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I really wanna go with Saline for sure. I am 39 /...

I really wanna go with Saline for sure. I am 39 / 5ft1 / 110 pounds. I have a pretty small body frame. I'm not sure how big to go I was thinking a C. Not yet been for an appt. Any input would be helpful and I don't wanna be strapped down as I read lol. I was also told that it takes about two weeks to recover I will go nuts sitting at home this long. I'm a Bartender so all I gotta do is serve with a smile.

Yay!!!! I will have my girls in 12 days and super excited!

I have my console on April 22nd at 3:15. Then my BA on the 30th. I'm trying not to think about it ya right it's all I'm thinking about. I been working in the tittle bar world since I was 21 off and on. I am a Bartender at cover girls in Fort Wayne IN and I'm going to hate missing work and probably embarrassed to go back to work but I have a lot of Beautiful Ladies on my side and excited for me! I just really can't believe it's my turn. I have a wonderful boyfriend that gave up our tax money just for me because he really don't want them but I doooo so he's makin me happy. I had a long talk over the phone with Dr. Severinac's office and they was wonderful. I'm only going to one console cause I was referred to him and I've seen his work when I called I told them my concerns and I was on the Phone for a long time the ladies were very nice so I don't think I'll have any problems. I'm going to try to post a couple pics and update on Tues after my console.

Pics of now boobs

Another console

First console didn't go so well. Doc was good I just didn't feel totally comfortable with the console all together. Everyone tells me all happens for a reason right now I just want to get it over with and it's all about waiting till May 5th for my next console. I will say who the Dr. Is later. I wish everyone good luck on their consoles

Console and pre op May5th 2014

My console with Dr. Brian Lee at Aspire turned out wonderful! And And Boobs already this Friday. It's really happening for me. I did also have to go have a Mammogram cause I'm 39 that was $125. And we paid for the Boobies $5,099 for the cost of Beautiful Boobies. All this in one day gotta say it was a great day.

Okay I really don't understand I already gave this a title

And how can I change my Doctor on here?

One more day

My body is having a lot of Anxiety and it don't help that I have that anyway. But shoot I have sweaty pits and just going brain crazy. I am very happy and for some reason getting more calm about the surgery. I will have lots of help my lover Phil will be with me also my boys that are 14 and 16 and they are excited to help their Mommy and also my 19 year old daughter will be here she's going to College at IU So wonderful cause she wasn't planning on coming home but but she is I love her my Ashley and my boys Alex and Jesse. I love Phil so so muches also he has been to both my appt. And my mammo on the same day he's been here for me the last couple months listening to me driving him crazy and shoving this realself in his face I think he just wants it done as much as me. I'm going to put up more befor pics today sometime

More pics

Day before

May 9th 2014

A complete wreck about to leave towards Hospital after a shower


So far I took a nap woke up ate half a peanut butter sandwich and half a pain meds got a dry mouth from the nausea patch but over all I got tightness and a little pain more in my right breast.Im feeling really happy now and all my nerves are settled down its hard to go to the rest room cause my legs wanna give out but feeling good and safe and I have good helpers I love my family

Day Three

To start I have not had that much pain just the tightness everyone talks about. I been able to eat and drink fine and the meds the volume and the pain med I been only taking half at a time because my body don't like meds also I'm on an antibiotic for five days I guess that's pretty normal. I was able to go #2 today and that was great cause my belly started cramping last night. I feel really great though all is goin wonderful I'm sososo happy it's over with now just a few more days of relaxation even though I been pushin my limits I don't have no prob picking up anything or opening the fridge my boyfriend is more worried about helping me than I really need but I'd rather be safe than sorry later cause I wanna do things. I know I've already said this but my family is really great helping me with my needs and my sister and daddy are excited for me also today I got on Skype to show my sister and my niece since they are in N.Y. And they won't see me till August. I haven't been trying on shirts yet I think I'm just happy enough that I can touch them and they are mine. Happy Mothers Day to me and all my kids were here with me today. I been so relaxed I just want all these meds out of my system so I can feel back to normal. Here are some pics of my pretty boobies. I got 400cc's in both

Day four

I woke up had half a pain pill and felt so sleepy and dizzy. I also had a lot of heart burn and not sure why. Anyway I called the nurse to see if I could stop all the meds and she said yes to go ahead and take Ibiprofin for any pain. Not much pain though just the tightness I can't believe how scared I was to get this done and all is turning out wonderful

Day 5

No pain pills or volume. My belly is been sick all day I would say for me bein sick and tired has been the worst of all days.

day 6

Yesterday I had an appt with Dr. Lee and all is going great best part I could start sleeping in bed Thank goodness cause my back was killing me. We was out most the day and at the mall I had to squat down a few times squeezing my right boob cause I kept getting sharp shooting pains pretty normal but painful kinda like a labor pain. My legs were pretty jelly feeling too. We also went to my work and everyone liked them and to another bar where I know some ladies and they all liked them too. My lady Star called me "ya tas" I like that I want a shirt that says it. Oh before we went to the bars I wanted a ring so my man and I picked me one lol inside joke its a promise ring not to get married.

If you count the day of surgery this would be day 7

I tried to upload pics from my phone but didn't work so I just spent an hour putting them on my pc. Anyway I'm sorry that my story is pretty boring but its all truth. Something else with the antibiotic I got a small case of thrush in my mouth but just rinse with salt water and eat yogurt. If you get this your tongue will start hurting its not a big deal mines already gone. I'm going to try and upload these pics.

Tattoos change of subject for a moment!!!!

Not right now But in the near future I will be getting 5 Tats removed by this same Doctor I got a quote Yesterday its going to be $685 each session and it covers all five I want removed. They said it would be about 3 sessions. I just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone is interested. I really do hope someone out there is getting insight from my story cause I sure did from all the stories I read on here but to be honest everyone is different so don't be a nervous wreck like me. And most greatest thing is as soon I got the IV I got the Antibiotic then stupid med next thing I know I woke up in Recovery Sorry if I already spoke of this but just had to get it out there cause I Thanked the Doc Yesterday when I was there!!!! AND NOPE HE CAN"T GIVE ME STUPID DRUGS FOR TAT REMOVAL LOL we laughed on that one. If anyone is around Fort Wayne Indiana ASPIRE Dr. Lee is the place to go!!!!

10 days of boobies

How it's going for myself. ( Day 1,2 was on the meds ) (Day 3,4 I had heart burn and smomache was sick fro Antibiotic wich most make me sick anyway ) ( Day 5,6 I had sharp shooting pains in my right and in the middle of the boob so I would just hold and push in on it and the stinging pain went away ) and so far the days after have been smooth. Since day 6 when the Doc said I could sleep in my bed I think my boobies like me better at least I'm a lot more cozy. I don't know what ladies are calling morning boobs or the frankenboobs unless it's the tightness cause for me it comes and goes through out the day.I suppose for know that's about it and here are a few more pics Oh and Yep Yep I already love them.

Doing great!!!!

This is day 10 I'm doing great and so are my new boobies. The last couple days they been a little tender on the outside so I take some Ibuprofen :) deff spelled that wrong before hmmm had to look at bottle for spelling on that one. I still find myself reading all the profiles on here its fun to see know that I'm done. I'm still waiting for them to drop but no hurry they are here and staying and mine to keep. Sounds greedy but i am enjoying them. I love looking at the photos on here so I will keep posting as time goes on. I hope for everyone to be doing great its been a wonderful experience for me and can not wait to go to work tomorrow


I didn't realize the after discomfort that I'm having everyday. I feel like I have a sunburn from the inside out but it's a healing process when I massage it does help and at night I take a quarter of a volume and that helps me sleep. I also put the lotion on everyday that also helps. I am kinda crazy though because I don't hold back from nothing which that could be why I have the discomfort even yesterday I tried to swim only doggie paddle that wasn't a good idea also life's myself up to the side of the pool and hopping onto a raft so ya today I'm glad I didn't have to work cause I needed some extra sleep from bein in the sun all day
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