AA to C with 350cc silicone. 4 months post.

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I am a 27 year old mother of two (3 1/2 & 16...

I am a 27 year old mother of two (3 1/2 & 16 months) who breast fed each for about 1 month... but that was enough to suck my boobs away! I was always around a B cup in highschool and college. Now I'm probably an A, however I have been considered augmentation since I had my youngest so I haven't bought any new bras! I'm swimming in my B cups now! Pregnancy made me realize how nice large breast were! I am looking for a C cup...I'd rather not be a D, however I've seen many women say that they measure a C, but wear a D cup at Victoria Secret. I've been to my first consultation, schedule my surgery date for March 18th, and paid my $500 deposit to hold my surgery date. While there I tried on sizers and decided on silicone high profile 375cc over the muscle. However, after I left and did a WHOLE LOT of research, I think I am going to go smaller like 350 or 325cc. My next appointment is February 24th and I am going to try on sizers again. I want them to look as natural as possible, and really don't want anything too big. But I am equally worried about going to small and regretting it!!

Wish Pics

Here are some wish pictures from Realself and online. I am still unsure of what size I am wanting. I'm thinking of trying rice sizers...I have my second and final consultation in a week where I will pay in full and finalize all plans. I'm excited but getting nervous!

Rice sizers

Well I tried some rice sizers. I'm not 100% positive of the size I made, but I'm thinking its around 360cc? Haha I had trouble measuring out. In the pictures they don't look too bad...but in real life they felt HUGE! Anyone have any experience with making sizers and then seeing how they really turned out? I have my final appointment Monday to finalize everything and pay in whole! I've been researching a ton and am starting to get a little cold feet about bottoming out, or going to big/small, the awake procedure (conscious sedation), and the recovery!! Hopefully I will feel reassured after my appointment and I try on sizers again!

Pre-op DONE!

Had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it went great! My PS is just awesome! He spent a lot of time talking with me and explaining every little question I had. He is very laid back when it comes to pre/post operative care. I'm glad because it makes me feel more relaxed. I got to try on sizers, and did decide to go down to 350cc silicone instead of the 375cc. 375 just felt WAY to big. Plus I am doing high profile, so I think with the higher projection I'd regret going to big. I think 350 with the HP will be perfect! I tried on the 325cc just in case and I told the nurse that I liked those too. She agreed that if I like the 325 and 350 then with the HP 350 is the way to go for a natural looking full C. So we'll see. I'd be okay if I wore some Ds...I just don't want DD or DDD! I have a pretty small frame and don't want to look like BAM she's got boobs.

I also got to see their procedure room in the office and where I will go pre-op. I'm still kind of nervous about doing it "awake" in office, but the nurse said I'm an excellent candidate, and it saves a ton of $$ on anesthesia, and facility fees! Plus recovery is easy and I don't have to worry about general anesthesia reaction! So I got all my prescriptions sent to my pharmacy, got my info for my labs they will draw one week prior, and paid my balance in full! Only 3 more weeks and I'll be in BOOBIE-LAND! ;)

Getting more and more nervous!

Only three days away and I am getting super nervous! I went and picked up all my medications, and got my labs drawn. Apparently I take all my meds with me to the office and they'll administer whatever they need to pre-procedure. But I am really starting to worry about the whole "twilight sedation" thing, the pain afterwards, and potential complications. I trust my PS completely to do a great job, but I am worried about capsular contracture, but also bottoming out! I've done SO much research on this site and it seems like MOST women have a positive experience, but I guess I just hope everything turns out okay.

Getting my BA TODAY!!!! 350 HP

I go in today for my BA!!!! I'm scheduled at 3:30 and need to be there by 2pm. So I am going to leave in about 35 minutes. Getting pretty nervous. I'm really just ready for it to be over. Plus I haven't had anything to eat since early this morning (I woke up early and had a breakfast shake) so I am really hungry! But I'm all showered, have my meds all packed up and am just doing housework to prepare for my recovery! Hope all goes well and I'll update hopefully tonight if I feel okay! Wish me luck!!!

All Done!!!!

I'm all done with my BA! Sorry I did not post yesterday, but I was SO tired, my night was kind of a blur. So here are my updates from yesterday and today
Day of sugary: I got to the surgery center around 2pm and they led me back to a room where I changed into my gown and hairnet. They laid me down and covered me up with a warm blanket. After a little while they had me take my antibiotic, and crushed up my Ativan (2) and Xanax (3), and I think my pain pills. They turned on relaxing and I just laid there and waited. They started an IV, which HURT! At first I was kind of getting nervous because I kept thinking shouldn't I be asleep by now?! But once the Doctor came in to mark me, the nurse said I had apparently been snoring! (oops) After he confirmed size and drew on my chest with permanent marker, they took me to the restroom and back to their procedure room.
Once I was in there I laid on the table and they began to drape me with the sterile coverings. They created this little tent over my head so I couldn't see anything. I was still kind of with it, but in a kind of sleep state. I heard the doctor come in and he explained he was gonna start with the numbing agent. This was the part that sucked! It made me cry, but the nurse who sat by my head rub my hair and talked to me. She said later she didn't even know I was crying, until she felt something on her hand! During the procedure I could not feel a thing, just occasional pulling. But NO pain at all. Before I knew it they were all done, and I could hear them commenting on how beautiful they were! They also said I did great with not flinching at al! They sat me up a bit and put my socks, pants, surgical bra, and zip up hoody that I brought. After that they put me in a wheel chair and wheel me straight out too my husbands car!! I can't believe it was all SO quick!!
I never had any nausea, so I ate a Ramen cup of noodles for dinner. Except I kept dropping noodles between by boob cleavage! haha Never had that happen before! My husband and I tried to watch an episode of Dexter (which we've been OBSESSED with) but I fell asleep duribf. So he helped me upstairs around 8:30 after I took more pain pills and I slept straight through until about 3AM. I woke up with really bad pain ALL over. SO I took two pain pills and fell right back to sleep until about 8am.
Today *(day 2 post-op): So I could definitely tell my blood sugar was low this morning, so I had an applesauce and jello for breakfast with my antibiotic, and pain meds (I've been taking 2 Norco at a time). I've been trying to drink lots of water, and ate a couple of my daughter's fiber gummies! I felt a little nausea after all that, but then was able to eat 2 pieces of toast. Not long later I threw up just a little bit, and immediately felt better. I've pretty much been sleeping all day with my pain medication and taking it every 4 hours. My husband and I drove out to Penn Station for lunch, and I don't know if it was just the movement, but thank goodness we had a plastic bag in there the car cause I threw up again. Just a small amount again, and (not to be too personal) it mainly looked like jello! I came home and was able to eat lunch, take another antibiotic, a nausea pill, and 2 more pain pills. Then I slept till about 3:30. Now, even though I'm due for more pills, I really do feel okay! I think I'm just going to take one with dinner, and then take two at bedtime.
I must say, overall my pain level probably got up to a 7 today (especially this morning) but it was mainly with moving around. its located under my armpits, and underneath my breasts. which is all weird sine I had a periareolar incision! I attached some photos, and must say I LOVE them already!! I'm keep everyone posted on their recovery!!

Feeling sore... Ice is my Friend!

Well I had a pretty good day yesterday. My girls went to daycare, so the hubby and I relaxed all day. I was only taking one pain pill the majority of the day, but took two mid-day so I could nap. I switched from my surgical bra to one called the 24 hour bra. Its nice, but I feel like the surgical bra "smooshed" them together more, and now that they are relaxed more in this bra, my side boobs REALLY hurt. I've been icing them a lot. I also may have overdone it a bit last night. I watched my sister's two little ones, and during "pick up toy time" I kind of hurt my back and boobs leaning over picking too much stuff up. I've been sleeping really good, which is nice. I still have been using three pillows, and take two pain pills when I go to bed, and two when I wake up with pain (normally around 3 or 4am). I wish I could just relax again today, but my hubby had to go back to work, so I'm at home with two little girls all day. I think my mom is gonna come help me out though.
So I haven't had any "boobie blues" yet, but I am SOOO nervous and worried about complications. I'm worried they are gonna bottom out if I wear to loose of a bra, and I'm worried they arent gonna drop and fluff if I wear to tight a bra. I kinda thought my PS's office was gonna call and check up on me by now, especially since my first appointment is not till NEXT Wednesday...which feels like a lifetime. I just hope everything turns out okay. I'll try and post some more pictures later if I get a chance.

New pictures

Here are some pictures I was able to sneak away and take. Starting to see my bruises. I was able to take my bandages off, and my stiches don't look too bad! Also don't mind my band aide...the only kind we had were Tinkerbell!

Been a couple of days

Well its been a couple of days and I'm still doing okay! Still sore, but I'm switching over to taken 600mg of Ibuprofen most of the time during the day. this is what I took after I had baby #1 and it seems to be working fine. I've been having a little trouble sleeping, but that's mostly because I really want to sleep on my stomach and I can't! I've slept on my side a little, but I wake up kind of sore. I'm still feeling pretty sore all around, and am very bruised. The only thing I've been kinda of bummed about lately is that I hope the swelling goes down soon, cause I kind of feel like I went too big! my shirts are all so tight now, and I really don't want to have to buy all new clothes. I guess I'm going through some of the "boobie blues." Hopefully it all calms down soon. But I attached some more pictures of my progress.
** Also did anyone else feel like it hurt to straighten your back out? I feel like when I have good posture my boobs are sore, so I've kinda felt hunched over so they don't hurt, but then my back hurts! I guess its kinda a balancing act...

Post-op 6 & & days

Hello everyone! Can't believe its been over a week! Things are going pretty good. I'm still really just trying to get use to having boobs! They still seem a little to big, but I'm hoping that when the rest of the swelling goes away, and they soften up, that they will feel more natural to me. My hubby on the other hand LOVES them. Its actually a tad annoying! haha, he's always wanting to touch and look, which I guess does make me feel good!
Unfortunately around day 6 I broke out in a full body rash, and I was SO worried that I was having some weird reaction to either my medication or even my implants! But it turns out that when my hubby thought he was being nice by getting some new laundry detergent, with a new scent, I was apparently allergic to it! Thankfully, with washing EVERYTHING again with Free & Gentle detergent, taking Benadryl, and using a lotion called Vanicream, my rash has gone away.
I had my 1 week post op appointment and they removed my stiches. Thank goodness! They are way less itchy around my nipples now. They said everything looks good and that they look very natural, which is good. I don't have to go back till April 7th. Hopefully by then all my bruising will be gone and I will have dropped and fluffed some!
I added some pictures from around days 6 & 7. really my only complaint is morning boob, and then for some reason my left boob is a lot more sore than my right. I am right handed however, so has anyone else experienced this?? I have just have been icing and taking either 600mg of Ibuprofen or 1 or my pain pills (Norco).

Some days are better than others

Well I'm about 16 day out and I have to say that I still am definitely getting used to having breasts! Some days are better than others. My left one has been a lot more sore than the right, but I haven't really been taking anything for pain. Just the occasional Ibuprofen. I think they seem to pretty much have all the swelling gone and my incision look like they've pretty much healed. I still have some residual bruising. My back on the other hand has been more sore lately than ever before. I don't know if I'm trying to compensate for having larger breast by hunching my shoulders or what. Hopefully that gets better. I'm still on the fence about the size I chose. I honestly think I could have gone with 300s instead of 350. But (obviously) my husband LOVES them. Which is kind of annoying at times!! I uploaded some older and newer photos.

Doing good!

Wow I totally typed out a whole thing but my phone is a piece of crap and I lost it all! Basically all is good. Cleared for massage and no appointments for 6 months. Incisions are all healed. I really need to go clothes shopping cause nothing fits anymore!

Feeling like my own!

It's been awhile, but I've been a busy momma! I have to say that I'm almost 7 weeks out, and I feel like they are all my own! I think I've pretty much settled where I will stay. I've been wearing 34 C wireless bras (mostly from Kohls) everyday, and I wear a sports bra at night. I can almost lay on my stomach at night, and I can't even think of the last time the girls were sore. Everything is healed and feeling great! I'm still getting used to clothes shopping to see what shirts I like and don't like with having boobs now! I added several photos from mid April to now.

oops forgot a picture

here's a side view. I'll post some bikini and bra and/or shirt pictures soon.

Crazy how time flies!

I can't believe it's been over 2 months! They feel more and more like me and when I look back through pictures it's hard to believe I was ever so flat! I'm getting used to what clothes I like and I've definitely learned I like tighter fitting tops as opposed to the baggier style. The only real thing I worry about is that either my right breast is dropping too low or my left is "hardening". The left really doesn't feel any different, maybe just a touch. But I feel like when I look at pictures they look a little uneven. Maybe I'm just over-worrying. Do you guys think they look like they are getting uneven?? Maybe I was a tad uneven to start with... I just don't know. I don't have a follow up till October and I'm considering calling to see what they say. I took two pictures in different lighting so you can see if I'm crazy or not.

4 months post.

It's been a while since I posted and I'm 4 months out from surgery. Very happy to have the girls and I feel so much better in clothes. I still feel like they look uneven when I'm undressed however and my left side is way harder than my right. I try to massage as often as I remember but I feel like I probably have capsular contracture. I went once around 2 months to see my PS to express my concern and he said everything's fine. But I feel like things still are off. I don't have a follow up till October. Not sure if I should call again or not...

Forgot my pic

Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mlakar has been absolutely great through this whole process. His office is very clean and comfortable. His staff have always been friendly on the phone and in person. My nurse, Karen, was just excellent! She was very thoughtful and always answered all my questions. Dr. Mlakar was very thorough in answering my questions too and always made me feel at ease. The whole procedure in office couldn't have gone any smoother! I am so happy with my decision and would recommend Dr. Mlakar to anyone!

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