reallly don't feel that with my current patter ill have any problems going.

cell phone posting is so difficult...

My normal pants fall down easier than normal.. ya know when you have this post baby belly your clothes don't fit properly an the waist gets pushed down by the blob usually. Now they're just loose. My fat pants are ridiculous now... whoo hoo! But I'm not buying new clothes till all this is done and healed up! Hope everyone is getting along and those post op are making a speedy recovery! Wish we all could go shopping together! That'd be a hoot! Flash tt mob!


Just comparing what my scale says to how I look. Dh says he can't tell. Hmph, men.

slow progress...

The scale won't move below 131. I believe I have hit the dreaded plateau. Remind myself here that my highest weight was 142 and I was stuck at 138 even thru the toughest boot camp. Relax.
I've battled headaches for as long as I can remember, always told by medical personal that I might try eliminating cartian food. Oh no that's not me, its not food, silly ppl. I have come to see and feel, that food IS causing my headaches. I'm 43 and this is just sinking in....so, another reason to tweak my foods and avoid some. Although, I just don't understand how the human body rebels against nuts, packaged meats sure... not nuts. Seems with this intolerance it also causes irritability, which yesterday I was ready to just punch anyone/anything, after eating nuts.. so glad I wasn't really just mad at everything. Just a little nutty?
I need a massage!

a little distraction...

Neither here nor there. Was so happy to get a progress report on Seada. Ill focus on finding little thing to send her these next few weeks to take my mind off the tt. I seem to be in a grumpy mood. Maybe I'm nervous, or worried that it'll fall through and I won't get to have it. Any how, Seada's face cheers me up, wish she was mine! Or I could be there to hug that fabulous little girl. I usually sent her stickers and map pencils, she going in to 2nd grade. She was 3 when we first sponsored her. So big now.. I just love her. Anyone have any ideas what I could send her? It has to go thru customs and has to be flat in a 5x7 ish envelope.

3 weeks from today..

I took measurements today, I don't think they'll change much in 3 week. All measurements are inches.
36.5 bust
31.5 ribs
34 waist
36.5 hips
current weight 130-132 ish. Really I would like to be about 125, which looked like it was gonna happen until i hit a plateau. And that seems to have created the desire to just eat and not care (again). I really gotta get back on track. I have managed to bike, run or swim off 13K calories this month. Gotta keep focus!

training supplements after recovery...

Just wondering if anyone was continuing any training supplements after surgery. I take BCAA's (monster amino 10cal/ serving) and feel I need to do another cycle of creatine... I am sure the creatine won't do me any good post surgery, except cause excess water retention. Maybe the amino acids will help me heal up faster? Any experience? Or thoughts?

photo comparison

added side by side photos of weight loss. deleted individual photos.

Just wanted to see a single digit "pre" LOL!

I'm fine mentally, I think. I do find that i have been so dog gone chatty this last few days. So unlike me, I can go weeks not speaking to anyone. I am very much a loner. I enjoy my company ^_^!

I am sure i'll be a chatty nut with the poor staff that has to endure all my nonsense! Love hearing everyone's story's. Thanks!

idle time before tt....

I still have concerns about returning to work 14 days po, that'll be a Friday, then on to a full week 17days po. Any one post op think that if they had hic-ups about 14 days po that they'd be in very little pain? I have some physical work to to that entails snapping fittings on to samples (chemist). I worry that this feat will be unbearable since it takes ab strength. I do this 100+ times each day. Pre op is in 2 days! Can't wait! That means I only have today &tomorrow to get in last minute work outs.


I wanna go shopping so bad right now! I have read other stories where ladies just wanna clean an prepare their homes, not me I wanna go go go! Here are my last minute pre tt photos. My scale says 130.6 uh no 131.0 as an afternoon weight. So I figure if I get it first thing in the AM ill be under 130, maybe... what what! So ready!

pre ops done..

Busy busy day today. Pre op with Andrews women's @Baylor today at 1030 am. I left about 7am. Good drive, no problem with traffic. Ladies there we're so wonderful! Loads of question and I was told exactly where to be and how it all play out . hunted lunch, awesome place, bakers deli? I think. Omg best sandwich ever! PS pre op was scheduled at 2pm. Everyone was so thorough explaining all the ins and outs of what to expect. I had basically no questions. Doc was running late, he was caught up in surgery. Which was fine. He waited one me a good hour for my initial consult since I was caught in stand still traffic. Only fair now huh? Lol! God bless him and the gal he was with ( breast cancer). I was glad to hear that the surgery took priority, she needed him more than I did.
I asked about the cg and what kind should I get or could I just buy a second one from them? Ah they just gave me one.. Eeeeee! Nice! Got all my scrips. Shopping list. So I had to get a new phone. Lol! Old cell, I really did like it. Ugh it just became very uncooperative. New one will keep me entertained maybe a week or so through recovery. Works better too! Thank God.. Thanks for all the well wishes! I just love you ladies!

almost home...

Everyone at Baylor was so wonderful. Although I left my cell in my bag to be locked up and it came back on verizion wireless and did not work as it is not a verizion phone...so now I'm near home and my wireless company us cellular has given me a new phone, which is great, cuz I was cussin' them and swore to drop them for burning me..
I had 10.5 inches of skin removed and about 3 inches of plication done. I had a wonderful anesthesia team. They love to knock you out! I was told "I put something in your IV as they are wheeling me back to OR, shoot about 3 seconds after that I was out! Surgery took 3+ hours. Wow! My PS is as cool as a cucumber! I haven't taken any narcotics just advil. I had 2 doses of morphine but only because one was to show me how it worked and the other was cuz they thought I might need it getting up to sit n a chair for 30 minutes. It made me feel yucky. So I don't plan on taking any Narcotics. I did take a soma for the drive home. That seems to be a good deal. I have eaten like a pig today! Dh found an Egyptian restaurant and I had a to have some! Happy healing all! Will get pics asap.


Amazingly the worst pain today is from gas. I woke up at 4 am in a sweat with belly pain.. I guess that's what happens when they put a tube down your throat, it also gets in your belly. Its very uncomfortable. I had dh adjust my binder since it was riding up on me. I noticed I have the old by scar, which is fine by me. The incision is all the way around each hip. I'm getting restless, but am not doing anything today other than making trips to the potty. Maybe this evening I'll sponge off. I think since I'm so gassy I may have a bm soon. I have no gallbladder and thus ibs-d. So I'm sure it'll be uncomfortable.

no water..

We got home yesterday and my daughter told us we were under a boil order. This happens too often here. Some how poo got in the water supply. We buy bottled water in another town to drink. But no sponge bath for me tonight. I'm sure stinky... I'll have to boil water tomorrow I guess for my bath. I'm terribly bored too... Just cyber creepin' on y'all! Thanks for all the tips. I really appreciate it.

ps visit..

Well I am going to make the trip back down to the PS so I can be shown how to clean everything.. That was unplanned. I thought I was going to get phone instructions... Oh well, least we can get out a bit. Washed my hair in the sink and put on normal clothes. Feel way better. I'll try to get a belly pic this afternoon. Mean time here's one with no belly roll.. That's so wonderful!

a few pics

My head is singing " oh my back hurts, oh my belly itches, oh oh oh dang little bitches..." Lol! Dh is off to work today, I'll be on my own til late. He's such a helper. My back hurts more than anything. I sat on the stool in the kitchen yesterday and did dishes while dh found and removed the dead mouse in the bedroom closet. So nasty. Didn't sleep well with the achy back. I need to stay bent for a few more days. Doc said first 4 days but nurse yesterday suggest a few more days. The incision is still a little soft in spots and I'd just not pull on it too much. I have a few pics. I am swollen as expected, I just don't feel like I am since swollen is still smaller than before. Hope everyone has a super healing day!

first shower...

Made it through my first shower. Was unorganized, I washed my hair with body wash thinking it was conditioner. Warm water felt great on my back. So I took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed some of pics.

drain pain...

Up til this morning my one drain hasn't been a problem. This morning it stings and pinches and leaked a little when I stood up. I don't go in til monday, 5 more days, but I am ready to be rid of this thing. I figure its probably always hurt and I just couldn't feel it with all the numbness and swelling. I'll call the PS asap this morning. I couldn't sleep in because I'm starving (and the drain pain). Guess that's good. Feeling lazy this morning. Any drain advice til I get a hold of my docs office? I think maybe wearing undies aggravates it? Gonna be a sleepy day...

another day..

My body wants to stretch out so bad.. In my sleep I keep waking up stretching my legs and abs tightened in a stretch. I guess its okay, it doesn't hurt. I tried to sleep last night without a muscle relaxer, oh wow not happening. My back hurt so bad, in spasms. So after taking one I slid down out of the beach chair position and just slept with the pillows under my knees. Other than that, I am ready to work on standing up! My daughter is in a cooking mood, so lucky me has had hot yummy food! Hope everyone is healing super quick!

replay of day 6...let the back suggestions fly

Oh my back.. Other than that I'm doing fine, getting straighter, don't know how often I really should be taking the soma (relaxers). They are effective. Just don't want to be in LA LA land all day. Which they are ok to stay awake on, I just feel like I haven't slept well in a few nights ( sure no one has after the TT) and will surely fall asleep. I plan on the hot shower on my back today. Really would like to get the heating pad out. Think I'm not suppose to tho. Will try to get a progress pic today. There's midget wrestling tonight in a neighboring town. Wonder if I could stand going? Lol! Not really my thing, maybe there's a hs football game tonight. My daughter is 18 and needs a hair cut and refuses to phone the woman that has cut our hair for 16 years, she has anxiety talking to ppl. Im dug in, not calling for her. She's so whiney about it. Makes me laugh and forget the back cramps!

one week pics

Incision seems to be healing well. Think I look a bit hippie, but maybe its swollen. Hot shower on back really helped. Moving more and stretching best I can also seems to help. Looking forward to tomorrows progress!

oh drain, you're such a pain...some one eyeball this for me.

Doing good today. Walking near normal just a bit hunched an a little slow. Took in a movie and made a trip to Walmart (despise Walmart, really love how autocorrect capitalizes that, grrr). Was bearable, other than being at Walmart and my hip burning. The drain wasn't painful today but it is extremely irritated, hope to God its not getting infected (spell check didn't cap god, like walmarts more important?) It should come out Monday precisely at 205 pm. So I don't think its worth bothering the doc/staff on a Sunday. I'm taking the antibiotics and putting neosporin on it still. Wash my hands handling it yadda yadda.. Any one else's unhappy? Have redness near the size of a nickel around it, and it is low in my mons. I think it gets pressed against the skin and the stitches rub the skin when I walk.

no drain = happy dance

I have no drain! All the pinching on the left I felt the last few days must have been the drain. The last 2 days the drain fluid went from serous to bloody. Doc said it was probably just irritating tissue. Pulling the drain didn't hurt. About 3 seconds after it was out it did sting, but since it was over, there wasn't anything to fret over. Doc did admit to using his sterile foot for leverage tightening my belly after I told him my daughter was freaked out about how tight it was (she also took a pic, but swore not to Facebook it, like I care). BTW, I do see toe marks Dr Kunkle ^_^! I can switch to a spanx type support garment. Hooray! I had to do the happy dance at the counter before I left, or they wouldn't schedule my next appointment. Yah! I had NO problem with that!

comparison pics

I am doing well today. Showered, made breakfast, feed chickens, did dishes, laundry, trash out & cleaned kitchen floor. So after that I made myself sit to eat, play with pics and update. Its kind of nice to feel like I'm back on a normal track. Plan on making bread today and maybe a shopping trip for odds and ins. I am not ready to wear my spanx type garments. I'm not sure they are supportive enough. And I am not ready for pulling something so tight up and down every time I have to pee, potentially irritating the incision line. Really would like a good restful nap. No muscle relaxer last night. Doc suggested yesterday not to get use to them. They are kind of nice, I'll admit. But, I really didn't notice that I slept any worse. Still achy all night. Healing vibes to all!

spanx X 2...

I opted out of my binder today for spanx. Its not crotchless, so I worry about having to go and pull off layers. I also added a spanx tank for extra support since I bought this body type one ages ago and have no recollection of the strength of compression. All I remember is that it was just too dang tight to wear without pissing me off. So its prob good! Think I'll hunt a corset type without the crotch. Here's a pic, I guess I'm going to be a little hippie, really imagined I'd be way more square, which I think I'd prefer. But, either's fine as long as I'm minus the belly roll. Really love the way things are shaping up.

spanx is not going to happen..

I need help. Double layered or even single layer of the spanx is horribly uncomfortable. My hip is burning, which it hasn't done in day and my bb is irritated. Spanx just bunched up, felt like it was going to sausage me in half. Back in my friendly binder. I've eaten every bit of 2000 calories (kcals) today. Sure tomorrow AF (tom? In the UK?) will be here. I need a shorter waist garment. No crotch preferred. I've browsed the net and didn't see anything. If you have any favorites please let me know. Thinking of a corset type?.I guess since. Adjust this binder several times a day, or it gives a little more, that I didn't notice that one size all day sux. Ugh...


Kids are out, hubby is out of town for the night collecting CEU's. I made a 1.75 mile walk. Would have made an even 2 but my youngest son has an alcohol problem and I fetched him from the ER. He's fine, just needs treatment or something. So, alone an a little depressed. Our water is out so I can't even console myself with a hot shower. May just stink going back to work tomorrow.
My stomach feels gristly in some places. I'm sure its normal, just weird. Flexees cg is OK, I wanna cut some of the ribs out tho that dig in.

first day back to work...

Wasn't a big deal, physically, going back to work today. Fridays are usually light. Was good to catch up on all the funnies I missed the last 2 weeks! My bb pinches. Like the scabs are point apart as I move, twist and stand. Ugh, still think the sensation at my bb is gross. So I can't stand to look at it and wanna pick it (no no) ugh, but can't stand touching it. I know that will change cuz its gonna be cute. So I stuck neosporin in it to soften the scabs, hopefully this will help. Please feel free to share experience. My bb looks like (a cute) spider web made if blood. There's a deep hole, entrance, around a web of scabs. I'm sure time and patients are the only things I can really do about it. Happy healthy healing all!

friggin love predictive txt

Just saying' yo. Scabs pulling apart...

bb progress...

It seems at thus stage for a few of us the bb has become some what of a concern/irritation. Mine is probably normal for the way my PS does them. I had no external sutures to remove anywhere. I think dissolvable ones are in my incision and bb, 2 vertical layers of permanent ones in the fascia for the muscle repair. I'm still tight and can't stand completely straight. My hip flexors and IT bands are tight, and my piriformis muscle aches. Not out of the ordinary for me really. I'm sure hunched doesn't help them.

oh poo...

Hit wrong button.. More pics

just funny... and wondering...and inappropriate

Yesterday it was very cool and we had a tarantula come in. I was telling dh about it and he asked " What is wrong with you? They're not cool" , uh ya they are! So he's all creeped out about it, and I asked him if my hoo haa looked like a tarantula since I haven't groomed any since the TT. He just giggled and asked why I had to put that in his head. Uh looks like one to me...I suppose since my drain holes about gone I can landscape. Any reason not too?

slept all night! well, mostly...

I may have found the magic position, or maybe I was just so dang tired that it wouldn't have mattered if I had to sleep on a wood pile. I usually sleep on my back, so I put a pillow under my knees and one under my feet. Hope that works again tonight. My bellyfeels like a pot belly pigs. I look expecting a giant pooch but its still flat. Maybe the muscles have relaxed and near adjusted to their new positions. Tired to trim up the tarantula last night an noticed the "Ken doll", was so funny. Didn't really look swollen, but when you touch it you can definitely tell its swollen by the way everything moves. Reminded me of a female animal in heat when the vulva swells..

little progress...

My near healed drain area stings. It isn't red, isn't tender. May be the cg. I've stretched the binder out and have to wrap it more than half way around now. So I figure I'd put on my big girl panties and join the rest by wearing the Cg. I did put a spanx tank over it. Hate up and down going pp, hate all the flaky belly skin! I feel fat today, ate lasagne for supper yesterday. Bad move! My bb scabs are falling off. Incision is more of a scar now, pink and few scabs. MR burns now and then. Mine never felt like over worked muscles, just burning and tender. I have the OK to get a flu shot. Not sure I will tho. Really don't want the aches and sniffles I could get from it. Usually I'm fine, last year wasnt!

poking stitch...

Just noticed a fish line end poking thru the mid center of my incision. Its not festered. Oh but I'll worry! Just snipped it (felt like I needed tin snips for that, thought stuff!). Had on in my bb but wasn't worried about it. Please don't open, please don't open....

bb and beter lighting...

Uh? That looks weird! Lol! Hope it'll all even out. But even if it doesn't, its better than the roll I had pre TT. I'm sure it can be fixed.

hey where'd my pic go?

That's what happens when you boss interrupts your online posting... You forget pic..... Anyone know if I'll need a revision? I don't need a perfect bb. But when you do pay for it to be included.....

almost 3 weeks...

Progress pics to compare :D think by April's cruise I could in shorts and a bikini top most of it!

a better view...

I can look in the mirror 10 times, scrutinizing every angle, be so critical and overlook the "wow". I love posting pics and coming back to my review, reading and see the pics from a more objective frame of mind, and see my "wow". Of course, all the support helps here too! 3 weeks finally! I feel so fat this week. My calories have been high this week, so I'm beating myself up. Hanging in there! Hoping the 21st I'll be cleared to do more than walk. My belly is kind of softening up, everything is still stretching. I have a little brown spot that has about doubled in size. Today ends the first full week back at work. I can manage, might be a bit slow tho! I did give in am tell my manager just in case I needed some lienency. I have a coworker that keeps inquiring about my physical state. I have a gimpy back, and it really is achy, not lying. But I think my info was shared w him... I can't imagine anyone'd really notice. I ache all night unless I take a muscle relaxer.I think its probably more my back and lack of movement causing it. So glad we have this site. Love being able to read how every one was doing, where I am now, and am heading!

rubber band snap, ouch!

Wow, I just sat down and experienced what felt like some one snapping me with a rubber band in my left hip.... I suppose that's a temporary suture giving. One more week til I see my PS, I sure need a professional " everything's great"....

feel like my energy has stalled....

It is still to tight to stand straight. I should probably work on that, but was waiting until I saw the PS in 4 days for the go ahead. I have back spasms today. Maybe I'm still getting use to being on my feet at work. I just noticed the bb is looking more normal so I figured I'd share. Sleeping isn't such a chore any longer. I'm a back sleeper, but lay on my side to relieve the achy back. I have to be cautios rolling over, twisting isn't painless. My belly has been tender, and needs lotion. May get some chamois butt'r for it. Hubby is slim, 185 @ 6", and seems to have abdominal hernia. So his belly protrudes a little. He's concerned that my belly makes his look terrible and he need a tt now. Anyone's else have a spouse going thru this too? Mine thinks that he's the pretty one.

miserable... just venting.

In a hurry this morning getting ready for work, the cg's I'd been wearing were all dirty. Spanx medium, oh I can be brave and wear it. It has shoulder straps that are digging in to me and are let all the way out. The crotch is chaffing me. It has a p hole, but really? That isnt possible and im not even trying that! I just haven't had much luck finding comfort in a cg. I should probably resign to wearing a large and be happy w it...No way I'm standing upright today...And its killing my back. Just yappin'...

4 weeks today!

I'm doing good. The mr line is experiencing pins and needles, think that's a good sign? The 2 suture ends I had poking out have now revealed themselves to be suture knots. I wanted to cut them out but dh doesn't think I should. My next appointment is in a few days anyway. Neosporin and a bandage over it so I won't be tempted. I can feel knots all along the incision line now. If I run my finger along the right side of the scar it feels like I am touching to the right of my bb. Wierd nerve!

oops! idk y i do this...

I am not gonna lie, I hate shaving my legs... So I don't, very often. Here I am waiting at the PS office and I didn't shave again.... And my legs need lotion so bad :(
Their scale weight 4 lbs less than mine at home. I was warned it might weigh heavier than my home scale. So yippie! 126 today. Took after pics today too.

scar treatment & 1 month post op...

I forgot I am only 4 weeks after TT. I can't get back to any workouts for 2-3 more weeks. Which is very logical, I need to be protected from myself. I'd have gotten out there and pushed myself into an injury No swimming yet either. Walk or eliptical or recumbent bike....PS said I'll look great scar will be great (may not have been his exact words, but that's what I heard). I'm not one for flattery but I couldn't help but to giggle feeling the truth in it ;)
I have interesting info on the scar treatment. Guess I'll try the scar guard until I can order the silicon strips, which I praying I'm not allergic to.
Okayed to give dh some "needed" attention as long as its tame and he's not putting his weight on me...*indifferent "oh boy"* he showering at the moment... Wonder y? its only 730pm.....hmm..I feel like a surfer in the movie Jaws.
The rubber band snap I had was likely a tempotary stitch. The lovely assistant cut my 2 rouge stitches out. I received some suggestion on my cg, Yea! Happy healing to all!

5 weeks post op..

I still have back spasms but that may be related to my existing back ailments. I woke up the other day laying flat! So nice! This week I have ditched the corset cg for the pull up high waisted brief or high waisted boy shorts type. I have noticed less swelling in the upper abs and less pain, although I have been resting it a little more. I have horrible itching in the center of the incision late in the day, swelling? Not much else to report, all is well!

photo grid plug...

I don't know who's review I saw it on, but thanks for mentioning that there was an app for comparing or collaging photos. Thanks for mentioning it!

happier scar...

One day massaging and using bio oil. Already the scar feels smoother and is experiencing more sensitivity to touch. I'll post another Friday after using this a few more days. I hesitated even using the bio oil, glad I gave in. I also put it on a very small scar from a lipoma removal on my arm about 2 months pre TT, and its about half as purple as it was already.

just foolin' around...

So I roll over to get up after rubbing my scar w oil and look what I saw! Lol! I know its not "real", yet! Hopefully I'll stay motivated where I will look something like this standing up! Told dh " look! That's a real tummy omg! Eeee!!!". Then had to explain having kids so long ago, feeling like a pumpkin for so long! So nice to see a "real" tummy!

bio oil

I've been using it on my scar and a small one on my arm from a lipoma removal a few month prior to the TT. The lipoma scar has become sensitive to touch and pinches in a weird way. TT scar seems to be experiencing something similar. If i rub it, the sensations go away. Just FYI for everyone.

6 weeks

I'm in my spanx! I've gained 3 pounds, but will be getting serious about it. The bio oil seems to do a wonderful job. The pain I had on the lipoma removal might have been attributed to me rubbing it. It was deep against a nerve and I possibly could have pushed scar tissue against it. Hubby ordered me a bike trainer so I can ride without the risk of falling off my bike. Lol! I can't sit up from laying down yet, but I think I barely could before the TT. PS offce said i could work on lifting more weight slowly, carrying stuff. Think I could work on sitting up a bit??? Not sit ups, just think I'm going to try to engage my core a little here and there.

scar treatment progress..

I am amazed how the scar has responded to the bio oil and silicone strips. These pics are first thing in the morning so they are extraordinarily light.

morning and evening comparison.

The scar is lightening up, just don't want to mislead anyone as to how light it might not be. Trying to keep it real! The T is hard to one side. Since I don't have anything to worry about I'm going to worry that this is abnormal, even tho I've had this hardness under other incisions :D

Crazy how this procedure will drive you nutz!

its official....

I'm allergic/sensitive to all adhesives.. Suppose I'll continue with the bio oil and wear the silicone strips untaped at night only... This kind of rash will take 2 months to heal. I'll try some steroid cream to encourage it along.

7 weeks

I managed to get out and run this week. That went surprisingly well. The weather will be good enough to bike today for the first time. The only concern I have this week is the swelling above my bb, least I hope its swelling. I wore a compression tank (spanx) thinking it would help my back, maybe the band on the cg was aggravating it. By the end of the day the swelling was distinct. And of course its sore in that area, but there is a lot
of healing with the tt. Ive seems the swelling above the bb on other reviews before my tt, of course now I can't find anyone with it. So if you have or come across a review please let me know. I go back Dec 2nd and plan on not over doing it just in case its something.

never a real issue with swelling until now...

Ugh, that about sums it up, "UGH"! Up side I bought 6 new dresses for April cruise, I didn't own any. Biked today, feel really swollen, even in my hands.. Morning weight is still ~127, 130ish day before sx. Gave in to prescription antiinflammatory for my back- what took me so long? Still slightly obsessed with bump above bb, "slightly" lol! Is that even possible? Hope everyone's doing well!

8 weeks eve...

My focus this weeks has shifted to getting back to my work outs. Which is really hard since its been cold and I like to be outside and I like to sweat! I hate the cold. I have set a goal to run everyday from now (well maybe tomorrow lol!) til Jan 1st, thank RW for the inspiration. My abs still have pain in the top right. But after my first cardio class its not any worse, (my butt and calves are feeling it!). hopefully its just a persistant nerve. Ive noticed a little less swelling in the hips! Hooray! Take care everyone!

week 8 quick pics...

Just a few under the fluorescent lighting at work. Everything seems to be more visible than under the lights at home.

holiday jingle..and no jiggle

you know you've just had a TT when "jingle bell time is a swell time" makes you think about your Real Self friends...

maximizing resukts, staying healthy...

First off let me say Thanks to Amys33! I want to stay in shape and even get in better shape, as most of us here do. I have been enlightened to the ziz zag calorie cycling plan. Which is something I had felt was the best way to eat, eating exactly the same everyday seemed too predictable, causing a plateau. Which it apparently does! There are calculators out there to help you/ me get started when its time.


That also includes a work out burn. Dont starve your self! I plan on eating "all" I want and burning to the calorie goal..

cardio uh oh...

Made it to another cardio class, *sigh*.. Bike, hooray!, abs, boo! My ab partner turned out to be a local doctor. She told me "uh no abs!" After I answered a few key questions...I did a little and am already sore. I have a feeling it'll take me a year to get any ab/core strength. Signed up for a 5k this Saturday, I may die..

9 weeks

Swelling is about all I have to report... Its turned cold so I'm gonna have to run the 5k to escape the he cold.. Brrrr! I couldn't manage to make myself get in a cg last night before bed since I was so uncomfortable. I did wrap a neoprene thing around me and it worked great. Swelling was so much better this morning. I'm back to being uncomfortable already tho.

more 9 week swelling pics...

I really want to look at these pics a month from now and see an improvement. Not that I'm diaspointed, just feel so swollen. Does anyone recognize this a swelling or weight gain? I know I'm obsessing... Ya know as I load these pics I see some difference, but I wonder if what I feel as swelling is really the return of some sensation, and swelling..opinions?

false alarm - blonde moment...dont judge

Ok maybe I wasnt as swollen as I thought. I found a new multi vitiman, and happened to run out of Greek Yogurt (I think I'm the only one round here that buys it- its often out of date on the shelf.. Hunt for it..) No yogurt for 5ish days minus gallbladder plus new vitimans= slower moving bowels. Ate yogurt last night and ran. Skipped breakfast and had fatty lunch (tuna & mayo) then "moved" towards normal..
So really sorry, all this whining and I just forgot to stay on top of yogurt and maybe space the vitimans out more gradually over a few weeks.
Iz so happy I ate 1/3 a pecan pie! Happy Thanksgiving ladies! I'm rather thankful for all of you!

10 weeks..

Doing good, a little neurotic as usual. Lol! Swelling and bloating have abated. I felt skinny enough today to get on the scale, 129.. Oh well. I'll just roll with it. I feel good so who cares what today's number is. I am comfortably in my levi 6's. Soon the old Navy and 6's will go in the "fat" drawer, maybe, hopefully. They are comfy, but dont stay up. Upper right MR is sharp stabs again, cramps/spasms. And bothered me most the night. I assume its from my run yesterday. Abs feel tired and tight. Will rest today.

just funnin'

Ive run 10 miles this week. That more than Ive run in any given week in 7+ years. I can tell the fat is getting softer, looser. We ran at the Y even tho its super nice today so dh's asthma was less likely to flare up indoors. My cg was sweaty so I left it off. Playing w the fat roll on the ride home, lol! One day itll be a memory...

pecan pie diet...

I'm really hoping the right side develops similar definition to the left. Thats kinda normal, idk why all the muscles on the left have more definition.

2.5 month follow up with ps...

I can swim! Excersize as I feel comfortable, think that means I can attempt what I like and use my discression on what's comfortable. Was so funny, doc wanted to see my belly and I'm yammering away and look down and he's got his finger in my bb noting how its softening up... I didn't even feel it...was weird! I love the scale there, its always 2-3 pounds less than mine. The girls admired the way my pants fit.... Eeeeee! Said I was cute, lol! Love the approval of other women! I have no female relationships- I'm socially dysfunctional.. But I like it that way, sometimes...lol! My bubble above the bb is swelling/normal. Doc said I look good (i held it together, didn't squirm outwardly like a school girl). Said my healing was good, thanked me for doing my part. Iz like what? I didn't do anything! But apparently I did. Wish I knew what it was so I can continue.....


I forgot to add that he suggested if stay in compression a bit longer. I'm okay with that. As you can see from the previous pic I'm swollen, crazy how it varies from week to week...

Real Friends Rewards Program...

Hooray! Got my rewards gifts! So cool to have a little gift from real self! Thanks!!

Ive lost track of weeks po...

Must be time to start counting months! I'm closing in on 3. Here some quick pics. Not early morning, but early afternoon because I've done nothing today but lay around, so its just like first am pics. I am still in compression. I half heartily use bio oil. I'm just getting lazy...I feel like I'm ready to work out a little more. Think this week I'll incorporate weight training and test the abs a little. My legs look like hot dogs, so sad.. I tried to sneak pics because dh says I'm obsessed with naked women and I must be developing lesbian tendencies... I dont believe I am, but so what if I did? Lol! Of course, He walked in and caught me grabbing pics. Last week my ps said over the next month the scar will darken, begin to itch and start to fade over the next year. Happy healing all!

forgot scar..

Doesn't bother me at all. Its tight when I run or bike or go to cardio. But I get use to it about 15 minutes in. The first few times I got back to working out I itched all over. It was horrible itching esp. my crotch, ugh try to stay focused in the gym and not dig at your swelling! I googled it and if your active your body grows more capillaries to oxygenate your working muscles. When you take a break the capillaries atrophy since they are not used. So when you get back at it the itching you feel is the capillaries returning to function. Only lasts a few workouts but its intense! Just FYI.

3 months today...

Three months and I feel like I should look like some version of a super model, why not? some of you do! Lol! I feel like a slug. I have this persistent bulge above my bb that is causing an obsessive fear theres something wrong.. My ps said it was swelling, I can't feel a seperation and does appear to be swelling with pad of fat over it. So, I continue to remind myself I need to get back to a workout routine. Idk if I'm lazy or some things wrong w me. I may visit my gp and complain about chronic tiredness. Sometimes my back won't let me sleep, which is likely the culprit. I take iron and B and a multi, And I try to plenty of drink water..


Each passing week I'm feeling more and more normal. My abs are ok, feel stronger and up to small challenges. My swelling is down, seems to be mostly PMS swelling more than tt swelling. I think Ive fired up my metabolism by eating plenty of calories. I have found a piloxing class I am going to try. So I'm ready to trim down a few pounds without starving myself, (thanks again Amy!) I am looking forward to a bikini, love the way blue looks against my skin, even tho green is my favorite. Maybe I'll find something with both colors. Tan belly will be awesome! Love my belly! I use to sit around and pinch the flabby lose skin, now I just rub my cute abs and giggle!

happy new year!!

I made it to a tabata at a class this week. My butt and legs are sore and my abs are fine. I felt like I had more control in my moves, stronger, like everything has learned to work together. I swelled up like Willy Wonka's blueberry Violet. A few pics because I feel very unswollen! Still working on losing a bit of the flank fat! Happy 2014 ladies!

holiday weight wait...

Ok so waiting for the holiday weight to go isn't really a good plan. The evening of the first I herniated a disc while taking an innocent shower. Just jerked the wrong way and couldn't put weight on my left. But, everything seems to be calming down, just mananaging muscle spasms and the aches that accpmpany such trauma. I bought a bullet thing to "juice", it just purees everything, not an extractor. Love it so far.
By belly wise I'm doing fine. I'm at 128, which isnt a bad number. I have a small frame and am not tall. You can really see the excess fat in these pics. I hope to be about 120 by April's cruise. My scar itches often and have been using more bio oil than the previous month. The scar does seem to be fading slowly. It also seem to be lower, i esp notice it in the front. My bumps and tightness are slowly disapating. I still have knots under my scar and a few sutures knots just under the skin that are taking their time dissolving/spitting. Happy healing to everyone! Hope your 2014 is a beautiful year! Any one else notice 2/14!? I think of it as a year of love, but 2/14 is the best break up day ever, so break up with your old self! Lol!

dad gummett....pics!

I feel like such a chunky butt... Lol!

the "chunky" pic...

Here's not so flattering pic I forgot to Include. This I why I think I need to lose a few pounds. And ugh, from behind, is not so pretty compared to my super awesome belly!

And a pic of my cat eating chicken food. Just for funz!

first real ab work out

I made it to a cardio class yesterday and did biking. We did crunches, throw downs, butt raises and full sit ups reaching thru your legs . I did ok the first set. 2nd- not so hot. I'm not sore. But my bb feel like its tugging apart and the mr is stretched. But really my abs feel more normal after a bit of a work out. I laughed so hard earlier and my abs actually felt much like they did before the tt.

feeling skinny..

The bb bulge has gone! I have been using an inversion table for my back this last week and I did and ab work out and I'm on steroids. So I can't say if anything in particular has helped it. I do suspect its the inversion table, stretching the knotted muscles along with the ab workout. I feel like hunting a 2 piece today...


Idk y I could attach them with previous post. I'll try later.


here's the photos I couldn't upload a few weeks ago. my gallery/camera had an update and the directory seems to have changed. My belly's doing fine. I still need to step up my workouts, blame it on the extreme cold. My scar still feels tight and itches in the center. My son's GF said I was skinny. A great compliment from a 17 year old sexy Lucy Lu look alike. I am working on eliminating gluten and soy from my diet. It been less than a week and I'm not as disaplined as I will be after a few more weeks of reconditioning my habits. I ate 4-5 croissants last night. One as I was laying in bed all curled up, pathetic... Lol! I'm on a squat mission. And have now developed a persistent twitch in my butt along the SI muscle. My scar is still rather redred. Hope everyone is doing great!

today's pics

Sorry for all the typos. Either My phone or my cold fingers are having issues today. I didnt intend to post 2 pics of the same angle. My last cardio class involved a lot of jumping and hopping. I need to do kegal excersises... And remember to wear a pad to cardio!

5 months post

I am in old navy size 4 jeans, hooray! I found out the waist is the same in the 4 & 6's, its the butt and legs that are different, boo! So I'd just been wearing the wrong size all along, lol! Ive gained a bit of weight. Was 126 a few weeks after sx, 130 before now about 132.. So no pics until I'm down a bit. My MR above my bb is sensitive and does better in compression.. which I hate because it irritates my lady parts. So I'll hunt some compression tanks for day use and save the spanx for night. I can flex all my abs, my back seems to be finally adjusting to the additional core support of properly places abs, big HOORAY there! I'm desperate for a work out buddy, & a shopping buddy as I embrace my new girl-ish identity. My belly and scar still itch quite a bit with this dry cold air. The scar is still rather red too. Hope everyone is doing great! Wish all super results!

6 months mark!

I ran down to see my PS today, probably for the last time ever. I'm gonna miss him and his staff. I wanna do it all over again, they were always so supportive and pleasant. *sigh* LOL! Funny I should miss that relationship! I won't miss the 2 1/2 hour drive one way. Of course he said I looked great, really glad he didn't say I needed "hippo-suction" like my husband said I would if I kept eating the way I do and laying around everyday! I have done okay this last 2-3 weeks and been more active. Got a new saddle for my bike so maybe I can up the miles and get ready for the Hotter'N Hell (Wichita falls, TX) road ride in August, you comin'? LOL! I mentioned the tender area above my bb that still swells. He touched it and it turned white, said thats still inflammation. And my scar is coming along. Still pinkpink and itchy, but that will change. I can do everything that I had been doing before the tt. I am still numb and like I said, have tenderness/weirdness along the MR, esp about the naval. I'm about 129, and plan on getting a little leaner this summer. Pics are after a long day in the truck, chasing bike shops, coffee, Egyptian food and clothes for my daughter.. And did Google maps send us to an erroneous address? Or have a terrible time thru the crazy Ft. Worth construction? Uh Ya.. Love Google but smeesh what a long day and I hate that navigators voice. It told me to go west, i yelled at it "i dont know which way is west!" It said "turn right". did it hear me? LOL! Loves y'all!

morning pics..

I can feel such a difference from evening to morning..

almost 7 months

Quick pics

almost 7 con't...

well as you can see there doesn't seem to be much difference. I can see a bit of improvement though- really need to get moving! We have a cruise next week and I am mortified at the thought of wearing the bikini bottom. It doesn't cover my scar and i sure need to lose a but more. SO back up plan is to wear the swim shorts. I am still numb-ish along the MR, still esp above the bb where i still have the little bulge. But it is an awesome trade for the twin skin! And there is always hope it will smooth out and not feel so weird. The scar is still tight. I had to open up 2 suture bubbles last week. Was just like a powder-ish goo. Can not wait to lose a bit or things to be un-swollen (which ever it is) so i can see my hip bones again.


"but" more? must have been a Freudian slip. *bit more*.

post cruise

We ate sensibility and stayed active and I actually lost a bit on the cruise. Hooray! Of course I've dropped my calories to less than a 1000/day (getting desperate to lose a few pounds). Warm weather is here so I will be able to get out more and cable dropped one of our channels that allows me to sit as soon as I get home from work and not work out. I really miss the cruise life style. Eat when ever,no shopping, always veggies and fruits and lean meats. Always something to do and stairs to climb.. Spoiled myself with dysport and restalyne treatments. DH got some lovely cream for his dark circles- works amazingly well! I'll get a pic up soon, my upper abs are looking great (so encouraged)! I'm still 129.4 but can see and feel a difference like I've lost 2-3 pounds. I tried the crunch machine on the ship. I couldn't do it, even with no weight- boo. DH helped me some and I think my above bb bulge could be weakness. It seems better, but I did lose a bit... Focusing on core as much as I can... My scar is still pink/red and has been raised at times and itches... Figure the itching is nerves. Happy healing everyone! Promise pics soon!


After a 4 mile hike in the 90┬░heat.. Motivation!

(*shutter* ew! ) 8 month update!

As my profile loads and I see the before pic I feel the return of the "oh gross, *crying* why?" And it fades quickly like a bad dream.... *relief*. I still look at my belly EVERYTIME I go to the bathroom. DH still thinks I'm obsessed. I am. MR weirdness is getting better. Scar itches and is a bit raised, baby oil seems to do fine for it. Its also still rather pink/red. When I run (which isn't often enough) the scar area swells and feels uncomfortably tight. I've added a pic of my persistent bb bulge. I shall work on naming it, seems its just a part of me. Most days its not as noticeable. I managed to drop a pound or two and notice its a bit smaller. But does feel muscle-y. I actually can feel the horizontal separations in my abs- just in case I ever get lean enough to have a 4-6 pack I now know that my abs are symmetrical. Way cool! LOL! Hope everyone's doing lovely!

how time flies...

Change is slow this far out. I'm down to 124 this morning. I think it may be a joke my scale is playing on me. Tomorrow it'll be 135 or something. MR is still tight/odd feeling. Scar is starting to fade. I can see a thin white scar in sections in the early AM. The tender weird place above my bb is getting better. Rubbing it seems to help, so I'm convinced its a nervey nerve. My scar is still itchy and tight when I run, sometimes. Sometimes its no reason at all that I'm consumed by the intense itch touching only makes worse in a public place. Hope everyone had a safe 4th! My poor dogs thought it was a war zone!

real pics

My bb and itchy hypertrophic scar segment. Really my bb isnt too bad, seems rather small. For the scar i'm trying silicone taping at night and baby oil after showers, mostly to remind me to massage it. I'll see how long I can use any tape before I break out in a rash.. Advice welcome!

1 year (minus 12 days)...

I am super pleased with my results. My scar is still very noticeable, kind of a dark red/pink and hypertrophic in the front. I initially allowed myself to do the TT to help support my degenerative lumbar spine and weak core. (Ya, no lie- glad to get rid of saggy twin skin!) It has absolutely helped, and allowed me to get to a place where I am able to productivity incorporate exercise. I anticipate that this next year will allow me to be stronger and manage my back more effectively. Couldn't have done it without my TT sisters, ya know! I'm down to 125 Tish. Goal is 115. Don't freak- I am very small framed and less weight on my back would be ideal. I used a cycling calculator that took in to account my measurements and my ideal body fat, think it was ~18%. My Y membership was up for renewal and I couldn't justify it with chronic diarrhea. So I went to my doc and no surprise, I have IBS. No gallbladder. New meds are great. I can eat and no more panicked "runs" to the potty. Dh is loving trips to town now that I don't have to go NOW! BUT NOT IN THAT GAS STATION! EW LOL! Idk how many times I barely made it, or didn't!

1year lazy pics

Of course I hit submit before adding my pics... My silly daughter has jury duty and agoraphobia. I was offering my support via text as I was trying to update on my cell...
I decided that my bump above my bb was overdeveloped muscle (LOL, optimism) from being stretched and strengthening out of place muscles.
Also noticed wrinkly stretch skin on upper abs when I bend over or tighten up. No worries.
All pics are early in AM.

a year past...

I actually had a suture fester the other day. Crazy! I've decided to focus more on building some muscle and not fight the scale for a number.

bb and hypertrophic scars..

I just noticed these today. Its odd how they don't appear to follow an incision.

14 months...

Still super happy with my results. I'd upload a photo, but nothing has changed with the scar, Its still hypertrophic in a few sections. BB is still also the same. I am eating cleaner, it has made a significant impact on the bloating and flank bulge I hate so much without the scale moving. Hope everyone has a blessed holiday season!

how time flies...

I have started core exercises with pt to help my back. I had not realized how weak it truly was. That obnoxiously bulge above my bb, was as I suspected, weakness. So, work on the core as you can! Its also helped flatten my stomach.

I still have a bit of flank fat to lose. I'm adding a weigh resistance exercises. My weight is still about the same, 127. Would like to drop a few pounds.

The area below my bb is still without feeling. Which is super when putting on cold lotion. My scar is fading ever so slowly. But still have the itchy hypertrophic area. I may ask my regular doc about it. Happy healing every one!

18 months..

I'm not having any luck loading pics from the mobile site. I am very glad I joined real self and posted pics of my progress. I look back at theses and think "damn!, I gotta stay with it. I'm looking good" lol!

I'm still about 128-130. I have been running a bit more and have a butt. So I'm hoping that I can continue and trim down some of the body fat. Love everyone! And if you are just starting this journey- enjoy it, it really has been amazing with some amazing women!


I do have some wrinkling in my upper abs. I'll try to get a pic posted. It seems to be from the stretching. But maybe that'll line out if I lose a bit. If not, I don't care. Love not having the belly roll.

wrinkle in abs

Hmmm, updates are slow or non existent...

Almost 2 years

I still have hypertrophic scars that itch and make me crazy. I have an appointment next week with a skin clinic, hoping steroid injections will help. If not I may talk to my PS about a revision. I'll update later. Hope every one is well and happy with their tummies!
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Great consult! Everyone was so helpful! So far the surgery coordinator has been helpful, always gets back with me promptly Dr. Kunkle has a great demeanor. He's very patient and offers ample explanation. He also seems very knowledgeable and takes a good deal of interest in his work , his patients. Before the surgery began, at least 3 of the hospital staff were carrying on about how great of a surgeon he was to work with and that he does the best work, as modeled by some of their coworkers that have had procedures by him. Would absolutely recommend using his services.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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