TT, Lipo & BA with 385cc Textured Implants

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After years of yo-yo dieting, losing 70 pounds and...

After years of yo-yo dieting, losing 70 pounds and still constantly struggling with my weight, I have finally decided to have a mommy makeover. I am 34 years old and the mother of two wonderful boys, ages 9 and 6. I have given them everything, including my body and now it is time to do something for myself. I am doing this for me and me alone and even though I am so excited and I can't wait to have the pre-mommy body I once had, I am scared shitless!

More lovely befores

One good this I did get out of the consultation that cost me $50.00 was the pictures of my "before" body that I get to keep forever to remind me of how much I am going to appreciate my "after" body! Even if every inch of the scar is not absolutely perfect. Yes, I am OCD crazy!

I was soooo excited about the 3D imaging and looked forward to this consult for 2 months and thought he was "the one" but, when Dr. B put my eggplant breasts on this huge 40+ inch screen tv in his office I was like, "um, my boobs are gonna look like that???" and he says, "Well, I can't change your anatomy", which I get, but really? It just wasn't a good selling point for me and he didnt even look at my breast plate and say, hey, your tissue can be pushed closer or, no, your boobs wont point towards outer space. nope, nadda. So I moved on, but I thought it was interesting enough to share with the realself word.

Second Guessing...

Right after I booked my surgery date and paid my deposit, I put the thoughts of my surgery on the back burner. I was actually starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me since I wasn't freaking out that I was actually paying to have my stomach cut off and then sown back together. I have had 500 other things going on and I didn't really think about it until yesterday.

Then it hit me hard, really hard. I started to look back through the doctor I chose and wonder what I was thinking going with the doctor that only had seven reviews. I pretty much started freaking out and emailed the office asking questions and literally letting them know that I was getting cold feet.

Kelli ended up calling me by lunchtime and told me that she wanted to talk to me rather than emailing me to kind of put some of my worries to rest. I explained to her my reservations and how nervous I am and she told me that herself and two other women that worked at the office have had tummy tucks and breast augmentation's or revisions done by Dr. Ethridge and for me to come into the office today to see the results for myself. That has to say something about his practice if the girls in his office have gone under his knife and are proud enough to show it to me.

So I went in, last minute, unexpected, and Kelli, Melissa and Barbara all dared to show me (a complete stranger) their goods and proceeded to talk to me and answer any questions that I had for over an hour. They really went above and beyond today to help make me feel more at ease with this huge decision I am making. I am still nervous, but I feel more confident in my decision with going with Dr. Ethridge.

Changed my Mind....Again.

Well, I have officially changed my doctor. I know, I know. I really did think Dr. E was "the one", but I realized, I am not paying for a great personality, I am paying thousands of dollars for a fantastic surgeon. After seeing his work first hand I had something nagging at me and I realized it was the belly button. Two of the three ladies had the tell tell tummy tuck scar around the belly button. :(

So, after a few days of deliberating and re-researching, I have decided to go with doc #4, Sam Jejurikar and I couldn't be happier. He went to a great school, has over 11 years of experience, is a member of all the major plastic surgery societies, has tons of great reviews and before & afters online and has a hospital for me to recover in with a nurse watching over me. It just all speaks volumes. I have complete and total confidence in his abilities as a surgeon and I am so excited to see the results he will give me.

I called the office yesterday and booked my surgery for Monday, November 24th and paid the deposit. I have a second consult with Dr. J scheduled for next Thursday that I booked almost a month ago, so I am going to use that as my chance to ask all those last minute questions and try on the sizers again. Apparently they don't have a pre-op appointment so I will use this time for that as well.

Any words of advice on things to ask??

Not Nervous

So, I am 27 days out from my surgery and as crazy as I am, I am not freaking out. I am almost concerned with how calm I am. I don't feel overly excited or anything, just kind of numb about it all. I think about how my fat will be gone soon and my boobies will be bigger, but that's it. :/ Maybe the nerves will kick in when it gets closer, but even though I want to be uber excited, I don't want to put myself in freakout mode.

I did buy myself some sports bras and a pretty pink moomoo with buttons and pockets! So sexy!! I don't plan on buying the toilet seat or renting a medical bed, but I did get a recliner from a friend that I need to deep clean. Other than that, I haven't done anything to prepare. I don't really know what all I need, but I don't want to go overboard. Am I crazy? :/

Feeling Unprepared

I had a dream last night that it was the morning of my surgery and I had not washed with the H cleanse and I have lotion on. I started to panic a little bitthinking about the bacteria that could get into my wounds and cause infections.
Obviously this is my subconscious reiterating how unprepared I feel and feeling that when the day comes, I will not be ready.
Did I mention I don't even know what size implants I'm getting? We discussed 375ccs at the consultation, but I'm really worried about going too big. I know that I have a wide frame, but I just want a very natural looking breast augmentation. I did the search for people of my height and weight under that 375ccs and honestly there's not very many, which really makes me wonder if it's a good fit for me.

Believe it or not

Believe it or not, I actually own and wear clothes! Lol! I can't wait for the day my clothes will actually fit properly and I will not have to fight with my closet and get depressed everytime I have to get dressed! My poor husband hates my t-shirts because that's all I wear because that is the ONLY thing I feel remotely comfortable in! And when I stay comfortable I don't mean because of the way it feels I mean because it is not snug around my abdomen. And even though I know everyone sees it, I don't need to put it on a billboard by wearing tight clothing. I don't know if I will change my style once this is completed, but I will do my part to wear less T-shirts. :) I just look forward to feeling comfortable in my own skin again and not always worried about my shirt riding up!!

Depleted My Savings!!!

Well, I have officially depleted my savings account and paid for my surgery in full!!! Is it really real? Am I really gonna go through with this?? Don't think about it!!! If I think about it then I am going to start freaking the hell out and giving myself unnecessary stress!! Just don't think about it! Lol! I am doing everything in my power not to think about it. I have even scheduled my kids birthday party for the Saturday before my sx so I have lots to plan to keep me occupied!! :) My grandparents are flying in this Saturday (for Thanksgiving) and my mom coming next Wednesday, so they will help me stay occupied as well. And don’t worry, I am sending everyone to my aunt’s house on Wednesday (two days after my sx) and they're staying until Sunday, so it will just be me and the hubs at the house max relaxing (hopefully). My mom is coming to take care of me and stay with me in the hospital, but I am hoping by Wednesday the hubs can take over. I know we will be ready for a quiet house!!

What Size Boobies??

I have an appointment on Friday to go over sizers again and sign the consent forms. I believe I have decided to go with Sientra silicone gel, 375cc textured implant. From what the office manager told me, the doc likes to go up about 30cc’s when putting them under the muscle so that means I will actually be getting about 400 cc’s? That’s a lot of cc’s! I am not sure about moderate or mod plus, I guess I can look when I am there and go with the docs recommendations. I am bringing in pictures this time too, so I think that will help give him an idea of what I want. I want a very natural look and don’t want to go too big. I know everyone always wishes they went bigger, so I am leaning on the larger size, but really, I just want them to be proportionate to the rest of my body, minus the big fat belly they will be removing! Lol! How did you decide on a size??

Pre Op

Well my appointment on Friday went very well. I signed all of the consent forms and gave Karen the pictures of my wish list boobies to put in my file. We went back and tried on the sizers again and have decided on the textured, sientra 375cc's with the moderate profile. I believe they will actually put in 385 because he is going in under the muscle. She gave me a tour of where I will be going the morning of my surgery and then showed me the hotel/hospital room where I will be staying after. It is very nice and I am so glad that it has all of the means for a hospital, but doesn't feel like a hospital because I hate hospitals! Lol! Surgery is scheduled for 730 Monday morning and I have to be there by 630 so that means I will be awake at 4AM to bathe with the Hibiclens and drive the hour and a half to Dallas.
I have moments where I start thinking about the surgery and really freak myself out, but honestly those are few and far between and I feel very calm about it. I am sure I will be a wreck and crying the morning of. My grandparents got into town Saturday evening and my mom gets here tonight, so it will be very busy in my house and I won't have very much time for worrying. I've been living with this body for six years and I am so ready!!

Before Photos

I wanted to rearrange how my pictures popped up on my screen! I hated logging in and seeing my nakedness right away! I know, I'm crazy! Plus I get on while at work (a lot) and I didn't want someone seeing them by accident just because they are so in your face when I log in. :(

Cut, Suck & Crop!

I love photo shop!! Lol! I know that it's just pretend, but it is pretty cool to be able to adjust your body size and see what could possibly be in the future. Love!!

Crying and Cursing like a Sailor!!

Which I know a lot about since I was a sailor. Lol! Now I just wish I could drink like a sailor so I can let the anxiety take a back seat!! Well, today must have been a breaking point for me because I woke up grumpy, cursed all the way to work then started to ball my eyes out and it's only 11 am! I guess I am subconsciously stressing about the sx. I won't lie, it's been hectic with all of my family at the house. I am a total clean freak and well, my family is not. I am so glad they are here and will be taking care of me! I just need Monday to get here so I can be so drugged that I could care less how my kitchen looks. :)

I will say it still doesn't feel real. I don't know how to explain it. It's crazy, I only think about the surgery when I log in and talk all of you lovely ladies, but other than that I really don't think about it. But really, I try not to think about it because I know I will get freaked out. I know I will be crying when they roll me away into the OR. And probably every minute up to that point, I am a crazy crier. I really just want to fast forward three months and feel normal again. I am not looking forward to the alien boobs, red scars, swelling, drains and the emotional roller coaster that I will be on. But I know it will all pass with time and I will be so happy I did this. Just Breathe!! :)

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!

I am really going to miss sleeping in my bed and on my side!! But I will say that the excitement has finally kicked in I can't wait to be out of surgery tomorrow and on my journey of healing my body. I had a few breakdowns this week, but for being the day before this major surgery, I feel very at peace with my decision. Now tomorrow morning may be a different story! Lol! But all in all I am in good spirits. I have taken tons more before pictures so that I can really appreciate how far I've come and so that I can look at them when I'm having those "what the hell was I thinking" days. I also took a picture of my supplies that I purchased on Amazon, but I'm still awaiting my starile strips. I have purchased low-sodium soups and crackers and plan on drinking my normal protein shakes to get me through the first few days. Fingers crossed I don't have any nausea and can poop fairly quickly!! :)

Today is the Day!!

Well, I am actually sitting in the pro-op room waiting for my IV to be put in. I am not thinking about what I am actually about to do. I am just getting a flu shot, right? Lol! I will say that I went and picked up my prescriptions yesterday and I have 7 injections that I have to give myself for blood clotting!! I HATE needles! Seriously! I am not looking forward to that, but hopefully I can find a numb place to do it.

I will try to update everyone as soon as I get a chance. Please send a prayer.

Done and Done

Thank you to everyone out there who has given me positive reinforcement and kind words. Well I think that it is three days postop and I'm doing okay. My days are so scrambled!! Sleeping a lot and not skipping a pain pill. From what I have seen of my stomach I already love it!! Of course there is the puckering, which will eventually go away but I have my figure back. Also I was so worried about going too big when it came to the breast implants, but honestly they are perfect, they are small to me, but exactly what I wanted. I am falling asleep while texting this so I'm going to try to post a few pictures and give another update as soon as I can! XOXO to my real self ladies! happy healing!!

Loving my new Shape!

I realize its only day two, but I already love these results!! So worth it! And the Exparel is a god send! Other that being tired all the damn tune, I feel great! Yes, it hurts for the first little bit, but I have been drinking a ton of water and waking around as much as possible, which I think has helped.

Few words

A few things that had saved me 1st is mom family who have helped me with everything! 2nd is drinking plenty of water, 3rd is the recliner that I've been living in is amazing and 4th is a back scratcher! You could not imagine how you get an itch where you can't reach it and it drives you crazy!! Hope all of the other wonderful people I have met continue on to have wonderful journey!!

I have added a side-by-side from before and after and a picture of the supplies that I have used. I will say though that I have not used the blue pads and probably won't. Any questions or advice please don't be shy!!


I have eaten half of tub of prunes with no luck, then did the milk of magnesia and within 30 minutes I was flushed clean. Let just say I can't go too far from the restroom!

Also as a side note, the Armicare gel and Armica pellets help a ton!!! I also recommend ginger ale for gas. Burping is awesome when you feel sooo full! I have been eating jello, protein shakes, and cups of fruit in real juice not, not syrup. Oh, and drinking tons of water!!!

I did start my period today, but I knew it would come early. I am just glad it came today and not a few days ago. I feel like I can handle it better now.

I can manage to get up, pee, walk around a little and then I am exhausted and ready to sit again which usually results in sleeping. I love to sleep and I just angle the chair and get my pillows and fall fast asleep.

I am trying to lay off the hydrocodone and switch to extra strength Tylenol to see if I can handle it and and make the bowels go back to normal. Guess we shall see. Sorry if i have repeated myself and went bonkers with my spelling, I have just been so out of it.

Thank you to all of the well wishes!! It really means a lot to me!!!

Feeling Myself Again!!

Today is 6 days post op and I feel myself again!! I started to wean myself off of the pain meds (hydrocodone & Valium) around day 4 and only taking them when I was feeling the need to. I completely stopped taking the Valium and I only took one Hydro yesterday and really don't plan on taking anymore unless my body tells me to. I have been using the extra strength Tylenol every four hours for pain and it had REALLY helped to clear my mind. I liked sleeping through the pain for the first few detrimental days, but after a while you want to be yourself again!

Drain Came Out!

So yesterday my drains were not really filling with fluid, but with air. I got on RS and Google and couldn't find anything. Then last night while going to the restroom i noticed my panties were wet. I blotted them with tissue and it was the same color as the fluid supposed to be collecting in my little grenade. I started investigating the tube and noticed it had moved out of my body about 6" and now instead of the tube being a "tube" it had a slit in it, aka an opening. I called the doctor and he informed me that that is usually why they put in two drains, because one usually stops suctioning. Then he told me to just pull it out...... I was slightly nervous thinking about all of the reviews about it hurting, but I just went slow and literally an inch later it was out and I was one drain free and it didn't hurt a bit!! He told me to put a gauze over the area and that's it. Yippee! I also informed him of the other one not draining and collecting air, but doesn't seem to have moved and he said that like the other one, it may not be getting a tight seal. He told me to put some neosporin around the site and cover again with gauze and now I am draining perfectly! I have tightened my CG to make sure I dont retain any fluids and all seems to be well again this morning! :)

Oh, and I SLEPT IN MY OWN BED LAST NIGHT!!!! It was so nice and I plan to sleep there for now on! I didn't set my alarms for meds and only woke up once to pee and went right back to sleep! I love my bed and I really look forward to sleeping on my side again! :)

Quick update with pictures

I just wanted to post a quick update because I've been so busy enjoying my new body!!! dr. visit on Monday was great he removed my second drain and change my dressings and actually told me that I was a model patient!! :) since my appointment on Monday I have gone out each day to do a little shopping and I am driving by myself. I will say that I get worn out very quickly so I am trying to pace myself and not do too much. Tonight is my husband and my 10 year wedding anniversary so we are going for dinner and a movie and I cannot explain in that how excited I am to go out and look good!! I will post some pictures that I took this morning for you lovely ladies to see. Hope everyone is doing great and I will post again soon!


Here's a pic of what I wore last night, not a great picture but it's the only one I got! I will do my best to take more pictures with clothes Soon!

Did the Deed

I know this is way too much TMI, but if I can talk about my bowels I figure I can talk about my playtime too. I will say we were not marathon runners, but it is possible. :) Just wanted to put it out there for anyone curious.

Two Weeks Post Op

So a few things to talk about. Tomorrow will mark my two weeks post op and I have an appointment with the doc because we are concerned about my bb. I sent him a picture on Friday and he wanted me to come in but it was and hour and a half away and I would not get there before five so we decided to wait till tomorrow. I am also concerned about the amount of swelling in the mons area. It is literally the size of a baseball!! I am hoping it's not a saroma thing, but if it is then I will just have to deal with it.
Other than that, I am healing well. Trying to relax and not do too much. Maybe that is why I am so swollen! I promise to update everyone on what the doc says tomorrow.
Oh and as you can see my right breast is settling faster than my left. I am guessing it is because I use my right arm more? I will say they seem to be more sore, but I am not taking anything for pain so maybe I am just noticing it more. I will ask the doctor about that too!
Oh, and I go back to work tomorrow! Not looking forward to that. I don't even know what I am going to wear! I'm guessing workout clothes are not appropriate? Lol! Ugh Ill figure something out!!
Thank you for all the well wishes and I hope that I have no issues tomorrow, but we shall see.

Appointment was Great!!

Well my appointment went really great!! I had a slight seroma and he removed the liquid out with the syringe and it didn't hurt at all! it was very pain-free and a stress that I didn't need. I have read reviews where people say it hurt, but I am completely numb in my lower abdomen so I felt nothing but pressure. :)

He told me that my bellybutton is not infected, but there's just one area that is a little swollen. we're changing our methods slightly to try to dry it out some but other than that he said it looked great and was not concerned with the cosmetic look of it right now.

He also said that I can start wearing a different compression garment if I wanted to, but that I would probably feel more comfortable in the tighter one and didn't recommend spending the money on too many of them right now because I will continue to get smaller. He also said that I can wear a different bra i.e. sports bra that zips in the front, So now I will be looking to see what good ones are out there because I'm ready to get out of this hospital bra!!!! He really said that I was healing great and that he did not have any concerns, so I'm very happy about that!!!

Posted some pics of my scar since it's always covered. He says that the paper tape seems to be working really well for me so we won't worry about expensive scar treatment for now. I LOVE my doc!!

Thank you all for your thoughts!! So glad I am still healing well!! :)

P.S. I have stopped taking the Tylenol and it has helped with me feeling so good that I do too much. I took a pain pill today and really noticed how much more I do while on meds. Crazy but true!

Wearing Jeans

I always wear jeans!! Actually it's the only thing I have in my closet, so I am really glad that I am able to wear them already!
I am posting two different pictures of bras to see if you can tell a difference in how it supports. I can't, but one clasps is in the back and one clasps in the front and the doc wants me to wear one that Clasps in the front, but I haven't made it to the store yet and the grey one is so comfortable compaired to the black one.
Oh, and I am posting a pic of the black binder (aka back brace) that the doc gave me and I try to wear all the time. I have started wearing them over my spanks for comfort reasons until I can take off the binder sometimes. Started to just sleep in the spanks too! Much more comfortable!!
I also wanted to mention, because somewhere along the lines I forgot, (which I don't know how I did) other than the lipo pain, the pain on your lower back is pretty painful, but it is all manageable and nothing to stress over!! Just wanted to put that out there so the ones going in for the surgery are prepared.
Happy Hump Day!!

Nipples are So Sore!!!

I forgot to mention that my freaking nipples are killing me!! I mean, I feel like I am standing out in the snow (topless) and the wind is blowing on them!! I am on high alert 24/7 and it is not comfortable!! I thought maybe it is because I have worn padded bras my ENTIRE life and now I am in a no pad bra, and my nipples are rubbing on everything, shirts, sheets, seat belts! Ugh! I asked the doc about it and he said that sometimes that just happens and it should go away in 3 months. 3 MONTHS!!! Are you kidding me?? At least it's not permanent, at least it's not permanent!! (my new mantra) I literally had to put 3" bandaids over them to help them from touching everything!! It is already feeling better since I started it yesterday, but still sore.

Picture Time!!

Bought a few Sports bras and I'll be taking most of them back. I wore the black and teal one to sleep in last night and woke up wishing I hadn't. I am wearing the grey and white One today and it is pretty comfortable. The black one with the zipper in the front that said 36D was so tight and it was a miracle that I even zipped it up!! And the other one with the low cut V was just not comfortable or visually appealing! So I guess I'm keeping the gray and white one and maybe the black and teal for when the swelling goes down. :-/ I will say I did ditch the spanks today and decided just to wear my CG because I had a slight tummyache this morning and didn't feel like dealing with it.

Posting a picture of my lovely nipple bandages for you all to see and they have helped tremendously!! Still sensitive but nowhere close to how it was before. And my BB is doing much better and is actually starting to look like a bellybutton now. I will say it's funny how no one ever pays attention to bellybuttons until you get this surgery!

Also posting a pic of the protein shakes I drank the first few days after so for @SurroMommy. These things were a life saver!

And lastly, my poor swollen mons is at it again and I am sure that the doc will have to drain more fluid at next Thursday's appointment. I will say that I decided to change my diet up and eat what I know I should and not what I want. Going to do my best to stay away from Mexican food and all other delicious, yet high sodium foods and see if that helps any. :-/

Thanks for reading and happy healing or prepping to all!!

Rockin the Belt!!

After all these years I finally get the rock about with my simple jeans and T-shirt!!! I love this look!

Three Weeks Post Op - Rant

Well, today marks three weeks since my sx and I feel like it is still week two. Before my sx I would read people's reviews and completely skip over the posts regarding problems and issues. Mainly because I didn't want to freak myself out, but partially because I had this mentality that nothing like that was going to happen to me. I was not going to go through swell hell, not going to get a seroma, not going to have my incision come open, and I was not going to have any issues with my new boobies. Well, I was wrong. I guess this is the universe's way of telling me I am not in charge.

I wonder if it because I did so much the second week because I 'felt so good" or if this was all going to happen to me no matter what? I did so great the first week, relaxing, drinking tons of water, keeping up with my protein and then the second week I was like, take out these drains so I can eat mexican food and go shopping, why not?!?! My doc says not to worry, that I can't do any real damage and this is all in the short term, but it's hard not to blame myself.

So, my boobs are great, my nipples.... not so much. I swear it reminds me of breast feeding!! I honestly feel those weird twinges when your milk comes in! And they are sore and hard and it makes me want to put cold cabbage in my bra! lol! Seriously though, I am SO over this!! Can they just go back to normal so I can play with them already?!?

My belly button changes form everyday, and I am not kidding! I have to put an soft, moldable ear plug in my bb and change it out everyday and when I do, there is a new bb underneath! It is still soft and very pink. Not crusty or skin colored like some of the others I have seen. I just wish it would start to heal already!! I am ready to be normal!! Ugh!

On to my other wonderful issue of my seroma. The doctor said it was a "little seroma" last time, I wonder if he will change his tone this time? My pubic area literally looks and feels like a water balloon!!! And in my expert opinion (because I think I know everything) I think the mass amounts of fluid caused me to have a small opening in my incision!!!! SERIOUSLY??? WTF!! I am calm, I am calm. It's just annoying! I really think I should have kept in my drains a few days longer, but I was so impatient (still not learning) and they were having issues anyways, and people have no drain tt's all the time, but maybe, just maybe if I had kept them in longer I wouldn't be having this problem. :( So my advice.... DON'T RUSH THE PROCESS.

So the opening is tiny and oozed a little bit of fluid (same color that should have been in my drains) and so I cleaned it up and applied a new piece of paper tape and am continuously monitoring it for leakage. It looks like it is healing back up and I have upped my vitamins to hopefully help in the healing process. I also started to eat better and drink more water!! I talked with the office and since it seems to be healing already they are going to keep my appointment for Thursday, and I was told to let them know if anything else comes up.

I know this is a journey, not a quick trip to the corner store, but I am so over it!! I want to sleep flat on my back, or on my sides and spoon with my hubby!! I want to stand up straight and not look like a 90 year old lady!! I want to stop swelling and have a normal looking and feeling vagina!! I want my belly button to heal and I want to LOVE it! I want my tt scar to heal properly so I can start scar therapy! And I want my damned boobs to stop throbbing and twinging and tingling!! I LOVE being flat, but I get where people get into a funk about the healing process. It is not an overnight thing and it definitely takes a lot of determination, prayers and a few rants to get through it all. I say this and it's only week 3, Ugh! I just want to push the fast forward button!!

So, I am sorry for the depressing rant, but I want you all to know what you are getting yourselves into and hope that you don't just skip over it like I did, because no matter what you think, it could happen to you too. :(

I Wanna Show YOU Off

Hubby just told me that he wants to show me off at his company Christmas party!!! I have never heard those words come from his lips and I am elated!!! I literally had butterflies in my stomach when he said, "I wanna show you off".

So all of this, the pain, depression, swelling, bb issues, are all worth hearing those words!! Now if I can just find the right outfit to make his eyes pop!!

3 Week Post Op Appointment

So today I went in for my 3 week appointment. Doc said my BB is healing really well, to continue with the ear plug thing and that my TT scar is looking good. I will say I LOVE how straight and flat my scar is!! It appeals to my ocd! Lol! He said my breasts are still swollen, but are looking great and that I can start scar therapy to the incisions. The area on mt tt scar that had opened up has already healed and he was not concerned with it. He said that because I had so much fluid it was trying to find a way out using the path of least resistance.

I did, unfortunately, have to have the fluid drained again and unlike last time, when I didn't feel a thing, this time I did. :( It was an odd feeling of a sharp pain, like I was getting a shot, but worse and then it would go away, and then come back again, sharp and painful. It was enough to make me gasp, but I am sure I was just tensed up and waiting for the next jolt. Odd thing was that the pain was not even in the area he was working in. He said that it was my nerves and thats why I felt it in other places. No fun! So people, heed my words when I say, DON'T RUSH YOUR DRAINS!!! And I will say that I feel like I am already filling with fluid again. Going to have to find some tighter garments or something! And no salt!! Ugh! Next time I will take a pain pill before the appointment just in case!

Oh well, ant least I look good!! :) I will post more pics soon!!

Christmas Party

I know I promised a picture from the Christmas party so here it is. I wore a simple black dress with an open back and nude heels. I didn't even have to wear a bra! I felt so pretty and elegant and it was so nice to feel confident in my body!!

I will post some 4 week post-op pics soon!!

4 Weeks Post Op

Well, today marks one month since my sx and I couldn't be happier!! One month down, two more to go! lol! I always had the idea that you really don't get back to normalcy until the 3 month mark, so that's what I am shooting for! :)

So what has really changed? Well, I sleep in my own bed, without pillow propping, and I even venture to sleep on my sides!!! I can't stay on my left side for long, but my right side is my happy place!! I love my sleep so this is a big deal for me!!

Nipples have really calmed down, but I still wear them covered. I notice I rub/hit them on everything! It's because they are protruding from my body a lot more now then they did before and I am not used to it! I actually hit my nipple with the toothpaste this morning because I wasn't paying attention. It' a hard life! lol!

Mons area is still swollen, but the fluid retention has seemed to slow. Doc said I could be swollen there for months. :( Not fun, but as long as its not fluid that has to be drained, I don't care!

I do still have that warm, tightness, pulling feeling when I get up from sitting and it's worse the longer I sit. It is mainly pulling from my lower back and over my hips where I think the skin was stretched the most. I have random bouts of pain and I can tell when I have overdone it. It is an odd sensation when your nerves start healing. It is like a jolt of electricity in your abs. I had this in my breasts for a few days, but that has subsided. Now it is random areas of my tummy that are coming back to life! Even though it is a weird feeling I am happy to have them because they are proof that I am healing!!

I have had a few "leaks" in my tt incision, but I am not concerned because they seem to heal back up really quickly! I am continuing to do the paper tape on my scar and really love the tan tape!!! I honestly couldn't be happier with my scars!! I have started mederma on my nipple incisions until the good stuff comes in. Doc wants me to wait a few more weeks to start scar therapy on my tummy. Probably to avoid infection since we're not healed 100%, but I am just guessing.

All in all, I am beyond happy that I did this!! I This is truly the best thing that I could have ever done for myself. I cannot explain the amount of confidence I have and what it has done for my marriage in such a short amount of time. I know that might sound crazy, but I feel like this has sparked something in us. Even though I have scars, I can stand in my bathroom naked and not want to cry or cover up when the hubs comes in, I don't fight with my closet anymore, and I have a confidence in myself that I am not sure I ever had. I would do this ten times over and not think twice!!!

More 4 Week Pictures

Hit the update button too soon.

5 Weeks Post Op

Not much has changed in the past week. Just continued healing and progress!

My nipples are slightly sensitive, but I have omitted the band aids to help "toughen" them up a little.

My swelling has its ups and downs depending on my activity level. The mons area has seemed to stall and even go down slightly, but my fingers are still crossed for a huge improvement in this area. The doc may have to drain me one more time and I'm okay with that if we can get her to look pretty again. :)

I still have one small opening in my tummy tuck incision, but I am not concerned because I know it will heal soon.

I have had twinges of pain where I can feel my nerves coming back. Also the pain that was in my upper abdomen has now moved down closer to my bellybutton so I am assuming that it is my feelings coming back in stages. I read that it starts from the top and works its way all the way down.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a wonderful new year!!! I am very excited to see what 2015 will bring!!!

7 Weeks Post Op

I LOVE my mommy makeover and still think this was the best thing I have ever done for myself!!! Standing naked in front of my husband while getting dressed and not rushing to cover up is an amazing feeling, but whats even better is the look in his eyes!!! :)

I went to my follow up appointment last with the doc last Thursday and am not due to return for six weeks. The swelling of my mons area has subsided quite substantially and I did not have to have it drained. WooHoo!!! Doc said the fluid that is left is regular swelling and will subside over time.

He said everything looked great and that I can start scar therapy! :) I have been using ScarAway strips on my breast incisions and the Mederma and paper tape on my bb and tummy tuck scars. I purchased the prescribed scar cream for $65.00 and it should arrive today or tomorrow so we shall see how that works out. I have also been using the bio oil to massage all over!! I like it because it does rub in to a point and doesn't make me feel all yucky. Plus I found it at walmart for like 10 bucks. I use it for the tight areas in my back and around my hips, my breasts, and of course my tummy. I even used it on the girly parts to rub out some of the fluid and hard parts from the lipo.

I still feel tightness in my back if I still for too long and in the mornings when I wake up. I just take it slow. I am not sure why, or exactly what it is, but I am going to listen to my body and when it feels like my skin could be pulled apart I am going to slow the bleep down! :) The tiny opening in my tt scar has healed completely, but I continue to monitor my scar closely. I do not want to put scar cream on an open wound.

I did ask the doctor about the pain in the upper abdomen and he said that area is really where he does the tightest of the sutures to the muscles and that I can expect pain there for a little while, but not to be alarmed.

I have been released to start working out again and I will be hitting up the gym today for the first time in way too long!!! I will start out taking it very slow, maybe just a treadmill walk and then graduate to the elliptical, but we shall see. I don't want to get out in the cold, but I need to work off this tush before spring time comes!!!!

Gore-Tex Sutures

For those of you who have read my posts throughout my journey know that I had a gore-tex suture placed inside my nipple to try to not allow my nipple to expand too much with the implant. This suture can stay in indefinitely or be removed after 3 months. I was planning on having it removed after 3 months because I could feel them in there.

So interesting thing happened last Monday. I noticed when I got out of the shower that my right nipple was NOT puckered any more. I felt it and could NOT feel the tight suture. Lovely. I had an appointment on Thursday so I was not too concerned, but I emailed the doctor’s office just to give them a heads up (no reply, but that’s a different story). So when I went in on Thursday the Doctor told me that the suture in the right nipple is long gone, but not to worry because they can stay in forever..... blah. Not really what I wanted to hear, but whatever! So then he says, let’s take out the left suture....Perfect!! I was really happy about this. So he lays me back, gives me a local, makes a small cut under my nipple, and proceeds to “look” for the suture. Local or no local, this wasn't that much fun. I am guessing at this point that I am a big huge sissy!!!! But, it is what it is, just get it out!

So, he finds the suture, cuts it, but my body has formed scar tissue around it and it doesn’t want to budge. A good 5 - 10 minutes of digging and ultimately no real luck so he stiches me back up. The doctor informed me that he cut the knot and the suture came loose some, so the puckering should come undone by massaging the nipple. Well, I know I am an impatient person, but I have rubbed all weekend and nothing has moved.... not even a cm. So I emailed the office this morning (who knows when I will hear back) and informed them that it’s not going anywhere and I want him to go in again on the side of my nipple where the suture is more prominent (where I can feel it) and try again. I do not want one fat nipple and one puckered. I will be slightly pissed. :) I know it will hurt, but I rather be in pain all at once rather than let this all heal and then do it all over again. Plus, I do not want more scar tissue to attach to the suture and cause more problems. All in all, I love my doc and I LOVE my boobs, I just don’t think that I would recommend the gore-tex sutures to anyone!!

Side by Side

Everyone's doing it so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon! :) Happy journey RS ladies!!

Little Update

I am a little over 9 weeks post op and life has really gotten back to normal. I actually worked out yesterday and didn't feel like I was gonna split open and die. Lol! I have not really lost any weight with this surgery (hoped to, but it wasn't expected) so I know I need to eat better and start working out regularly. I started out strong but then I got sick for a week so it feels like I am starting over. :( Oh well, the journey continues.

I still wear my spanx during the day, but doc says I can sleep without it at night. :) I still wear my bra 24/7. I guess I could ask about that as well. My sis-in-law had her breasts done last year and of course, she knows everything and says I need the support 24/7. I dont want them to sag, but I don't think I am going to have any issues because mine are textured and were put in my body where they should pretty much stay.

I have started a scar cream that was prescribed by my doctor and came from a compound pharmacy so there is no real name for it. I will say it has a steroid in it and something to increase blood flow and collagen, something or another. I don't know, but he says it works good, so I am gonna use it. I still have the scar away that I can use later on if I don't see great results with this cream, but so far I am happy with it and will give it some time. I am very pleased with my scar. I wish it was a little lower, but I understand that the higher you go with the incision the more skin can be taken off, so I will be grateful for what was removed and the beautiful scar that I have now!

I still have tightness in my abdomen but usually just in the morning or when I sit for too long. I have been stretching because it feels so good and that has seemed to help. I have one are in my pubic area that seems to pinch if I move in a wrong position. I am guessing it is a nerve, but it's still enough to make me stop what I am doing.

Last, but not least, is this damn suture in my nipple. I know no one can relate, but I figured I would put it out there anyways. So I went in last Thursday to get it removed again and again to no avail. But what I did get was a lovely infection so now we are dealing with that. I am on antibiotics and go back in today to have the doc check my external nipple suture and see how the infection is healing. The internal nipple suture is still in there and still puckering my poor left nipple. Doc said that we will move on to plan B and try to go in at a different location next time if this doesn't release it. He says that he will do whatever we need to to get this fixed, but we have to take it one step at a time, which I completely understand. I just want to be all better so I can start really playing with them!! Lol!

Thank you all who read and comment and send positive thoughts. Your words mean the world to me. I am so thankful to have found you all and been on this amazing journey with you!!
I promise to post pics soon.

10 Weeks Post Op

Well I am 2 1/2 months postop and I feel great!! My body is officially mine again and life is back to normal!! I wanted to post some pictures of my progress thus far.

The doctor is throttling back on the scar therapy. The kind that he gave me was for the raising of the scar, but it does cause the scar to look more red. He says that he does not see any raising, so I don't have to use that cream as often (every other day). I think I am going to purchase the long scar away strips for tummy tucks and see if that helps with the redness. But honestly I am not too worried because I know it will fade in time. :)

The gore-tex suture still in there, but I can tell it is loosening up so that's a major plus! My infection is gone but we're continuing to heal the area, so I am on Neosporin and Band-Aid duty. Doc says that he wants to wait at least two or three months before we go in an attempt to remove the suture again. I think we are both hoping that it will loosen up on its own and he wants to make sure that I am completely healed before he goes in and cuts me again.

I asked the doctor about wearing the bra 24/7 and he recommended that I did so until at least the three month mark. He says that it is beneficial when you're sleeping so that your boobs don't form in your armpits! I will definitely take his professional advice and keep wearing the bra. Thank goodness it's comfy!!

I have an appointment next Thursday and we will take 3 month post op pictures!! Excited to be at this milestone! I'm really hoping that I can get my tush in shape before the six-month pictures! I want to look my best! :)

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and words of encouragement! Hope everyone is healing well and staying happy!!


I hit a huge milestone in my life and on this amazing journey. I had sex with the LIGHTS ON!!! I know! Crazy right?!? Lol! But seriously, that is a big deal for me! I don't remember the last time that happened!! My husband even mentioned something about it afterwards saying how he loved to actually see me! Lol! Did I mention how Happy I am that I did this?!?!

xoxo realself ladies!!!

Before Pics

Arranged my photos again, but it is nice to see how far I have come. I REALLY need to go shopping though!! I need clothes that I Feel sexy in!!

I did a lot of research before I chose Dr. Jejurikar for my mommy makeover. His education, certifications, awards, beautiful before and after photos, and his charity work in Bangladesh spoke volumes to me. During the consultation I asked him a million questions and I never felt rushed or bothersome. He was very professional, yet approachable and made me feel comfortable and confident in his abilities. I emailed and spoke with the office manager, Karen multiple times and she too was thorough and prompt in answering my questions. I felt very confident in my decision and never felt pushed into something I didn't want. Since having my surgery I cannot say enough how happy I am that I chose Dr. J. His attention to detail and artistic eye made for a perfect surgery! He is compassionate and really cares about his patients and their outcome. I stayed at the Cloister hotel/hospital and received the best care and would recommend it to everyone! I could not imagine going home after this extensive surgery. My recovery has been smooth and I know I can call Dr. J if anything comes up. My results are everything I was hoping for and I am so thankful that I chose Dr. J to be my surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. Jejurikar to anyone who is looking for amazing results!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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