Worried: Can Anyone Share Thier TT Experience with Me? - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hello Ladies I am attaching pictures of what I...

Hello Ladies I am attaching pictures of what I look like now and I will post some after the procedure. I am so nervous I am afraid I wont get the results I want. Please share anyones experience with TT and recovery time please. I am new to this site so I am hoping I am writing this post where is should be if Im not please let me know that as well.

kind of upset

At first I was a little afraid to have this procedure done and now that I am not I might have to postpone it three months because of my job. This is real frustrating. I'm trying to decide what to do my plane tickets and hotel is already paid for.


Ok my.boss has now allowed me to go.I will b having my procedure done tomorrow.I'm really nervous. I haven't slept.I will update with more before pictures.tonight and more pics tomorrow evening with pics on how it went. I apologize for the grammar in this post my phone is hard to do updates on.

sitting here

I'm now sitting and waiting for surgery.My doc hasn't arrived yet.wish me luck ladies I'll repost hopefully later tonight here r some more pics of my before.

just got out

Ok I'm out and nauseated ladies so I'll post pics tomorrow thanks for all the prayers and support

nineteen hours after.surgery

Still no pain I have been walking around and I feel great. Here are some pics. I'm really swollen Dr told me it will go down.and I will look better

week one

Ok so tomorrow will be week one. I got my drains removed today and got to see my belly button. It looks gross the Dr told me not to fear it will look better as the weeks pass it has only been six days so here are my pics of what it looks like now.

one week exactly

here is one more pic the left is one week post op the right is before tt

Two weeks and three days post op

Ok heres a pic

another question ladies

How long did it take for your swelling to go down? I'm so impatient. I want final results now.........anyway what did you put on your scar to lessen it and at what week?

this is my tummy at week three

Week three


My wound is all the way closed I'm starting to feel this weird pain right above my vagina I called my doctor and he said that is most likely my nerves going back together but it's really painful.I am going to post a pic of my tummy with my panties pulled over my scar

tt scar

okay this is my third time trying to write this post let me see if it works I am six weeks post op starting tomorrow below are pictures of my tummy tuck scar on the 6 weeks I would like to start for treatment ladies tell me what you use on your scar please one side of my scar is darker than the other


Pictures.aren't uploading I'll upload them tomorrow

ok pic

9 weeks

Hello everyone here is my nine week pics

Im Impatient

so im being impatient i might still have some swelling and my tummy isnt flat as i want it maybe im just being critical but i feel like im not small enough. however, i am happy i can fit into my old clothes and some of them are too big now. I just dont have the shape i want. maybe im being unrealistic
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