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I was told I needed a revision for the tummy tuck...

I was told I needed a revision for the tummy tuck that was done in 2014 by Dr Morales. Really was hoping it would turn out ok as I was told it would fix the original tummy tuck please see my other review for mommy makeover. After the original surgery I had some deformation with an infection. I also had more skin one side that produced a wrinkle at the end the inscion on that side also went downward let say I knew from the first month of the original surgery back in 2014 that something went wrong. I trusted Dr Moraels to fix it as he said he could for a fee. This time around I knew that some thing was off as I had a hump on my hip that I expressed first week after the revision. Well it's gotten worse now there is a big dent to go with it. I let the office know of the issue include pictures 5/12/2014 have not heard back from the doctor or the office as of yet.

Deformity looks worse as time continues to pass :(

Not looking so good deformation looks worse seems like repeat of the first round same hip botched twice :( what really makes it worse is I paid for him to do this I should of gotten a second option after he said revision at a additional cost. However I trusted him.....he said he would fix it and tighten everything up. doctor has not contacted me or his office after I made them aware of this issue not even an explanation as to why this may have happened or if there is anything i could do to help the issue.

Uneven still

Not sure but it seems like I can pinch more skin on botched hip..... Same issue form original tummy tuck that may explain why I have a dent and a hump and the wrinkle is still there.......not sure if this is what is causing the issue just a guess I'm not a doctor. I just disappointed to go through another recovery to still see the same issue but worse

Doctor says o well

Spoke to the office dr morales is done with this he can not fix it nor could the office explain why his happened

Doctor says there is nothing wrong

Got an email from the doctors office saying this is completely normal ?????? I'm a little confused it's normal to come out with a bump and a dent..... I guess they don't understand hourglass they shoot for the flat tummy spongebob look...... Ladies if you want an hour glass make sure the doctor understands that and shoots for an hour glass....... I'm staying to this because I am looking at doctors some are more about the curves then others basically it seems more of the doctors that are keeping up with the times shoot for an hour glass those stuck back in the days are ok with just the flat stomach spongebob look.

Not much has changed

I guess this is how it is helled? starting to look worse the dent is caving in more. I am really kicking my self for going back to the same PS smh

Wrinkle is defiantly back

Well the wrinkle is back hmmm I thought that was what I had to paid the doctor to remove from his original tummy tuck. I found a message from the doctor sounding very displeased I left a bad review a week after I wrote this review and that he see nothing wrong with the surgery..... That he is sorry it didnt meet my expectation and that I should find another doctor who can do better wow so unprofessional I expressed my concerns from the very beginning on round one the tummy tuck even paid for him to revision his mistake.....expressed my concerns from day one of the revision and he didn't listen expressed my concerns when the dent showed up again he ignored it saying it's nothing and said there's nothing I can do.......not till I write a review after the whole mess with what happened does he not ignore it smh I really hope this never happens again for him he isn't a bad doctor just made a mistake and didn't fix it or stand behind his work .... Big big mistake on going back the unevenness is still there now with a big dent to go with the wrinkle...... So all he did was extend my scars and fixed nothing other than the scar revision on my stomach and that didn't not get bigger it got smaller and fixed ;) so not sure what to say I guess that's is the positive to this who mess I'm just glad I asked for him to fix it again on the day of surgery and he actually listens because till then he was like it's not a big deal maybe to him but to me it is I would like to have even contoures I guess that is too much to ask for?


The letter from the doctor after the fact that he wouldn't stand behind his work I left the review...... As you see nothing has changed as it heals though you can tell the skin was not removed properly more skin is above the incision creating the hump and dent and still a wrinkle..... What can I say he did a great job lol if not fixing it

Looking worse

The doctor did a great job of not fixing it and taking my money to make it look worse I guess it will continue to get worse great job doctor!!

I can't believe doctors can't be held accountable

So upset major major fail I can't wear a swim suit I looked deformed. I can't believe a doctor would mess up this bad and not be held responsible I have pain in the side that is botched with a major dent I think I will seek legal advice along with a s find option to fix this I don't want to leave the house can't wear anything that is form fitting and most of all I don't want to swim with my kids because of the deformity I totally depressed about this I must get it fixed I though that it what I paid this doctor to do fix his original mess up not pay to make it worse it's gets even better the side that is normal now has a dog ear that hip had nothing wrong so not happy and to think I paid and addition 2000 on top of the 14000 for him to do this and it was his mistake I needed a revision

Something is wrong blood :/

Something is wrong I have a small hole in the incision line on the side that has a big dent......... And it randomly bleeds not a lot ......something is more wrong then what I thought...... I will need to find another doctor to fix this asap or look at it to see what can be done Dr Ramerio did something seriously wrong....... Has anyone had there incision bleed 3 months after surgery?? I had surgery 4/12/16

Major mess up

Swelling is complety gone and exactly what I pointed out to the doctor sticks out even more. I still have a dent and totally uneven and wrinkle is still there Dr messed up pretty bad I will most defiantly need corrective surgery to fix his revision of his first surgery........ fool me once shame on him Fool be twice shame on me for trusting him smh
Pembroke Pines Plastic Surgeon

Over all not happy that he not listen to my concerns and did not stand behind his work. This Doctor is a Joke if you write an unfavorable review in regards to his unsatisfactory work he will send you rude letter.

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