27yrs 5'8" 135lbs Small A Chest 13" two kids under 9yrs. 425cc Mod Plus. Fort Wayne, IN

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My augmentation is set for April 7 2016! I had my...

My augmentation is set for April 7 2016! I had my second sizing appointment today. I wanted 450cc mod plus but my doctor said they were to big bc my chest measures 13". He did say I could do 450cc High profile... But in worried they will look to fake so I decided to play it safe and go with 425cc. Anyway, I am going with mentor implants. I have been "nesting" my home for the last month now! It seems like I can not clean it enough.. This is the worst feeling! So ready for my surgery date! I only took 6 days off of work! I hope that is enough time. I stand and move around a lot at work so I'm a little worried I will not be able to keep up. Any thoughts on this?

Mentor Implants!

My nurse let me choose the last two digits of my implants serial number. I chose 64 because 6+4=10 which was my jersey number in school. Then, I for my second implant I chose 71 because 7+1=8 which means new beginning. :) ONLY 6 MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BA!!!!

Day 2 of operation

Hi everyone!! I hope some people will find my blog interested. I am now on day 2!! Woke up in the middle of the night to take my meds, then I took them as soon as I woke up this morning! I'm a little sore.. Most of the pain is on the sides of my breast. Bendy straws are a must!! I am also icing with frozen corn for 20min on and 20min off. I would like the swelling to go Down as much as possible!!

End of day 2

More pictures without bra from the end of day 2

Slight bruising

Slight bruising under my breast and one the sides. My doc thinks it's because I woke up during surgery and I started to flinch.

Day 3

Woke up feeling right and swollen. I too my pain meds and iced the for 20 min right away. Other than that they seem to feel pretty good!! I think they have dropped a lot since day one and I feel like I'm busting out of my surgical bra!!!! Which is kinda cool! Haha Also, i have been putting lotion on "the girls" 3x a day to prevent stretch marks. I am also going to try to shower today. Wish me luck!

Day 4

I feel pretty much normal.. Just a little sore on my side boobs. Not sure why I've had so much pain in that area. I did wake up during surgery and I felt all 10 numbing shots and flinched with every one. I eventually fell back out of it.. I do remember the doc telling me when he was sliding the implant in and that they were going to look great! They had awesome bed side manners. They cared for me just like I would care my children. My blood pressure did sky rocket when they were trying to get me dressed after surgery. They think it was because I hadn't eaten at all that day(which I was advised not to). Buuuut.. I used to donate blood all the time and the same thing happened to me.. My blood pressure sky rocketed. So maybe it's just my body having a hard time handling these types of operations. Anywhoo.. I'll post updated pics. :)

Day 5

Everything is going great besides my left side breast is still hurting and pretty swollen. I'm hoping this is all normal. My doctor gave me new pain meds and I do not like them.. They are giving me bad headaches so I think I'm just going to switch over to just Tylenol. I'll post pics to update.

On strict bed rest orders

Apparently, I've been overdoing myself the last six days. I was up all night vomiting. I almost ended up at the ER due to dehydration. Urgh.. It's funny how I felt great on day 3,4 and part of day 5. Now I am just exhausted. My left breast is still more swollen than my right. I haven't taken any pics today but i may take some later and post them at a later time. I am Worried about my work situation as I'm due to go back tomorrow. So I will be laying in bed and not moving all day. Please pray for a speedy recovery! Thanks in advance.

Day 6 pics

Day 7

Day 8

I had my stitches removed today. It hurt a little bit but I'm finally feeling normal again.. Ugh.. Going through a BA is no joke!!

Odd dreams since surgery day..

Hi! I'm on day 9! Finally feeling better. I can't wait to resume back to my normal lifestyle. Getting a BA is no joke!!!! I thought I would be recovered after a week...boy was I wrong! Anyway.. Has anyone ever expirenced dreaming 2 to 3 dreams a night..every night since surgery? I haven't taken any pain meds since day 5.

13 days post op

I'm on day 13!! Finally feeling like my old self!!! I am using my arms more and I my energy level is increasing. :) so happy with my results!! I hope everyone enjoys following my profile!! I am so glad I found this site before my surgery.

Day 14

Feeling good today!! Still a little tender but it's tolerable!!

Day 14

I am healing nicely and quickly!! I still cannot feel my side boobs, nipple or under my nipple. Although, I can tell I'm gaining more and more sensitivity as the days go on. My bf says I look amazing.. Even though he says I was amazing before my BA. :) Happy healing to all!!

Day 20

I can sleep on my side comfortably.. But when I'm in certain positions I can feel my implants. It's weird to me. Still trying to get used to having them. While I'm at work, I've been trying my best to keep them hidden. I however didn't tell anyone at my work besides a couple close friends. I work with a lot of men and I feel like they are always looking at my chest... Maybe it's just me or maybe they notice a difference. I don't know! I just brush it off and continue to do my job!! Haha I haven't went bra shopping yet bc my PS advised me not to buy any bras or to get fitted until I hit the 10week mark. Since bras are not cheap.. I have no problem waiting so I know I will be purchasing a bra that fits me correctly for the long haul. My sport bras are super comfy right now!! Although, I can't wait to get sized and fitted!!!!! Also, my scars are healing nicely. I would like to purchase a scar cream.. Any suggestions on what brand works the best?
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