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Where do I begin??? Well I am 29 and this will be...

Where do I begin??? Well I am 29 and this will be my 30th birthday present to myself. I am 5 "6" and I weigh 135 lbs. I have a daughter who sucked the life out of my boobies and now I want to revive them. I consider my breast to be like deflated balloons :( Most people would say I am athletic built and assume I workout but that is not the case. I guess I just have a high metabolism (whatever that means) lol. But I am happy with my body but when I look in the mirror I see 50 year old breast on my 29 year old body.

I finally have my finances in order so now is the time. I have been to one consultation and I have another one scheduled for the 17th of September. I am leaning towards mid to late October so I just have to pick the doc so I can pick the date. Scheduling will be hard because I work full time during the day and I go to school at night and my daughter has a busy schedule as well. I am single so I don't have that awesome guy around (yet) to help but I have plenty of family and friends to take care of me afterwards. I have read sooo many of you ladies awesome reviews and this has really helped me a lot. I love this sight!!!

Oh and I am leaning towards, HP silicone about 350cc's. I really just want a nice B cup but so many of you have boob greed that I am wanting at least a C to be on the safe side. (hehehe) I think that about covers it for now. post more later :)

2nd PS was awesome!

My computer keeps kicking me out so I will make this quick. The 1st PS I went to for a consult was good and I would've chosen him had I not met Dr. Lester. He was great at explaining everything to me and showing me by demonstrating certain things on my body. Once I figure out my testing days at school, I will be booking my surgery for mid October. I can't believe I am about to spend this type of moolah all at once but I will just have to get over that, lol... I will post pics soon because this is really helpful and kind of exciting to see the transformation. HAPPY HEALING!!!

adding pre-op photos


Date is set

I finally set my date to have nice boobies, October 21st. So in a few weeks I will have nice boobs for the first time in my life. This is so surreal!!! I had a party at my house last night and my younger sister blurted out that I am having surgery. I was pissed because there were still people there that I wasn't planning on telling until afterwards. Oh well nothing I can do about that until after she has her baby, lol lol... just kidding. I need to start getting my post op items, are there any "must haves" that you ladies in boobland would like to share?? I welcome all the help I can get.

Going Crazy!!!

Hello ladies! Hope all is well with you all that are in the healing stages. I haven't updated in a while because I get hooked to being on the site for hours!!! Some stories are horrifying and make me second guess myself about size and profile. My surgery is supposed to be on the 21st which is only 10 days away, but my iron is little low so they want me to take iron pills and check it again. So at the lates it will be the following week. I am cool with waiting an extra week as long as I can have NICE BOOBIES!!! lol. I only found 1 post-op bra at wal-mart that snaps in the front. Question: what do you guys wear after surgery, just a jacket or sweater??? I know you can't lift your arms so I am not sure if I should just not wear a shirt? Any help would be great...

I have new pillows, a new blanket, straws, sports bra, soup, movies, and sweats. I am pretty sure that I am forgetting something so if there was a must-have that you could recommend that would be great!
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