39 Y/o, 3 Kids, 2 Breastfed, in Need of Work - Fort Worth, TX

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For several years I felt like my breast look like...

For several years I felt like my breast look like udders. Resembling those from that old cartoon Cow and Chicken. After several consults in my area (and even losing a deposit with someone I decided not to go with) I feel like I found the right plastic surgeon to perform my procedure. He noted the differences in the size of my breast. We have decided to go with 375cc and 400cc mentor silicone implants moderate plus profile.
I currently wear a false 36D 38C Vs bra.
As it gets closer to my procedure I find myself worrying how my scars will heal? Whether my implants will be too big or too small? I even find myself worrying if the correct sizes will go in the corresponding breast.
3 days left til the big day. Praying????????.
When prayers go up, blessings come down.

Height and weight

I forgot to add that I am 5'5 and 172 pounds.

3D image

I have added the images of what I was told would be about what to expect.

Set back or divine intervention. (DONT SMOKE)

Well, my day started with TONS of prep for tomorrow's surgery. I had a recliner delivered, bought a moo-moo, had my hair washed and braided to prevent me from having to raise my arms for a week, washed all linen and started hydrating big time! While waiting to pick up an Rx from my PCM, I received a call from my PS. We discussed me smoking relapse 9 days ago, at which time I smoked 3 cigarettes after being smoke free a couple months. The determination was made that tomorrow's appointment would be cancelled and I could either receive a full refund or reschedule two weeks out. I CRIED guys. Oh it was an ugly mess. Lol. But after about 10 minutes and thinking things through, I called in to reschedule. I CERTAIN now even more than before that I am in good hands. The actions of my Dr. Ramalla show me that for him it isn't about the money like with some others. He was willing to give it all back. He cares about his patients health, satisfaction, and the quality of his work. I can't wait to see the outcome!! BUT... It's going to take a few more weeks. Lol. In the mean time I will live a healthy lifestyle and find pictures of "DREAM BOOBS"??. My new surgery date will be July 12th. It would have been July 6th but we added on a scar revision.

More dream boobs


Today I woke up feeling so completely bummed! It could've been the day! On the other hand... I would have been a complete mess on a daily basis. Obsessing over how my scars look and if my nipples would die because of my relapse. Everyone around me would be irritated with me and my healing wouldn't be optimal from stressing out (along with the nicotine).

Le' Sigh. More beautiful Breast

Getting closer!!

12 days and a wake up remaining!!!! That is all ????

Almost time!!

In exactly one week I will be checking in at the surgery center!! Excited and nervous!
I just completed my PreOp .... Again....
Happy to report that I have had NO cigarette since the 20 minute relapse that cost me 3 additional weeks!! And I feel like a million bucks!!

Today is the day!!

Excited and Nervous!! Please send prayers for me as well as my Doc????????
Thank you ??

2nd day post op!

I'm feeling thankful and very optimistic.
Time to heal!!

More before pics

These were taken the morning of surgery.

19 days post op.

I think I'm on my emotional roller coaster. I don't want to think about it. I see improvements and things that haven't improved. I have family that ACTS as if they don't see my concerns/problem areas. And I have friends so critical that they see no improvement at all and sound completely negative. I think it may be best for me to just be quiet I was very optimistic until today
Indisputable is how caring and on top of things my doc and his staff are. I had pain/cramp concerns a few days ago and the news made it to my doc who was in the middle of no where when it comes to technology. He was able to make away and communicated by carrier pigeon and smoke signals (exaggerating) until he was confident my health was ok and pain needs were met.

21 days post op.

I woke up in a great mood today. Confirming the emotional roller coaster. I went to my follow up today and the tape was removed allowing my incisions to breathe. It may be placed back on next week.
My observances are that My breast are each healing at a different pace. The right nipple (bigger boob/ tattooed boob) is puffer whereas the other is laying flat. I've read enough from the posts here to not be alarmed by this.

The elephant and the mouse. :'-(

Healing is coming along


I can see why one feels to burn more than the other the incision is much longer. The elephant must be the one where my crease needed to be lifted.
Crease also sticks go my gauze. I've purchased the non stick ouch less now.

Healing is a process

4 weeks 2 days p/o

That time of the month. Difference can really be seen underneath. It's the under boob.
Healing is happening!

Improvements!! Healing!!

They are starting to look much better.
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