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I've been enjoying reading all reviews. Now as I...

I've been enjoying reading all reviews. Now as I get closer to my procedure, it's my turn to share :).
I'll be getting a full anchor breast lift with silicone implants. Size I liked at the pre-op is 400cc. Doctor will determine which size suits me best without putting tension o the skin. She will have sizers from 300-400cc. I'll be also having a mini tummy tuck. I had my third baby last year in June and my lower tummy needs help. There's some extra skin. Here's is me trying on the sizers.
My girls got deflated after breastfeeding my third baby. I'm nervous and hoping and praying for a fast, easy recovery and great results. I'm 35 yrs old. I'm currently a 34 b bra size. I love to workout from home. I'm going to go crazy not bei g able to workout; 6 weeks is a long time. I'm also missing my delicious shake I take. I can't take it for now because of the surgery. It has an ingredient not recommended before surgery.
I'm so nervous. I'll have to go all In with clean eating after surgery. I worked so hard to get my body back after my third baby. Thankful for my husbands' support.

Body pics

I'm super nervous. Hope all goes well. Can't wait not to have the belly flop.

Surgery is Done!

Surgery is done. Recovering in a hotel until Wednesday. Doctors made me feel comfortable. Anestheolisg Doctor was great. Surgery center was great. Nurses and staff did a great job. My mini tummy tuck feels ok, pain not too bad. Not a lot of skin was taken out. Boobs feel fine, a little pressure, some tingling. I'm soooo sleepy. Implant size 350 cc.

I got an anchor lift too. Hubby said they looked great . Time to sleep some more ????

Pics with surgical bra

Bra size is 34D
I got 350 moderate high profile
Mentor silicon gel
I also got a mini tuck. Mini tuck was minimal skin taken off.

Day 3 feeling good

I'm amazed at how good I feel. Mini tuck is painless. Boobs are less tight now. Just the bleeding that I don't like. I see the nurse on Friday to replace my water proof dressing.
Going to buy a bra at Walmart today.

Day 5 after mommy makeover

Feeling good. No pain just sore on the side of my boobs. Mini tuck looks great. I'm still wearing the drain until Tuesday. So far, happy with results.

3 weeks today

3 weeks today. Left boob is a little higher, right boob is sting perfect. They are getting softer, too. Morning boobs were no joke but is minimal now. My mini tuck looks fine. Left side on my insicion is a bit swollen, tummy is numb. I wear my belly bandit in size small. I got it for my last pregnancy, postpartum body back after baby. I got it at babies r us and nurse even asked where I got it, since is nice and sturdy. It's better than what the doctor uses.
I feel bad that I can't workout but I started to eat better today and drink my shake-o. Helps me stay regular and has lots of good stuff in it.

Almost 4 wks

Insicion sites are still sensitive and sore. Boobs feel fine. They are soft. I'm starting scar therapy next week. I'm still sleeping on my recliner. Boobs hurt so can't sleep on bed.
Mini tuck is looking good. Still a bit swollen on the left side.

I'm finally feeling better. My mood changed after surgery. I'm felling like myself now. I can't workout until I'm 6 wks out. I went for a walk last week and boy was I tired. I'm not allowed to even walk. So ladies with tummy tuck, take it easy because you might feel good but your body needs time to heal. When I move around too much, I get tired.
I can't wait to get back to my workout routine/life.
I live in workout pants. Comfy and easy to wear for recovery.
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