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I've recently turned 30 and am 5'10"...

I've recently turned 30 and am 5'10" and 150lbs. After giving birth to and nursing my three gorgeous children I was left with a ton of stretchmarks both above and below my navel and my breasts are a very droopy and deflated D cup. I have always been a bigger girl and over the past year and a half I've lost over 60 lbs. I thought losing the weight would make me feel better about myself, and it does somewhat when I have my clothes on, but when I'm undressed I feel like I almost look worse now than when I was heavier. My breasts are even more deflated and my stomach hangs like an empty plastic bag, especially when I bend over. I try to avoid letting anyone see my stomach, I don't even like to be naked in front of my own husband anymore.

My husband is amazingly supportive and tells me all the time how beautiful I am and that I am too hard on myself, but he also sees how unhappy I am. I feel guilty for spending so much money on myself and for all the slack that he'll have to pick up while I'm recovering, but he keeps telling me that we'll all benefit when I'm happier. I feel lucky to have such great support.

Having the lift and TT is something I have wanted for a long time, but never thought it would be possible. After talking to my husband about it and finding out that he didn't think I needed it (typical sweet husband response :), but that he understood how important it was to me, we figured out how to make it work. I had consultations with three different PS before deciding as I wanted to make sure I made the right decision and was completely comfortable with my Dr.

I called yesterday to schedule my surgery for Feb 24th and pre-op appt for Feb 6th. It all seems so real now and I'm both excited and nervous! I have been all over the site for the past couple of months gathering information and I would love any advice anyone has especially about recovery time and what I need to have ready/do beforehand to make things go as smoothly as possible. Pictures coming soon!

I can't believe it's almost exactly a month until...

I can't believe it's almost exactly a month until my surgery. It seems like I've been wanting this forever and I'm so excited it's finally getting close! I've been reading everyone's reviews and it's been really helpful in showing me what to expect. It's also helped me in making a list of what I'll need/want during recovery. It's also nice to see everyone's results so I can hopefully set realistic expectations. What worries me most, other than complications obviously, is being disappointed in my results. I know almost anything will be better than what I have now, so I keep trying to remember that and not hope for perfection. I'm just ready to feel better about myself and not have to hide from everyone, even my own husband. I know it bothers him how self conscious I am, he just wants me to be happy. He was a little concerned last night when I mentioned emptying my drains, but I have faith in him :)

I'm adding some before pics, even though I absolutely hate them. I know how helpful pictures are and I just can't wait to be able to look back at them and see how far I've come!

Feeling a little uneasy today. I left RealSelf...

Feeling a little uneasy today. I left RealSelf open last night so when my husband got on the computer he read a review that I had been reading. Thankfully it was a pretty smooth one :) It still made him nervous though and he asked me last night if I'm sure I want to do this. I know he'll support whatever I decide, he's just worried about something bad happening to me and said he doesn't like the idea of me being cut and the scars looked painful. Honestly I'm not looking forward to being splayed open either, but I still think it will all be worth it in the end and he'll be happy with the results, too. Him bringing up the possibility of something bad happening just really brought it back to the front of my mind. I've been trying not to think about that too much, especially since it makes me feel so guilty. I don't want anything to take me away from my family, but I want to be happy with myself. I know the chance of complications is very small, but am I crazy to take that chance at all?

Had my mammogram yesterday, it was slightly more...

Had my mammogram yesterday, it was slightly more uncomfortable than I expected but not too bad. I hated being undressed like always and I can't wait until I don't have to feel that way anymore. Feeling much more confident in my decision to go through with the surgery. Can't wait for it to get here!

I just can't wait for the 24th to get here! It...

I just can't wait for the 24th to get here! It seems like so far away, but I know I have a lot to get done before it gets here. I've been weaning myself off caffeine over the past couple weeks, not specifically for the surgery, but I figure more water and less chemicals equals a healthier me. I'm trying to make a list of things to ask my PS at my pre op appt and a list of things to do before the surgery. Anyone have any recommendations? I'd also like to freeze some food, since my husband is not exactly a chef, can anyone recommend some good options for meals to freeze?

Exactly three weeks to go! I am so excited I can...

Exactly three weeks to go! I am so excited I can hardly wait. I go for my pre-op appt on Monday so I'll be sure to update after that. I have quite a few questions to ask and that's the day I write the big check. I'm paying about half of the cost upfront and financing the rest with Care Credit.

We had plans to take the kids to an indoor water park at the end of March for their Spring Break, but now it looks like I won't be up for that. Feeling a little guilty about ruining their vacation, but luckily we hadn't told them about it yet.

A few months ago before I knew I'd be having surgery I signed up to run a half marathon May 5th. That will be 10 weeks after my surgery, do you guys think it's doable? I'm not exactly a world class runner, but I've been running off and on for the past two years and this will be my third half.

I had my pre-op appt this morning. Spent most of...

I had my pre-op appt this morning. Spent most of the time talking with the nurse and going over the packet of information about risks/what to expect before & after surgery. That certainly made it seem more real. I'll have two drains for the TT and none for the lift. I'll also have an abdominal binder after surgery. No exercise for 4-6 weeks other than walking as much as I can easily tolerate. She said the half marathon may be doable, but I may be walking/jogging it instead of running. She just kept repeating the need to listen to my body. Also went over all the medications to take or stop taking and when. My PS recommends Arnica which I've seen lots of people on here mention, where do you get it?

After that, the PS came in to see if I had any questions and to take my pictures. I asked about the exact incision placement and I was worried I might end up with a vertical scar from the tummy tuck as one of the other surgeons I consulted said I would need one. He assured me he should be able to get rid of everything below my belly button and leave only a horizontal scar and that he would keep it low enough to be hidden in underwear/bikini. I'm feeling really good about my decision, though I did get a pretty big lump in my throat writing out that huge check! Now I just wait for the surgery center to call me about a week before and give me my surgery time. PS said the surgery should be about 4 hours.

Hope the next 2 1/2 weeks fly by and good luck to all my surgery date buddies, I know some of you had your appts today, too!

I forgot to mention my PS also recommends taking a...

I forgot to mention my PS also recommends taking a vitamin C supplement which helps the body's formation of collagen and is necessary for healthy tissue healing, multivitamin and high protein diet to help with wound healing, and to add vitamin K rich foods which helps with blood clotting. Looks like I need to make a trip to the health food store!

Two weeks exactly until the big day. I've been...

Two weeks exactly until the big day. I've been doing some shopping trying to get everything I'll need for recovery. I picked up some stool softeners and Milk of Magnesia since everyone seems to have difficulties there. I also bought some dry shampoo,Arnica, vitamin C, Iron, and some frozen peas for ice packs. Just ordered some pajamas that button in front so they'll be easy to get in to. If anyone thinks of anything else I should have, let me know! I can't wait until the 24th and I hope these two weeks fly by.

One week from today! I can't wait, one minute it...

One week from today! I can't wait, one minute it seems like it's taking forever and the next I can't believe how soon it will be here. I'm still dealing with a little bit of anxiety, but it's mostly about how recovery will go. I don't want to be out of it for too long, but I certainly don't want to do too much too soon and mess with my results. It's going to be hard. I think I have all my supplies ready and I'm just waiting for the surgery center to call and let me know what time I'm scheduled for. My PS told me they would call about a week out so I kept hoping it would be today. It's not looking like that's going to happen though. I'm definitely not a patient person, can you tell? ;)

We told my mother-in-law Monday night about the surgery. I was really worried about how she would react and that she would judge me and think I'm vain and selfish. Turns out she is completely supporting my decision. I couldn't believe it. She says she wishes she would have done something like this when she was my age and she doesn't blame me one bit. Just goes to show you people can certainly surprise you when you least expect it.

I'll update when I know my time, and I wish all the other ladies whose surgeries are coming up the best of luck. It won't be long and we'll all be looking back at our before pictures unable to believe how far we've come!

I'm actually starting to get some things done...

I'm actually starting to get some things done around here. Which is great because I only have two more days to do it! I'm definitely nesting, I just want to make everything as easy as possible on my husband while I'm out of commission. I told my 8 and 5 year olds last night about the surgery. I simply told them that I was having surgery to fix my stomach since the muscles got so stretched out. The 5 year old wasn't phased at all, my 8 year old had a few questions, but I assured him I'm fine and just let them know I'll need lots of help the next couple weeks and they'd have to be easy with me. When I told them dad would be in charge for a while, my oldest said, "So we'll be eating a lot of hotdogs and grilled cheese for a while, huh?" I laughed so hard!

Everyone around us seems to be sick, including my friend's kids and she is supposed to watch my kids during the surgery and my mother in law who was going to take them for the weekend. My husband asked me last night what our backup plan was and I honestly don't have one. I'm trying not to let it completely stress me out, but it is a bit. Guess it's just a wait and see situation.

Still no call with my surgery time either, I'm calling them today. I can't take not knowing and not being able to plan.

I just called and my surgery is at 9:45, I have to...

I just called and my surgery is at 9:45, I have to be there at 8:15. It's scheduled to take 4 hours and I'll spend 1-2 hours in recovery. They call my prescriptions in that day, she said I'll probably have Norco for pain, which is apparently Vicodin with less acetaminophen, Vallium for muscle spasms, and an antibiotic. She also asked if I'm prone to motion or car sickness, which I am, so she said I might want to use the anti-nausea patch. I can decide when I get there if I want to, I'm thinking I will go ahead, being nauseous doesn't sound like fun. So now it's all set and feels very real. I'm super excited! Good luck to all the other ladies who are going this week, may we all have great results and easy recoveries!!

Tomorrow's the big day, it seems absolutely...

Tomorrow's the big day, it seems absolutely surreal. Everything is as ready as I can make it so I'm just hoping I can sleep tonight. I'll try to update tomorrow or as soon as I feel up to it. Good luck to all my surgery buddies we'll all be on the other side soon!

Well, I made it :) I'll try to describe today...

Well, I made it :) I'll try to describe today before I forget it all. We got there right on time and they took me and my husband back in to the pre op room. Changed into the super cool hospital gown and peed in a cup for the pregnancy test. Thankfully, it was negative :) After that I answered all the usual history questions and the nurse said I was a 4+ out of a possible 4 in my risk to develop nausea after surgery since I'm younger, a non smoker, and prone to motion sickness. So, I elected to get the anti nausea patch that sticks on behind your ear. Got the IV started and the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and answer any last minute questions. He asked if I needed anything for nerves before they took me back, but I was surprisingly calm so I declined. I think my husband could have used it though ;)Then my PS came in to see if I had any questions for him and to make the markings on me. After that, things moved fairly quickly and it was time to wheel me back into the OR. Gave my husband a kiss and told him not to worry. Once in the OR, I moved over to the surgery gurney and then was given oxygen and the medicine through my IV to make me go to sleep. The nurses were all amazing and one even held my hand as I went under. It only took a couple seconds for me to be out, and the next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery.

The recovery nurse asked me what my pain was on a scale from one to ten, ten being the worst pain you've ever felt. Right when I woke up, I was at about a seven. It felt more like a burning pain along my incision lines. They gave me something through my IV and within a few minutes I was back down to about a 3. I was already in the binder with gauze underneath and tape under that. My breasts are also taped around the incisions, wrapped with gauze, with a surgical bra over all that. I haven't been able to see anything yet. My surgeon came in and said everything went great and that he was really able to keep my incision low and get a lot of the stretch marks, sounds like he got rid of even more than I thought he could. I'm so excited about that. Also, he said my breasts lifted really well. He warned me they'd look a little flat across the bottom at first, since he overtightens them to account for the stretching that takes place over the first week or so.

I have two drains in my stomach and none in my breasts. My husband just helped me empty them and I'm draining about twice as much on my right side as my left. I would say right now my pain is about a 1, but getting up and down out of the recliner is a little difficult and slightly painful. It's so hard to not use your abs or push up with your arms. My legs are definitely getting a workout. Walking isn't too bad, but I'm definitely hunched over like a little old lady :) I'm keeping ice on everything, 30 minutes on, 30 off. I have to say ladies, bags of frozen peas are a godsend! They stay cold longer and they conform right to my breasts, definitely recommend picking some up.

I get to take a shower on Sunday keeping my back to the water and my follow up appointment is Wednesday. I'll try to talk my husband in to taking a couple pictures when it's shower time.

My husband has been absolutely amazing! He's keeping track of all my meds and drainage amounts and getting me absolutely everything I need. I'm so lucky to have him! So far things are going great *knock on wood* I hope everything went well for everyone else going today!

Things are still going pretty well, a bit more...

Things are still going pretty well, a bit more pain than yesterday. I can definitely tell the numbing medicine and anesthesia have worn off. My breasts really aren't feeling bad at all, it's mostly the tummy tuck incision kind of burning. I've also been having some nausea. I wanted to pass on a trick that the recovery nurse told me about. If you feel nauseous, smelling an alcohol wipe or a paper towel with some rubbing alcohol on it really helps settle your stomach. I thought it was crazy, but it's really been helping. Seems like every time I get up I get nauseous. Haven't really eaten much, just some crackers and cheerios. Not much of an appetite. Still icing everything and I've been taking my arnica. Woke up a couple times last night to use the rest room, but other than that slept pretty well in my recliner. My butt is getting kinda sore from sitting in the same postion all the time :) Hope everyone else is doing great!

Slept better last night, only got up once to take...

Slept better last night, only got up once to take a vicodin and use the restroom. Still not a lot of pain in my breasts, it's mostly the burning pain in my TT incision that bothers me and the tightness in the muscles when I get up from sitting and down into my recliner. Icing that and my breasts helps a lot. Also, my butt keeps killing me from sitting in one spot too long. I put a pillow under it in the recliner last night and that seems to help. I've also been getting up every few hours and walking laps around the house, well more like hunched over waddling, but you get the picture :) Honestly so far it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be, and I hope it stays that way. I weighed myself yesterday and I'm up 2 lbs from surgery day, I know it's all fluid since I've been living on crackers and applesauce. I did eat some toast at about 4 this morning when I was up. I also had an Ensure protein shake yesterday since I know we need all the protein we can get to help our bodies heal. The nausea is gone which I am so grateful for! Every time I would get up the first day and a half I would get so sick, but thankfully I never threw up. I coughed last night and that was pretty painful, I can't imagine how throwing up would feel. My surgeon called yesterday to see how I was doing. I thought it was so nice that he called himself and not a nurse, especially on a Saturday!

My mother in law had the kids buy me some beautiful roses and make me get well cards while I was in surgery, so that was nice to come home to. She took the kids to her house last night just to give us a little time to relax. It's been hard not being able to hold my 2 year old and I know he doesn't understand why. I just keep telling myself it's only temporary.

Looking forward to showering today, but also kind of nervous about seeing what's under all these layers. My drains haven't really bothered me much at all so far and my binder has felt pretty comfortable, so I'm a little worried about taking it off and not getting it back on the right way. My husband said he'd take a few pics for me then, even though he seemed to think it was kind of odd. I just know how much it helps to be able to see what to expect and I want to be able to see improvement as time goes on. He's still doing an amazing job of helping me and keeping track of everything for me. He has just been great, I couldn't ask for a better helper. Hope everyone else had a great night!

So I've been feeling pretty good today. Honestly...

So I've been feeling pretty good today. Honestly the worst pain is my lower back/butt from sitting in the same position and walking hunched over. My TT incision still burns a little, but it's tolerable. My first shower today was pretty eventful. Removing all the gauze was kind of difficult, it was stuck in a couple places. As soon as we took off my binder, I felt extremely sick to my stomach and light-headed.I'm lucky we put a metal chair in the shower because I think I would have passed out if I hadn't been able to sit down right away. Once that passed, it felt really good sitting in the warm water and getting things cleaned up a bit.

After the shower, we took a couple pictures. I'm really trying not to judge them now, I know it takes time for things to settle down. I'm pretty happy with how low and straight my TT incision is, it's my breasts that looked strange to me. My nipples don't seem centered, and the left one is really swollen all around my aereola. Like I said I'm trying not to base too much on how they look now. I know only time will tell what the final outcome will be. Overall, I'm happy with how my recovery is going so far. I'm getting my strength and appetite back a little more and I'm going to start trying to space out the pain meds. I've been taking 2 stool softeners at night, but I think tonight I'll try 3 and if that doesn't help some MoM tomorrow. I don't want to get things too backed up.

So, it's PO day 4 and things are going pretty well...

So, it's PO day 4 and things are going pretty well. I've only had half a vicodin this morning and some tylenol a little while ago. I'm hardly having any pain from my incisions any more, I'm just still having some lower back/ butt pain from sitting and walking. I also have had a headache since last night, but the straight up tylenol seems to have helped with that a bit. I'm much less hunched over when I walk around though still not completely upright. I can get up and down from most chairs and the toilet by myself, but I still need some help getting into and out of the recliner. Still get tired pretty easy and haven't done much other than get up and walk around the house every few hours. My appetite is slowly coming back and I'm still drinking the protein shakes since I'm not super hungry. I had my second shower today with some help from my awesome husband. It went much better than last time, I didn't get light-headed and nauseous when I took off my binder and I only started feeling a little queasy when I was getting dressed afterwards. He helped me wash my hair and I feel much better and a little more normal. He also took a few more pictures afterward, I think things are starting to look a bit better. I'm still really swollen in my abdomen and my breasts still have some settling to do. I wish my stretchmarks would have all been low enough that I could have gotten rid of all of them, but I knew going in that wasn't going to happen. They're definitely lower than they were and I'll be super happy not having my stomach hang down when I bend over.

I've been taking stool softeners every night since the surgery and a half dose of MoM yesterday and a full dose today around lunch time. I was starting to worry, but it finally kicked in just a bit ago. I feel much better getting that taken care of. My husband has still been amazing and hasn't complained once about helping with everything. I know it's starting to get to him and I feel bad that he's having to do so much, but I just keep trying to remind myself to take it easy so it will all be worth it in the end. I don't want to do anything to compromise my recovery, but it's getting harder to not do things myself. I have my post-op appt tomorrow morning, so I'm really hoping to get my drains out, but keeping in mind that it's not very likely so hopefully I won't be too disappointed.

Hope everyone else is having a great recovery and good luck to all the ladies going soon!

It keeps saying I rated my procedure as Not Worth...

It keeps saying I rated my procedure as Not Worth It when I didn't and it won't let me change it...

Had my first post op appt today. Doctor seemed in...

Had my first post op appt today. Doctor seemed in a bit of a rush so I felt like I didn't get all my questions asked, but that's usually not the case so I'm chalking it up to a bad day on his part. Good news he said everything is healing really well and looking great. He removed the tape from my tummy tuck incision which was a little uncomfortable, but it's nice to see what it really looks like. Great news is I got to have both my drains removed. I was in complete shock when he said they could both come out. It honestly was pretty painful, but they've been pretty painful the whole time right where the stitches that hold them in were. It only hurt right there at the surface and then it was just a weird sensation of something moving around inside and it felt like it went all the way up to my ribs. I'm just so glad they're gone. I have only been taking tylenol during the day the past couple days and a Vicodin before bed and that has been handling the pain pretty well. I kind of overdid it today just picking up a few things around the house and folding some laundry, I know it was silly. Now my breasts are pretty sore and I'm tired. Just a reminder that I'm no where near ready to be up and around so much and I still need to take it easy. I just need to keep reminding myself that it takes time and I should enjoy the rest while it lasts.

PO Day 9: Things are still going well, not much...

PO Day 9:
Things are still going well, not much pain at all now unless I do too much or move the wrong way. It's getting harder to take it easy, but I know it's still really important. I haven't taken anything for pain for a couple days. My breasts have random shooting pains and when I try to reach too far or pick up something I shouldn't they definitely let me know. My tummy tuck incision is a little tender towards the edges when I touch it and sometimes when I move the wrong way it feels like it's ripping open, but thank god it's still nice and closed. There have been a couple times when I've had to move my binder and make sure it hasn't pulled open because it feels like it. The entire middle part of my abdomen is still pretty numb, probably a 4 or 5 inch column all the way up to my ribs and down to my incision. Things still feel pretty tight, and I'm walking a little bent over but it's not nearly as far as in the beginning. I know I'm still really swollen and I can't wait for that to go away.

Tomorrow is the first day I'll be on my own since my husband has to go back to work. My older two will be in school most of the day, but I'm pretty nervous about being alone with our two year old. Not sure how we're going to work out nap time since he's still sleeping in his crib and I'm not sure I can get him in to it on my own. He's also so rowdy I'm kind of scared of him ;) He's just so used to jumping on me and climbing all over me, I'm nervous he's going to hurt me. I guess we'll see what happens. Wish me luck!

I'm uploading my 7 day post op pictures. I hesitated putting them up because I thought they didn't look as good as I wanted. I realized this site is all about full disclosure so I shouldn't edit the way things are going. I should have some new pics today as well that I'll try and get up soon. Hope everyone is doing well!

Took a couple more pics today at shower time. I'm...

Took a couple more pics today at shower time. I'm starting to worry that my incision is too high, especially on the sides. Things still seem to be healing well, just can't wait for the swelling to go down. I've seen lots of reviews recommending a shower chair for during recovery and I agree that it's helpful to be able to sit down in the shower, especially at first. I didn't buy a special shower chair though, I've been using one of the metal chairs from our card table and it's worked great. Just thought I'd pass along that idea. Hope everyone is feeling good tonight :)

PO Day 12: Well, it's been a crazy week so far....

PO Day 12:
Well, it's been a crazy week so far. My husband, who has been doing such an amazing job taking care of me and our three kids while I'm recovering, hurt his back on Sunday night. He could hardly get out of bed and I felt so bad for him. So, with him hurt I didn't have a choice other than to step up and take care of things. Needless to say I did far too much on Monday and ended up in quite a bit of pain and with a lot of swelling. Driving was much harder than I expected, turning the wheel was hard on my chest and looking side to side was hard on my tummy. Thankfully he's feeling better and the past couple days my mother-in-law has come over to help out. I'm still pretty sore and swollen so I'm trying to take it easy the next few days.

I have a question for all you ladies, I'm having a problem with my binder. I've tightened it as much as possible and there's no more room to pull the velcro over farther, but it's not tight enough. I have a lot of swelling down low under my incision and into my pubic area. I'm not sure if I need a different kind of compression garment or a smaller binder. I'm planning to call my PS office today and I'll ask them, but I wondered if anyone had a recommendation.

PO Day 16: I can't believe it's been over two...

PO Day 16:
I can't believe it's been over two weeks already. Things are still getting better day by day. I'm feeling much more like myself, but I still get tired easily. I tried to sleep in my bed the other night, but it only lasted about ten minutes and I was just too uncomfortable. I was trying to lay on my side, but it hurt my boob and it started to feel like my ab muscles were sliding down towards the bed. So I guess I'm stuck in the recliner a bit longer, which wouldn't be so bad except I miss my husband :( I've been wearing some spanx like high waisted panties over my binder which helps a little, but I'm still so swollen just above my incision and in my pubic area I look 3 or 4 months pregnant from the side. I can't wait for the swelling to go away. I keep obsessing thinking it might be a seroma, but it doesn't seem to act like what I've read about them. I don't go back to my PS for a week and half so I guess we'll see what he says then. So far my breasts have been the least bothersome, but the past week they've really been bugging me. Feeling sore and with random shooting pains. Last night they woke me up for about an hour in the middle of the night. Not sure why they're bothering me so much, maybe because I'm doing more. I'd do it again in a second though, they look so much better than before! I'm definitely still trying to take things easy, but I'm starting to go a little stir crazy. I'm taking the kids to a movie today so it will be nice to get out of the house.

PO Day 19: So today feels like a good news/bad...

PO Day 19:
So today feels like a good news/bad news kind of day. Good news is I'm not feeling as much pain during the day and I'm able to do a bit more. Also, in the morning I can see my ab muscles! I was so excited this morning to see the outline of them towards the sides of my stomach. That is definitely something I never thought I would be able to see. It makes me really excited to see how things will look after all this swelling is gone! Bad news is the reason I saw them was I had to strip off my binder and everything this morning so I could scratch. My back, stomach, sides, pubic area were all so itchy this morning it was making me crazy!! My skin is so dry it's ridiculous and not even where my incisions are, my whole abdomen all around them. So I scratched like crazy, lotioned up, and put everything back on and that seems to have helped for now. I've also been having a tough time sleeping the past three nights. Monday I got to go out on a date with my hubby and way overdid it. It was so nice to get out of the house and spend some time with him, but I cleaned up the house and then we went to dinner and then did a little shopping so that night was pure misery. My whole stomach felt like it was literally on fire and my boobs were throbbing. Yesterday I didn't exactly take it easy like I should have and last night I took two Vicodin for the first time in a while. They helped me fall asleep, but then I was wide awake around 3am and just couldn't seem to get comfortable. Maybe I'll give the bed another shot tonight, my poor butt needs a break. So I'm really trying to focus on the good news and things ARE slowly getting better, I just wish there was a way to make time go faster for all of us so we can put all the swelling and pain behind us!

3 weeks PO: Still feeling a little better every...

3 weeks PO:
Still feeling a little better every day and I'm pretty close to waking upright, my shoulders are still a little hunched. I've really been trying to remind myself to take it easy because I really paid for overdoing it earlier this week. It's hard when I feel almost back to normal, but I still can't do all the things I think I should. I had to remind my husband yesterday that I still need some help around the house, I just can't do everything myself yet. I did sleep in our bed for a whole night, it was nice to get off my butt. I woke up with my ab muscles pretty sore though. I think I'll stick to alternating a few nights in the recliner with a night in bed. I'll post some 3 week pics tonight after my shower. I still have the tape on my boobs, is that normal? At my surgery my PS said after a few showers the tape would start to loosen up and I could peel it off. Well, it's been more than a few showers and it's still pretty stuck. The pieces under my breasts have started to peel up just a little at the edge, but the pieces around my nipples are really stuck on there still.

Putting up some new pics, honestly can't see a lot...

Putting up some new pics, honestly can't see a lot of difference between the old ones, but I'm trying to be patient. We all seem to be struggling with that lately, so I know I'm not alone. Not much new to report, took the kids out today to the science museum and it was nice to get out of the house. Pretty tired when we got home, but a nap cured that :) Going back to the PS on Wednesday so I'm hoping to get some answers to my questions about the tape, what kind of cg he recommends, and what my restrictions are now. Last time my appt felt so rushed so I'm hoping this one goes better.
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