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I have felt unsatisfied with the appearance of my...

I have felt unsatisfied with the appearance of my breasts since they even started developing... My natural development deliveted me wide set, slightly tuberous, one higher than the the other, not very pretty boobies. 32B.

I've been scouring this sight for years wishing for the opportunity to gain the breasts I feel I was meant to have. Finally it came, and I booked a consultation with Rumalla because he had so many high reviews and his website emphasized "enhancing natural beauty", seemed to support overall positive self esteem and self image, and I felt like I saw more of the "after" photos in his catalogue had a more natural appearance than other surgeons. And to be honest, his free consultation and specials sealed the deal for the consultation.

I *chose* Rumalla to also do my surgery, because after the consultation I did not feel the need to shop elsewhere and feel out and other surgeons. First of all he is a very personable man, sweet and down to earth, listens and responds to patient concerns thoroughly.

Second, he also has a very meticulous attention to detail, but sensitive with his honest approach to physical appearance. Within seconds of seeing my breasts he noticed directions and angles of them that I had never noticed in my entire life- And trust me, I've spent hours analyzing them, criticizing them, trying to like them... I had no idea that my right breast actually sat up higher than my left, until he pointed it out... Or that my left nipple pointed slightly in a different direction (like a centimeter. But he noticed immediately!) And throughout this entire procedure, drawing on me and pointing things out, he never once made me feel criticized or bad about my body... And I even tend to be a bit sensitive. I'm emotional, I'm sensitive, been made fun of, criticized, rejected for my breasts my entire life... literally thinking about it makes me tear up right now.. but he noted every flaw without a single hurt feeling, He just explained it all so perfectly. I don't know how he did it. Even throughout our interactions in the weeks leading up to the surgery, with careful wording and sensitive treatment he even managed to make me feel less bad about the breasts I was born with and it came across as genuine.

When it came to the sizers I was very clear i wanted a natural look, C or "maybe D". He suggested I go with an implant that was considerably larger than I had considered... I think I was in the 250's? He suggested 350-375 high profile. (Because my breasts have a narrow base. He very thoroughly explained his reasoning). That sizer brought me to a D and while I wasn't sure if I agreed with him in the sizing that it was quite proportionate for my frame, I trusted him and post op he was *spot on* about the size, perfect.

He was also very honest about the possible outcome. I was concerned about too much upper pole fullness and he pointedly informed me that while my breasts would have more fullness in the upper poles and not a perfectly straight slope, he also physically showed me how the implant responds to gravity and pacified my concerns. I had also asked about a specific kind of implant and he recommended someone else if I wanted that one, because he felt he didn't spend enough time messing with that kind of implant to feel confident about a perfect outcome. He also won't do procedures that he doesn't do often for that same reason.

He noted the slight difference in size between my breasts and we chose 350 for the left and 375 for the right. We also decided to do a crescent life of the left nipple because he anticipated the further outward movement of my already... chameleon eye-like nipples.

With each pre op visit he noticed tiny changes in my breasts from my hormone fluctuations (without pictures to reference), and remembered in detail all of my concerns and our conversations. I would not be surprised if he has a photographic memory.

Minutes before my surgery he noticed that during ovulation my right nipple also tended to move outward. He decided last minute to do a crescent lift on that one too. I trusted and signed the consent. Such an honest man and with his qualifications is still willing to openly second guess himself to ensure perfection is achieved.

My augmentation turned out beautifully. My nipples are in the perfect place and even though they haven't dropped yet they already look better than some final "after" pictures I've seen. I am thrilled, floored, this is far beyond what I ever expected. I really wish I could post pictures for y'all, even in semi early recovery but I am respecting my husband's wishes to preserve my modesty. Hopefully my pictures will be in Rumalla's gallery to encourage another woman like me to change her life for he better too. (To some it may sound petty, but it is truly life changing for others)

His pre op and follow up care is thorough and health-oriented, he also is genuinely concerned about any pain experienced, etc... He even took the time to thoroughly address concerns I had not even pertaining to my breast augmentation.

He genuinely cares about patient well being and self esteem, wants you to feel good and have good results. He could charge way more for my augmentation than he did (btw, he did not charge me for the last minute additional crescent lift, and there was a $500 RealSelf discount). But I don't even feel like he's in it for the money. Feels more like he just wants other people to be happy.

Forgot and don't know how to add my age and stats

In a nutshell: 24 years old, 32B to 32D range.... currently around DD or DDD. My implants are 350 cc HP in left, 375cc HP in right.

First day back at work... LOL!

I went back to work today with minimal issues. Everyone knew already and was excited for me. It was very funny because everyone tried so hard to politely look me in the eyes but they were all so sweet, supportive, curious and concerned for the week that I was gone, texting me and asking about me and how I'm feeling. We all made fun of each other after that and had a good laugh over my new boobies and everyone's weirdness, very fun work day and it helped the awkwardness just to make it into a big fun exciting joke.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I explained everything in the first box, great guy, please read my extensive review, because the doctor review and experience review are very much one in the same. I stated everything that is good about him and our interactions above and it is worth the read if you are concerned enough and considering trusting a person to put you under, cut your body open and permanently change your appearance.

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