25 yo, 5'3", 125 lbs: Sientra Gummy Bear Silicone High Profile Breast Implants - 405cc

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I've been reading a lot of reviews about people's...

I've been reading a lot of reviews about people's experience before, day of, and after a BA and figured it would help me to write my own feelings and experience here as well. Honestly I can say that it was 10 years ago when the mere thought of getting a BA crossed my mind. I started growing early, which in turn meant that I stopped a lot earlier leaving me with not much. I'm 25 years old, 5'3", 125 lbs, and wear a 34A. Image has always been an issue for me, but I knew that everyone in my family and majority of my friends were against fake boobies. Even though I'm petite in general, I have the dreaded armpit and upper back fat as well as bigger arms considering my smaller size. I just felt like I was never proportional and it drove me crazy! Wearing tank tops and cap sleeve shirts were always a nono! It wasn't until last month as 2014 was just kicking in that I had the revelation that getting a BA would truly make me happy, and that I should get it done! In that moment I got up from bed, went to the laptop, started doing research, found an excellent physician with great reviews all around, and made the call for a consultation. I knew if there was any time to get it done, it would be this year right before I leave for my 2 week vacation that I had already gotten time off approved from work (I'm a nurse so we do plenty heavy lifting and I knew I would require a good amount of time out of the hospital). When I received a call back, I also got a date held for the surgery (refundable deposit so I figured I'd hold the perfect date while I could!). I had my consultation appt yesterday and I'm sooooo incredibly excited and I can't believe this dream of mine is becoming a reality! I almost wanted to cry because I was so excited! I began looking up pictures (as the doctor asked me to do as "Homework"), and look forward to discussing with him what I want in my pre-op appt on Feb 26. I've had a lot of questions answered by reading different reviews, but I assume i'll have more to come.

I've only told 4 people about me getting the procedure done, all of which are friends and 2 of the friends are co-workers. My 2 friends from college are going to be staying with me for the first 24 hours after, and they graciously accepted to help me as we have our "slumber party" lol. I don't have a very good pain tolerance and know i'll be super annoying, to which they said "it'll be more entertaining if anything." Such awesome friends. I do have fears about going too big, but I also have big fears of going to small! I'm also worried about the post-op look and how quickly they'll be able to drop. I'm also crazy worried about what my parents will think... I haven't told anyone in my family and debating on whether I should or not. My parents live 3 hours away and don't plan on seeing them anytime near my post op date. What are yalls opinions on the matter? I know that deep inside my parents love me no matter what, that I am a grown adult supporting myself, and am capable of making my own decisions, but I just don't want to hear them attempting to talk me out of having the procedure when I'm so set on it, and just want to leave all that drama out. They're biggest concern of course would be the money I'm spending that should "be invested in something more appropriate." (or at least that's what I imagine them saying) I've worked plenty of OT at work and I'm sure it will be more than worth the hard work! My brother will be the first to see me (it's just me and him going on vacation a week after my procedure), and I know he won't care, but he'll know for a fact that my parents will flip! I'm over what my friends will think and actually started to see that the friends I've told totally support my decision, which I'm happy to hear! In terms to everyone at work (who if anyone works as a nurse or in any field primarily composed of females, talk/gossip/drama is a pretty big thing), I pretty much just plan to walk in and figure out everyone's reactions then. It's kinda funny to think about, but there have been several nurses to get BAs so that worries me less.

I know I've typed out a book already, but it really does help to get these thoughts out! I appreciate everyone's reviews and can't wait to share my experience with y'all. I can't believe I'm having pre-op jitters when my procedure is over a month away! My hands shake when I think about it! I'm posting my wish pics, and when I get closer to my procedure date I'll post pics of myself as well! So excited!

Pre-op appointment next week!

So as my PS had asked of me, I've been looking up pictures of boobies like crazy! I feel like a crazy person with all these screenshot of boobs saved on my phone. I was being careless at work on my phone reading more reviews on realself and looking at pictures when a male coworker of mine asked, "Are you looking at pictures of boobs?!" Dumbfounded I said ,"Yea, so what??" Luckily he asked no further questions. Really need to be more careful when doing my research. I'm soooo excited about the pre-op Appt!! I can't wait to start getting into details and figuring out what I want and what size that'll be. I'm scheduled as of now for high profile sub muscular silicone implants with incision underneath the breast at the crease. I had a friend who got their incision there and she said she's perfectly fine with it, and my PS actually recommended that area since you're likely to lose some or a lot of sensation at the nipple if done in the areola and if you get at the armpit, they would have to do an incision at the crease anyways if they ever had to go in for changes or to take it out (which hopefully I won't have to do, but just in case, I really would prefer less scars).
I'm pretty set on getting a large C/small D cup. I want a pretty decent rack but like most people, don't want them to be OVERTLY fake. I've been looking at the model Emily Ratajkowski and her boobies look soooo beautiful!! I'm hoping I can get as close to her as possible! Really hoping for cleavage too. How likely is it to get cleavage with a BA?? The friend I mentioned earlier who had a BA 2 years ago isn't able to get good cleavage even with good push up bras! PS said I should have them but I'm doubtful :( Going to definitely bring this up at the appointment. I get what the difference between high and moderate profile but not sure what the difference in terms of appearance (if that question even makes sense). A lot of the other questions I have are just when I'll be able to do this and that. I'm REALLY hoping that 4 days post op I'll be able to do an international flight and vacation in Japan. I don't really have a choice so no matter what I'll just have to check in my bags and suck it up... and hopefully be prescribed something that can just knock me out!
I decided to tell my mom about the procedure after she comes back from out of country. I'll let her deal with breaking the news to my dad... hopefully I'll be across the pacific when that happens. Nervous about it but I know she'll love me all the same in the end :) posting some more wish pics, hope Dr. Ethridge is as good as everyone says he is!

Pics of pre-op me

Guess I'll go ahead and post pics of pre-op me. *sigh* so unhappy with my body :( can't wait for March 11!!

Less than 2 weeks to go!!

I had my pre-op Appt today and I can't believe the surgery is already less than a couple weeks away! After showing my PS my wish pics which I printed out, we decided that high profile silicone would work best to get me to a large C/small D. He'll figure out the exact size for the surgery but he's estimating 400 - 460 cc. That sounded like ALOT to me but he said it'll give me what I want and that with my body size, I'll still look good. I guess I'm short but I don't have that small of a frame. He also said my breast won't be right next to each other, but close to give me a decent cleavage, which I'm happy with! I just don't want a giant gap in between. I got my prescriptions today too for an antibiotic, Norco for pain and Valium for muscle spasms. I usually see Valium for anxiety but hey whatever works! They said they'll give me a compression bra that I have to wear for 2 weeks. I thought I saw other reviews where they had to wear it a lot longer. I'll probably still buy 1 extra just so I have one to wear while I wash the other. Any suggestions where or what brand I could buy? PS also said don't bother with scar cream, just avoid tanning. I'm very confident in my ps and he makes me feel at ease about the whole thing. I know stepping into this made me soooo incredibly nervous and if I'd just end up regretting the whole thing but his tone and demeanor just make me feel more excited instead of nervous!! Can't wait!! Only 6 more shifts at work too and then I get my 3 week vacation with boobs and Japan! I posted before pics with my fav workout top and a swimsuit top. Can't wait to see the difference! And thanks to everyone who's given me advice and suggestions! I really appreciate them! Keep them coming if you have other stuff to add!

5 more days! Mum now knows and getting serious nerves

I can't believe there's only 5 more days until boobie day! It feels like time is starting to go fast! I've been getting things ready for the big day. Bought a couple more comfy button down shirts to wear out for my vacation. I'll have the compression bra on for the most part but also got a couple zip up sport bras and regular comfy bralettes. Other things I bought after reading other reviews
Cocoa butter lotion
Multivitamins (have been taking regularly too)
Easy to eat foods like pudding, yogurt and jello
Neck pillow
A bunch of regular pillows
7up, juice and Gatorade

Anything else I might be forgetting?? I feel like I got mostly everything! I told my mom last week and the only thing she was concerned about was it being to close to my japan trip, which makes great sense but I was shocked! She's COMPLETELY fine with me having a BA! Needless to say I was so incredibly happy!! I told my brother too since were going to Japan together but he is also worried how I'll be through the trip, but is still ok with it. Says he never planned anything to strenuous so I should be ok. My dad knows but I haven't talked to him yet :/ not sure what to expect there. Still happy I finally told my family! It was hard to spit out but mum just kinda laughed and said I'm silly but supports me no matter what. She will be staying with me for a week, a couple days before and then all the days after until I leave for vacation. I'm so glad I'll have her to take me and be with me every step of the way. I don't think anyone else could really do a better job than her :)

Oh and something awesome tht happened was that one f the few coworkers I told brought a cake when we went out one night that said "Congrats on graduating from the itty bitty titty committee" Laughed my head off when I saw it and so glad to have such amazing friends and family!!

I have been having nerves get to me lately though.... Like I'll start to feel nauseous randomly, is that normal??? I've never had any type of surgery other than my wisdom teeth getting pulled out (which is nothing really) so I have awful thoughts of things that can go wrong (especially since I work in the medical field and have seen some bad things happen too). I know everything will be ok but my mind can go crazy sometimes!! Either way hoping for the best!!

Quick Questions!

When do people usually start massaging?

How long does it usually take until able to put arms over head, like to wear a shirt instead of a button down?

How tight are compression bras suppose to be? The zip up sport bras I have I fear might be too small but was wondering if it's ok for it to be somewhat tight like a compression bra

When do people usually get to shower??

I know in every case the doctor has their own opinion and way of Doing things and every body is different but I just want to know what other people did.


In less than 24 hours, I'll be at the surgery clinic for my BA. My mind has been all over the place. The past couple nights I've had bad dreams in relation to the surgery. I've never had any surgeries in the past, but I've been under general anesthesia once after I got my wisdom teeth removed, but that's it. Nothing near as invasive as this. I'm freaking out about the whole surgical aspect of it, but at the same time I'm so excited and just ready for this to happen. Mum is here with me and she's been very supportive. My surgery isn't until 2:45p, but still having to stop eating and drinking by midnight!! And I get easily hAngry! Hope mum doesn't mind the slight bitchiness that may possibly occur. Just want this to happen and be done and start my recovery. I've wanted this for so long and the day has finally come! hoping for the best.... as well as a night of good solid sleep.

Post - op

Finally on the other side! Was sooo nervous about the surgery aspect and being under general anesthesia but everything went great!! I feel ridiculously sore but that's expected. Just lying in my bed writing this in my phone. I'm elevated with pillows but it's so hard to adjust myself, even tiny movements make me hurt. A lot of the pain is from this tight bandage too I think. I felt short of breath and taking deep breathes hurts too! The nurses at the Fort Worth Surgery Clinic were so nice to me and did a good job taking care of me before I went home. I got to talk to Dr Ethridge before and he was incredibly reassuring to me and my mum,which cut my nerves down a bit. He made the marks, answered some last minute questions. Said he would put silicone implants in the low 400s. I'll be seeing him again for my post op Appt tom. Curious to see what they look like without the wrap! The anesthesiologist also came and talked to me and put on a scopolamine patch to help with nausea to be worn for 24 hrs behind my ear to help with any nausea during and after. Talking to the doctors and nurses made me feel so comfortable. Right before they wheeled me into the OR, they gave me a dose of Versed through my IV which burned ever so slightly going in, but made me feel real funny right after. Have mum a kiss and hug, and then I pretty min blacked out there!! Didn't even get to see the OR room or count backwards!! Guess I'm really sensitive to that stuff. Only rated my pain at a 4/10 at the time. I'd still say my pain is 4/10. Just sore even while I bed, but pain goes up and feel sharper pain when I move. I felt really weak and kinda out of it when I first woke up. Most uncomfortable feeling for me is the need to burp!! Makes me feel more short of breath and really annoying!!! Mum had to pay my back (yes like a baby) and I would move back and forth to get it out >_< I think overall the procedure took 2 hrs or less. Within 30 min of waking up, I was put in a wheelchair and my drive me home. Luckily only 4 miles away and was aware enough to give her directions. Walked slowly back to my apartment with mum holding me just in case. Best nurse in the world :). Funny being a nurse but this time I'm the patient!! Was a good way to get my patients' perspective, which I really appreciate. At home I crawled into bed with my ready elevated pillow set up and fell asleep. Mum handed me a cracker but I only nibbled on the corner then fell asleep. Woke up again hurting but mum wouldn't let me take my hydrocodone unless I ate. Managed to drink 7up, and eat that one saltine cracker, jello and rice pudding. Mum offered me rice soup but the thought made me nauseous. They gave me Valium before leaving and I took only on tab of hydrocodone 5/325. I've been sleeping on and off but now fairly awake. My chest looks huge right now and hard but I just got through the surgery so I expected this. What an experience though! I am very glad to be on the other side and just concentrate on my recovery. Will continue to post pictures as time goes by. Not sure quite yet if it was worth it, but I don't doubt it will be :) woooo!! For those worried about the surgery aspect, it's absolutely normal, but in the end you'll be good to go!!

Post Op Day 1

So since the anesthesia wore off, waking up this morning was not my happiest experience. I was able to sleep well, and would've been ok if I just stayed on bed. Unfortunately my bladder was super full after drinking lots of water and 7up. It took me almost 10 minutes to get out of bed because it hurt sooo much!! I do feel very sore but I also get this sharp pain only on my left side. Is a stabbing, sharp sensation on the side of a boob common? I've been able to go to the bathroom especially since it's 4 meters away. Mum woke up and gave me my hydrocodone, Valium, and my antibiotic after eating some chicken noodle soup. I only felt extremely dizzy and nauseous yesterday when I tried to watch tv with mum, I thought I was gonna throw up but when I got back into bed, the nausea went away. I still have the scopolamine patch (one behind each ear, will take them off soon. They said take it off with gloves since I was told you may wipe your eyes not thinking about it., but then your eyes can become super dilated.

Also met with my PS briefly. He answered my other questions, took the wrap off and helped my into a compression bra. The bra feels so much better too! I feel like a breath more comfortably. Still hurts with big breathes, but isn't as constricting. Today I managed along with chicken noodle soup, I had rice pudding, jello, and my mom's pork soup with veggies and rice. Left side still hurts so I'll probably take 2 tablets of my hydrocodone when I can have it again. Mum is keeping good track of when I can my medications.

Dr. Ethridge actually said I could shower as long as I don't scrub with incision. Also I can start using ice packs and should worry about stretch marks. Also I can't wear underwire bras until 2 months from now. Long time! Boobs are way high, but I'll be sure to post pics of the progression. I won't be able to start massages until I'm back from Japan. Set up for an Appt for March 31. PS is fine with me traveling and I have his email I case I have issues. He just kept telling me be super careful. Which I totally understand.

My pain right now is only like a 4/10 so I think I'll be able to recover sooner than I thought yay! *knocks on wood*

Post - Op Day 2

Last night I started itching like crazy on my arms, back as around my chest! It worries me bc I don't know if I'm allergic to my medication, that scopolamine patch or even the compression bra. Do y'all have problems with rashes and itching too? I'm thinking if just using Benadryl. I even washed my body last night but the itching continued.

I can definitely see what everyone means with "morning boob" but it's just on the Left boob on the side, and I'm not even left handed. I woke up and it was stinging soooo much! Getting up to the bathroom was just as painful, but once my mum woke up I got to take all my medication too, and now I feel better. The incision sites still look messy, hoping that heals good. I'm pretty sure it's the incision site on my left boob that's hurting.
I'm eating regular food now and having no issues with nausea. I'm walking around ok on my own. The hardest part is when I'm lying down on my elevated pillows and have to get up. Mums washing my compression bra to see if that stops the itching, and in the mean time I'm wear a sports bra from target that snaps on the back and mum helps me put it on. Quite comfortable, and no itching so far. It's a 36D, but really we just got the bigger size since I knew it's be swollen. Otherwise boobs looks the same. Right side hardly hurts and I can lift my right arm above my head fairly easily while my left can only go to my shoulder. Overall I'm feeling alright and my mum has been the best person ever! For those that are worried to tell your parents, just do it. It's better to be honest with them especially since I worked hard to get money for this procedure and am an adult able to make my own decisions. I figured that at my age and in my point of life, I shouldn't have to hide anything from them anymore.

Post Op Day 3 - Crazy Rash!!

I stopped taking the hydrocodone and have been taking a 1000mg if Tylenol. My chest still hurts but it's better than dealing with this allergic reaction to hydrocodone. I showered and mum applied a crap ton of hydrocortisone cream over my back and belly. My arms and legs still show a rash but it's getting better since I stopped. We went to wal mart and bought a bunch if cotton fruit of the loom wireless bras that hook in the front. They're soooooo comfortable!!! I still believe I'm also allergic to the compression bra they gave me so I'm not going to wear that anymore. The fruit of the loom ones only cost $8 and they're super comfortable! I had to buy size 38 and even then it's fairly tight but not too bad. Very supportive.
I was able to have a bowel movement yesterday and this morning after taking 2 pills of dulcolax yesterday but I'm still soooo bloated!! I get gassy too but like I tell all my patients, better out than in!
Both my parents are here and are gonna help me check in and then luckily me and my brother arrive almost at the same time. My backpack is light I'll be able to carry it with ease, and I got the luggage that wheels in all directions so it'll be easy to push around and my brother will lift it when needed.
I'm posting a picture of the front with my rash but it was all over my back too! I see circular rash marks too so I think I'm also allergic to the electrodes they put on in surgery to monitor my heart. Definitely remembering all these things for my list of allergies!!!
Activity wise I've been able to walk around a but faster but I do get tired easily. I realized my chest hurts more when I don't move because they get stiff, once I'm uo and about they're not such an issue. Another thing I've noticed is that it hurts to stand up spur straight and now my neck muscles are getting sore so I have aleve with me too. I'll update again once I get my wifi in Japan.

Never do an International Trip 5 days Post Op

This should be obvious, but as you should know, I am a crazy, stubborn and extremely impatient person. Yes, it was only post op day 5 when I began my trip to Japan for a 2 week vacation. I did this so I would not have to use anymore of my PTO time from work. Either way, it was a stupid decision, and I knew it was an extremely stupid decision but I did it anyways. Karma got me when my layover in O'hare went from 5 hrs to 10 hr layover. Then my 13 hr flight Tokyo was not any easier. I kept drugging myself with. Valium, Benadryl, and Tylenol.

My PS later emailed me saying it was most likely the antibiotic I was allergic to and not the hydrocodone but either way I didn't want to chance it. I'm still itching like crazy but the hives are beginning to subside. I still have an awful mark on my belly but I really hope that goes away before bikini season. The trip was extremely exhausting and there were a couple times I had to lift my bag since my delay meant my brother couldn't be with me even after my doctor said not to lift more than 8lbs. As far as I'm concerned however, I'm ok. I passed out once we got to our hotel. Surprisingly I was able to sleep almost on my side. It was uncomfortable but I'm used to sleeping on my side/stomach so it's almost automatic. I also cheated when I found out there was a hot tub/Onsen in the shower room and took a dip even though my instructions specifically told me no hot tubs for 4 weeks (I made sure not to submerge my boobs/incision in). It felt soooooo good.

My boobs are still very firm and haven't dropped. Also still have that tight feeling but that's normal according to my friends. I'm able to be independent and wear shirts by putting my arms over my head. It can be a little difficult but I can manage. I am in love with the fruit of the loom front hook cotton bras. Best thing ever!! Now what sucked is that pretty much from 9am to 5pm my brother and I were out and about exploring Tokyo. I've been taking Aleve only now and it helps enough. I will say I was very tired and a couple times dizzy and light headed but we had a couple breaks for lunch and on the train so I survived. I tried to keep a straight face so my brother wouldn't worry about me, but even he could tell I looked very miserable at times. I still have random sharp pains on the left breast but started having some on my right side too. I guess this should be expected?

I had a light back pack but my shoulder muscles are killing me!! I still have a hard time standing up straight. Body is still getting used to having boobs now. I can't wait for them to drop, I'm kinda liking how fuller my chest is in shirts, very exciting! Trying to take it easy but it's hard when you're trying to explore and new place! Will keep y'all updated!

2 Weeks Post Op - Long Post!

So here I am at 2 weeks post op and after looking at side by side photos (which I'm also posting) I can tell the swelling has gone down and looks like they're SLOWLY dropping. They still look pretty funky in my opinion though, but I guess in 2 weeks that's still normal? Still firm but has softened up SLIGHTLY since the operation. I know my friend told me I'd probably not like them for 2 months and I thinking I'm
starting to believe her more and more :/ My arm pit fat is probably making it look weird too, and nothing I can do about that... I can tell they are less swollen as my bras are not as tight when I first bought them so some progress is being made, slowly but surely.

I will say with the right sports bra, I look like I have some big jugs, and I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way :) I would like to see it smaller which will happen once this swelling dies down some more, but man when I put on a tank top, for the first time I felt great! So I'll keep my head up high and try to be more patient about the appearance. I just definitely wouldn't want anyone to see me naked right now. That and I still have a HORRIBLE rash that still shows from having an allergic reaction to the compression bra that was given to me, the antibiotic I was prescribed, and apparently the electrodes to monitor my heart for the surgery because I have circular rash scars on me :( My back looks beat up too. I knew not to scratch so much but couldn't help myself *sigh*

In terms of activities, it was awful traveling to Japan post op day 5 and I'd get easily exhausted and had a difficult time keeping up the first 2 days, but after a week post op I've been good! Still have a hard time sleeping on my side but I have been able to the past couple nights (no stomach sleeping though). I can lift my arms up and down and all around. I can reach behind my back. I can open bottles on my own! All those small things that were soooo difficult post op were no issues after a week really. On the train it does hurt to hold onto the upper slings so I usually hold onto a bar. I even hiked up a small hill/mountain in Inari in a shrine area yesterday. Climbed many many many stairs. It was tiring, but anyone would get tired from that! Honestly it's harder going DOWN stairs! I have to go slower and awkwardly hold my new boobs, or cross my arms underneath so it doesn't look as weird. One thing I can't do for sure is lift more than 8lbs per my PS. My luggage is really heavy and I was wheeling it around and pretty sure my PS would not liked to have seen me doing that. The sides of my boobs were starting to hurt pretty bad. I tried to ignore it but my brother couldn't. His luggage wasn't near as mine so we switched and I was a lot better off. Of course I would be the one to pack more and buy more souvenirs lol.

My incisions don't look too good at all but I think it's the glue (dermabond) they used after the surgery. My stitches are inside and will dissolve. I think the glue will peel off in 3-4 weeks from what I've read before. My PS said not to scrub them so I just rub soap GENTLY with my hand when I take a bath. It looks like the glue mixed with blood honestly... It's tempting to peel but I have dared not! I just hope it's glue and not a keloid :( that would be awful! One of my worries but not terribly worried about it.

Medicine wise I've only been taking Aleve mostly because of upper back pain. I take it in the morning and when I get back to the hotel. I've always had bad posture and now with a bigger chest it's even harder to keep my back straight. I was taking Benadryl every night for my itching until yesterday because I ran out. I took Valium for the first time since I first arrived in Tokyo about 1.5 weeks ago. I honestly took it to help me relax/sleep at night but thought it might help with some of the tightness I still feel. I have weird tingling and numbing sensations still every now and then at random times. That I hear is normal.

I will admit getting here was a bitch but my vacation in Japan has been amazing!! I should've scheduled my surgery sooner but my clinic was booked :/ Still worth it though. My brother has been SUPER helpful with my luggage and anything heavy that needed to be carried. I have a great family and even though he didn't agree with me having the surgery so close to the trip, he's been very supportive just as my entire family has been!

Emotionally I've been ok honestly. I know some people talking getting depressed. I'll admit there were times I'd feel down or more emotional and couldn't use my period as an excuse. I felt bad when my brother had to be around me when I'd suddenly look down or pissy even. I've been listening to Christina Perri's song Human a lot. I feel like I really connect with the song right now, and it's helped me cope through my up and down periods :) One thing for sure I have never felt is REGRET. I am more than happy that I chose to do this and I will not regret it! Crossing my fingers that I don't jinx myself and have additional problems .... Like capsular contraction O___O() >____<

Haven't started massages yet although I kinda massage them as I've seen on YouTube videos every once in a while. Don't wanna do too much without seeing my PS first though which will be this coming Monday. I'll post more pics in a couple weeks to see what 1 month post op looks like :) and update otherwise if something else comes up til then tata loves ;)

Profile Pics, So Uneven!

Real quickly wanted to add these profile pictures, they're so uneven! They'll both settle down evenly right??

Before and Afters

I made it safely home from Japan! Tried on something's from before and damn! I can't be happier!!! I've ever felt so good about myself, and my new girls haven't even settled down yet :) anxious to see my doctor again. I did email him
About my incisions and it is glue. It should start to peel off in 3 weeks but it's already peeling. My nipples still point straight forward! Wondering when it'll start to look more natural or if it will :/ Sleeping on my side is doable but it does hurt some and feel sore so I move around a lot in bed. I'm just such a side sleeper!! Hard adjusting right now. I'm not taking any meds now, and feel ok. Ready to see my friends again! TTFN!

Post Op Appt @ 3 weeks

Saw my doctor and he says they look good. They're still up high but he expected that as it's still early from surgery. He said them dropping asymmetrically is common too but should even out enough in the end (May not be fully even if you had asymmetrical breast to begin with). I had issues with rashes and itchy as soon as I came back but he says it's not related to the implants and might've caught something on my trip back from Japan. Either way I did laundry and cleaned all my bed sheets! Allergy season is horrible in Texas right now!! I've been so miserable and taking Benadryl to help. Jet lag isn't helping. Every time I sneeze I feel the need to hold I on to my boobs to support them. They feel really sore and I notice it especially when I go to bed since everything is quiet and calm.

Doctor says that's expected too, but next week (4 week mark) I'll be able to do all activities (including running, jumping, and lifting). I was worried about lifting because I start working again in a few days and we have some heavy pt, so even though he says that I'll still take it easy at work and ask for a lot of help. I am excited to work out again though! I did notice me being sore just when walking or turning the wheel when I drive or park so I'll take those options they always give in my workout classes to start out easy. My God so much FATTY good in the states!!! Japan may have had a lot of carbs (rice, noodles) but man I forgot how fatty stuff can be here! Makes me feel awful and my desire to workout again only increases!!

I also peeled off one side from the skin glue because it was already coming off but then I noticed 2 things poking out and it hurt (minimally) when I was trying to sleep. It would hurt more depending on my position. Turns out a couple of the sutures were coming out which he fixed and it doesn't hurt anymore. It stung when he messed with it and it did bleed a little bit it looks much better than before! Doctor said it'll look better the more it heals but to be very careful when tanning. I'm thinking of covering it when my friend wants to lay out by the pool and add sun block too. What do y'all think?? I'm naturally dark so I tan REALLY easy so I do wanna be careful!

Also was taught massages and how to move the implant around and holding the implant in that position for 15 seconds was and to do that twice a day! Hoping it starts dropping more and less funky!

After a terribly unhealthy meal of greasy tacos and chili cheese fries I decided to walk on the treadmill to get some exercise. If I can do half a day walking in Japan, surely I can do 30 min on a treadmill! I started getting sore but just kept it easy. Light sweat, makes me happy, as long as I did something right? Going swimsuit shopping with my friend tomorrow and super excited! Yay! TTFN!

1 month post op, and loving every bit of it!

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! I'm back with my 4 week update and loving the changes I'm seeing! My implants have been making good progress even though there is still some more dropping to do. My left breast is still up higher than my right but it'll get there. I started working last week too and did fine. I wasn't able to lift or turn any patients, but since I'm now at 4 weeks I will start trying to help lifting more to start gaining my strength back. PS says just know my limits and take it slow but that I can start essentially do whatever (run, jump, etc). I'll take my time for sure. I played pool last night and stretching certain ways while holding the cue felt uncomfortable. I also plan to start my classes again at 24 hr fitness. I'm excited for Pound this morning, I need to get this booty back in shape!! A bikini has 2 pieces right?? Lol.

Still doing massages but I'll tell you I don't have any set times that I do it. Honestly I've just been doing it when I think about it. I'll miss my regular day schedule while on vacation but it's back to the craziness of night shifts at work! As for my incisions, my left incision is great! No stitches sticking out, I feel nothing from it, and it feels a lot smoother than before. The glue came off a couple days after the 3 week mark. My RIGHT however is not happy, but my PS said overtime it'll get better and I can cover it with gauze or a bandaid so the lining of my bra doesn't bother it. It stings every so often but the bandaid helps. The right incision is where the stitches were sticking out and my PS had to mess with it last week. Otherwise I'm definitely loving my new boobies and I can tell you I've never felt so good about my body until after finally getting my BA! It makes me feel so much better and I do feel much happier bc of it! I still have some ways to go but I'm getting closer everyday and that makes me more excited than anything :)

Knot abscess?? Say what??

Ok so little downer in my recovery. I got home after work and decided to do my massages before sleeping but something totally gross happened. The right incision that I keep complaining of pain and redness at.... decided to ooze out a yellow gooey gross blob on my finger. YUCK!!!! I FREAKED!!! This is after a 12 hour night shift but boy that woke me up! I did as I had been doing before. I emailed my doctor RIGHT AWAY! I sent him a picture of the blob before I washed my hands, I sent him a picture of both incisions to compare the 2, and pretty much told him I was scared! I feel like in this month I've come so far and couldn't handle the thought of something possibly ruining everything! It was about 8am when I sent it and luckily that's when he's about to start work. He emailed me back a little before 830 and literally all it said was "call and come see me today." OMG this might be serious!! I called and set up an Appt at 3pm. It's early for me seeing how I usually wake up at 5:30pm but hell I didn't care. Better than risking my dream boobs come true!! When I saw my doctor he kept his cool and took a look at the incision and said "oh it's just a knot abscess, nothing serious." .... Come again?

So little medical lesson. An abscess is when an area under or on the skin becomes inflamed when bacteria begins to grow and becomes a sac filled with pus or otherwise the debris of war between the bacteria and our white blood cells after activation of our immune system to defend our body against foreign bodies. So essentially a knot abscess is my case was a knot from the stitches sticking out and caused an abscess to form. Best way to treat such a thing is to get rid of the initial problem. So the doctor took sterile scissors/tweezers and chopped off the knot and then cleaned up the incision site. Told me not to massage my right boob and keep the incision covered with a gauze and tape (as long as it can BREATHE and not be completely sealed. I can put neosporin on it too which I plan on purchasing too. I was scared but he seemed calm so it calmed me a little too. Still freaky though!! I thought I was gonna develop some awful infection!! I really hope it heals ok!! He said hopefully within 1-2 weeks. He did have my Appt scheduled a week earlier to make sure everything is ok which I really appreciate.

This brings me to a very important point. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR DOCTOR!! And if you have ANY concerns. Email, call, text, whatever!! Just make sure your doctor is aware of any concerns you have!! It is better for you to ask silly things than ignore a BIG problem. My doctor said he was extremely glad I kept in touch and notified him of anything strange. I'm really hoping this abscess thing goes away. I don't care so much for the scar than I do the well being of my implants!!! My PS said he can help the scar after if it looks bad after healing too which made me feel better. I too am in the medical field and even though I'm asked many questions, I would still rather my patient bring forward concerns than ignore it and it become a serious problem. I'll keep you updated on this small bump in the road for me! Hope everyone is doing great! Much love!!

6 weeks! Feelin' good

Hey everyone! Hope all is well on realself! So the incision that had that knot abscess has healed for the most part and I'm starting massages on it! Except I have to massage it more often so it can catch up to my left. Didn't realize how massaging helps the implants drop! I remember my right implant was dropping faster than my left, but since I was only massaging my left, it definitely dropped more and is softer than my right! So girls, be sure to so your massages!

I saw my PS today and he said the incision looks good now and literally used the word "phenomenal" on how my boobs look at the 6 week mark *blush!* I'm so excited. Sucks that I have to work the right more to catch up but I'm def loving them more day by day :) I'm doing more at the gym now too EXCEPT push ups! Dr. E said sometimes it takes months to get back into that seeing how my chest muscles were extremely strained from the procedure. I also asked about the firmness and if they would get soft which he said yes, I just gotta be patient >_< anyways that's all I have for now!! Ta ta loves!

8 Weeks post op

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is well! Things are still going good for me! My incision that had the knot/suture abscess has completely healed and I've been doing massages to that side since! I try to do a little extra since that side has to catch up to my left side. My boobs have gotten so much squishier since too!!! I love it!! I find my self playing with my boobs way more lol. All my friends at work are saying they look great and my family in Pennsylvania this weekend all thought the same too. So exciting! No one has ever talked negatively towards my decision to get breast implants which I appreciate the most. I always thought I'd be judged poorly for spending so much money on fake boobs that has not been the case at all.

I'm working out more regularly now but I do need to purchase some good securing sports bras! In classes where there's more jumping I find my self holding the girls down with my arms! I still lack chest muscles and things like closing trunk of the car are slightly difficult and push ups impossible. Not quite sure when I'll be able to do those things again with ease. I got a chance to finally sport a swim suit by the pool and felt awesome, but when my friend pulled herself over the edge of the pool to get out, I couldn't so it at all and had to walk around to the stairs of the pool! Little embarrassing.

I plan to get officially sized at VS when I'm off work this week, but I did purchase a couple bras at Marshall's and Target on sale that were 34 C and fit me perfectly! Just the size that I was hoping to be! And I think they look AND feel AMAZING!!!! I get happier with my results every week as they progressively look/feel more and more natural!! The profile of my boobs looks a lot better and you can tell they've been dropping. This has definitely been one of the best decisions I've made because I feel so much happier with myself and have one less thing to worry about in the back of my mind :)

I will be able to wear under wire bras in 2 weeks at the 10 week/2 month mark. One thing that I will say that I've noticed however when I tried on bras is that push up bras do absolutely nothing for me. Has anyone else noticed this?? I guess I never thought about it but I guess since my boobs don't move as much as real boobs do, the "push up" portion if push up bras just sorta sit underneath my boob and don't push them anywhere. Honestly I'm perfectly happy sticking to Demi bras and wire less since they tend to be more comfortable anyways and my cleavage is good as is. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue with push up bras, or am I trying them on too soon? Not sure :/

My nipples are still sensitive but definitely not hyper sensitive. They were never sensitive to the point of hurting so I guess I lucked out there. I really need to stop going shopping but I can't help but feel overly excited every time I try on clothes that look so much better on me with my new "accessories" :D hoping the VS semi annual sale starts soon, I always forget whether it's in June or July >_

Bra shopping!

Hello loves! Just a short update and lots of pictures! So I'm 11.5 wks post op and doing extremely well. I'm back to all my normal routines, but have yet to find a sports bra that really supports the girls! Will probably have to spend a pretty penny to get a good one for my cardio classes. I did a WHOLE lotta bra shopping!! Couldn't help myself, but it was so much fun! Been getting primarily 34C although one brand was small so I for a 34D instead. I also ordered several bras from the VS semi annual online and sure I'll buy more when it comes to stores lol. I saw my doctor again this week too for a quick check up. He says I look really good! Told me to only do in and up massages (I'll post a pic if this doesn't make since). No more down massage. He says he doesn't want them to drop any more. Even though my right side is still a little high, he said it'll sort itself out eventually. He also said that these massages should be done 1-2 times a day for years to come! That surprised me, but he said I needed to keep the pocket formed for my implants so the tissue underneath doesn't heal back to normal and ruin the implant placement. I am thoroughly enjoying the beginnings of summer and feel like I got my BA right in time!! Hope all you ladies are doing well and enjoy the Summer!!

Boobie Birthday! 1 Year Old! Still in Love and have No Regrets

Finally reached my 1 year mark! I'm sorry I haven't updated since my 2 month mark, but everything since then has been good. I have had no complications, still doing a set of massages once a day, and they did drop some more but have been stable after around 6-8 months. Or at least I haven't noticed any further changes. Only thing I am a little concerned about is that I still have nerve pains after a whole YEAR! My doctor said usually it lasts 4-6 months, but I still get them fairly often, like I'll feel something a couple times a day or every other day. Not sure what's that about... May email my doctor to see if that's normal. One things for sure though, I have never felt more confident in my life! This is still to me one of the best decisions I've made for myself and couldn't be happier with my results! I'm happy to have shared my story on real self. It was this blog site that made me feel confident about my decision to have a BA and to be prepared and know what to expect and I hope someone can take something out of my journey. Thanks guys for the support! Yall are amazing people.
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Ethridge was extremely informative, and very supportive of any of my decisions and his staff were just absolutely lovely, kind, and more than willing to answer any and all questions! Look forward to working with him and his staff. *after 4 weeks post op* I couldn't be happier!!! I absolutely love what I see and none of this would've happens if it hadn't been for Dr. Ethridge!! His work is AMAZING and I'm so glad to have chosen him and to work with him! He's so calm, confident, and knows what he's doing. He offers many other services but I can testify that when it comes to BA's, he's FANTASTIC! He was very informative and answered any and all concerns. He makes sure I know what to expect, and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process as nervous as I was!! So supportive, so great, and I cannot thank him enough! His staff is super sweet and nice too. When it came to inquiring about a consultation through email, they called me back the next day and I was able to book an Appt and a date for surgery. When it came to finances, they were able to show me offers and payment plans that worked for me. When it came to just general advice they were more than happy to offer tips. Made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I never had to wait long for my appts. I think the longest I waited was maybe 15 min and that was after getting a room for myself. They hold surgeries at the Fort Worth Surgery Clinic. All the staff there was also just as good. The lady who registered me was extremely sweet. It only took 10 min and then I was called to check in/register. Then another 10 min and then I was in the pre op area. Nurses informative and nice, did well in making me feel as comfortable as possible (I was a nervous WRECK!!). Anesthesiologist informative and listened to my needs and made sure to work with my body throughout the surgery. And of course Dr Ethridge on the day of surgery was more than comforting and very good to my mom who was there with me. Words can't describe how happy I am with Dr. Ethridge and his staff! He exudes that calm confidence that I knew right at the consultation that this man knows what he's doing and will get me what I want or as close as he can! Very happy with my results this far and so excited for what's to come :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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