Just Had my BBL Today! So Far Happy with Results Although I Can't Really Tell What the End Results Are Going to Be!

I saw dr. Ethridge about a week ago for my...

I saw dr. Ethridge about a week ago for my consultation. Aside from being super cute! He was very friendly and had a great bedside manner. We both agreed on a Brazilian butt lift to give my booty More of a full shape. I didn't have a whole lot of fat to extract to begin with so I knew my but wouldn't change much other than just look a lot more plump. Sinnoh Kim Kardashian booty here! I did ask him to take pictures During the procedure so I could see what to expect before the swelling sets in. I'm super excited. I think my pictures look awesome and can't wait to see the finished result. all reviews I read said it would be more painful than breast augmentation, however I'm not sure if it's due to the anaesthesia from this morning. The anaesthesia was given about 12 hours ago so I would assume it had worn off by now... I will update more as I can. I would definitely recommend dr. Ethridge!

updating with pictures on a table

So I was totally drugged up last night LOL and completely forgot to post my pictures during surgery. This morning, drugged up again LOL I posted a whole new review with a whole new set of pictures. So if you want to see more pictures head on over to my other review it should be approved by the end of the day I would think. Sorry for the inconvenience, hydrocodone sure takes its toll on a person I guess LOL

48 hours post-op shower time!

14 hours after my procedure I finally get to take a shower! Take off my tummy binder and instantly had a panic attack. So I put it right back on LOL I think something about that thing was holding me up in a sense. Once I took it off I felt superlite and had a pitted feeling in the bottom of my stomach, I think something about that thing was holding me up in a sense. Once I took it off I felt super light and had a pitted feeling in the bottom my stomach, took a few minutes and got my heart rate under control decided to try one more time. The second time was much better, and oh my God that shower! It was like heaven, I didn't want to leave LOL. Snapped a quick photo for you guys. I'm not super-excited about my current shape, I feel like my rear end is smaller than I would like and I feel like my midsection is larger LOL but Dr Ethridge assured me that it was going to look like this, so it's not like I didn't know what I was getting myself into. The swelling in the midsection won't go down for about 6 months, but I can see that it's at least flat. My bottom on the other hand could be bigger. But like I said, I'm sure I didn't give him enough to work with to begin with. laying on my stomach has become agonizing, walking around is okay. The pain is not too terrible however I cannot take my hydrocodones. So Tylenol is what I'm resorting to.

Day 3 and I promise I'll leave you alone soon LOL

so we are three days in to my Brazilian transformation! Swelling seems to be about the same. Snapped some more photos for you guys! I wanted to show you the things that I've been using to help me through this healing process. the first of which is the tan garment that I'm wearing. This came custom with the BBL from dr. Ethridge. I'm also using a waist cincher on top of that I ordered this one off wish it was about $10. But the thing I'm most excited about is my booty buddy! It did set me back about $90, but I feel comfortable sitting without squishing my new booty. I do still feel like my bottom is much smaller than I had expected, but once again Dr Ethridge reminded me that as my swelling goes down in my waist the projection of my bottom will be more. Also I did ask how many cc's when it to each butt cheek, and he had told me was about a hundred and fifty. So I guess it's just a waiting game from here on out.

2 weeks post-op

so I wanted to update everybody. Soreness is 100% gone, I feel great and I'm ready to exercise. I see the doctor tomorrow and hope I get the go-ahead... StairMaster here I come! My stitches has seemed to start dissolving already. The scar seems like it will be non existent. So I snapped a few pics of the scars for you to see as well as a side profile, it appears as though a lot of my swelling has gone down and settled at the base of my belly. there are knots where the swelling is that feel sort of hard looks like that but not pinchable, so I'll have to talk to the doctor about that tomorrow. I had read some things online saying that the water can settle and looks like that but not pinchable, so I'll have to talk to the doctor about that tomorrow. I had read some things online saying that the water can settle and cause fibrosis in the area, I hope that's not the case. I had also read things about getting lymphatic drainage massages to help with this however dr. Ethridge suggested I do not get any lymphatic massages. I'll update you guys on what he says tomorrow. But so far I'm super excited my results, I think my tummy should look smaller. But I know the swelling could last up to 6 months so I'm holding on to that! y'all have any questions or any pictures you need me a snap for you let me know I'll be more than happy to!

Two and a half weeks!

So it has been just under 3 weeks, I started exercising 3 days ago and a lot of the fluid has gone down. I'm not sure if it's due to the exercising, but I'm starting to really love my results. It's nice to know that if this is how I look just 3 weeks out, I still have a ways to go before I reach that 4 to 6 month Mark... so how awesome will I look then? so far I am enjoying the results of this more than my breasts. I'm super excited to see what the future holds. You'll have to excuse the pictures, my husband works out of state and these photos were taken for him. However I thought I would share them with you guys to show you how great I am feeling. I feel sexy for the first time in a long time. Sleeping in lingerie, wearing sexy panties under my clothes. For the longest time I've just felt like a mom, with Mom body, but now I feel young and sexy again!

Oh yea!

forgot to add, I have a six pack again!
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