33, Mother of 2, 32A, 120lbs, 5'5", Saline Round 350-450cc, Hoping for a C Cup - Fort Wayne, IN

Since I hit "puberty", I've been waiting on my...

Since I hit "puberty", I've been waiting on my boobs to come in...now I'm 33 and still not much has happened.
When my milk came in after my kids, my boobs were "huge"...C's. I loved them and prayed they'd never go away. Unfortunately they deflated and left me with an...okay boob. Honestly I thought when I became an adult I'd actually have boobs. I'm sure I should feel blessed to have what I have, but I feel robbed.
Not that I ever had much to speak of.
I've been with my husband for 15 years and I love dressing up in the bedroom but going to a lingerie store is pretty depressing when you can never fill the top. I'm dying for some cleavage and willing to pay for it. I've been talking about it since we got together and my husband is finally on my side and wants me to feel good about myself (although he says he loves me as I am).
Anyways, I'm setting up a consult for late February. SO FREAKING EXCITED! I have a friend who just had hers done, with pretty much everything I'm wanting, so I'm waiting to see her healed results before I see the doctor.
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