31 Year Old w/ Previous Liposuction, hereditary double chin

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About 5 years ago I had liposuction done on my sub...

About 5 years ago I had liposuction done on my sub mental fat with fantastic results! However, once I became pregnant and had my child I noticed quite a bit of it came back. I would say the type I have is hereditary. I take after my father and he also has the same type of neck fat that I do... No jawline, looks like your chin connects to your chest :(

I remember hearing the first commercials for this product and was so excited to try! I finally decided to bite the bullet after a couple consultations. You can find doctors certified/trained in Kybella on their website. I liked that once the fat was gone, it was gone for good.

I was numbed up topically. Warned that it could get really hot feeling but then subside immediately. However I didn't experience that. I didn't feel much pain at all, though it could be because lipo dreaded some nerves. I was told I'll be swollen for 2 weeks but I expect to look sorta ugly for about a month after reading all the reviews on here. I believe she used all 4 of the vials I purchased.

Day 2

Since yesterday I had the procedure done at about 9:30am, I spent over a good 13 hours upright.. I planned on sleeping upright as well but it was too uncomfortable. I figured being upright as much as possible might help with swelling... Today a slight bruise has formed on my bullfrog-like pouf...I also look like I've gained a bunch of weight. this is to be expected. Looking forward to final results. I never told my husband I was getting this done...I also got Juvederm in my lips as well as my nasal labial folds...so far, he hasn't noticed or said anything.

Day 5

A lot less numb/tight feeling, slight bruising is basically gone.

1 week update

Still a bit numb under my chin. Still a bit swollen and larger than normal.

10 day update

Starting to be able to at least see a bit of my jawline now. Neck is getting less swollen/numb feeling. If I am looking down for a long period and then stretch my neck up, I can definitely feel a weird pulling sensation in my under chin area.

13 day update

Not too much difference that I can see.. Only weird numb feeling if I touch just under my chin now.

For reference: results from Liposuction

Liposuction performed by Dr. Kasden in Southlake, TX in 2012

15 day update

I'd say I'm back to where I was originally now.. Still weird feeling if I put dressier under my chin. Tomorrow I go in for my checkup, I'll let yo know what they say... I'm sure they'll suggest another round. Hoping it only gets better from here.

3 week 2 day update

I think I'm definitely going to need another round..still slightly numb under chin but not bothersome. Here is last week on left, this week on right

4 week 2 day update

Surprisingly still weird numb feeling under chin if I touch it. I do see a difference, not blow my mind dramatic but it makes me happy. My neck from my chin to my chest was basically a straight line, now I definitely see it caving in and giving me a more definite jawline.

5 weeks 2 days

I dunno. Results are definitely not that drastic. Contemplating a second treatment, but man, so much money for so little result :/

6 week update

2nd round

I was told 2nd treatments seem to show a lot more retraction. I've noticed less volume in my neck with first treatment, so for my neck to retract would be great! Didn't feel the burning sensation the first treatment but oh did I feel it this time, not unbearable though. Second treatment was 2 vials again.

Day 1 of second round

Ugh..hate this part. Big ol pouch under my chin that jiggles and has a bit of a bruised look..

Day 3 of second round

I've read other reviews saying the second round isn't as bad, puffiness wise. I think I agree. Yes I'm still hideous but not as much as the first time. My husband and I went out for lunch yesterday and no one gave me funny looks...in fact my husband has yet to notice/say anything. I never even told him I got anything done the first time either.

Week after 2nd Round

Can still feel mass of product in under chin/neck area. Happy the icky bullfrog stage isn't as bad/long this time.

Approx 1 month after 2nd Treatment

Still can feel a mass of kybella product under chin so expecting more results. Change is still not as drastic as the photos they use on their website...

Month +2 weeks after 2nd treatment

Final Review 2 months post 2nd round of Kybella

Are there some changes? Yes.
Was it worth $2,400? No.

As you can see changes were not drastic. I still have a double chin in photos at most angles. For this much money I expected at least somewhat similar results to liposuction or the results Kybella promotes on their website. I know everybody is different so maybe I just had too much to begin with, or Kybella was produced only for those with just a small pouch under their chin. Pretty disappointed...guess I'll have to save up for lipo again or stop letting it bother me.

7 Months since first treatment

Not impressed..hasn't improved much at all. if you have a neck like mine I would recommend liposuction, faster and awesome results for about the same cost.
Melissa @ Hidden Door Medspa

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